Emma Watson Saturn Return

We all have our first Saturn return at about age twenty-nine and a half. The Saturn return is usually dreaded because it is associated with hardship a...

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Emma Watson’s Saturn Return

Tucker Carlson Astrology

In this article, I use the Tucker Carlson horoscope to explain why he has been so influential and why he lies. Transits to the Tucker Carlson astrolog...

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Tucker Carlson – Caught Out

Olivia Rodrigo Astrology

Olivia Rodrigo is an American singer-songwriter and actress. She recently won three Grammy Awards, including Best New Artist. The Olivia Rodrigo horos...

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Olivia Rodrigo – Teen Angst

Bill Cosby Astrology

This Bill Cosby astrology interpretation shows why he has been able to hide his true self and his crimes behind a character he created. On September 2...

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Bill Cosby Prison Sentence