Mercury Opposite Saturn Natal and Transit

Mercury Opposite Saturn Transit

Mercury opposite Saturn maximum orb 6°30′.

Mercury opposite Saturn natal brings intelligence, wisdom, and incredible frustration and sadness. The frustration comes from an inability to connect to others personally. The reason is a lack of communication skills. Problems with hearing or a poor attention span lead to words being misinterpreted. So you often think the worst or think others are disagreeing with you or nagging you.

Frustration comes from poor communication skills and an inability to share your knowledge understandably. Your speech may seem dull or too negative, or technical. But there is hope because Saturn is a late bloomer. The constant struggle to be heard and taken seriously can result in a mastery of communication, more often with the written word but sometimes with the spoken word.

The Internet offers an excellent chance to communicate more effectively, where extra time can be taken to fully understand and reply to messages. You also have a talent for understanding symbols and the deeper meaning of images.

In general, negative thinking can lead to sadness and depression. Growing up, you may be subject to demeaning or harsh words from a parent, usually your father, teachers, and other authority figures. Such negative conditioning can cause you to assume people are criticizing you later in life, even when, in reality, they are not.

A conscious effort is required to rewire your brain with positive affirmations. This does need continual hard work, as does practicing to communicate clearly. Otherwise, depression and improper handling of matters will continue to cause frustration and lack of opportunity. Others would then continue seeing you as lonely, sad, abrupt or mean with a rigid attitude and narrow ideas.

Mercury Opposite Saturn Transit

Mercury opposite Saturn transit brings serious thinking, conversation, negativity, and sadness. Poor self-esteem can lead to communication difficulties and isolation. Being alone studying or on the computer would feel more comfortable than being in social situations, with in-depth research offering a way to keep your mind busy.

There is the possibility of some bad news or very challenging situations arising, especially if you have been neglectful in some way earlier. However, you will likely be seeing the worst in every case. This is not a day for making important decisions, especially about relationships. Also, avoid signing contracts or making significant investments. You may have a critical eye but could also make mistakes.

Mercury Opposite Saturn Celebrities

Henry VIII 0°05′, Hans Christian Andersen 0°18′, Miles Davis 0°26′, Van Jones 0°28′, Billie Lourd 0°31′, Steven Seagal 0°38′, Matthew McConaughey 0°39′, Robert E. Zoller 0°46′, Carl Blumenreuter 0°46′, Sarah Ryan 0°51′, Novak Djokovic 0°55′, Ricki Lake 0°55′, Della Reese 1°08′, John G. Bennett 1°18′, Wilt Chamberlain 1°51′, Björn Borg 1°58′, Joan Miró 1°59′.

Mercury Opposite Saturn Dates

July 31, 2022
August 1, 2023
September 18, 2024
September 17, 2025
September 18, 2026
September 23, 2027
October 21, 2027
November 4, 2027
November 6, 2028
November 8, 2029
November 11, 2030

11 thoughts on “Mercury Opposite Saturn Natal and Transit

  1. Yes ofcourse. It is so depressing when people take your spoken word for granted and then you need to wage a war in writing.
    This has always been the case with me Jamie. Maybe this configuration makes us inrovert because people don’t take you seriously and that leads you to depression and sadness.
    I have mercury opposite Saturn and have to face this challenge day in and out. Professionally I have commanded the written communication but still have to push through for things get done.
    Thanks for the insight.

    • I’m finding it easier to get things done, now aged late forties. Antidepressant medication is a must for me and I doubt I will ever stop it.

      • Can I say I admire your site, and accurate interpretations. However I have an in-law who thought they would always be needing to rely on anti-depressants to safeguard themselves and those closest, and now they are undertaking treatment to become free of them completely, with the aid of a supportive partner too…Please be open to the future as a gift too. It is a wonderful and serendipitous – faith restoring, and possible.

        • I always keep an open mind Eve but I have been doing so well for a while now so I think I have the right mix.

  2. Have this aspect. Add to the mix aT square to the Moon, but I have some good aspect to soften it all. Uranus sextile natal Saturn and trine natal Mercury

    • That great that Uranus break up the restricting nature of Saturn. Do you think it helps at all in expressing your feelings?

      • Yes, I find that I express myself better through writing. All my teachers in school said I have a talent for crafting perfect essays.Speaking though an issue, I sometimes feel that people do not care for what I think, wether that is true or not. Also, I have amazing memory and attention to detail

  3. Hi Jamie!

    Saturn transit is trining my natal mercury, so could this minimise the impact of Mercury transit opposite Saturn transit?
    I need to send some official papers so wondering if I should wait until Monday or I should use the energy of the new moon despite this opposition, what are your thoughts?

  4. mercury opposite Saturn transit just explains so much. now i understand why even in school i most of the time avoid socializing. it’s just great to see how your chart helps you with understand yourself more

  5. yes this is definately a shadow side of me. I got this one also in 2 t-squares with Uranus, Chiron, Saturn, Midheaven.
    I have a scattered mind most of the time and in terms of western psychology I got ADD and light bipolar. I have phases where I’m depressed and pessimistic but after healing old wounds and learning a lot I’m actually happy and content most of the time and I can actually read a book and have deep intellectual conversations now ^^ ..

    I’m a writer and musician and I do a lot on the internet showing this so its funny to read this tnx! <3

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