Tucker Carlson – Caught Out

Tucker Carlson Astrology

In this article, I use the Tucker Carlson horoscope to explain why he has been so influential and why he lies. Transits to the Tucker Carlson astrology chart show why he was caught out with the release of text messages on February 17, 2023.

Tucker Carlson is the most influential conservative political commentator and Donald Trump advocate. His comments about women, race, and immigration are not only controversial but sexist and racist.

He has promoted conspiracy theories about COVID-19 and the 2021 U.S. Capitol attack. In particular, Tucker Carlson has promoted Donald Trump’s false claims and conspiracy theories asserting that the 2020 election was stolen.

Yet newly released texts reveal he knew the allegations of election fraud were false. He texted one of his producers that “there wasn’t enough fraud to change the outcome” of the election and later said that Sidney Powell, one of Trump’s attorneys and vocal election denier, “is lying.” Carlson also called Trump “a demonic force, a destroyer.” [1]

Carlson has also promoted “some of the Kremlin’s most blatant falsehoods about the war aimed at undercutting US aid for Ukraine… Russian media often rebroadcasts the Fox News host’s comments and praises Carlson. [2]

Is it deception, untruth, minimal truth, falsehood, disinformation, spin, distortion, propaganda, or simply lying? Let’s see what the Tucker Carlson horoscope says.

Tucker Carlson Astrology

Tucker Carlson Horoscope

Tucker Carlson Horoscope


Ascendant conjunct fixed star Procyon (1°07′): Artful, crafty, dissembling, wealth by violence and rapine, lust, dissipation, waste and ruin, military preferment, quarrels, loss in trade or by servants. [3]

  • So this most personal point in the Tucker Carlson horoscope says he is artful, crafty and dissembling. Sounds a bit like lying.

The manufacture of weapons for hunting and the raising of hunting dogs. [4]

  • How interesting! Tucker Carlson has three pet hunting dogs. [5]

Procyon gives activity, violence, sudden and violent malevolence, sudden preferment by exertion, elevation ending in disaster, the danger of dog bites and hydrophobia, and makes its natives petulant, saucy, giddy, weak-natured, timid, unfortunate, proud, easily angered, careless and violent. [1]

Procyon makes people hasty, jealous, and pig-headed. There is also a tendency to have a hot temper and impudence. Rise and success are found with it, but a later fall from a high position is indicated. To avoid a fiasco, care must be taken not to be imprudent. [6]

Constellation Canis Minor the Little Dog is said to give wealth, fame, and good fortune and to cause frivolity and either love of dogs or danger of dog bites. [3]

Ascendant conjunct fixed star Pollux (1°26′): Wealth, power, courage, generosity, ingenuity, rise to authority, martial success, subject to cuts, wounds, accidents, sores and injuries to the face, pains in the head, fevers, bad eyes, blindness, sickness, imprisonment, ephemeral honor and preferment. [3]

Pollux gives eminence and renown, a subtle, crafty, spirited, brave, audacious, cruel and rash nature, a love of boxing, dignified malevolence, and is connected with poisons. [3] It’s Mars energy can be extremely valuable in such areas as war and business, and politics. [4]

While this star can be brutal and tyrannical, violent and cruel, it has its good sides if the energy it creates is channeled constructively. It certainly can show an aptitude for getting into quarrels, but the helpful aspect to the Ascendant in the Tucker Carlson astrology chart also “denotes a power of penetration on the mental plane.” [6]

The Sun

Sun conjunct fixed star Algol (0°05′): Violent death or extreme sickness. [3] Very difficult to avoid accidents and severe injuries. [6]

Algol is one of the most unfortunate stars used in astrology. It is associated with danger, misfortune, violence, decapitation, hanging, electrocution, and mob violence. [3]

In primitive natives, it gives a mean mind with an inclination to brutality and violence. However, “high spiritual rays” are emanating from Algol also, but only those human beings can receive them who have already reached high spiritual development. Even then, there will be difficulties and obstacles, and they have to use much energy to overcome these handicaps. If their endeavors fail, strong counterforces and enmities will be present. [6]

Constellation Perseus the Champion is said to give an intelligent, strong, bold and adventurous nature but a tendency to lying. [3]

  • Donald Trump has Midheaven conjunct Algol, the “Demon Star”. Remember Carlson called Trump “a demonic force, a destroyer.” Well, with Sun conjunct Algol, he would know.

