Saturn Square Sun Transit

Saturn Square Sun TransitSaturn square Sun transit is one of the more challenging transits to deal with. It can represent a forced turning point where you feel pressured and burdened. It may feel like everything and everyone is against you during this tough time which can lead to feelings of isolation and discouragement.

Basically, your sense of purpose and your goals are being challenged by Saturn in the form of bosses, teachers, parents, or the government. You will have to face this adversity with patience and persistence and keep struggling so they don’t get the better of you.

If your intentions and goals are just ones and in your best interest, then this testing period can refine those plans and strengthen your resolve once you deal with the challenges. If in the face of the tests and restrictions you find that it really is too hard and can see no way of succeeding, then this is the time to cut your losses and conserve your energy, which is likely to be running low now anyway. A tactical retreat might be the best option. Or this transit may signal something in between, where compromise and concessions need to be made on your part.

Once this transit passes then your confidence and enthusiasm will grow again and you can start building new foundations with a better sense of purpose and more strength, having dealt with a very difficult and draining phase of life.

Saturn Square Sun Transit Dates

Sign and DecanFromTo
Taurus & Scorpio Decan 1March 2020December 2021
Taurus & Scorpio Decan 2March 2021December 2022
Taurus & Scorpio Decan 3March 2022March 2023
Gemini & Sagittarius Decan 1March 2023March 2024
Gemini & Sagittarius Decan 2March 2024February 2025
Gemini & Sagittarius Decan 3February 2025February 2026
Cancer & Capricorn Decan1May 2025January 2027
Cancer & Capricorn Decan 2May 2026April 2027
Cancer & Capricorn Decan 3April 2027April 2028
Leo & Aquarius Decan 1April 2028March 2029
Leo & Aquarius Decan 2July 2028March 2030
Leo & Aquarius Decan 3June 2029May 2030

310 thoughts on “Saturn Square Sun Transit

  1. I can vouch for this, having gone through this transit (with my Sun at 3 Cancer) a while back. It was a period of trying to balance my work responsibilities with caring for my elderly parents 100 miles away. My father was frail and very ill at that point and I was up and down on the train to support my mum and help when he went into hospital. It was too much and it culminated in me having an awful fall and trapping a nerve in my back (Saturn transiting in my 6th). I know now that that was the Universe telling me to slow down and stop trying to be all things to all people. The fact that I was physically unbalanced both in terms of the fall and the ensuing sciatica (which lasted for nearly a year) shows me how unbalanced I was in other ways. How little work/life balance I really had. The lesson took a long time to sink in and it’s only now I look back on it that I can see the value of it and how much I’ve learned.

    • Interesting about your father given both Sun and Saturn have rulership over the dad. I was chatting with Marina just an hour ago and she was telling me about a podcast on spirituality she listens to regularly, where they say that sciatica is a symptom of spiritual growth.

  2. being a decan 3 capricorn I am really curious how it will affect me. thanks for this text Jamie

    • Hi Burka, this will be the major long term influence for year in the year ahead as far as your Sun sign goes. I will be posting the Capricorn 2012 Horoscope later tonight and linking back to here. You may though get some help from a nice Jupiter transit for a month or so.

  3. Hey again, Jamie… Quick question… Has this transit hit Gemini previously in the last few years? Before I discovered this site and you & Marina I vaguely recall I had a previous astrologer reference a “Saturn transit” in 2008… I wondered if this was one & the same as that reference was to a really trying life changing time in my life…??? Thanks so much for any insight…

    • Yes Kristi, that was when Saturn was in Virgo from September 2007 to October 2009. That was horrid for me because I have Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto all in Virgo. But it go me here!

      • I find that just fascinating…. That was the exact time frame that my life was turned upside down by a very toxic person. As I’ve told Marina, though, that person was the catalyst for my soul’ greatest growth thus far in this lifetime… so like you said it got me here!

  4. Lovely, more difficult times are ahead. As if the last five years weren’t difficult enough. Makes me want to forget about astrology sometimes and just stick my head back into the sand! Pluto opposite my Moon at 5 Cancer, something else just wrapped up in the 7th House of Partnerships. I’ll be really happy when Saturn leaves my fourth house next October.

    • Yeah, that it a tough one coming on top of that Pluto transit. I actually follow my transits a lot more closely and do more reading on them when they are challenging, and write more in my diary too. I can always tell when I have easy transits because there are masses of blank pages in my diary. Starting to write more now with my Saturn opposition coming up.

      • That’s interesting Jamie — I’m the same way. I can tell when I have easy transits too because I don’t write in my journal on those days either!

      • Jamie, you posted this last February — Saturn is going to move on October 5. At what point would you say a transit is waning? I’m a 3rd decan Cancer and your horoscope for May suggests things will improve thanks to the eclipse, maybe enough to get me through the end of the transit! This first three months of this year were hell and I’m really ready to start feeling better and I’m looking for some hope that the transit is waning.

        So my question is, how do you as an astrologer determine the point at which a transit is waning?


        By the way, I’m so glad your health issues are resolved.

  5. I have just had sun squaring natal sat at 28cap after having finally moved from conjunction with my moon at 14 libra only a few more degrees and yep, saturn squaring saturn. I feel like i have been through the wringer so much already, i really dunno if i can take another beating!

    • I found Saturn conjunct Moon to be the most difficult of all the Saturn transits I can remember. I was so sad, crying, staying in bed, totally depressed because I could’t see my kids for weeks and didn’t know if I would ever live with them again. I actually thank Pluto squaring my Sun at that time for making me get more ruthless and fight in the courts, and win!

      • yes I know what you mean Jamie, the saturn conj moon is very heavy and i do feel more mature emotionally now, but i also had pluto opposing sun in jan 2008 and they really do work together, its almost like the challenge to break down or break through and spent alot of time teetering between the 2 until that strength rises to make one be powerful.

  6. ps i forgot to put and the whole reason for comment lol is that those all followed saturn squaring my sun at 0’cancer…see what i mean, i am just a ghost of my former self!

  7. I’m really interested in what the Pisces 2012 ‘scope is looking like. Saturn has given me an interestingly humorous and motivational slap on the rear with my laptop now having been wiped out. My files that i relied heavily upon (for reference and escape) are gone. Completely black. Total void open to unraveling.
    *sigh* …

    On the plus side, I am now motivated to change my current economic status and cut my losses with a business venture that is obviously going nowhere. I am now forced to get off the fence and make several decisions/actions that’ll improve my situation and end a toxic association.

    Interestingly enough, the blog that I clicked was named after Morgan le Fay (who’s linked to the Morrigan)… Fun, fun!

    • Hi Amanda, glad you stumbled upon us. The Pisces 2012 horoscope will be 2-3 weeks away yet because you guys have it fairly easy compared to the cardinal signs which I’m working on first. hang in there!

  8. Saturn Square Sun Transit ….

    It may appear that persons in authority are throwing obstacles in your path from every angle . If you`re sure you`re on the right track , just hang in there and keep plugging along . Wait until your energy level is higher to vigorously resist . Projects you began about seven years ago are reaching a crisis now , set those that arent working adrift and concentrate on areas that are definitely panning out .

    Health …..

    Your energy level is low . Do everything you can to remain healthy .If you do become ill , however , reeamine your activities . Your subconscious is trying to tell you you`ve been heading in the wrong direction .The cardiovascular system is most at risk here .

  9. Hi..I have the Saturn’s 29 year cycle going on…been through hell so far…this transit does not scare me…i know what to expect…i hate saturn

    • Hi Hemisha ….
      My favorite saturn, you get a response from me *****
      Saturn’s 29 year ….
      when Saturn returns to your natal chart’s Saturn position, it’s a wake up call , Saturn has returned to the sign it occupied at birth in our chart. It denotes a loud call to redefine our lives if necessary. Often there are career changes or advancements. Some people find they need new ambitions. This cycle seems to attract a lot of responsibility. Sometimes we welcome this and then again many do not. Our soul growth can be immense. The challenge is not to become too disappointed if life isn’t giving us exactly what we expected. Making the effort to move in a new direction can be well rewarded in our inner and outer worlds!
      Saturn’s cycle will clear the way for a more confident expression of your nature and the discovery of new goals. One way or another, Saturn is about building a stronger life in whatever area of your chart it falls. Thus for instance, someone with natal Saturn in the fourth house or aspecting the Moon might have a baby at the first Saturn Return. This building process sometimes means that the rug is pulled out from under you or something goes through a deconstruction in order for something else to be built. The Saturn Return can be difficult or sublime, but either way, it is a chance to claim your birthright – your wider social identity is waiting fgor you! Be patient, for Saturn’s pace is slow and thorough.
      The transits of Saturn can be one of the most powerful cycles to work with, both in terms of the wealth of information it can reveal and the depth of the personal challenges and lessons it holds for us. Saturn represents the way we form our fixed beliefs about reality and our Egos. Certain structures that were appropriate for us years ago now must change and be discarded if we are to continue to grow and evolve. He reveals where our deepest attachments are; our fears, our self-judgments and limiting belief systems. His lessons are often the toughest, but the rewards also the greatest. He can teach us discipline, patience, humility and commitment. Most often important Saturn transits reflect our achievement and career needs, and how these are undergoing changes. Saturn is our contract with reality – the way we must meet the demands of our external lives while still keeping true to our inner direction and path.


      • Really thankful for great information you have given…but..i still don’t like saturn. No planet should have such a long stress inducing cycle to teach or to give. stress is stress and I just feel old,grumpy and tired not smarter – another saturn characteristic. thanks again…

  10. well saturn/square/sun is cautious, choosing solitude, familar faces, same food, cloths tried and true, clinging to family and close friends…conq/moon is a stone on the heart, square/venus is austere, unloving, unhappy, craves attention then hates it, but saturn/square/saturn is the worst! it’s ‘no body loves me, the world has left me behind, i’m invisable, uguly, hated’

  11. I’ve just embarked on this transit, not sure how much life *could* slow down or become more restricting! It’s an odd time for me, though, with Jupiter trining Pluto, Pluto trining himself and on the DC, Uranus square my ascendant, trining my moon, north node and Pholus squatting on my Venus… Emotionally, I’m all over the place at the moment, while my ‘real’ life just stays exactly where it has been (stuck fast in a deep, deep rut), for almost a decade, now.

    I’m watching these transits carefully because I’ve come to realise that Saturn, when I use him constructively (hard work and discipline), seems to be my friend, much more so than Jupiter, who’s supposed ‘good’ transits always seem to bring very difficult times, sometimes quite tragic times for me. Jupiter trine Pluto trine himself…. sounds much scarier to me than Saturn square sun!

    If I can ask a question(?): I wonder how much value to place on looking into the past at when these transits were last occurring? I can look back to when these same aspects were happening in my life, but the other aspects won’t have been affecting me then (Jupiter has trined Pluto more than once in my life, but Pluto can only trine himself *now*, that won’t happen again), so presumably, the way these aspects coloured my life *then* will be quite different to how they affect me now…?

    • Yes, there is value in looking back at individual transits, even similar one. For example I’m now having my Saturn opposition so am thinking back to my Saturn return to see how far I’ve come and if I have learnt enough lessons to avoid more misery. So if you have Pluto trining DC, you should get a good boost. I just wrote up Pluto sextile Sun. Would be similar to AC expect more effect on relationships:

  12. I have ASC 25 cancer & N Sun 28 cancer…

    Mars conjunct uranus cancer- H12- at 12′ & 10′ respectively..

