Olivia Rodrigo – Teen Angst

Olivia Rodrigo AstrologyOlivia Rodrigo is an American singer-songwriter and actress. She recently won three Grammy Awards, including Best New Artist. The Olivia Rodrigo horoscope has some extremely challenging aspects that cause emotional struggles, disappointment, and frustration.

More positive aspects show how Olivia has expressed her frustration and anger through her creative talents and achieved incredible success and fame. Olivia was named Time’s 2021 Entertainer of the Year and Billboard’s 2022 Woman of the Year.

Olivia Rodrigo Astrology

Olivia Rodrigo Astrology

Olivia Rodrigo Horoscope

Olivia Rodrigo released her official debut single “Drivers License” on January 8, 2021.

The song certainly doesn’t sound like your typical tweeny pop. It’s more of a soaring power-pop ballad filled with teen angst… Its lyrics zero in on teenage heartbreak, but its sound is timeless… the rumors of a Disney Channel love triangle may be fueling some of the song’s success. [1]

Mars opposite Saturn (0°05′) is the tightest aspect in the Olivia Rodrigo astrology chart. It certainly fills her with teen angst. It brings disappointment, frustration, and anger as her desires are blocked by another person. Mars conjunct Pluto intensifies this anger. There is no doubt she has worked extremely hard to earn her success.

“I totally understand people’s curiosity with the specifics of who the song’s about and what it’s about, but to me, that’s really the least important part of the song. It’s resonating with people because of how emotional it is, and I think everything else is not important.” [1]

Moon square Venus (0°11′) is the second tightest aspect in the Olivia Rodrigo horoscope. But it is the strongest aspect because of the more personal nature of the planets. It makes Olivia socially popular, charming, very attractive, and very emotional. But it also makes it a real struggle for Olivia to satisfy her need for love and affection. Above all, this is what she wants most in life, a loving, harmonious, and drama-free relationship.

Yet Olivia Rodrigo has the ability to express her intense emotional frustration through the harmonious blue aspects from the Moon to Mars and Saturn. And she does that very publicly through her career thanks to:

Moon conjunct Midheaven (0°49′) adds yet more sensitivity and power to Olivia’s emotions. It also explains her public popularity. And Pluto sextile Midheaven (0°26′) has turned public popularity into extreme fame.

Olivia Rodrigo Horoscope 2022

Olivia Rodrigo Horoscope 2022

Olivia Rodrigo Astrology Transits April 3, 2022

On Sunday, April 3, 2022, Olivia Rodrigo won three Grammy Awards, including Best New Artist. At the same time, the alignment of Mars and Saturn was sextile her Mars and trine her Saturn. Achievement and recognition for many years of hard work.

Venus conjunct Uranus transit brought a lovely surprise.

Also, accompanying this amazing success has been Uranus conjunct Part of Fortune, from July 2021 to April 2022.


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7 thoughts on “Olivia Rodrigo – Teen Angst

  1. I so relate to some of this, with other different yet equally challenging, even quite distressing aspects. I have Mars in Leo 10th inconjunct Saturn in Capricorn 3rd. I have moon in 12th house Libra inconjunct Venus in 7th house Taurus. I have Pluto sextile mid-heaven opposite Chiron in 5th house Pisces, thus inconjunct Mid-heaven. I have Jupiter conjunct IC thus opposing Mid-heaven. My chart definitely is indicative of my natal chart, determined that I suffer for my art, to fully know myself & my gifts, strengths & abilities, practice & experience many of the challenges that my generation will face, to be able to fully understand & empathise with many, in order to relate through the creative arts or the healing & intuitive arts. Yet always with the “AIM” to be a reliable & charitable authority in later years, if I be patient and keep doing the hard yards and be able to communicate & reach others in a language they will understand (Saturn 29 Cap in 3rd). It has been an incredibly harsh, challenging & quite perilous journey at times and yes, I after working hard for my art through my childhood, I won & was offered the opportunity of a life time to make a career from my singing when I was 14, my father & my school, prohibited me from doing so, my school which I had a place through a scholarship, said there would be no place for me to return to if I accepted the opportunity, my father said I was too you, plus my mother needed me to help her at home and there would be no place for me to return to, if I accepted the opportunity. This was in the 70’s, things were different then, and there was no negotiation or arguing with them and doing it anyway as a young teen. Anyway I ended up in depression for many years, gave up on music, even though my singing & performing arts teacher, told me on several occasions, I had a powerful voice that will be heard, which many judge as loud, & yes I can understand how they may misconstrue it as such, but it is equally powerful even when I whisper, it just gets in and deeply resonates, whether it is wanted or not by those who hear it, when I speak or sing. Sadly it naturally has a calming & uplifting effect, so it has been a knack in helping in areas of emergency health, since I was 11, volunteering as a cadet for the St John’s ambulance service, but some are so caught up in their inner wars, inner enraged dialogue and dilemmas, they dont want it to be disturbed by feeling calmed and uplifted. But I know that up until now it has been all about suffering for my arts and recently this has been like a final doctorate or professorial exam. Things are currently threatening to get worse as Saturn in Aquarius is opposing my 10th house Leo stellium but, I feel it is helping me to fully understand what I now am wise to, including that it is not intended as a competition, it is not intended for the personal gain of fame & fortune, it is intended as a gift of creativity in motion and to stand my ground & not give up on what I really do know, with all my heart, is true for me, to give to others, who need to hear it when they need to hear it, with perfect pitch and a naturally fine tuned sense of timing, I hear and sense things, that others simply dont, and feel quite assured within myself, that it is my turn soon, although, it is more than likely that a reasonably sized private audience rather than a large scale public one, that will provide the best environment for my voice to work its magik 😉

    • How now brown cow Debbie,

      Reread what you wrote and see how much your living in the past.

      Forbidden to sing at 14,and still haunts you.

      Bare some sympathy for those who were told they shouldn’t sing during the pandemic.

      And yeah ‘Specialness’ and ‘Abilities’,have a read on the course of miracles.

      Like everyone else,you are nothing,you are nothing special,nor have abilities.

      Lose the fear,find the voice,speak,shout,chant,drum,sing,get in rhythm as if everyone is listening.

      Through thy heart,

      thy will find the power.

      Just don’t get arrested like i have during this process.

      • Ps.Read back on what you wrote/write,who is ‘I’?

        The Ego self.

        Your unintegrated unhealed parts,stem from childhood upbringing.

        hence why you speak from the specialness of ego false self.

        Practice doing nothing,make positive changes to your life,

        lose habits and addictions,

        and see the resistance,this ego.

        Never too old,to teach an old dog,new tricks.

  2. ETA, sorry that should read Pluto semi sextile Mid-heaven, and I do acknowledge after 9 years of Pluto aspecting many of my personal planets, in particular during the 7 cardinal crosses, my “destiny” felt like it was crusing me and now conjunct my natal saturn, I need to regenerate and use that power for good.

  3. I also noted in her chart that at the time of the Grammy Awards, Uranus is conjunct her POF? I also wanted to mention, that my Grand Children call me Grammy, so it may be the only ones I ever get, but as a 0″Cancer sun, thats just fine by me hahahaha!

  4. Hi Jamie,

    If you want to write about Boris Becker as well, I read yesterday he had to attend at court in London and faced prison sentence because he did not care about their finances and went bankruptcy.

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