Pluto Sextile Midheaven Natal and Transit

Pluto Sextile Midheaven Transit

Pluto sextile Midheaven maximum orb 3°00′.

Pluto sextile Midheaven natal gives you the willpower and natural talents to have a successful career. One of your parents was likely particularly stern, interfering or temperamental. You may have had a problematic and intense relationship with them which could have affected your self-confidence. However, your determined and persistent nature means you would not let anything like that hold you back. If anything, you would have used such an early experience to motivate you to excel and leave your mark on the world.

You are resourceful and efficient and always want to improve yourself. A relentless, probing nature makes you a perfectionist and good at understanding human psychology. You may be fascinated with magic, mysteries, or the occult and be good at solving crimes and puzzles or finding lost objects.

Natal Pluto sextile Midheaven brings help from influential people who recognize your potential for marked achievements. You also have a commanding presence, strong self-belief, and perhaps a tendency to be autocratic. This gives you influence over other people, especially those who are weak or uncertain. A magnetic allure that may have sexual undertones adds to your power to persuade.

So you can transform the lives of other people. Knowing your potential to have such a profound effect on others, you must use your power wisely. Your obsessive and compulsive tendencies can be an asset in your professional life but a liability in your personal life.

Pluto Sextile Midheaven Transit

Pluto sextile Midheaven transit can bring some profound changes in your career and within your home and family. Whatever the case, you will have more personal power and influence over your direction and other people. There may be a new goal or career, but Pluto sextile Midheaven transit often brings promotion or advancement with your job.

You will also be more effective and efficient in your private life. You may move or upgrade your home for work reasons. Depending on your age, it is also possible that the significant transformation involves retirement, moving away from your career, and developing a more affluent home and community life. If you are younger, there may be a move away from your family home or the beginning of a new career. Also, your intimate relationships will feel more intense. This is related to the positive changes occurring within you that transform how you think about yourself.

Genetic or soul memories may surface, freeing your life of psychological complexes and compulsions. Assistance in the form of money or other resources could be available to help with the positive changes in your career or home life.

Pluto Sextile Midheaven Celebrities

Kourtney Kardashian 0°00′, Woody Allen 0°00′, Jeremy Silman 0°00′, Anne Heche 0°05′, Carl Friedrich Goerdeler 0°13′, Christopher Rice 0°17′, Ted Turner 0°23′, Olivia Rodrigo 0°26′, Debby Boone 0°28′, Adolf Hitler 0°29′, Mary Pierce 0°33′, Ulysses S. Grant 0°34′, Matt Damon 0°46′, Tori Spelling 0°48′, Chris Pratt 0°49′, Rihanna 1°00′, Boris Johnson 1°04′, Kevin Costner 1°07′, Leonard Bernstein 1°09′, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán 1°25′, David Copperfield 1°33′, Meg Ryan 1°36′, David Koresh 1°38′, Elvis Presley 1°41′, Jose Mourinho 1°42′, M. C. Escher 1°59′.

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  1. i have this orb 1.36 and i love to keep clutter like old things and dont throw them as i also have uranus sextile mid heaven so this gives me mixed results never satisfied on one career

    • hey dear can you tell me more about this aspect pluto sextile mc and uranus sextile mc how does it play out in your life any insight

  2. I have this aspect as a trine , rather than sextile, and can relate to every word of this description. Well done Jamie & Happy Christmas

  3. What about Pluto trine Midheaven? please make an article about this! thank you ^_^

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