    I am highly cardinal & have cardinal angles..

    These years have been tough….wearying…

    I for one am looking quite forward to the saturn transit of scorpio


    I AM looking forward to Tr uranus hitting MC 9 aries & Jup 13 aries

  13. I was born in Mauritius at 21.30 hrs on 17 July 1960. I have been struggling throughout my life to reach my current position. How will the saturn square sun transit affect me now?

  14. You will feel this strongest starting no and in December, then again April and August 2012.

  15. Hi Darkstar,

    Born 23/08/74 -Decan3 Leo, Cancer ASC & Scorpio moon -when will Saturn sq Sun influence my life? Its not mentioned up there.

    Excellent website & thanks for all your work you put into keeping us informed!

    • Thanks for the compliments! Leo decan 3 has Saturn square Sun from September 2014 through to September 2015. Saturn goes retrograde square your Sun (about 29 Leo ?) so three hits, dec 2014, jun 2015, sep 2015. Sun at 29 Leo makes you a real Lion, see our post on the fixed star Regulus.

  16. I was born in New Delhi at 23.25 hrs on 01 August 1977. I want to know how will the saturn square sun transit affect me now? Is it right time to change job.

  17. I am dealing with a double saturn square: as ASC is 25 cancer & N sun is 28 cancer..

    I know this is a long transit

    What are the best coping mechanisms for living through this ??


    • Being responsible, conservative, working hard and meeting all your obligations and duties. If you do that then you can be confident that all will work out.

      • Thanx Much- Jamie…

        .. For about 6 mths- I’ve been saying that Jan- Sept 2012 will be my ‘time of austerity.

        Not easy- as I am a spender !!! ( Leo rules H2; Jup is conj MC)

        But I feel a need to ‘pare down’

        The planets do not lie


  18. Hi Jamie
    Thanks for your good comments, appreciate that.

    I was born on 13th July 1970, 12:00 afternoon at Kolkata, India. How will the saturn square sun transit affect me now?

  19. Hi Jamie,
    Is is possible to be on the cusp of a decan? I was born January 11th, 1969 at 4:04am. According to your decan dates that puts me in Cap 3. However, I feel like my life has been hellish in regards to work, health and relationships since December of 2010. It’s still crazy for me. But, I’m just now starting to feel more optimistic…since the beginning of December.

  20. I was born on January 18, 1964. i am having a very hard time of my life since last 3 months. can i come out of it and if so when?

  21. Hi, i`m pretty much scared about my Saturn squares in next period. I`m Decan 1 Aquarius, with Mars, Mecury and Sun conjunction in Aquarius and with Decan 1 Leo Asc and Jupiter. I`m worried because the Saturn is going to square my planets for three times, because of the retrograde movement. What does this mean, and what should I expect by end of July 2014, by my opinion the toughest period of Saturn aspect.
    I was born in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 26th of January, 1979, at 5:05 p.m.

  22. Hello,
    First time poster, long time viewer. First I want to tell you your site is amazing, personal, and very well done and I appreciate your time and consideration.
    That being said, (I have never done this so please bare with me), my Bday is July 13, 1978 at Travis AFB, CA at around 4 AM (4:03 I believe). I find myself to be super intuitive about things, as in I see things long before they occur which I had “read” was a norm for a Decan 3 of my sign. Is this true? Also, my true question is, I have had a rough patch with this economy since graduating college finding a solid job despite having a great resume/work ethic, etc. I also had a breakup (I left her) on January 16 of this year. So I guess my question is, in brief terms, will this be a productive year/time for both career and love? My intuition tells me some very huge things are coming but I cannot pinpoint what exactly they are and when and any guidance would be greatly appreciated. One last thing, do you guys do personal readings (for a charge of course) for the entire year that is in depth? Again, thank you for your time, consideration and guidance as my intuition is haywire right now.

  23. This has been without a doubt the nastiest and most haRD CORE DEPRESSING TIME i EVER REMEMBER…REALLLY i HAVE a cAPRICORN SUN AT 27 DEGREES IN THE 12TH HOUSE.


    wENT THROUGH CRYING JAGS, CLINICAL DEPRESSIONS WITH NO MEDICAL HELP. uSED EVERY SINGLE METAPHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL TOOL TO STAY CENTERED..KNEW ABOUT TRANSIT BUT ACTUALLY WENT THROUGH CRISIS WITH ASTROLOGY. sorry for caps! Very disillusioned this will continue through zoct..cannot even bear to know this. We are living on a work comp claim..that is a lawsuit still pending in settlement and it is a poverty level. do I gfeel strengthened ands emboldened..are yu kidding? I have four planets in Capricorn

  24. One more thing..I am heartened to see all of you here..perhaps this is where I should be chatting and sharing. All I can say is whereever you find relief..go there and feel relief..and try not to think this will last forever cuz nothing lasts forever. this too, shall pass. Thats true wisdom

  25. Hi. I am a 3rd Decan Cap with Sag rising. (Jan 12th 1969, 4:23am Atlantic City NJ for those that like to calculate) All I know is, with friends like Saturn, who needs enemies?! Is it possible to strangle a planet, lol? Very pushed by Saturn already. October seems a long way away for some relief. Plus Cap FINALLY gets some nice love planets this year only to all be sucked up by retrogrades. “Quick, you have 2 weeks to find a date, then it’s back to WORK!” Very disheartening. As if this Cap wasn’t having enough fun, more eclipses to deal with as I am Sag rising. What does the Universe have against Caps having some actual FUN, or even breathing for that matter? Hope all fellow Caps hang in there, and don’t go batty in the process. :)I’m trying very hard here in NJ.

    • OMG I am also in NJ third decan Cap Sag rising! Apart from finding a date, (happily married to a sweetie thank my lucky stars) I totally relate. Professionally my life is a nightmare.

    • this made be laugh out loud….maybe if all caps got together we could strangle Saturn..or blow it up!..surely there are some very mad Capricorn scientists out there with ideas for bumping of planets……kep laughing through the tears ..hey we are caps are blessed with humour!….hang on has that got anything to do with Saturn!

  26. I’m a 2nd Decan Capricorn with 3rd decan Cancer rising. My life has been nothing short of hell since October 2010. I’m really loosing hope. I don’t know how am I gonna survive this transit. Life is one hell of a roller coaster or rather a heated toaster. Phew!!!

    • Hello!!! Don’t lose hope! ( it’s the best 4 letter word aside from Love!) Hang in there! I just keep thinking about how they make the best swords….the harder they hit the steel, the stronger and more beautiful it becomes. It helps me very much to think that this phase WILL pass, and we will appreciate everything so much when the stars & planets stop beating on us. They better give us some awesome parting gifts when they leave too! You are not alone, the wily planets just try to make us feel that way as another angle of attack. They will not win, because one human heart is larger and tougher than those bags of gas & frozen bits could ever even understand! Keep breathing, keep pushing forward, stay away from goofy temptations to do wrong minded things, and you will come out the other side with the rest of us, the Cap Army walks with you. 🙂

  27. Thanks to all of you for your replies. O
    Of course it is heartening to know I cannot possibly be alone and yes I believe and grab every schmidge of hope I can. right on!!! Little insights occur to me sometimes about..”there is no other way to get where you are going but through this “tube” of &^^%%$. Once your there you will understand why this route was the only way”. something to that effect ya know?

    The single issue which is freaking me out is the crying. Waking up in first morning moments of depression, sadness, crying..having to fight this stupid indulgent sadness all day..never in my life did I ever remember this happening..even when my mother died. It scares me and makes me want to hide and I cannot fathom for the life of me WHY this is valuable.

  28. Caps sure hang in there, Susan you said what i feel it has been downhill since 21st june 2007, born with satrun in taurus, taken more than half a life just to get married, forget about own house or permanent job, even with six degrees under the belt :), thats satrun for you.
    india should aim its new missile at satrun and give it a go… just to let it know how it feels to get knocked about.

    • That is hysterical! Yes that missile could really teach Saturn a lesson. 🙂
      I think it is wonderful that we can all still be so funny while going through hard times. I try not to get too mad at Saturn. But I do talk to it sometime and say…”You’ve pushed against me all month, how about a little pushing FOR me”. I believe that actually works.

    • lol you are so funny. I agree this Saturn needs an a$$ whooping. But, she is so pretty with all of her rings. Maybe we can pawn one to make it through to October.

  29. Hi my Cappie bros & sisters,
    I understand your challenges (especially you Susan…I was born exactly one day before you Jan 11, 1969 @ 4:04am in NYC) and want to add that our planet, Saturn, does reward hard work. So keep the faith, take the vitamins (calcium/magnesium help with stress), get the sleep, keep the company of positive light hearted souls, and give yourself a hug everyday. As for the mood swings, crying and bouts of depression, they do come and go. It’s just an energetic clearing that will pass–always does–thus, the cycles of this learning plane of existence. I find I’m lighter and stronger afterwards. The summer is coming for Cap decan 3–hold your light!

    • Hello Fellow Sat Squares,
      I’m a newbie to all this and I’m curious that if my B-Day is on the 13th and my degree is at 21 Cancer (the edge)- Does this mean that these crazy effects will/could drop off sooner than Oct 2012?? (Can you tell I’m reaching for some good news:)))?!

      • Me too, I asked this question earlier in the thread! I’m also a 3rd decan Cancer. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s weird, but I know what’s coming, but it’s kind of like being grounded by your parents — you know when you’ve done your time and you won’t be cut loose any sooner! It’s a strange sensation but it does give me plenty of time to prepare for the shift and to get excited about it.

          • I have mentioned this before on here- but I can see I am ‘in company’ that will truly understand.

            My ASC is 25 cancer. Natal sun 28 cancer.

            Jupiter 13 Aries, Neptune 16 Libra

            btw mars & uranus in Cancer..

            I read on here the other day when I was very down- ‘ I know I am not alone’ That REALLY helped me…a lot

            Isolation & emotional isolation seem to be the keywords with this FREAKIN NEVER ENDING SATURN LIBRA SQUARE..

            I am so weary

            Please know my thoughts are with you &

            OCT 5 HURRY !!!!!


            • Hang in there! Lots of people are on the same LONG Saturn bus ride. I just hope it drops us off at an amusement park or somewhere very fun at the end. Keep breathing,smile if you can, you’ll get though this!

    • wow…….this hit a spot.the bouts of crying and depression coming and going… feels surreal when you are not used to it..I am usually a fairly buoyant cap…..but yes I also feel the clearing in this and the necessity!….knowing what to hang onto and what to let go are the biggies….love to you all

      • I’m usually fairly upbeat myself, but seems I have been “pretending” way more than normal. Still, I can look around and see many more struggling with much larger problems so that helps give me perspective. And of course the AWESOME comments and great info on this site does too! Thanks everyone. 🙂

  30. The following is a channeled message that lends a little hope..particularly in regards to WHEN things can and will change..for us..the tide will come in again sometime around Oct 2012 This resonates for me..hope it helps

    Heavenletter #4172
    Sun and Stars
    April 27, 2012

    God said:

    Whatever frustration may be in front of you, you don’t have to kowtow to it. You do not have to give up your peace of mind because of a technical difficulty on Earth. Difficulties do not have to get the better of you. Simply take life as it comes, and don’t get all fretted about it.

