Jupiter Opposite Neptune Natal and Transit

Jupiter Opposite Neptune Transit

Jupiter opposite Neptune maximum orb 6°00′.

Jupiter opposite Neptune natal gives a curious intellect. You question the reality or truth of things most others take for granted. The facts of a matter or some societal standards do not constrain your thoughts or behaviors normally.

This minority view of the world has repercussions in every area of life, from your physical health to your career and relationships. It is not so much a lack of faith as your questioning of trust that is important because you can have extreme beliefs. The tension created by swinging between fact and fiction can cause problems.

When growing up, some physical or psychological abnormality may limit socializing with friends. A sense of isolation or being so different from others may bring on addictions and obsessions or exacerbate some existing peculiarity.

Curiosity and a strange urge to find the truth often lead to a life of study, travel, and changing philosophies. Many brilliant academics, writers, poets, philosophers, and artists have this aspect prominent in the charts. One thing all these people have in common is excellent creativity.

In the struggle between fact and fiction, faith and hopelessness, you experience many highs and lows. You will have to contend with disappointment as other people may not meet your expectation or intentionally try to take advantage of you. The greater the self-confidence you can muster, the lower the risk of such disappointment in your relationships.

Finding the right balance between blind faith and continual questioning may result in experimentation and extremes, but the middle ground can be found at some stage. Although not so stimulating as the journey, the destination offers the stability and peace of mind you seek, if not need.

A couple of interesting points from studying the celebrities below: T. S. Eliot had to overcome illness as a child, which prevented him from mixing with other kids, so he became obsessed with books. A friend wrote that Eliot “would often curl up in the window seat behind an enormous book, setting the drug of dreams against the pain of living.”

The poet Algernon Swinburne caused a scandal in his day by writing about lesbians and bestiality. A friend saved him from severe alcoholism, but it was said this “saved the man and killed the poet.”

Jupiter Opposite Neptune Transit

Jupiter opposite Neptune transit sparks curiosity and experimentation to alleviate spiritual growing pains. In your spiritual journey to understand the truth, tension may arise due to extremes in behavior and belief. There is an increased risk of negative consequences such as disappointment and loss due to over-optimism, addiction, or gambling, especially if you already have a tendency toward these things.

There will be an increased tendency to idealize other people, leaving you susceptible to disappointment in relationships or the danger of being taken advantage of. This is not the best time for investments, as speculation could lead to heavy losses. Blind faith at this time means you are more likely to overlook important details that would otherwise make you wary.

Your personal, professional, and spiritual growth is being challenged. It is okay to keep an open mind if any offers or promises are made. Make use of your curiosity to learn all you can through study and travel but remember to take a common-sense approach if things seem too good to be true.

The discoveries you make now can lead to changes in your beliefs. This could range from changing your religion or spiritual outlook to once firmly held opinions, prejudices or sexual orientation.

Jupiter Opposite Neptune Celebrities

T. S. Eliot 0°06′, Algernon Swinburne 0°13′, Jean Henri Fabre 0°14′, Boris Johnson 0°19′, C. D. Broad 0°20′, Harvey Weinstein 0°24′, Elizabeth II 0°28′, Olivia Rodrigo 0°38′, Liz Renay 0°38′, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 0°44′, Nevin Markwart 0°56′, Henry VIII 1°09′, Brett Whiteley 1°12′, Robert the Bruce 1°17′, David Frost 1°17, Harriette Wilson 1°20′, Hugh Hefner 1°28′, John Derek 1°43′, Noor Inayat Khan 1°56′.

Jupiter Opposite Neptune Dates

17 September 2015
26 September 2028
11 October 2041

46 thoughts on “Jupiter Opposite Neptune Natal and Transit

  1. Hi Jamie,

    I have Pisces on my Solar chart at 5’43 on the M.C. the Moon is at 5’14. Nessus is there at 3’15. Neptune is 9’34. They are squaring the Sun, Mercury and Mars, and Saturn links them all. How bad is it? lol.

    • Do you mean your solar return chart? If so, this is only of secondary importance to your actual transits. Return charts should only reinforce transit themes. I also use precession correction and relocate return charts.

  2. who cares The last time Uranus squared my anus………never the less my anus has been screwing with my Cap ascendant forever Doesn’t much matter how you cut the cake, you will
    always have squares and oppositions Who gives a F@@ if there is a full moon solar eclipse in Pisces opposing a Jupiter transit in Virgo AND SQUARE SAG.Life is what you make of it. Life is going to be unfortunate for Pisces decan 2? How does that work when you have Mars in Leo. Who cares, this is a bunch of balderdash.

  3. do you think finding a place like a monastery for retreat for some time can be fruitful under jupiter opposite neptune? i also have this aspect in my solar return chart, and i’m thinking of a retreat. i don’t have strict beliefs about anything, and if i’m in a monastery, or surrounded by religious people, can more religious people try to influence me?

    thank you.

