Noel Tyl Horoscope

Noel Tyl HoroscopeNoel Tyl “is one of the foremost astrologers in the world. His thirty-three textbooks have led the teaching of astrologers for two generations.” Noel He is a legend in astrological circles and is a leading internet astrologer, always giving encouraging feedback on his forum. Astro Databank lists one of Noel’s traits as “Personality : Gracious/ sociable (Totally gracious)”, so I want to focus on how this is shown in his horoscope and how it has led to his popularity and influence on modern astrology.

Sun conjunct Ceres gives the maternal traits of loving and nurturing. Sun sextile Lilith brings out the shamanic/magician aspect of Lilith, which is cathartic and healing for themselves and humanity. Ascendant sextile Moon is certainly a great aspect for sociability and being “totally gracious”. It also explains the personal popularity and being the center of a large group. The Ascendant is how we present to people, the sextile is expressive and communicative, the Moon is warm and fuzzy. The Ascendant also represent the soul, and this is a nurturing one.

Noel Tyl Horoscope

Noel Tyl Horoscope

This Ascendant sextile Moon aspect becomes extremely important is the chart because of what Noel would term a “midpoint structure”. More commonly this is termed a Yod aspect pattern, and in this case, a Boomerang Yod. Mercury is at the action point, so the major focus, or mission in Noel’s life is communication, and the pleasant energy of Ascendant sextile Moon feeds this communication, nurturing and supportive. This is supported so well by the Lilith and Ceres influence on his Sun.

At the reaction point of the Yod is Pluto. The thinking and communication is now very deep and powerful. The mind has been challenged to perfect it’s skills and his communications leave a deep impression on people. The reaction point is where the Yod energy finds release, and Pluto is the masses. Noel’s message has reached the masses, not only through his own words and writing’s, but through those of his devoted students, many of whom are now respected professional astrologers and published authors.

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  1. Told you he was a sweetie:

    “Dear Jamie Funk:

    Your kind overview of the gracious dimension of my horoscope helped the sun rise nicely this dawn in the Arizona desert. It is much appreciated.

    And thank you for the strong good work you are doing for others on your blog; you capture empirical truths with few but memorable words.

    We certainly enjoy having you with us on the Forum as well.

  2. I was born Feb 19,1943 at 2:42 AM, an Aquarius. I am told somewhere in the late nineties, my sign changed to Pisces. That I am/was on the Cusp. Which one am I to follow?

    Thank You
    Pat Biller

  3. Birth date August 8 ,1940-Sioux City, Iowa-4:45 A.M.,CST {no daylight savings time, war time in effect at that date} if chart is calculated correctly,ascendant degree-7degrees,4,5 minutes Leo. Going thru severe crisis now, would greatly appreciate second opinions. Thank you,William Fredric Vennard.

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