    You really know that most difficulties are temporary. The electricity went off? It will come back on. You car stalled? Your car won’t always be stalled. It will be running fine again, and you will toddle down the highway again. Your basement flooded? It won’t always be flooded. It will be dry again.

    These are inconveniences. Will you set yourself up in the frame of mind that inconveniences need not take a toll on you?

    Even in terms of the world, you know the difference between inconveniences and troubles. Nevertheless, you let interruptions disturb you, as though they were tragedies. Your world has been disrupted. A train was delayed, and you pace back and forth.

    You do not get upset that the sun sets at night, and you have to wait until morning before you see the sun again. You take sunrises and sunsets in your stride. You don’t consider daylight and night as obstacles. That you cannot see the stars by day doesn’t upset you. You know the stars will come out. You don’t rant and rave about these matters. You do not think that these occurrences are the end of the world. In fact, you enjoy both sun and stars and don’t mourn the gap of one or the other.

    You do not expect the tides to follow your command. You take the tides as they come. The tide comes in, and the tides go out. You don’t become discombobulated. Not at all.

    When it comes to when your personal life does not follow your plan, you tend to feel as though Mt. Vesuvius has erupted. An interruption in your internet connection will drive you to distraction. All it means is that your connection has been interrupted. It is on pause. In that point of space and time, you are not connected. Make peace with it. It is only a delay. It is not forever. You got along fine for years without it, and now that the internet has become a daily event, you presume that it has no right to go off as if your very existence is at stake. You become insistent that your will be done. Face it, this insistence, this resistance, has to be an ego thing.

    Imagine, for example, that the internet is supposed to go off on weekends. Okay, so it’s off. And so you take a walk or swim in the ocean. What’s so hard about that?

    Your life cannot be disconnected. Your life is always. You have life with or without the internet, without your car, without electricity, and so on. Meanwhile, all these conveniences do not compare to the sun and the stars or to the glory of life on Earth.

    You are not here on Earth to do penance. Life is not like that. Life is your golden opportunity. It is the star at the top of the Christmas tree. It is for the love of life that you are here. You have a great opportunity before you to make life choices. You can choose to be whatever you want. You can choose to be unhappy amidst plenty, and you can choose to be happy with nothing. You can choose to be content. You can choose to be impatient. What a world I created where you can be satisfied or dissatisfied at will. Come right up. Make your choices, and know that others follow you. They follow your disgruntlement, and they follow your cheeriness. Which is it, beloveds? Which do you choose?

    • Sorry just not seeing this as temporary or cyclical. Not at all! Saturn has dealt too many setbacks, losses and I feel it is all pretty much irrevocable. I have always endeavored to live a good life and worked for very little remuneration in the social service sector. I can only fathom that this is some past life karmic event unless it is all just totally random – bad stuff happening to good people phenomenon. It is not a matter of retreating and rethinking or focusing on the positive and reinventing; it is more like beating one’s head against a stone wall. Nothing attempted – absolutely nothing comes to any fruition and it has become an exercise in futility where I can no longer logically muster energy or waste fragile resources. This all mainly due to a Long period of unemployment more than two years – Gone on interview after interview rarely with any reply. Isolation? I go for days with no human contact. I understand I have plenty of company in this department, but I am at an age where I will not be employable if a recovery ever does occur. I just can’t justify leaving the house some days as it generally ends up with needing to spend money I don’t have. Lately extreme heat and humidity (105 degrees for two days now) prevent my one recreational activity – walking for miles. Only social activity all week a fellow Capricorn “cut her losses” – (I went to the funeral today). Another friend born the same day and basic location as I is reporting the same. (3rd decan Cap, Sag rising Leo moon.) I have always credited myself with possessing good survival skills, but never in my life ( I believe I am the senior of the group here) have I seen the likes of this. Not trying to throw a pity party here – but rather illustrate the severity of this. Some of us will not be able to recoup and recover and it has nothing to do with will, strength or just desserts, it is just insurmountable loss after loss. The tactical retreat spoken of is a valid strategy, but the only end in sight seems to be pretty final. My advice to Leo’s out there – whom I absolutely adore…. Get all your ducks in a row and batton down the hatches. If it is anything like what Caps have been through it will be a bumpy ride. Prepare and Godspeed.

  31. With natal ASC 25 cancer & natal sun 28 cancer- this is getting very

    tedious.. We late cardinals have had extended saturn craziness

    I drew up a chart for exactly one year from this morning…

    The transits next year are SO much kinder to my natal chart..

    There are mixed Blessings !

    I will have Tr pluto Cappy trine natal venus virgo- H3 & at same time

    opposite N mars cancer..

    Chins up…. ‘Our’ day is coming & having gone through difficult times

    we appreciate the ease so much more..


  32. Thank you everyone who is posting messages to this topic. I really lose that feeling of “only me”..which is ridiculous i know..but please keep it up..everyone has a nugget of “how” to go through this and GET SOMETHING out of it. What happened to all of you during the last square?

    • Just checked this out, 2002. First child had just been born, the mother was very ill, retained placenta plus mastitis. I was working as a driver for a drug dealer, ended up being on the run in another state.

  33. Dear Saturn, I am working hard to learn my lessons. I have bend and stretched as far as I can, the only thing I ask is that when you are done whipping the heck out of my EGO and allowing me to see the best ways to do things, and let go of my resistance to growth that you reward me for the 50 years I have contributed to this earth. Yours @ 25deg. of Cancer 12th house… Cheers. Now I need a nap! 😉

  34. Gee wheez guys, i am sorry for you Capricorn Sun with Sag rising, but too busy licking my own hurts having Sun and Mars in Sag plus Moon and rising in Libra, try that sometimes… wish i could give it away any takers? LOL

  35. No takers here! I’ll keep my own stuff. At least it’s familiar, lol 🙂

  36. Hi!

    I am an ascendant cancer. So I am facing Saturn from this point and from my cardinal Sun, which is Aries. So, it opposes my Sun and quadrates my Ascendant.

    I´m trying to learn but some other times -most of them- I feel plain tired and confused…

    But it will only last 5 more months. We have already endured this for more than a year, so the light at the tunnel´s end is some time visible, though light and far.



  37. I’m a 3d decan cancer & this transit SUCKS! Ive filed for divorce. We have one young child & he’s got it in his head that he should have custody, maintenance & our house! He is a first decan aquarian, alcoholic (100 days sober) & hasnt worked since our child was born! He wants the gravy train to continue & now that I’ve put my foot down, he’s playing victim! October cant come soon enough!

  38. Hi Kids, Appreciate all your comments very, very much. It’s nice to know there there many “faces in the crowds”. My personal stats should interest y ‘all:

    Natal Cancer Sun, Third Decan
    Natal Cancer Venus
    Natal Cancer Mercury
    Natal Cancer Moon
    Natal Cancer Uranus, Third Decan: ALL in the EIGHTH House…an EIGHTH House Natal Stellim in Cancer. Yes, my Natal Uranus and Sun are a 2 degree conjunct.

    Currently, Saturn is squaring my Natal Sun and Natal Uranus. It has, during it’s Libra transit, and as I’m sure y’all can figure out, squared my Natal Merc, Venus, and Moon as well.

    But WAIT! There’s MORE:

    My NATAL Nepture is: 25 Libra!!! So while Saturn is doing his thing with all those other Natals, he’s been conjuncting my Natal Nepture for a looonnnnnnnnggggg time.

    Still MORE:

    After Saturn leaves Libra to enter Scorpio, where he will conjunct my Natal SATURN in Scopio (yup, a Saturn Return,) he will square my Natal Jupiter and Mars (3 degrees natal conjunct) and eventually my Natal Pluto, all in Leo in the NINTH house…yes, a NINTH House Natal stellium in Leo. My Natal Cancer Sun and Uranus in Cancer are conjunct my Natal Mars and Jupiter in Leo.

    And Still MORE:

    Being that I have that EIGHTH house Natal Stellium in CANCER means that transiting Pluto in Cap will be Opposing all of those planets over the next 24 years. Currently, it is opposing my Mercury.

    O, and one more thing: I have a SAG ASC at 26 SAG, so Pluto spent a LOT of time there several years ago. My North Node is at the Galatic Center, 24 SAG.

    I am tired.

    I won’t even begin to tell you ’bout my Chiron, ‘cept that it’s retrograde in my Natal chart and squares some Natal planets. ~Sigh~

    Carry on, everybody. You are not alone. Thanks for this site.

  39. PS: Forgot to mention that I have NATAL Saturn in the 12th House in Scorpio…and it’s RETROGRADE. The FUN never stops in my chart! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!

  40. I’m supposed to be a Decan 1 Leo (July 26) but I feel like I have been knocked around like crazy this past year, NONE of the good stuff that was supposed to go with a Leo. Cancer Decan 3 hit much close to home, but does this mean I’m going to just have to continue suffering through another Saturn Square year? (Rising is Cancer, Moon is Scorpio . . .I just want it to stop . . .)

    • Do you have any late cancer planets natally or by progression ??
      What degree cancer is rising ??

      Likely, at some point saturn libra squared your ASC


      • Hi Galaxxy, Thank you for responding. I looked through my chart are here’s what I found:

        Rising Sign is 12 Degrees Cancer,
        Sun is in 03 Degrees Leo,
        Moon is in 21 Degrees Scorpio
        Mercury is in 25 Degrees Leo.
        Venus is in 22 Degrees Gemini.
        Mars is in 00 Degrees Leo

        . .and pretty much everything else is water and earth. Despite all the Leo I never feel like a Leo! I’m not sure about the progression, however. Would these impact this? Thank you!

        • You did experience saturn libra squaring your 12 cancer ASC..

          Your very early leo planets had to feel the square when saturn libra reached 28 cancer… The orb is not wide

          When saturn was in virgo- you felt the square to natal venus.. so you’ve been feeling saturn restrictions for awhile now- on & off

          Progressed planets tend to show habits we’ve developed
          & when a planet by progression changes signs- its major.

          I’m a late cancer sun & asc with 2 leo planets & I am more leo- like than cancer..!

          It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on what aspects your progressed moon is making & receiving..

          Best To You


          • Not a fan of the squaring at this point, but that certainly shines some light on the recent past. Double hit for both of us for the Saturn Square. Guess we just have to keep the furniture tied down and wait out until October of next year! Thanks for your help!

            • I call it ‘Saturn Mud’

              ~~~~better times are coming


    • In response to:

      S on July 10, 2012 at 10:37 pm
      I’m supposed to be a Decan 1 Leo (July 26) but I feel like I have been knocked around like crazy this past year, …

      I feel your pain. First house Leo (July 27th) /Decan I Sun. Asc Cancer venus conj asc. Feels like my heart has been torn away. Be a good girl, to hell with life. Work is very demanding for me on so many levels right now. It’s really crazy. I want my life back. But I know when I do get it back Sept. 2014!, when all the saturn square transits have moved thru. My life will be in better order, and more fulfilling, and richer. even if it’s not in the monetary since, But I hope it i$.

  41. After trudging through what felt like “The bar exam of hell life”..we had a genuine bonified miracle and not only were liberated into a new home but we got a new town as well. Unbelievable “green lights” goin off one after another. There is nothing like transiting Jupiter entering your fourth house to offset this awful Saturn Square. YOW!! I am bathed in relief and gratitude to God. Hang on people..Saturn Delays but Saturn REWARDS!

  42. I’m a third decan cancer on the tail end of this transit. I mostly experienced a lot of wheel spinning in most areas of my life, even though this one hit my 4th house pretty hard.