    • What a good question, and a difficult one. I think you have answered part of it yourself. Not for me but each chart is different. I would be more concerned about outer planet transits and eclipses, as I see solar returns as secondary to them and should reinforce themes already found in transits and eclipses.

      • hmm, i’m having t. pluto conjunct my ascendant and t. neptune trining my MC. i’ve been spending my time too selfishly for some time. if nobody tries to brainwash me (in which case my uranus would blo-o-o-o-w), maybe this attitude of mine will soften and change a little in such a retreat place. i’ll quit my job in a week and i want to start doing something different, but i don’t know what i exactly want. maybe a change of attitude and perspective will clear things out.
        thank you for your reply.

  4. hi. JAMIE.my birthday 8ー27 sun&jupiter kissing on8ー26 what Is effect in my wishes&dreams

  5. In my natal chart, I have Jupiter opposite my Neptune/Uranus AND Saturn. Help! 🙂 Will this transit somehow activate that opposition?

    • Yes, you are right about that even if this opposition doesn’t make an aspect to your one. If anything it should help you work through it. Best of luck Hannah!

      • Hello! I really hope you have some insight. I have Neptune conjunct my Ascendant and my rahu and ketu are close to where Jupiter and Neptune will be, 13 degrees Pisces and 13 degrees Virgo. To further complicate things my Sun is in Libra and I have my Venus exactly conjunct my ketu. So basically to sum it up I will have Neptune (the planet conjunct my Ascendant) transiting conjunct rahu and Jupiter transiting conjunct ketu along with Venus (the ruler of my Sun). This is complicated! Please help.

  6. I have North Node on Pisces, and the Neptune will be quincunx to my Sun-Mars-conjunction…therefor I wonder, will this actually hela my legs or make it worse – though certainly there will be very fruitful meditations, wich I do daily or at least almost daily…Also on my solar return chart Mars is quincunx Neptune, but Sun not. what can I expect from this transit therefor ?

    • Well quincunxes are health aspects but also relate to karmic re-balancing. Sounds like you are already on the right track. Any health issues will be difficult to diagnose, mysterious pain but may involve Iron levels in your blood.

  7. Hello! I really hope you have some insight. I have Neptune conjunct my Ascendant and my rahu and ketu are close to where Jupiter and Neptune will be, 13 degrees Pisces and 13 degrees Virgo. To further complicate things my Sun is in Libra and I have my Venus exactly conjunct my ketu. So basically to sum it up I will have Neptune (the planet conjunct my Ascendant) transiting conjunct rahu and Jupiter transiting conjunct ketu along with Venus (the ruler of my Sun). This is complicated! Please help.

    • The lunar nodes (rahu and ketu) are too far away in orb to be effected by this opposition. I would focus on Neptune conjunct AC. Maintain high morals and ideal. Beware of being taken advantage of by others, Don’t get involved in conspiracy theories or dubious schemes.

  8. Hello Jamie, is it possible to receive a reading directly from you? I have no idea with understanding my ascendant, etc.

  9. Hi Jamie,

    The site looks wonderful. I’m having a serious crisis of belief and faith versus fact. I wonder if it will come to a head later this week. I almost deleted my entire blog! It’s tough to give so much energy to something that can’t be proven.

    • Oh god, glad you didn’t do that Michele. How’s this for proof of Jupiter opposite Neptune. Two extremes in political and social belief and values. In the US you have Donald Trump getting all the attention with strange idea on the extreme right, all most impossible to implement in the real world. Yesterday in the UK, Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership of the opposition. More weird and extreme idea from the far left. Both have the appeal now but once this transit is over, reality will kick in.

  10. The refugee crisis in Europe seems to be another manifestation of Jupiter opposite Neptune. Jupiter rules generosity and long distance travel. Neptune rules sympathy, victims and the non profit groups helping out.

    • Hi,
      In my transit chart, jupiter seems to trine my natal neptune. I am really new in this. It confused me a little. Could a transit like this being discussed in detail be different in different personal charts?

      • Hi Mika, it should be better than the opposition. Eventually I will write up all transit. I’m hoping two years will do it.

  11. Read somewhere the last time Neptune was in Pisces it brought the heavy migration to the U.S. ~ people fleeing from Europe whereas todays is towards Europe.

  12. hi JAMIE.i think im bless&lucky for13month.becouse they say i born 8ー27ー1963.jupiter&sun last 8ー26.i dont know astrology if true or not.what its the trueth.

  13. I got married during this aspect on September 20th. Our original wedding time (carefully planned!) was delayed and so we wound up getting married with the aspect almost exactly on the ascendant and descendant of our wedding chart– Jupiter is at 8*46 Virgo and our descendant is 8*40 Virgo and Neptune within a degree of the ascendant. I don’t believe it was an accident that our wedding was delayed outside of my control to that point, and I am really curious to see how this energy plays out in our marriage.

    • I would have to agree Caitlin, rarely are things an accident especially with such a major event. This could work out rather well with a spiritual relationship and Jupiter representing happy and prosperous partnerships with others. Best of luck!

