Josemaria Escriva De Balaguer Horoscope

Josemaria Escriva De Balaguer HoroscopeJosemaria Escriva De Balaguer founded one of the most powerful organizations in religion. He accomplished this thanks to his great personal magnetism, charisma, and his single-mindedness. He felt he was on a mission and was driven to complete it. His childhood was difficult as his father was a business failure. He became a Catholic priest and went on the found the most powerful sect within the Roman Catholic Church, the ultra conservative Opus Dei. We was associated with Spain’s fascist Franco regime, and his powerful right-wing sect is known for self-flagellation, celibacy and strict discipline. He was called “el Padre”, the Father, and was made a Saint in 1992.

Josemaria Escriva De Balaguer Horoscope

Josemaria Escriva De Balaguer Horoscope

Ascendant conjunct fixed star Denebola 0°49′

Sun conjunct fixed star Dheneb 0°18′

Moon conjunct fixed star Dheneb 0°40′

Mercury conjunct fixed star Terebellum 0°59′

Jupiter conjunct fixed star Terebellum 0°59′

Saturn conjunct fixed star Dheneb 0°19′

  • Saturn quincunx Pluto 1°37′
  • Saturn trine Ascendant 2°20′
  • Saturn quincunx Midheaven 0°47′

Uranus conjunct fixed star Ras Alhague 2°07′

Neptune conjunct fixed star Menkalinan 1°01′
Neptune conjunct fixed star Betelgeuse 2°10′

Pluto conjunct fixed star Rigel 1°39′

North Node conjunct fixed star Alphecca 0°15′
North Node conjunct fixed star Acrux 0°39′

South Node conjunct fixed star Almach 1°41′
South Node conjunct fixed star Menkar 1°47′

Midheaven conjunct fixed star Bellatrix 0°02′
Midheaven conjunct fixed star Capella 0°57′
Midheaven conjunct fixed star Phact 1°15′
Midheaven conjunct fixed star Mintaka 1°29′
Midheaven conjunct fixed star El Nath 1°40′

Descendant conjunct fixed star Markab 1°01′

Part of Fortune conjunct fixed star Denebola 0°28′

2 thoughts on “Josemaria Escriva De Balaguer Horoscope

  1. A horrendous, castrating, cruel and twisted quintuple Capricornian character, with Pluto on the Mid Heaven. A powerful fascist, an anti-Semite, whose “sanctity” was a concoction between power and ultra-conservative popes John Paul II (Woytila) and Benedict XVI (Ratzinger). He would have burned witches, Jews, Moors, other innocent people accused of it, had he lived in prior centuries. A horrible example of turning Sun-Saturn into stingy asceticism, cruelty, pedophilia, and meanness.

  2. Allan Kardec also had Sun conjunct Saturn by 3 degrees exalted in Libra. He used his research background to codify Spiritism at its height in 1857 (publishing “The Spirit’s Book” which was publicly burned by the Catholic Church). Seems these Saturn/Sun individuals have a serious mind.

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