The Moon

Moon conjunct fixed star Alcyone (0°09′): Injuries to the face, sickness, misfortune, wounds, stabs, disgrace, imprisonment, blindness, defective sight, may be cross-eyed, color-blind, or the eyes may be affected by some growth. [3]

Alcyone also causes love and eminence. It makes people wanton, ambitious, turbulent, optimistic and peaceful; gives many journeys and voyages; and causes disgrace and violent death. [3] It is especially indicative of events that affect the family and family life. [4]

Alcyone is not a good omen concerning relationships with the opposite sex. Connected with Neptune, it is supposed to give inclination to homosexuality. It is also associated with deep sorrows, tragedies, and bereavement. [6]

Sun conjunct Moon (4°04′ separating) means Carlson was born just nine hours after a new moon. That new moon at 25°17′ Taurus was also conjunct Algol at 25°44′ Taurus.

The new moon in the Tucker Carlson horoscope makes him charismatic and popular, with a powerful presence and forceful character. Sun conjunct Moon gives the self-confidence, initiative and conviction to be a leader. But he may be oblivious to how his powerful energy impacts other people’s lives.

The separating conjunction makes him eager to make his mark but can indicate a still-developing self-awareness. As a younger soul with a great sense of adventure and lust for life, he wants to start many new things but makes a few mistakes along the way.


Neptune conjunct fixed star Toliman (1°42′): Occult interests, psychic or mediumistic, deceitful, dishonest, many journeys and voyages often to the east of birthplace, rarely long in one place, occupation of a watery nature or connected with places of amusement and small speculations, favorable for gain and domestic matters, heavy business losses at end of life, death caused by Scorpio ailment. [3]

Toliman gives beneficence, friends, enthusiasm, refinement and a position of honor and power. [3] However, relationships with females often seem spoiled, or an existing happy relationship is stricken by exceptional circumstances. [6]

  • When Carlson was six years old, his parents divorced. His mother left the family to pursue a “bohemian” lifestyle. [7] Well, that explains a lot.

Sun opposite Neptune (1°45′) and Moon opposite Neptune (2°19′) bring great imagination and over-sensitivity. A tendency to imagine things that are not real brings self-deception, confusion and misunderstandings. This can lead to insecurities or inferiority complexes, despite projecting a more confident outer appearance.

When he feels threatened, these oppositions make Carlson use non-direct methods like deception, fraud, lies, and other subversive or underhand tactics. However, this brings the likelihood of being misunderstood. It also leads to worry about being found out, which will eventually erode his self-confidence and leave him feeling weak or discouraged.

The Sun and Moon opposite Neptune in the Tucker Carlson horoscope cause suspicion and paranoia, a feeling of being persecuted, belief in conspiracy theories and involvement in mysteries or scandals.

Being misunderstood, victimized, or rejected can lead to fear, disappointment, isolation, and self-pity. Mental illness, drug addiction, alcoholism, poisoning, infection and poverty are possible with the Sun and Moon opposite Neptune.

The Sun and Moon trine Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto have enabled Carlson to get away with his lies and deceptions and use them to have a powerful influence over the masses and powerful leaders. But now he has been found out. Karma has caught up with Tucker Carlson.

Tucker Carlson Astrology Transits

Tucker Carlson Astrology

Tucker Carlson Transits February 17, 2023

Saturn is the Lord of Karma, so it is not surprising to find it was a Saturn transit to the Tucker Carlson horoscope that brought his undoing; Saturn square Neptune transit on February 19, 2023. The incriminating texts were released on February 17, 2023. There was only one pass of these transits (no retrograde motion), which makes these transits more hard-hitting:

  • February 5, 2023 – Saturn square Sun transit is a forced turning point where you feel pressured and burdened. It may feel like everything and everyone is against you during this tough time which can lead to feelings of isolation and discouragement.
  • February 19, 2023 – Saturn square Neptune transit can bring sadness and disappointment as harsh reality shatters your dreams. The cold hard truth makes you realize you were deceiving yourself or being deceived by others.
  • March 11, 2023 – Saturn square Moon transit restricts and depresses your feelings and relationships. It becomes more challenging to connect to others in any meaningful way. Sadness, loneliness, guilt, and shame are possible as you are reminded of past relationship failures, loss, and grief.