  14. My birthday is 3/3/79 and my partner is 1/25/72. I think this is already impacting us– but what can I expect to happen?

    • I don’t do relationship astrology Julie. This aspect peaked in September 2015 and is getting stronger again because of Jupiter retrograde. But it won’t come exact again until the next cycle. It does affect you because your Sun is 13 Pisces. But more important than Jupiter opposite Neptune is Saturn square Neptune for you but each transit is spaced out not to be too intense at least.

      Saturn square Sun transit Jan to Oct 2016
      Neptune conjunct Sun transit Apr 2017 to Feb 2018.

  15. Thank you Jamie I am an old woman and followed you for some time and so appreciate you down to earth and aerate forecast. I at the moment to 2018 have Jupiter + Neptune for whole .. So because of my age 15/09/1937 I am extremely fearing at the moment if I will be?..am.?.mentally capable. I am questioning every thing I do and think. very unsure if a am making the right decisions? may sound odd but please can you advice how to cope with this period of my life. or eliminate the effects as much as possible, Thank You .Respectfully your Margaret

    • So nice to hear from you Margaret. You have nothing at all to worry about this year. But I can understand why you do worry with Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde conjunct Neptune in your birth chart. And that worry is made more acute because of Sun-Mercury-Neptune square Mars which would even give panic attacks I would think.

      But you also have Sun-Mercury-Neptune trine Jupiter which brings truth, faith and optimism. This is the most important alignment in your chart and it is being triggered big time in 2018 in a very good way so I think you are feeling the intensity of the major transformation in your life and your thought processes so that you eliminate fear from your life.

      Pluto conjunct Jupiter transit 2018
      Neptune sextile Jupiter transit 2019
      Jupiter sextile Jupiter transit 2018 (Jan 11, May 07 and Sep 10)

    • Thank you so much Margaret. I don’t see that you have this exact transit. I think the fear is coming from an aspect in your natal chart which is Mercury conjunct Neptune. It is being positively affected by transiting PLuto which might seem a bit scary tio start because it is so deep and intense but it will be very very good.

  16. Very interesting. I have Jupiter in Taurus in the 10th opposite Neptune in Scorpio in the 3rd, natally; yes, blind faith vs questioning; yes, creative writer; yes, minority view; yes, vitally intrinsic aspect of my psyche… Thank you for your brief snapshot of this energy, very helpful… I am finding that I have begun to come face to face with my need to balance this energy in my life as I have been thrown from my normal state of isolation to extreme contact with others in busy, public, social/work settings!

  17. Born in auget 1951 I have natal jupiter fifth house, opposition neptune eleventh house, and am finally encouraged to creatively express my vision.

  18. Hi Jamie,
    Have you wrote something about Neptune transit opposition Jupiter and Juno? I am having this transit right now. Any suggestion on how to deal with it? Thanks

  19. Yes, I have Jupiter (Aries, 3rd house) opposition Neptune (Libra, 9th house) in my natal chart. I completely understand what you wrote about the aspect. 🙂 I’m a writer (fiction), graphic artist, etc. and certainly a dreamer.

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  21. Sheesh. I’ve been living in the land of squares n oppositions since 2020.
    Not yo say it’s not counterbalanced with conjunctions, tribes n sextile but still…
    Jupe is currently opposite my natal Neptune in 1st house by transit. Simultaneously transiting Pluto is square says 1st house Neptune as well.
    Is this all gloom n doom?

    I’ve not had consistent or even significant love in 8 years.
    With Neptune is the 1st I have had the tendency to fantasize n idealize love but only in my mind. I realize it’s not real which is why I kinda retreat into my lil fantasies.
    However I can’t even seemingly enjoy those anymore.
    I have a constant creeping suspicion that I’m almost always in for a letdown (I’ve been rejected constantly for 3-4 yrs. I spent da Coco alone)
    I just met someone. A Scorp which is my number one sign of love, friendship, loyalty …everything.
    She seems really cool.
    Is this too not what I’d hope for?

    Which is another thing…if I’m constantly being rejected SND walking around in a spirit of suspicion and doubt won’t I just spiritually self sabotage anyhow?

    All of the outer planets have been kicking my ass for most of these 8 yrs of aloneness.

    Neptune has just been camped out by exact degree squaring my Venus by transit.
    I’ve kinda made it through Uranus conjunct my Taurus Sun in 8.
    The only reliable and consistent thing I’ve seen and been seeing is death.
    Hell I had to put my cat down like 2-3wks ago.

    Jupe has or will ingress into Taurus.
    Will this ease anything?

    I feel totally stuck.
    Oh yeah the only other consistent n reliable thing is working out.
    I can n often do workout at least 4 sometimes 5 days a week.

    I’m not worried bout addictions as I stopped that stuff sim 27yrs ago.

    I’m a cancer survivor so the chemo has had lingering effects so I smoke weed.
    I don’t feel that at my age to be a concern.
    I’ve eradicated the major hurdle of serious addiction in the 90’s.

    I’m an astrologer too but I’d like other opinions.

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