    Based on my experience, my best advice to those of you who are about to go through this is to cut your expenses as much as you can and prepare to live frugally; don’t expect much forward movement especially during the middle of the transit; and try not to beat yourself up over it. I had a real problem with surrendering to this cosmic time out and wound up feeling pretty depressed for the first several months of this year. Although I feel the transit waning, I’m still in a generalized state of frustration because I’m just ready to step into a new life chapter. I’m not sure Saturn is quite ready to let me go yet, though — there’s still a couple of months before he moves into Scorpio.

    • I’m a 3rd decan cancer. I’m pretty new in getting to understand astrology, but I can certainly feel the Saturn square Sun transit: the toughest times I’ve ever had at work& in my life. The slowdowns that I’ve had in doing a project have been major, but with a lot of tenacity I have managed to pull through. As advice I’d also give lots of patience, belief in the future and your own visions and being ready to cut down on consumption. And yet, at this point, I’m also pretty happy about the tough times I have had to go through. What remains as a positive thing is a strong belief in myself. I can deal with a lot more than I would have believed had I known about all the things that I would have to deal with. I feel I have matured (44 years old now),I have gained inner wisdom, I have also found my soulmate in the process,and I have found a more balanced way of judging who are worthy of friendship, for instance.I have also made things literally happen in a situation that was threatening my health. The result so far: I’m pretty happy at work, I reached my goal with really hard work and it was worth it.So,be ready to work for the things you believe in and have a good tenacious attitude. It will pay off and you’ll be happy about your integrity as well.

  43. I am at the point of true despair..

    I can’t see myself recouping my optimistic, joyful nature

    I feel….just ‘done’


    • Hey Galaxy…i can so interminable inner sense of flatness..deadness..a surety you will never recover what and who you were…but guess what despite all our saturn “knowing” our “heavy reality” wisdom..we are simply innocent children indulging our brooding moods and the best advice is simply to distract your brooding with anything to get your mind off what you are sure your becoming..or you know..just distract yourself and have faith that every single day is unfolding differently and every single moment is ripe with a new possibility and is the ever present flux of life…no matter what transit is operating

      Change IS..somehow have faith there..keep your visions however humble right in front of you

      • Thank you for your response & perspective..

        Likely- this is NOT a good time to make a radical change ??

        Transiting saturn in scorpio will be so much kinder to

        my cancer planets & Pisces moon..

        Transiting uranus is ‘hanging’ around my MC- 9 aries…

        We HAVE to keep the faith..



  44. this IS A RESPONSE TO KC ON July 19TH. I know..I know I do not sound out of line whatsoever in your well written expose on loss and disappointment. this transit has stunned me with its one point it merged into comic..The “Job”..(Bible etc) story..the interminable “NO!!” from the either fall down and just cry for days and simply stop moving entirely..or because staying in bed all day just gets too boring and try anything else..and yep..guess what..that only works for one daY IF YOUR just got so I saw myself as comically cursed and that it was actually like a comic strip

    Whatever….. “This too shall pass”…a bedrock of wisdom..are you going to be a strong human or are you going to cave in and end it. Your choice.
    I choose the former. I will steadfastly see my glass as “half full with a twist”

    I will be grateful I am not a parent of a child who was shot in a movie theater or the parents of the shooter who thought their son was going to fulfill a PhD program as well as his earlier pursuits and instead has wounded the world. Those people are in unbearable pain.

  45. I can relate with all! Thkx Christine for your insights about frugality (dimension in my virtual world/imagination, are too vast!). Then, recalling frugality, seems important in order to avoid frustration. And to enhance this here and now living (tho, for me, not easy).

    I sometimes feel “let please hope die”, RIP. Much of my hope is rooted in my perceptions that are nos based on reality. My mind, many times guides emotions and actions. Or my not well held basic emotions. Passions.

    I think, all this will help me to rewire my brain, or so I hope. And it is so very hard for me to keep well, while not inflated…

    Thankyou and be the best you can (this too shall pass, and then other ventures will come: difficult and not so difficult).



  46. Oh! forgot to mention that I have Sun square my cancer Asc. and opp. mi sun/venus conj. in Aries, where my MC is. So, I very much relate with all of you!


  47. How many times does Saturn square the Sun in a person’s lifetime? Sorry, but I am totally ignorant on the subject and couldn’t find this information doing a google search1

    • Saturn takes about 30 years to orbit the Sun. So you get the conjunction and opposition every 30 years, and a square every 15 years.

  48. I cannot wait for October. Will something actually START MOVING again? right now the square is so exact for we Caps at 26 deg sun…..aaaaaaaaahh.

    All exciting and hopeful developments in my life have once again STOPPED or worse…”shown their undersides to be made of tin”…then the Capricorn malaise sets in..the automatic depressions….whatever

    What I sense is this unmoving sludge…this static wall…this idea that all this entails is waiting and waiting and waiting

  49. this has been the worst three years of my life. in 2009, my great-grandmother passed away, in 2010, my great-grandfather passed away, last summer i suffered chronic migraines and hyper-insomnia, and this year i lost two jobs within 90 days, i owe my school lots of money for irrelevant reasons, i’ve been unemployed for five months and couldn’t get benefits, i had to shut my cell phone off, close my bank account, and i’ve been sleeping on the floor at a relatives house for a year, a relative that makes all of the above more stressful than it already is. as with all of you, i don’t know why this is happening. i guess it’s apart of life sometimes. but once it’s gone, i’m sure it will stay gone. i came across a quote today that says, “patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” and i guarantee once october gets here, things will be better and we will get those rewards. there is no fight without a win, and whether we deserved this or not (definitely not!!) we still learn and take something out of it. we’re definitely stronger. and as crazy as this sounds, my confidence level has gone sky rocket this year, because i managed to get through this year with no help and support from anyone (well, i never do) even though everyone around me sees what i’m going through. they enjoy seeing me fail and suffer. but what can you? i’ve been pressured and burdened as the paragraph above stated, but i get through it. october is right around the corner. it’ll be here quicker than we know it. THIS TOO SHALL PASS. we have one more month! STAY STRONG!!! 🙂

    • Things WILL get better…. On July 22, 2009 there was a BIG solar eclipse.. I was born July 2 & it fell on my natal sun.. You are born July 19th- it affected you, too..

      In mid Oct 2009- did anything begin to go wrong…off the track ???

      We have had our lumps !!! & now Tr saturn Libra is making its last


      Like yourself- I have to start over..

      Scary..but exciting, too

      Best to you,


      • Above should read my birthday is July 22..

        I didn’t see an Edit feature

      • In the weeks leading up to that 2009 eclipse, I had a major life upheaval and things didn’t settle down for me until October 2009. Things were stable for about sixteen months and then started to fall apart again in 2011. Then comes Sun square Saturn. I can honestly say that I’ve been stripped of everything I valued in the last five years. It’s time to rebuild, IMO, as soon as Saturn is done squatting in my 4th.

        • Transitting mars hit that eclipse degree mid Oct 2009.

          I’m glad things settles down for you..

          For others- mars going over the eclipse degree really

          ‘sets it off’- it did for me

          Mars starts- saturn ends


  50. Jamie –

    Is Saturn square Sun anything like Saturn square Mars?

    I haven’t worked since 2009 and my life has essentially collapsed. I have no money and no home really. Saturn trined my Aquarius stellium (1-26-62) but it squared my Mars in Capricorn.

    So, I guess my question is: does the bad stuff about Saturn in Scorpio squaring my Sun trump the fact that it goes into my 10th house?

    Best always.

  51. Herb, I’m July 19th as well.

    Things have been hell for me since September 27th, 2009. I lost my health, my marriage ended, wrecked my car, couldn’t find steady work until August of last year, and when I did, I had to take a massive paycut. things got worse in September of 2011 when the new job had me working 18 hours a day. did that for 5 months. at the same time my father fell and broke his hip. Then my mother. My mother’s alzheimer’s advanced to the point that I had to put both of them into a nursing home because we went through a couple hundred thousand dollars paying for the 24 hour nursing care they needed–still feel guilty about that. In January my cat died of cancer. Then I had a cancer scare: three months of ultrasounds and biopsies. It turned out to be benign, but then my crap insurance company refused to pay for any of it and now I’m being sued by the hospital and hounded by debt collectors. I had sterling credit! and 2 weeks ago my father passed away.

    Crap, it’s been bad. For the love of god, please tell me this ends eventually.

    • my compasssion is with you. i could add a almost similar story about me and my journey. i dont have just saturn. i too have uransu square pluto in my axes. pluto ic is hell. i saw that the shooter in the theater had pluto in his ic natel. and i know, if you have to live with that hell your whole life…
      but here it is about saturn. and i look forward to saturn in scorp and i hope, that i learned enough to make benefit of the next three years… all the best for you too.

      • I can so understand what you are saying..

        Do you have any planets or angles near 28- 29′ cancer ??

        I have mentioned the Big solar eclipse of July 22, 2009

        (my bd) & the havoc it brought..

        This was really kicked off when mars next went over the eclipse

        degree- 29 cancer- mid Oct 2009..

        Look forward to saturn scorpio transit..


        • my sun is on 28 cancer.
          venus 0, mars 7, mc 9, jupi 16, sun 28.
          ac 7 libra.
          i got saturn square venus, mars, mc. jupiter sun. and the pluto-uranus square is going over ac-dc, and ic-mc.
          started to become difficult with neptun square neptun and pluto opp venus. but hell is last three years.
          i will see in oktober if saturn has the most part of it, because the other transits will stay until next year.
          and i am not sure about neptun trine venus. i thought trines are not so difficult to handle, but i am not sure if that does not depend on other things too. i.e. my neptun is conjunct south node. so this is a special challenge for me maybe.
          maybe jamie or marina could ad something to that idea.
          i read the text about the psychopath-astro. and i have so much of that difficult natal-configurations. i really wonder why i hadn’t become one during these terrible hits. there must be something that protects me from acting all that stuff out in bad ways, which i feel is inside of me.
          maybe its the special mixture of pluto-rage and uranus-killer-lightning on my mars hold on the sofa with the benefit of a deep saturn-depression on my sun.
          since i have my suicidial thoughts under control its also not a option to kill myself instead of another… 🙂
          so, thanks to happy saturn depression!
          you see, i didnt loose my gallows humor.
          good luck to you.

          • forgot to mention the saturn transit over my ac. that was almost no longer to handle…

            • Angelika I think we have similar aspects . Where is your natal saturn? in which sign and house. Mine is in aquarius.

    • Do you have any planets or angles near 28-29 cancer ?

      The BIG solar eclipse of July 22, 2009 really hit a LOT of us hard

      When mars next went over the eclipse degree- 29 cancer-

      all hell broke loose..

      Look forward to saturn in scorpio


    • So sorry to hear this! How are things now? I’m a 3rd decan Aquarius and still in the phase until Sep 2015…Aissh ^^

  52. I’m Decan 1 Leo (July 29) and I’m curious about past dates of the Saturn Square Sun Transit. Wanting to get an idea of what I’m in store for here very soon.

    • my idea is – dont look back. it all depends on the other transits you have now. and more important – you developed – hopefully 🙂 – since the last one. you will not experience the same i think.
      concentration on less and usefull things may give a little help. we are every 14, 15 years in a saturn-sun-square.