Transiting Saturn acted as a long-term trigger. Sun conjunct Saturn on February 16 compounded those most challenging Saturn transits, with the Sun acting as a short-term trigger:

He also has his Mars opposition the day after the texts were released:

  • February 18, 2023 – Mars opposite Mars transit.

Tucker Carlson – Donald Trump Synastry

As mentioned earlier, Tucker Carlson’s Ascendant is conjunct Trump’s Venus and Saturn. Carson’s Sun is conjunct Donald Trump’s Midheaven. So while transiting Saturn was square Carlson Sun, it was also square Trump’s Midheaven. Being called “a demonic force” is hardly good for one’s public profile.

Tucker Carlson Astrology

Tucker Carlson – Donald Trump Synastry


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70 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson – Caught Out

  1. I really like your writing style, I enjoy how you back up what you write with concrete examples. Astrology is fascinating. You are bringing up stars I have never heard of and I’m enjoying it. Thank you, I love to learn new things.

  2. I would expect at the minimum that you don’t post any political controversial issues in your page. You are well respected Renowned Astrologer, kindly keep that image towards millions.

    Your prediction is highly obliged by people in the world.

      • Greetings, Jamie. In re “Political controversial issues are one of the bests ways to learn astrology”, have you come upon any horoscopical resources which align the Tui Bei Tu [Chinese] predictions? I’ve read a select few, spot-on TBT+Tarot and also discovered TBT+Revelations [Septuagint version] eschatological analyses (for poems 1-58, already fulfilled) but am still seeking out that third leg forecast on which more sturdy pronouncements can withstand scrutiny. Everlasting thanks for sharing your talents and time. We have been edified muchly over the years. So pleased that your health has recovered.

  3. Hi Jamie, Would like to hear what the stars say in regards to George Soros and Putin. Love your astrology work! Thank you

  4. I’ve never heard this guy talk or watched his videos. In my opinion he’s using a platform of “negative quality Neptune”. Political dogma is what you end up with, and he has the pets, so the jokes on you.

    Political Dogma. Where did i read that? Was it Esquire? Rick Scott (R-FLA). 11 Point Plan for America being compared as the Haunted House version of Newt Gingrichs “Contract with America” That ‘s funny, but under a Saturn-Neptune influence, not a bad example of a Pisces dreamscape.

    Now with Mitch McConnell, he has his Taurus decan 3 energy going through a Uranus transit the next two years. The Mythological CinemaScope works in his favour. In short we have two versions of Neptune presented in this post, negative and positive.

    • Hi Paul. Those are really good points about the different manifestations of Neptune. I found the birth time for Scott Jennings. Do you have one for Mitch McConnell?

      • I dont have a time of birth for either Rick Scott or Mitch McConnell, and never heard of Scott Jennings. I’d probably be more comfortable talking about the astrology of William Jennings Bryan, because of his connection to monetary standards and the astrologyking leitmotif

  5. Jamie, If you are not the Biggest Piece of Shit Liar up until now, then I don’t know who is. Your LEFT WING BIAS shows that you have NO BUSINESS being an Astrologer. Anyone on CNN could have written this bunch of Bilge about Tucker Carlson that you are pushing without any Astrological training. You are a Fraud.

    • Carlos, I so agree with you. This is defamation of Tucker’s character. Any astrologer can interpret any chart according to their own ideals. I’ll never read another of his articles as this one displays the worst of the worst of interpretations. Besides, charts are meant to explore and uncover from a person’s own heart and mind. The astrologer should bring possibilities to the seeker, not suggest such nefarious things as you bring forth. I’ve been reading charts for 50 years and this is the worst interpretation I’ve seen yet, and I’ve seen a lot of them. Even on my own chart I have things that never happened or I don’t agree with. Just because it’s on a chart doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to manifest.

    • Agree that bias can cause someone to view something negatively…when ANY Horoscope ‘normal’ aspects to someone’s Sun can be ‘read’ to describe them negatively i.e. even positive aspects have been ‘read’ to imply negativity involved in someone’s Personality, which the Horoscope Sun represents. Much of what I have seen Carlson speak about lately i agree with…but as an Australian, I am not very interested in Trump-stuff…more concerned about current ‘push’ re The Great Reset, which involves the implementation of a One World Government run by unelected people…which will result in LOSS of FREEDOM to people of Western Nations i.e. check-out what Davos is about!! …was good to see Carlson’s Horoscope, which shows what aspects of his psyche are directly involved in the development of his Personality and Creative Talents. Lots of ‘good’ astrology symbolism in it for someone who could be said is trying to ‘save the World’…which is one aspect of Neptune symbolism. His Mercury and Sun both in 11th House of Humanity/Better-Ways/ideas.

