Sun Conjunct Moon Natal and Transit

Sun Conjunct Moon Transit

Sun conjunct Moon maximum orb 9°00′.

Sun conjunct Moon natal is a powerful blend of the two strongest bodies in astrology. Being born on a new moon or solar eclipse will make you very focused and driven to complete your goals and meet your high expectations.

Blending the conscious and subconscious makes you charismatic and popular with a powerful presence and forceful character. Luminous and larger than life, you embody the spontaneous energy of the new moon. You have the initiative and conviction to start major projects and see them through to completion. Also, you are not afraid to stand up and take the lead.

You hold a lot of potential energy in your body and will often feel a strong urge to make something happen, to get something started. You have the self-confidence and abilities for this role but can often be oblivious to how your powerful energy impacts other people’s lives. It is not that you do not care about others; you are simply unaware of the strong impression you leave on others.

The applying conjunction means you were born on the waning new moon. Being born just before a new moon makes you more self-aware and contemplative. It is possible you are coming to the end of a large cycle of many incarnations. An older soul with an understanding of your place in the larger scheme of things. You may prefer fewer new beginnings but they will be of greater significance.

The separating conjunction means you were born on the waxing new moon. Being born just after a new moon you will be eager to make your mark but may have less self-awareness. It is possible you have recently entered into a new large cycle of incarnations. A younger soul with a great sense of adventure and lust for life. You will want to start many new things but make a few mistakes along the way.

Sun Conjunct Moon Transit

Sun conjunct Moon transit focuses on the most personal areas of life. You will pay more attention to your home, feelings, emotions, and close relationships, especially with women. The power of the Sun brings these deeper areas of life to the surface so that any problems that have simmered in these areas can be resolved in a positive way.

This transit is favorable because of the emotional balance it brings, not irrationally emotional, and not too cold and calculating. This is a perfect time for a level-headed approach to the personal issues mentioned and psychological self-analysis regarding habits and conditioning.

This interpretation for Sun conjunct Moon transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon conjunct Moon.

Sun Conjunct Moon Celebrities

app: applying, sep: separating

Alan Page 0°04′ app, Salman Rushdie 0°15′ app, Josemaría Escrivá 0°21′ sep, Don Marquis 0°23′ app, Allan Kardec 0°25′ sep, Joanna Lumley 0°26′ sep, Steve Forbes 0°47′ sep, Lucky Luciano 0°59′ sep, Marlon Brando 1°04′ app, Conor McGregor 1°14′ sep, Algernon Swinburne 1°15′ app, Queen Victoria 1°34′ sep, Roy Castle 1°35′ app, Gilles Villeneuve 1°34′ sep, Billy Bean 1°42′ app, Franz Joseph I of Austria 1°47′ app, John Maynard Keynes 1°59′ sep.

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  1. Great idea Jamie! I often get frustrated googling forever for the harder to find aspect interpretations. I know you’ll start with the major ones but I’m looking forward to seeing ALL of them eventually. You have your work cut out for you. lol. My Dad, who is now deceased, was born Aug 31, 1932 when there was a solar eclipse with his sun and moon conjunct in Virgo. I never knew his rising tho to determine just how close his particular chart had.

  2. Amy, you have brought up something very interesting here. I wonder if being born on an eclipse means that the personality is even stronger than with the new moon? Something else to consider could any difference in manifestation for being born just before, or just after the exact conjunction (applying or separating).

  3. Will Funk Astrology explore any solar quintile aspects? I have Sun quintile Moon, Mars and Jupiter.

  4. Yes Isobel, I’m really looking forward to researching the lesser known aspects like the quintile. For the moment though will will keep going through the basics aspects because it forms a solid understanding of the nature of the planets.

  5. Hello Jamie,

    Very nice website. Is there a way to get vedic ephemeries for about last 20 years in a spreadsheet?

  6. The more significant Uranus Taurus ingress, rather than today’s, is March 6, 2019, when a New Moon conjuncts Neptune, and Mercury 29degPis Rx, wouldn’t you say, Jamie?

    • Just thought you might like to add the actor Jamie Bamber to you list of personalities with a natal sun-moon conjunction, especially as his has am orb of <1degree.

        • Was setting up the dvd player to watch Battlestar Galactic, so i could look at Bramber and think about his Time of birth, but dvd/monitor settings fail us, so we switched to Tv moviechannel and the movie Midnight Express, and wouldnt you know it, Billy Hayes and Bramber share the same birthday…. April 3

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