      • Thank you angelika for your kind words. There’s been soooooooo much going on for me and my immediate family these past 13 years I’m surprised I don’t have whiplash, BUT things are definitely starting to slow down and go very well for us. 14 years ago I was in a deep funk and very lost in what I was to do with my life and my relationship at the time was good but not what I wanted it to be 13 years ago….enter my now husband. 🙂 That was a great time of learning lot about myself and since then I’ve been on a crazy, stressful, frustrating, wonderful ride. 🙂 Can’t wait to see how I’ll grow from this! 🙂

    • Direct – late November, early December 2012
      Retrograde – May 2012
      Direct – late August, early September 2013.

  53. For me, then, it seems that my relations are to be better performed and that I have one more month to learn the lesson. Pluto is opposing my Asc., and I better learn how to use my pluto to make changes.

    Today, authorities talked to me and I have one week to get a better position, or to remain in the way I have been. On this time, they were very specific and clear. I do think I should improve (no-matter-what-I-think-they-seem-to-be).

    I am a Galactic Seed and have to see that I was truly acting the shadow of it (in stead of putting my self on the ground and really flourish and blossom, I acted the closed seed dying of fear and without wanting to grow).

    I can relate this with my crustacean asc. (cáncer). I rather stayed within my crust, in the so very comfortable (no…!), instead of taking the chance to grow and to success, or -at least- to dare going out of my crust (deep karma, here, really!).

    Denial, lack of confidence and fear are the rrots of this behaviour of mine. Thus, open invitation from the Universe for me to change!




    • it is good to have something to believe in, or to hold on like the believe in being a galactic seed. i have left nothing to believe in. nothing.
      i am tired, sad, believe in nothing, but most of all i am confused. thats terrible because i am unable to descide. often not even what cloth to wear. so i am always forced to descide, and with every desision i do since many years, i get in a deeper mess. i dont know how to find out… 🙁

      • The mayan sign and the tone of it, GG!

        And also hope things turn better for you, Angelika!


        (I sign Lelahel because a scientific was reading my posts! and asked me in a harsh way in front of others).

  54. Oh! Uranus quadrates my Asc. also. Pluto is two grades away of jumping my Desc.

    No wonder, this year for me is Torment (double) in my mayan calendar, really. I should change. Feel reflective.

  55. I was wondering who knows about the transit from saturn squaring my natal sun. My sun is at 28.50 Cancer (house 10) and the year 2010 was really, really bad among the things that happened I quit my permanent nice job. I felt very happy at the moment and I truly thought that I made a right choice but then I realized that i made a huge mistake, so then it took more than a year and finally In january 2011 I got a little job exactly during the transit from saturn squaring my sun. I was wondering if I am going to get a better job in two weeks when the transit is back to the same point? I applied for many positions and so far I got a couple of interviews but not job. I am still keeping my little job but is not good enough. My natal saturn is in aquarius…I am not sure if this fact has something to do, but I am hoping it helps.I NEED HELP I am getting very depressed and desperate about what is my path in life.. Thank you

    • UPPS …I mean to say 2011 (I quit my job in December 2010) when I say 2010 and 2012 when I got the little job..January 2012 ….

    • I am also sun Aquarius and have felt v low and emotional up and down esp. through this Mercury phase, but I feel for you things will suddenly change before Xmas, you will go fast and not have time to notice your feelings. 2014 will be hard driven but good opportunities – do not dwell on things.

  56. Okay, so I’m Decan 3 and have been feeling this effect for some time. Just when, exactly, does this transit end? Date anyone?

  57. Hallo everyone. Yours truly is going through this one. The peak of it was last Sunday. Thank god its not going retrograde on my Sun as this is turning out to be tough emotionally.
    It started out ok as Saturn was applying so I thought it was going to be a breeze. Business, working hard and cash situation good. So much so that I have been upgrading things in my house, getting the handy man in and fixing stupid little things that should have ben done years ago. bathroom shelves that had fallen off, carpentry, all good Saturn structural stuff. I got a new Mac Mini and threw out a ton of old clothes. Next thing is moving to fibre optic broadband and changing phone companies. They will be putting new socket directly into my office yay! So yeah work and success good.
    On a personal level, yes I feel the isolation, tired and a little depressed. But new foundations are certainly being built.

  58. I’m a second-decan Leo. I’ve struggled and had hard times for the past several years–all due, I’m told, to Saturn. Now, here it comes again? Jupiter was supposed to kick in about a year ago. There were minor — very minor — improvements, and then back to getting kicked around again by Saturn. When does this stop and the good times start rolling?

  59. Janet I feel your pain.

    I too am a second-decan Leo and I have had a terrible time for the past three years. Is this really going to keep going until September 2014? When will it stop? When can I start living again instead of dreading every day?

  60. i’m feeling this. 11 degrees Leo. squaring my Sun in the 6th house. the past two years it has squared my Moon-Mercury in Cancer conjunction in the 6th. i feel forever changed. more somber, less optimistic and i hate this. this isn’t “me”. i’ve been having more panic attacks and dealing with a general feeling of loss of control. i have Saturn conjunct MC natally so i have always been very conscious of my actions; walking the line so to speak. i’m 26 and thoroughly not enjoying my 20’s thus far. i’m supposed to feel free and uninhibited right? enjoying my youth? this hasn’t been the case.

    i truly am trying to extract the positive lessons from this. working on self, keeping a low profile. work, work, work. it’s never enough. hopefully my perception will improve in the future! this feels insane.

    • I feel for you it is the Scorpio affect, the year of the Dragon, is almost stamping on you. Wait till next year for new plans, it will be faster and you will feel more driven, under an Aries/Ram year. I’m not an astrologer – but I am clairvoyant.

  61. I have always been aware of the restrictions of Saturn, and this year has been a very up and down year, the passing Mercury retrograde has strongly affected me, Aquarius 2nd decant, and have had many upsets with my Cancer son. So I think the Saturn aspect might help tone down the high emotion. I am waiting to move home, and the practicality of Saturn might help this too. Thanks, Velma

  62. I have my Rising sign in Aquarius under the third decan which is ruled by Libra/ Venus. How does the decans play apart under each rising sign.

  63. Thank you all for your comments and advice.
    I’m Pisces (1st decan) Asc Leo: I’ve just read it should be my turn from Dec 2014 to Nov 2015!!!
    Since Dec 2013, I’ve been through Saturn sq my Asc (till Nov 2014).
    So, 2 years to deal with very hard aspects: it seems I have to get ready before the next one to come…

    • As if it’s not enough, I have to face the Saturn op. Mars transit until nov. 2014…
      Apparently, “Saturn is trying to stop me more than likely for good reasons. Perhaps, the timing is wrong or there is something else better.”
      Yes, indeed: I had started to renovate my home in Dec. 2013 (couldnt do it earlier when Saturn was trine my Sun) but I had to break the contract in January as the builders did not do their job properly.
      Thanks to my friends (thank you Pluto in Capricorn!), and Saturn retrograde since early March, new builders have proposed more appropriate solutions to renovate my house.
      Since March 3rd til July 21st, Saturn again trine my Sun: it should work out this time as it’s supposed to be the perfect time to renovate my home!

    • Hi Sandrine! I am exactly the same, first deck in Pisces sun Feb 27, with Ascendant in Leo. We are the same. I am already so tired of our Saturn squares. We have to deal with this until November 2015??

      • Hi Ramani! yes indeed, we are the same! though this saturn aspect is difficult, fortunately, as Pisces, we are flexible: we should be able to adapt, as usual… and with Asc in Leo, we are also able to find the strenght we need to face this difficult aspect until early nov 2015: keep on staying focused for the last 3 months to come and we will get healthy rewards for our patience and perseverance. good luck!

        • Thank you Sandrine, and all my best to you. We are almost there!! Actually, I am enjoying some great love and relationship vibes right now so no complaints!! 🙂

          • thank you Ramani! my twin brother and I are facing the same challenges: therefore, we are closer than before, thanks to this transit… there’s always something good in our lives, even when we are struggling! enjoy your great love and relationship vibes 🙂

  64. I know astrology very much even though I don’t believe in it. 2013 was my difficult year in my educational life.I face many problems with everyone around me and even I just considered by those students around me the lazy one,for sure one thing was happening to me even though I don’t know what I just realize that something was bothering me from studying.I am decant 2 Aquarius ,I am good at things that I face and mostly win before 2013 and fail at every situation in 2013.and 2014 I am good position to return to were I belong.I am great! believer in GOD who is jusus crist,who always stand by my side.I am servant of my God.I don’t care what you say,but respect to your idea,I believe God just want me to be tested in 2013 so that I will be stronger.

  65. At the bottom of the page, it used to say which signs and the dates for experiencing this transit… where’d those go? I liked them.

    • I got snowed under earlier in the year and they were outdated. Will fix them up once I get the April horoscopes finished.

  66. Jamie why does Saturn Square end on August 2016 for Decan 2 signs?

  67. I thought Leo Decan 3 had the Saturn square their decan right now?

  68. Oh no I’m a Leo sun with Scorpio rising and this August 21st there’s a sun Saturn square in these 2 signs and I have a decisive second interview for a job I really want! Would look bad to postpone it. Does it mean I have little chance with the job??

  69. You’re so right about this hard aspect, Jamie. Nevertheless, I find this aspect very instructive as I keep finding solutions to move forward. Besides, I’ve just noticed that eventhough I was in the same position in 2013, everything was settled in a few days only. The difference between 2013 and 2015: I did not rely on an “authority figure” to achieve my goal. Therefore I came to the conclusion today that I dont need that “authority figure”. This path is therefore wrong and will lead to nowhere: it’s only a waste of time and energy/ressources. I have decided to take the same path as in 2013 in order to eventually settle this issue. Thank you very much 🙂

      • Exactly!
        Thank you again, Jamie… and thank you to the lunar eclipse for this new beginning (Eclipse 28th September: the truth will out – dramatic endings and new beginnings).

  70. Natally my Saturn is 13Sag so I will/am experiencing a second return. As Saturn squares my Sun 12Pis natally I am not sure how much to center my thoughts on this. I can tell you that this past year I started learning/practicing Buddhism & have experienced deeper meditative states as well as insight into loving-kindness. My structures are certainly dissolving & letting go of past junk hasn’t been easy. Any insight that can be passed along is helpful & I am grateful for this forum

  71. Yeah the end of 2014 was the hardest thing I’ve gone through so far in my life. Every issue I have feels like a life crisis, and I have zero motivation for anything. My ego is unbelievably weak, that whenever something Saturn related happens to me I just crumble to the ground because the foundation (ego) is weak! So I just gotta keep fixing the foundation until it can support everything in my life! I am glad I only have 2 more years of this. I know I can make it through, and I am just learning valuable lessons. Saturn is the best teacher!!!!

  72. This post is extremely accurate. I’m a Pisces and in Dec 2015, I felt extreme pressure to quit a high paying job with a nice title. It felt like I had no purpose there. I’m still in shock that I quit but I know it was for the best and this post was to the “T” as to the accuracy of what I’m currently going through.

  73. I’m disappointed to hear that Saturn will decan in December 2016-2017. I thought I had my “saturn return” at 58-59 (I will be 60 on March 12th, born in l956. Will I face another “saturn return” occurance?

    • Hi Deborah, Saturn square Sun transit is different than Saturn conjunct Saturn transit. A lot will depend on how the Sun and Saturn are placed in your birth chart. As your Sun is well placed and your Saturn is not (Mercury square Saturn), you should find Saturn square your Sun not so bad as your Saturn return. You also have Saturn retrograde in your chart.