    • Hi Carlow. Tucker Carlson is and has been a fraud on numerous occasions. This has already been proven.
      If you haven’t anything polite-non-curseworded to offer here, please make an effort to be charming or at the very least, devastatingly clever. Jamie is an honorable writer of astrology and has been for the last 7 years that i have had the pleasure to read these. No one invited your readership. That is all.

  6. silly article all it shows is that your agenda makes every form of knowledge liable to distortion — tucker carlson speaks truth to power and i don’t agree with everything he says but he speaks truth to power and you read his chart and take everything in the dimmest light as it accords with your preemptive judgements this is not astrology this is propaganda.

  7. So I see that Jaime has upset some right-wingers. Oh well. The new moon opposite Neptune is all we need to know about Carlson. He is poison (just like Neptune) for his audience but they usually don’t know it. Typical of how Neptune works. To those who understand astrology, he is poison in action. For those who don’t understand astrology, his lies become their delusion. Carlson is the incarnation of Neptune’s lowest vibration.

    • From one Esoteric Astrology point-of-view, a person’s Sun denotes the Development of their Personality,….and that a Horoscope denotes which energies, or Parts of their Psyche, they are required to develop to Shine their Personality/Creative Talents in Life i.e. the energies denoted by planets connected to their Sun…which involves Neptune along with Pluto and Jupiter for Carlson……. How well any of these energies/talents develop is NOT ‘set in stone’ – and if Neptune’s Hard Aspect is causing people to make negative judgement about Carlson, this is limited-thinking..cos how a person’s psyche/Personality with a Capital P develops depends upon how conscious they are, or are meant to evolve in Life…when it’s NOT what he’s been saying/doing that’s causing people to defend him BUT is cos they see him saying much that aligns with what they have already recognized as FACT/TRUTH..with much official proof having now been produced to support these Facts/Truths.. Just so glad to see someone in his position ‘speaking up’ about such. More people need to Wake-UP before it’s too late!!

  8. I agree with those calling you out as a fraud. I used to Respect You – – I no longer do. Your Agenda is sad, pathetic and very dangerous. I won’t read anything you say ever again.

  9. Heretofore I have really enjoyed your work, Jamie. I have had great respect for it. But this one is, well, just incredible. The extreme bias here now calls the rest into question. I will stay with you, but please try to be more objective in the future. My unsolicited advice: take the Red Pill, Jamie. You will probably throw up. But you will feel better later. Blessings to you and yours.

    • BadSheep, I agree. Not the kind of message a credible astrologer should be putting out. Bias.

  10. I’m inclined to agree with those saying that your bias is showing. Of course, every time you choose anyone in the political arena’s chart to read, it shows… Perhaps staying away from politics and just doing basic astrology on the general population would be a better look.

  11. 131M Registered Voters. 158M Votes. The 6 States that turned Blue that year ALL stopped counting at 10PM. All had an extra million Biden Votes come morning. Seems Legit

  12. I hope you have followed Pedo Joes Mandates and taken all your Vax’s and Boosters. One less useless eater in the world

  13. You Trump/Carson fanatics are so sad. Quick to call me biased. Follow the links to my interpretations for fixed stars and aspects, and you will see they are the same as I wrote for Carlson. I wrote them years ago. Give me an example of how my interpretation of his chart is biased. It is what his chart says! Carson is a liar, and he got caught out. That is not my opinion. That is a fact. Just because something does not fit your agenda does not make it biased or a conspiracy theory.

    As an outsider, I feel sad about what has happened to your country, the toxic polarization. I am Australian. We and your other allies are saddened and worried that a sizeable minority of you follow someone supporting our enemy. You guys used to hate commies. You would have called Carlson a traitor not so long ago.

    • Sounds like this thread is haunted by 5 Eye aspects, see geocentric Solar Xflare 1.1, on 11 Feb, further enlarged by Solar Xflare 2.2 narcissus liabilitist on 18 Feb.

  14. Looking at this Astrologically is really interesting…I am fascinated also with the fixed stars also…out of curiosity I added a few asteroids to TC’s chart (spice to the soup I call them) and found that the transits are certainly playing out. Transit Mars and asteroid Swindle # 8690 are in Gemini in exact opposition to TC’s natal Mars rx and Swindle rx conjunction in Sagittarius…that’s just for starters…

    I will say that I do watch TC on occasion and I have felt at times he’s “over the top”…with so much that has been happening it’s difficult to know who’s telling the truth anymore…I’m not in favor of one and feel that the current is dragging us into a mess that will take years to recover from…if ever…
    There’s too much BS within our WH and it’s much worse than just one talking head on a TV news program…but a whole lot of them…ALL of our news networks have been biased against the other…and our politicians…
    Neptune in Pisces is sure playing out isn’t it…It will be interesting to see how this turns out…maybe Saturn transit thru Pisces will be just what is needed…
    Sincerely…♍️ Rising ♓️ Sun ♎️ Moon

  15. Sorry, but not in this way!! Clearly, you act as a partisan, a radical progessist, with narratives instead of facts. And this greatly desqualifies you as a professional astrologer. So, for instance, are you sure that vaccines are a benefit and not a problem? Do you even know a lot of scientific studies that question that? Why don´t you analyse, in the same way you did with Carlson, maps of hunter and joe biden, george soros, klaus schwab, hillary and bill clinton, “dr.” fauci and many others?

  16. What are the implications of the Sun forewarning us with X-flares? Is it tantamount to discovery of a New Language? and Is This the purpose behind anti-crypting the Carson Caper?

    Would there now be Call to Set a budget, initially $400,000, for the duration of 12 Signs, beginning with Aquarius? What do you make of this Theory? Do you already Know? Or is it part of your Belief system concurrently?

    the Octogon, composite of Jamie and I, first published 11 March 2022, 40% orb

  17. Greetings, Jamie. In re “Political controversial issues are one of the bests ways to learn astrology”: know you of any horoscopical resources which align the Tui Bei Tu [Chinese] predictions? I’ve read a select TBT+Tarot and also discovered TBT+Revelations [Septuagint version] eschatological analyses (for poems 1-58, already fulfilled). I’ve read China’s natal chart (Capricorn rising). Have you any insights as to Li Chunfeng’s astronomical alignments decoded in the TBT?

      • PRC = Sun in Capricorn; Aries on the Ascendant. DoB = 1912. Your legend denotes Republic of China (Taiwan = ROC). I’ll share more next Sunday when time allows. I’ll follow-up here in this section unless you post a new topic altogether on the matter between now and then. [So pleased to know that your health has recovered, Jamie. I was myself most grieved by your ailments. (That’s how much you matter to some of here)].

  18. Thank you. I totally agree Pene. Besides the fact that the referenced birth chart is TOTALLY FICTITIONAL (ie…FRAUDULANT). Tropical birth charts have never ACTUALLY happened. We have satellites now and computers to confirm that the Vedic’s planet placements are FACTUALLY accurate. So he’s reading a fake chart and cherry picking according to his political brainwashing. If astrology was a religion, this would be sacrilegious. I agree. The author should just stick to regurgitating questionable interpretations of fake correlations made to FRAUDULANT planet placements. LOL. He might want to watch an episode or two before judging his neighbor with planks in his eyes.

    • I use fixed stars, not signs, which is more accurate than tropical or vedic. The aspects are the same whichever system you use.

    • Mercury in two-faced, silver-tongued GEMINI says it all; not to mention MercGem OPPOSING his Mars in SAG (Rx, no less!!!) is quite the significator. (And the mob DID descend upon his home – which he was forced to evacuate and relocate to a different state in order to protect his family).

  19. One astrologer. One interpretation. Ppl are drawn to astrology with the intent of knowing what will happen, and when it will happen. Finally, they seek to learn why things happen. The How things happen is based on great observation over a period of time.
    There are many truths revealed through this aged instrument of prognostication.
    There is also the great trap of an addiction, a psychological disorder, of dependency on astrology as a way of navigating the experience of living.
    No two ppl wield interpretive tools with the exact same outcome. Ask any literary professor, any meteorologist, any tarot reader, or economist.
    Again, one astrologer, one interpretation.
    And like one commenter said, “131 million voters. 158 million votes”.
    How could anyone call this a “conspiracy theory”?
    Ignore this number? Look the other way? Deny the math?
    The reasons are many.
    And every one based on an interpretation made by someone else, usually an “authority”.