  74. I’m with Deborah. Does this mean a whole year of drama. I’m a Decan 3 Pic.

    • Dana, it all depends on your birth date because there may be just one pass in which case it only lasts a month. if Saturn turns retrograde then there will be three passes spanning about 12 months. But even then, it peaks and the eases off for a few months.

  75. 18 Sept 1965..born
    wondering when life will get easier again
    Personally and at work

    Feel like i hv no energy left, and just read 2016 will be tough too?

  76. Thank you for your reply; that’s very reassuring. I did find that my Saturn return brought life “full-circle” and many important unresolved issues were resolved in a meaningful way.

  77. Hi Jamie, my birthday is the 13/03/84. What does this saturn square sun transit mean for me Dec 2016-Dec 2017. What does it relate to and is it a whole year of it?


    • Read to article and some comments to understand what it relates to. It will last for 10 months and climax on these dates:

      21 January 2017
      28 June 2017 retrograde
      20 October 2017

      • It sounds awful. Is it generally career related? Or are there other areas it relates to. I feel like I’m going through this already since July 2015 in a job I hate . I applied for a new job just waiting to hear. Maybe it’s not the right job or am I going into something worse?
        I would be grateful of any insight. Will it ease off at any stage ?

        • It will ease of at stages, yes. it will climax in strength on the dates above. I can’t give any more advise apart from what I have written in the article. This is the most difficult transit most people face, but we all face it every 14 years.

    • Denny, My birthday is the exact same as yours! I have not had an real issues with my job but I have been having some major issues with my marriage. So I am not sure that it just relates to work. This time has been very harsh on my relationship and It does not seem to be getting better and I see a very horrible time coming in the future for me and I really don’t want to go through with it. I am trying every possible thing I can to avoid the dissolution of my marriage but maybe this is my lesson in life. Usually lessons in life are the most harsh and people usually are not for learning lessons.

  78. I think we’re all a little nervous about next year. I wrote the initial question re: this transit; will these dates climax for me as well? My birthday is 3/12/1956. Thank you Jamie! : )

    • IO use precession correction which adds more than half a degree to the planets in your chart. This is based on the fixed stars being the backdrop to the planets, not the stationary Sun Signs on a horoscope.

      Saturn square Sun transit:
      14 Jan 2017
      07 Jul 2017 Rx
      11 Oct 2017

  79. Hi Jamie,

    I live in Toronto. I was born on Sep 18, 1975 In Rangpur, Bangladesh and am not sure about my time of birth, probably around 8pm. Do you have a suggestion for me? Is this square going to be a tough one for me?


  80. My birth date is 2nd March, 1975. I am going through intense trouble in my career. At times it feels like all the hard work through the years is just crumbling down. While I still continue to work hard towards my goal, at times it feels like it will not end. And yet Dec. 2016 is far away. I am looking for change of job in the summer. Is it advisable to do it now.

      • Thanks Jamie. It is very helpful to stay aware of the things happening around me and relate to the planetary movements. Your website does a fantastic job. On a different note, I was going through Sun trine Saturn on my birth chart, it is all true. I have overcome many difficulties in the past due to my strong determination. And a very supportive parents, particularly my dad, who has a strong influence in my upbringing.

  81. Hello Jamie…Just wanna know will I have to go through this transit 2 times because I’m a libra Decan 2 dob 10/11/83 born in USA. And my rising sign is in Virgo Decan 1 born at 4:30am. I tend to read both horoscopes. I’ve been through so much pain and losses since 2013. When will it get better. I almost lost my bf in Dec 2015…he’s paralyzed from a gunshot wound. He’s an Aries Decan 3 born 4/13/85 and his rising sign is Pisces Decan 1…it’s been a long ride. When will we see better days?

  82. Hi Jamie ,
    I browse through many astrology sites. I somehow feel ur analysis is more holistic and considers many angle. I was born in Bangalore India. 12:59pm on 11th march 1976 would u be kind enough to let me know when Saturn square transit will impact me and any specific tips to manage this based on my horoscope. Thanks

  83. Hi Jamie my birthday is 9/16/1987. Saturn has been squaring Mars in Virgo and not only do I feel incredibly resentful and lazy about work and making money but I’m trying to start a new career through education and training. I just want to be in my new career already and am tired of working jobs I don’t like.

    I feel like Saturn is pushing me to make money, but I’m concerned about the specific roadblocks that will continue as Saturn continues to square my sun and Venus? Am I really in store for such a draining process that takes up several years with setbacks and let downs? Do I have to wait four years to start a new career?

    • Hi Lex. Before looking at your chart, Saturn squares represent tests of character but that does not means you cannot pass the tests. If you have done the groundwork and have the skills then you will do fine. Saturn squares really affect people who have been lazy or irresponsible.

      Now I see you actually have Mars square Saturn in your chart so this is a bigger deal. And with Saturn at 15 Sagittarius you have your Saturn return, an even bigger deal. Timing becomes critical then:

      Saturn square Mars transit:
      05 Mar 2016
      14 Apr 2016 retrograde
      16 Nov 2016

      Saturn conjunct Saturn transit:
      22 Feb 2016
      26 Apr 2016 retrograde
      12 Nov 2016

      • On February 22nd, my financial burdens really took off. I owe so many parties money at this point. And I still don’t have a sense of meaningful work but I desperately need money. It’s been hard to keep my ethics and morals in place in terms of what the best course of action is to take.

        At the same time Jupiter is conjuncting my Mars/Sun in Virgo and will conjunct my Venus this fall. I just had an amazing trip where I took part as a farming apprentice. It was inspiring but I feel so challenged to root those goals (agroecology, food and eco-justice) now that I’m back and faced with the daunting task of money-making (I still owe the farming program tuition as well). Also, I’m becoming more confident artistically, and am wanting to put myself out there more, but am constantly thinking that I’m not ready.

        So, I have these educational and artistic goals right now, (i’d like to apply to another farming internship for next year, i want to start created mixed media autobiographies cause my life is COOL!), but have to find a way to make money, but refuse to work another “meaningless” job that depresses me. I’ve thought of returning to writing , which again is daunting to think of trying to do while i’m so broke.

        I’m curious how the rest of this transit will work out with Jupiter + Chiron involved. It feels soooo gloomy sometimes, but possibly a silver lining somewhere?

        my birth time is 9/16/1987 11:31 am in Augusta, GA USA

        • Yes, even Saturn transits can have a silver lining. You will naturally do well in life despite early setbacks because both your AC and MC have good aspects. Mars sextile AC and Uranus trine MC. Plus, as I always say, Saturn gets better with age.

          • Cool. Awesome Jamie thanks for your monthly horoscope too. They are succinct and informative. Two thumbs.

  84. OK having 2nd Saturn return! Have Sat sq Sun aspect & now going thru transit same. Virgo 26 asc (but might as well be Libra—I use Libra to get my houses somewhat correct).sun 12 Pisc. Sat in 3rd house, Sun in 6th
    I took a different job as independent contractor & constantly behind in paperwork, conflicts w/ office manager who is a control freak. I took this job in order to get time for my passion—massage therapy—-but lots of rocks in that path. In meantime, I’ve been learning lots about Buddhism & my meditation has deepened in profound ways.
    How are others here faring?

  85. Born on 03-03-1982 at 1:40 PM IST.
    lot of unfavorable events recently and in the past. relationship being the most and then career. looks like i am moving back instead of ahead. haven’t manage to buy a house which otherwise should have been done many years ago.

  86. Hi Jamie. I am sad you are no longer doing personal readings. I would love to have my chart done and have a reading by you. You are great and your website has gotten me through a lot of dark days and weeks so far. Knowing the dates and how long the transits last means a lot, as I use them and Much faith and perseverance as I count the days till a phase is past. Plus your advice of how to get through them is incredibly helpful. I am a big believer in embracing and passing life lessons as fast as possible to reduce stress and heartache. My birthday is March 4, 1970 1:40pm in Fraserburgh Scotland. I presently live in the USA. Life has been challenging but definitely took a brutal turn since last summer. My new career officially started last April. And I feel like I have been in Saturn’s career boot camp before and ever since. Generating income has been incredibly difficult and just started to sooo slowly change for the positive this year. After dealing with life’s challenges for 10 years I thought my marriage could endure anything until this past Fall and December when I was thrown in shock by my husband born in NewYork (Dec 18, 1964) and been on a painful roller coaster ever since wondering if we will continue to be married or not due to physical and emotional distance that has taken a toll on us both after A big move 5 and half years ago. Reading my yearly and June’s transits like Saturn square sun and the new moon just to name two, I am overwhelmed at when I will have relief based on my chart. When to lay low and when are the ideal times to make big decisions.

    • Thanmks for yur kind words Linda. I don’t look at relationship astrology but I do see light at the end of the tunnel in your chart. Saturn square Sun transit is your last big hurdle:
      01 Feb 2016
      19 May 2016 Rx
      29 Oct 2016

      Made worse by Jupiter square Saturn 2016 because of Jupiter opposite Saturn in your chart.

      Neptune conjunct Sun transit (May 2017 ti Oct 2018) is not adversely affected by Saturn square Neptune and in fact is made very fortunate by Jupiter trine Sun transit (Dec 2016 to Aug 2018). Optimism, making dreams come true, spiritual journeys.

  87. Hi Jamie, I am a piceses born 9/3/73 near Manchester and have watched my hard work get devalued, almost bullied by everyone I am dealjng with and struggling to make my project at work take off which is unfortunately very high profile. Each time I think thinks cant get worse they do and have since had a mental breakdown which I have not admitted to my work. My final semester for my part-time degree was full of problems and I have no energy, strength, motivation and willpower to do anything and have missed many good job vacancies but hate going into work. I have never felt so weak and am struggling to bounce back, when will this phase end? I am tempted to leave my job but a part of me wont let me because in case ” it turns around”. Since November 2015 I feel bullied by my bosses and the contracters, should I just leave or sit it out? I feel mentally exhausted!!

        • Hi Manna. There is a lot happening to your chart at the moment and it is not from Saturn square Sun transit. That comes mid December 2016 for you. Jupiter opposite Sun from November 2015 to July 2016 is about to leave you alone which will help greatly.

          The other main source of the problems you are experiences is due to Saturn square Neptune 2016. You have:

          Saturn square Venus transit from Jan to Oct 2016 (see Venus square Saturn transit).
          Neptune conjunct Venus transit from Apr 2016 to Feb 2017 (see Venus conjunct Neptune transit).

          Pluto sextile Sun transit next year will revitalize you, especially with Sun sextile Mars in your chart.

  88. Thank you Jamie. I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to reply.

    As I am a beginner with astrology and don’t have nor would know how to read my chart. Would you please clarify a few things that you wrote.

    The first three dates you mentioned are they just challenges on those days ? or continuously until, or past October 29? Does Rx mean retrograde?

    I am happy to hear that is my last big hurdlle. Once it is past how long can I expect to enjoy happier days? when you mentioned December 2015-December 2016 for my Saturn yearly challenge, is that till the 31st of 2016? I thought I read I am challenged till end of December 2017 with Saturn? and would love to hear that doesn’t pertain to me and my struggles end on a specific date this December 2016 or before.

    Do I simply need to focus on how to get through Saturn square Sun? And not make big decisions till that is over?

    I look forward to reading what the positive transits you mentioned entail.

    • The transit lasts nearly a year and only climaxes on those dates. Rx means retrograde. When I mention a transit in your horoscope it covers the whole decan so lasts longer than for one individual. It eases off after the final date and is totally gone after about a month.

  89. I am a pisces sun and right now Saturn is square my natal moon in pisces and in December it will square my sun…I am not looking forward to this at all…any ideas what to expect or how this is experienced?

    • I found that Saturn square Moon was much worse than Saturn square Sun so at least things should get better for you.

  90. Same question as others – worse times in 2017 are when for Pisces mar 16 1973

    • From Feb to Nov Janie but not constantly. It climaxes around these dates:

      23 Feb 2017
      19 May 2017 Rx
      18 Nov 2017

    • Saturn Square whole year for Mutable Signs (Pisces / Virgo / Gemini / Sagittarius ) from middle Dec 2016 to middle Dec 2017. Consider whole year is bad even u get Mercury / Sun / Mars Trines sometimes.

  91. Hello Jamie, born 15/9/73 with rising sun in Virgo moon in Aries , I pass very hard times since 2003 in business and personal life. Just show that suturn will square my sun and following year in Aries. When this means that I will continue to have such hard years? I don’t believe I will get throw more..

    • The timing of this transit depends on your exact time and place of birth. The bigger problem comes from the last two lunar eclipses which will be resolved with the August/September eclipses. The September 2015 lunar eclipse at 4° Libra and the March 2016 lunar eclipse at 3° Libra triggered the most critical aspect in your birth chart.

      At 3° you have Mercury conjunct Pluto, almost exactly square Saturn at 3° Cancer. It gets even more complex with a Yod aspect pattern but you need to research the conjunction first, then:

      Mercury square Saturn and Saturn square Pluto. Learn as much as you can by the time of the August 18 lunar eclipse.

      • Ooh damn this guy I was dating in January and February has Venus at 4 degrees Libra. I guess he wasn’t kidding when he said last September around his birthday he had a dramatic loss (that Sept 2015 lunar eclipse must’ve been the cause). I wasn’t talking to him in March because we were broken up, but I suspect March 2016’s lunar eclipse also “eclipsed”/ended something for him romantically. Poor guy, he can’t catch a break. Hopefully Jupiter’s transit into Libra this September will help him when it conjuncts his Venus.

        • Thanks for the feedback Sims. The August 18 lunar eclipse will bring to an end the previous lunar eclipse too.

  92. Jamie,
    I am wondering what this means for me:

    Virgo Sun
    Libra Ascendant
    Aries Moon

    I’ll be challenged for 3 more years?! In what ways does this affect my “personalities”? (which, having two opposites in my moon/rising makes me feel like I have two sides to me fighting all the time!)

    -Star M

    • Not three years. This transit only lasts about 10 months is Saturn goes retrograde on the degree, or only a few weeks if not. In astrology you need to be specific with exact dates and time. Find the degrees of your planets and use the transit chart to find the dates of transits.

  93. my name is Hemal Shah, Birthdate : 14 March, 1976 – BOTAD, GUJARAT – COUNTRY : INDIA.

    • There is no benefit for Saturn Square. maybe it helps you to be tough if u survive. Jaime do u agree? Mercury just entered Virgo today!.

      Anyways you will get Saturn Square within 5 months, which i am having it already. I have a series of defeat and events that made me feel isolated and depressed even though I clearly had Jupiter Conjunction with Pluto staying from 13 degrees to 16 degrees making Trine on my Virgo Sun.

      Saturn Square is bad as Mars Retrograde Conjunction (based on my 30 years life experience)

    • This is the only major transit to your Sun for the next year., from January to November 2017:

      29 Jan
      17 Jun retrograde
      29 Oct

      • What will be effect of all transit, eclipse and other planet from SEPT, 2016 TO DEC., 2017

    • thank you for reply. so, what will be effect of eclipse and other planet from sept., 2016 to DEC., 2017?

      • Just as I wrote above. Saturn square Sun transit. The only eclipse to affect you is the September 16 lunar eclipse in your decan which I wrote about in your monthly horoscope.

        • what are positive and negative of eclipse (sept., 2016) and other transit (from Jan to Nov.,2017)

  94. “Most of my Virgo readers have had a wonderful year. Occasionally I will get a comment from a Virgo reader on Twitter who might say, “This year has been terrible. Nothing is going right, and yet, Susan, you say that this past twelve months should have been special.””

    This is Susan miller’s August horoscope – I just stopped reading her crap horoscope after this paragraph. How can she not think (or feel cuz she is pisces not the Virgo and Gemini whom can think) about Saturn Square linking Neptune and Jupiter?

    • This is because Susan like every other writer uses the Solar House System for writing horoscopes. They will say Saturn is in a house or sector instead of looking at the actual aspect to natal Sun. The they can write anything they want because these Houses are so vague. If you write about enough planets in enough Houses then you can cover almost every possibility on life.

  95. Hi Jamie, I would like your advice on my daughter’s marriage. She is thinking of getting married in October 2016 in a civil ceremony and next year a more formal marriage. Her DOB is 11/6/87 and her fiance’s dob is 9/9/87. They are planning a civil ceremony now and a formal wedding later, but I don’t think it would be a good idea for them to be married during mercury retrograde even if they will be “redoing it” next year. What do you think? Thank you.

  96. Thank you. He is not a US citizen and is here on a tourist visa so it’s complicated; hope everything goes well.

  97. I Jamie, don’t want to feel and be alone anymore. What should I expect from it?
    September 15, 1982.
    16:10 pm Milan

    Thank you for all the job u do. Love to read your website.

    • You will not be alone because you have natal Venus sextile Jupiter in your birth chart. The September 1 solar eclipse is right on your Venus. You also have Venus trine AC and Jupiter sextile AC, mnore indicators of a fulfilling relationship. You should notice big developments in the coming months. Best to luck to you!

  98. Hi Jamie,
    Would appreciate if you could do an analysis for me. Born on 12 March 1977 at 4:10am in Pristina, Kosovo.
    Also, any advice on number 27 and what it means, as I see it all the time for the last 3 years?

    • You do not have Saturn square Sun transit until:

      06 Jan 2017
      24 Jul 2017 retrograde
      26 Sep 2017

      Moon conjunct Neptune in your chart is highly sensitive but square Mercury can cause confusion and mixed messages. This is the most critical part of your chart that you need to research and understand:

      Moon conjunct Neptune
      Moon square Mercury
      Mercury square Neptune

      • Finally had the time to look at this in more depth. Thank you so much, Jamie.
        Happy holidays and all the best in 2017!

        Do you have any thoughts on the constantly recurring no.27?

  99. Thank you so much Jamie. You made me feel happy and gratefull. Good luck to you as well.

  100. My b-day is March 2 1964, and it looks as though my whole world is dissolving around me, including my most important, lifelong relationship. Is that what Saturn square transit against the Sun means?

      • Thank you, Jamie. But what does that mean? Will my life get worse on Oct. 14? And when will this hard time end?

        • Read Saturn square Sun transit for what you are experiencing until October. It will get better after October. Read Natal Sun opposite Pluto to understand yourself. You always have Sun opposite Pluto but the power and control issues will be worse until October because of the Saturn transit.

  101. Hi Jamie I was wondering if you could do an analysis for me please.

    19/09/67 @ 02:47 Canberra, A.C.T Australia



    • Saturn square Sun transit:
      15 Feb 2017
      29 May 2017 Rx
      13 Nov 2017

      The September 16 lunar eclipse is a strong one for you because it lands on your Moon. Your Moon is directly opposite Sun and Uranus, so expect some changes in your emotional life and relationships with women. With these natal aspects you have to deal with these concerns your whole life but the next six months it will be more noticeable and you will have the chance to come to terms with it, understand this crazy dynamic a little better. You were born only 12 minutes before a full moon at 25°05′ Pisces.

      Sun conjunct Uranus
      Sun opposite Moon
      Moon opposite Uranus

  102. Hi Jamie, just found your site, and I’m hoping you can give me insight on what to expect from this transit. Things have been white-hot bad for me since April, 2016. Is it going to get worse? September 18, 1964. 06:20pm, Richmond, Va. USA. Thanks!

      • Thank you! I will look forward to some relief. Are the dates in your reply the dates to watch out for? And thanks again. You have a fantastic website.

        • Those are the dates that the Saturn transit climaxes so you should feel the influence of Saturn most strongly on those dates. Sometimes it can take a trigger by inner planet transits around those dates to result in a major event.

  103. My son has been having a tough time regards a career choice these past two years, would love to give him a time line for things getting easier 27 Feb 97 9.43am New Westminster BC Canada….love your site…thank you!

  104. so I’ve told him to hang in there until Christmas but he just wants to quit! I really want to help him through this as I think he’d regret quitting in the long run…or maybe this really isn’t what he’s supposed to be doing? Trying to be a supportive parent 🙂 Any insight would be greatly appreciated…thanks again for your time!

    • I have thought about this for a long time with three kids of my own. Generally I only follow my transits. If I am function well then I am doing the best for them. However, I sometimes look at their transit if they are unwell or struggling. but generally only for confirmation. We can only give encouragement really.

  105. I having a tough time in my career matters. I was graduated in 2013 but still no luck. My DOB is 13 march 1991. Please give me some advice.

  106. Hi Jamie
    My bday is 20 march 1977 born at 21.00 hours Sialkot Pakistan
    Please comment on my relationship marriage and career progression
    Every thing is just stuck

  107. Hi Jamie I was wondering if you could do an analysis for me please.

    14 March, 1976 @ 03:10 BOTAD, INDIA

    (ALSO MENTION Saturn Square Sun Transit AFFECT ME IN 2015-2016 OR 2016-2017)



      • My DOB is 14 March, 1976 @ 03:10 BOTAD, INDIA, actually i am passing through very hard time perticularly in finance, business and career related matter.
        Saturn is through passing in my 12th house, kindly let me know how long period will be tough?

  108. Hi, Jamie:

    Love your monthlies (all the more so because I’m born the same decan as you, so appreciate the empathy!) and your past two annuals have been so very accurate for me. Have read thru all the comments here but a bit extra nervous about Saturn Square Sun since I already feel that limiting shift from recent eclipse and because I was born with Saturn exactly conjunct my Sun in the 12th, 9/22/80, 8:43AM, Wyandotte (Wayne County), MI. Any thoughts? Thanks, K.

    • The positive out of your conjunction is the fixed star Markeb with the nature of Saturn and Jupiter. So Saturn works well as the student and teacher. Your spiritual journey enhanced by your Mercury at midpoint of Neptune trine North Node. Saturn square Sun is not until late 2017 and is accompanied by PLuto sextile Part of Fortune transit plus other goodies.

  109. Hello Jamie,

    After I read about Saturn square sun transit. I get nervous and worry especially I will start a new job on October 17 .

    Would you please help me and let me know if I will get effected . I was born on 9/14/1971.



  110. How the heck would this play out if sun 26 Pisces (so it will square it) and then (oppose) moon 29 Gemini…. ?

  111. Please tell me how the Saturn transit will affect me. Having a very tough time at work. DOB 9/22/76, 10am Iowa.

  112. Hello Jamie,

    First I’d like to point out that I love this page.
    Also.(haha) here comes the negative. This has been one of the hardest years I’ve had, and I blame Saturn. I was wondering if you could just explain to me on what in the world is happening and/or if it will go away by the end of this 2016. My DOB is 03/09/1991 7:09PM
    Thank You Jamie
    Much Grace

  113. Hi Jamie, my DOB is march 11, 1993. Canada. I have been having a hard time in my career, when will this end?

  114. Jaime. Saturn Square on Virgo Decan 2 for this whole year was extremely challenging. I hope you can go through well since it is your turn soon..