    If anything, I would say that TC is, of course, human, fallible. But, I would go out of my way to say that—in the stench of politics he has dared to question the ills of society and succeeded in voicing his interpretation of the current authority figures. You two share this aspect.
    Anyone, and everyone, who does this is always subjected to the backlash of denial, ridicule, and these days, if voiced in opposition to the mainstream narrative, also assaulted with the popular dis-belief, CIA coined, “conspiracy theory” rhetoric.

    The red pill only comes to those who can swallow it…unbiased as one can be.
    Even then, subject to thoughtful interpretation.

    —Food for thought!
    Be well

  20. Jamie, i know you’re in Australia and many people come here from all over, but this thread sounds like Superbowl hangover, which, last week, was a pretty good game and even featured a Pat Tillman exposé.

    Fortune favors the Brave New Moon arcs Vedic – Tropical

    This is the thread that Proofed the Henge, but not without a lot of flack. Strong stadium and football allegory. The Henge, it could be said in its growing maturity, would be a place to deal and heal your debilitated energies.

  21. Jamie you’ve lost the plot, the planetary cult programming has got to your weak low firing brain. Bye

  22. Why would someone go bye now from this thread of rare hyperbole?

    Exposure is capturing many of us with energies in late Leo or early Virgo. No one is really immune; star Regulus, natal Uranus and asteroid 55555 DNA.

    For instance, how many have analyzed the Hunter Bydon Art caper to conclude it ‘s a cover for the Art put up here? Raise your hand, China excluded.

    Dont forget, Tucker is filed under Entertainers.

  23. The automobile or Car theme with Tucker is strong, obviously one turns to the Tucker 48, only 50 built. With a last name of Carlson, is his name actually derived from the classic Mars energy?

    Mars in Sagittarius, you’ll have to discover where this is mentioned on the Ilhan Omar thread.

    Other interesting developments is Jimmy Carter in the news revisiting his own Canada Capers. I probably worked with a few of the people he met at Chalk River years ago, Saturn/Neptune 1952/53.

    Perhaps the one set of data that drives off with the prize is Progressed natal Mars 01Pis22 conjunct New Moon.

    I should open a car dealership, look at all this inventory. I’ll hand off a Neptune that morphs, a Sun that talks, and a Composite octogon. Thats only part of the day. After lunch i’ll hand off three allegories to Real Estate; the Standium, Henge and Asset, and finish with a Yod to Regulus and a conjunction to Mars…. 6th house joy.

  24. And we should applaud you for boot licking and taking a geriatric war mongering megalomaniacs side on issues???? Perhaps you are right…but as pluto ingresses Aquarius we will see more lifting of the mask (or dropping) as many have witnessed with you Jaime.

    I too am Australian and the toxic messaging is lame. We have so many issues here as this is fave part of the 5 eyes and Dracon state.

  25. Jamie,

    Your blatent left wing bias really makes visiting your site less of an option these days.

    Having visited your site daily for over 8 years – it’s really disappointing to see it now becoming filled with hard left partisan based ‘political’ astrological profiles.

    I suppose you are just reverting to type.

    Most born on September 21st have a progressive bent. You’e no different.

    • Liz on March 2, 2023
      This to Andy, What in the Heavens is wrong with being progressive? What is wrong with hoping mankind becomes more humane? Do you really think the right wing agenda of war, hate, polarization, and LYING are the way to go?
      This to Jamie, Can you imagine what they would say if you were to stick your neck out and venture an opinion?

  26. News alert: there are some very right wing astrologers out there if you seek that. It’s just an analysis.

  27. Correct Vic, one does not need to travel far from the storied pages of astrologyking to see the imbecile artwork, a far right offering, void of personal liability and no mechanism for extracting equity. It’s actually forced Jamie to the hardcore left, opening huge territory for the techno equitist.

    is it like this too, at times of singularity, in the Greater Universe?

  28. Wow, I did not think I was hardcore left. I was accused of being far right when I posted about Barack Obama. In this post, I was accenting Carson’s deceitfulness and showing how the transits emphasized that part of his chart at the exact time he got caught out.

    If you actually read my words, I did not give any political opinion. I quoted news articles and astrological interpretations.