  115. Hello Jamie,

    I was just wondering if the Saturn square sun transit applies to ascendant signs or just sun signs? If it affects ascendant signs does it affect it differently than sun signs? I am a Pisces decan 2 born march 5th 1992 and my rising sign is either Virgo decan 2 or 3 (I lost my birth certificate that had the time of birth) but it is between 5:30 pm and 6:45 pm and I was born in Orange California. It’s been a very hard year and as much as I’ve learned and as many blessings as I’ve had and opportunities to grow it has still been really crippling. Thank you for you time!

    Warm Regards

  116. I’m a 3rd decan pisces 20th March and I feel this transit so bad and I have really bad time at work. Draining energy. Anything I will do or say is not good enough for bosses it’s seems they against me on all levels and that’s to the rest of the year

    • Commiserations, Diana. I’m in there with you. So please tell me: Have you, or might you, take a metaphorical punch at those swine bosses? I have. And I think I shall soon have to be picking myself up, pretty sore, out of the backwash. The world is on their side. Let’s hope this year flies. Take care.

  117. Would you believe it? I (third decan Pisces) have almost-exacts of transit Saturn square Sun and opposition Ascendant, and transit Pluto conjunct Moon. Transit Jupiter keeps squaring my Moon, and is coming back to do it again, to make me put on more weight, I suppose. Transit Uranus square Moon has passed recently, and, thank goodness, is not coming back.

    I have no social life left, and my most trusted and very loved friend broke relations with me totally unexpectedly, publicly, in the crudest possible way. (I could not have imagined him doing that to anyone, let aloe me.) I have never before been so hopelessly alone. There is nowhere to go home. Yet somehow, I have not lost the will to hang in there, press on, keep smiling in public, pretend I’m fine. This seems almost perverse, like kicking a dead horse: it cannot do any good. Even the brilliant, wonderfully optimistic Astro King has nothing better to say about transit Saturn square Sun than that it will all be fine once it’s passed (almost a whole year to go!). Surely one must get fed up sooner rather than later, and pack the lot it. One cannot be expected to go it alone, uphill, in such miserable circumstances. Of course, things can get worse, and no doubt will. 🙂

    • It’s a tough one hey! I am so glad I came here to check what condition my condition was in (Sun Square Asc THEN Sun conj Pluto conj SN crickey!) and it’s a relief sort of cause yep it’s been going since 2014 and it’s just got a bit go

      Til it starts with my Lib Uranus and the Jupes conj Merc 2018 but that cannot be worse than Asc and Suns! uuuuuurrrrrgggggg

      Work troubles TICK

      Soooo lucky my boss is a sweetheart but one co worker is a complete nightmare harassing and threatening me while I am surrounded by bludgers and sleepwalkers

      The boss knows he’s a softie and so does everyone else

    • i am so sorry that you are experiencing difficulties, upheavals, emotional isolation. i started this reply thinking your blog was current to 4/2020. After typing my first sentence i noticed the date of your article was 3 yrs ago.which actually made me feel relief for you that your stated troubles are now in the past. Hopefully things improved greatly for you over these last 3 yrs. you did mention something that happened then and i think i can shed some light on. in reference to your trusted and loved friend.who unexpectedly betrayed you and broke relations with you. I had a similar experience and it can be very confusing and with no rationale as to why it really occurred. My story: I was close friends with a woman i met in college and our friendship continued for 12 yrs after we graduated. we had a tight bond of support and watched out for each other.We helped each other through minor financial tight spots. I went to her wedding. shared the joy when her son was born.and so much more. so the gist is that ours lives were knitted closely together for many years.Then one day while we were driving together she suddenly started to verbally assinate my character and informing me of countless personality flaws.that i think is everyone else’s fault.It was all done in a form of a verbal assault on me not in a manner of guiding constructive critisim. We pulled up to a stoplight, I quickly said. I don’t need to listen to this, and I jumped out of the car and walked home. I called her a few days later thinking the storm had past and she was like an iceberg and said she didn’t want to talk to me.Over several months I made a few attempts to open up the line of communication with her but she wasn’t interested, the door was closed! That was 1996 and to this day I don’t exist to her. Her husband friended on FB and have had a few exchanges and shared “likes”.. She has her own FB accnt but sometimes posts things on her husbands. A few times i made a postive comment or a like on her posts, nothing back from her.. Eventually the hurt from her dismissal went away but I remained baffled and void of any logical explanation as to why she cut me out. Then in 2015 i came across a you tube channel call Activism of Care.. The author presents it as a narrative not a video.His summations on our deteriorated society,and abnormal psychology, and personality disorders are the most accurate I have come across.He identifies,describes,all the confusion and discomfort we experience as a result of interacting in a world of people with personality disorders that has increased in numbers so dramactically that it’s almost the norm. In conclusion I can accurately make a judgement that both my friend and yours showed behavior specific to having a personality disorder. Unfortunately many have a covert aspect to their PD of which you won’t suspect anything. and sometimes it can take years before they pull the rug out from under you.But mind you, they will always pull the rug out from under you at one point or another. It’s their Modus operandus written in stone..Your friend and mine discarded us like a piece of garbage. Once they decided we were no longer needed or wanted in the lives they actually do believe we are discard forever..Normal people don’t function like that. Yes, it’s a fact that many people grow apart from each other and for many reasons.The difference compared to PD people,growing apart is not done with a vegence or hatred.Also, In a normal growing apart scenerio.if one should open the line of communication with the other person, more often than not their would be a reply back even if brief….I know this is long, Once I got started i wanted to provide info that could be vaulable for those who take this serious. I have been studying PD trends for 5 yrs now, even longer, I just didn’t have the vocubulary back then that defines and classifies these trends. .Sorry about all the spelling mistakes. I know the correct spelling for most of them if i gave them more thought

      • That was three years ago. but I’m glad you showed up. There are points for just appearing, as you mentioned. What is time? Valuable lesson Mr. Varleyh, you’re going to hafta look around. The Mans MO isn’t to show when she is ready, it’s when he is.

  118. Hi Jamie,

    I’ve been reading lots about saturn transits since you release your 2017 yearly. somewhat in denial at first but definitely felt it this month. Can you please advise if its okay to change jobs this year? My dob sept 22/1982, born in the philippines, currently in toronto, canada.

  119. Jamie,I

    I wrote last October concerning my horrible circumstances, which have been going on since 2013 without pause. At that time I am Virgo 09/07/1952 11:10 PM Wilkes-Barre, PA, USA. At that time you said Dec 2016 was my last tango with Saturn and things should begin to pick up. There have been no improvements in finances, conditions at home, making any sort of progress and now, to make matters worse, I have problems with my health. No exaggeration — every day is a stinker. I thought 2017 was my year for financial growth? Never in my live have I experienced such a long stretch of bad luck. Thanks for any insight…

  120. How many times in a lifetime does Saturn square your Sun? Picses, March 13th. Can’t imagine going through this again. My work life is in absolute ashes as well as my finances. Very unforeseen.

  121. Hi.. i am 24 march 1987… Saturn square decan how much can affect my relationship… And june transit also affect?

  122. Hi Jamie,

    This is very interesting. According to this post Aries Decan 2 will feel it from Dec 2018 to Dec 2019 and according to your post on the eclipse 5 January Saturn will be squaring directly 15 degree of Aries and the thing is that Pluto will also be squaring (2 degrees) a natal Mercury in Aries (22/23) so out of curiosity how this could play for people with the Sun at 15 degrees? Would the Saturn square Sun make the eclipse harder for these people? Would they feel it for 6 months with intensity due to the eclipse? Can this bring a hard change on their employment status or health?
    Would be so grateful to hear your thoughts on this!

    • Good question Meli. The good news is that Pluto has moved away from the square now. I have seen the effects in my brother who has been living with me the last six months (Sun 18 degree of Libra) So both of you have definitely been through the worst already. Saturn square Sun will be easier to handle because you have already done so much hard work when Pluto was transforming your life a few years ago.

  123. This is pretty true. Right now I feel the whole community is against me. The Pluto transit marked the beginning of this increasing in ever degrees. These people work for the government and are basically getting payed to surveil and harass me. It’s really sick and evil and now they are starting to threaten me and go full force. I now decided that exposing their evil and doing to them, exactly what they do to me best. Normally I would freak out about this, but I feel way more disciplined now and way more determined than ever. The more they enjoy hurting me, the more determined I am.

  124. Hi Kat !
    Its tough being lunch for the lions in a collesium, but I believe it will eventually end up worse for the spectators that find it entertaining. I wish u the best.

  125. Hi Jamie. I hope you can give me an insight please? I am reading about Saturn square Sun.
    20.11.1989, Kherson, Ukraine.

  126. been going through it this year especially with covid & school its been very difficult, i feel like i have tried so hard and i know i have made so much progress but it just keeps throwing new challenges at me and im beginning to feel kind of discouraged.

  127. I have a grand cross involving in order of rotation Sun in Taurus, Mas in Leo, Neptune in Scorpio, Saturn in Aquarius, and the end. Gemini is rising.I only get reminded of what I can’t do given my disabled status. Every time Saturn goes through a fixed sign I get my limitations rubbed into my face by my own consciousness.Usually it’s a time when I have to find a new place to live, when I get these fixed sign transits. It’s not easy.

  128. Hi Jamie,

    Wondering if you might help me with insights into what I might expect when Saturn squares my sun in year 2024. I’ve recently had a supportive Saturn transit, but interestingly it’s been a heavy and trying year. Not without some benefits, though. Concerned if something “supportive” feels trying, then what might the square render?

    Birthdate: June 2, 1981; Brooksville, Florida, U.S.
    I was born in the morning hours.

  129. Hi, I left a toxic job and have found a new job which I join this month but I am unable to get out of the zone of my previous job. Everything that happened there bothers me. Will I be able to succeed in my new role. Date of Birth – 5/5/1981, time : 4am born in Kerala India

  130. Soon, in March, thank heavens, Saturn Square my Decan, Gemini 1, will end after a 12 long horrifying months. Aged the look of my face by several years! Thought I’d had a regularly tough previous decade, with apparently somatic chronic endless odds n sods health & debilitations! Had about 18mths grace for the first time overall , in actually about 2 decades….just starting to have the strength & mental capacity health to finally move forward. Then this! This last 12mths nearly destroyed me, with the phrase, ” I hate people”, a regular one. Even been living without running water for 9 months now, to my cheap rental!! I bucket in water from a small garden tank! All due to greedy sneaky new property managers, daughters, of the old lady owner of this now unproductive old farm. They put in a new mains water believing wrongly they could sell the farm before the old lady dies. But made it not go to the last 2 connections. Their brother’s truck, mechanic, business sheds in vengeance against his being the inheritor, to financially ruin him. And so to me last on the old line. He’s my landlord, not the old lady. All illegal & tennant advocacy said i could sue for pain & suffering but they were too flat out & I couldn’t deal with one iota more of stress & BS. Still could i guess. Horrid horrid 12mths. Hope I’m dead before this next same 12mth transit!

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