    • here, lets try this: ditch the politics, wrong tack

      Right, right brain hemisphere, spiritual, Neptune.
      Left, left brain hemisphere, calculating, Saturn.

      we are merely re-emphasing the emerging Pisces Saturn-Neptune. I’ve shown astrology that stakes these two at each end of Pisces, not the first time this method used to give clarity to an idea.

  29. “How interesting! Tucker Carlson has three pet hunting dogs”

    Jamie’ s TC offering posted February 19, Mars opposite Mars transit February 18.
    ready for the Bear match? the thread has its moments.

    233259 3193165

    Tucker is loaded with Mars, and his numerological profile is devoid of 4,7,8. So he’s gonna talk(4), with authority(7), and transform (8) the audience, and have pets to practise on.

  30. astro chart of William Jennings Bryan


    his nemesis Gold, and paramour Silver. two asteroids that tell his story.

    in terms of Carlson, and the prefix Car , comes the surname Carstens, a Spanish speaker IMF banker who weighed in with a timely Monetary Standard update at inauguration of this thread

  31. PaulS, since the current defense is, ‘it’s not red, it’s not blue, it’s green,’ is the apt question about sacrificing integrity for the green? Maintaining integrity is singular to my mind. I can’t parse that.

    • Hi Vic. It could be a secret code for astrologers. Not a square or opposition, not a sextile ir trine, but a quincunx.

      • Jamie, I love quincunxes, especially yodding. Most telling. I have learned much that way. And a haha, auto correct substituted yodeling for yodding. 🤣

  32. Tucker Carlson, PMO Canada and the X2.2 SolarFlare

    synastry, Tucker and Sun

    to calibrate to Jamie’s article, this chart shows Tuckers Mars opposite Mars transit.

    The analysis is that The Sun crashes “The Tucker Reveal Party”, and the “Paul Rouleau/PMO Canada Reveal Party”

    The integrity of the artwork is that it makes tough Asset calls like this. The benefit is the Techno Equitist scarf and proof of the global Liabilitist derangement.

    Asteroid Narcissis 37117, conjunct Part of Fortune and South Node. No one is more full of itself than the Sun.

  33. This to Andy, What in the Heavens is wrong with being progressive? What is wrong with hoping mankind becomes more humane? Do you really think the right wing agenda of war, hate, polarization, and LYING are the way to go?
    This to Jamie, Can you imagine what they would say if you were to stick your neck out and venture an opinion?

  34. Unfortunately Astrologers get it wrong, and sadly many over the pandemic. Especially those who claimed Jupiter in Pisces and the jabs for little children the pandemic would be behind us, I have a hard time forgiving those who have harmed innocent children.

    Tucker’s Sun/moon opposite Neptune is his alcohol abuse, he is not a liar. He is also not a MAGA Trumper, he is anti military industrial complex, anti pharmaceutical industrial complex, anti-political corruption, and anti the current state of CENSORSHIP. Mainstream media calls him a liar because they find his truth threatening to their communist agenda, and it is easy for those with Trump Derangement Syndrome to believe anything they hear. Tucker, as do I, despises Trump, but our critical thinking skills are strong enough to see past mainstream lies.

    The good news is many astrologers understand what has gone on the last three years, I suggest you read these two articles.


    Oh, and pfizer is now getting a Saturn Return.

  35. You see, where you got people here was your first paragraph: “His comments about women, race, and immigration are not only controversial but sexist and racist.” If you just ended it with his views are controversial, you might have been fine. What people find sexist and racist are matters of opinion. The way the line is being read is being interpreted as you saying- anything Tucker says is sexist and racist because you believe it to be so.

    Additionally, you say in this comment that it is sad to see what is happening in the country because of toxic polarization. Yet add to the polarization by calling people “Trump/Carlson fanatics”. Things like this do not help with discourse or bridging a gap. There are fewer people sitting on the extremes than the media would have you believe.

  36. Tuktoyaktuk Tucker, finding a new time at the end of his trap line, an ode…

    His microphone tale on a camera trail, an America high and hale;
    While weather birds sing on broken wing, the citizens rose to flail.
    The internet farce has a backroom bark, with room to leave your mark;
    Dogs not stone when he goes home, Ms. Mare your favourite park:
    Is this astrology a strange brew less, or tasty like your Ex?
    The scene it seems was somewhat obscene, but Tucker might joust and jest.

    Tucker solar return. Jupiter square Pluto opposite Mars

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