Fixed Star El Nath

El Nath is at 22°34′ Gemini with an orb of 2°20′
Fixed star El Nath

Taurus Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins El Nath on June 13

Fixed star El Nath, Beta Tauri, is a double star located on the tip of the northern horn of the Bull, Taurus Constellation. Magnitude 1.65, spectral type B7III, color blue-white. [1]

The traditional and now official name El Nath comes from the Arabic word النطح (an-naţħ), which means “the butting” (the bull’s horns).

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22♊3423♊17El Nath2°20′

El Nath Astrology

Fixed star El Nath has the spectral type B7, indicating the planetary nature of Jupiter.

EL NATH. β Tauri. A double star, pure brilliant white and pale grey, situated on the tip of the northern horn of the Bull, and commonly known as the Bull’s North Horn. From Al Naith, the Butting One, or according to Bullinger the Wounded or Slain. Symbolically called the Shepherd. The name El Nath is often erroneously used for Hamal in Aries. Of the nature of Mars and Mercury. It gives fortune, eminence and neutrality for good or evil. [2]

NATH. β Tauri. A giant white star, class B8, at the tip of the northern horn of the Bull. “The One Who Butts.” Gives an ambitious nature, makes the native obstinate, headstrong, changeable. Gives the native honors, good luck. [3]

El Nath belongs to both the constellation of the Charioteer and to the constellation of the Bull (Taurus). Modern astrologers assert that it has the nature of Mars and Mercury because these planets are associated with Taurus by Ptolemy. But the spectra is that of Jupiter. This is confirmed by the fact that traditionally El Nath portends great eminence and fortune to all who could claim it as their natal star. [4]

El Nath, β Tauri, second brightest in the Constellation, has the same Mars quality according to Ptolemy but lacks the august Archangelic status of Aldebaran. The name means ‘The One Who Butts (or Gores)’, deriving from its position on one of the bull’s horn-tips. So it is more of the officer in the front line than the general at G.H.Q. if we stay with the military scene or since Mars is not only the planet of war but also of surgery, engineering, iron and steel generally, El Nath will show up practical skill in any of these professions. Some astronomers have considered El Nath to be in the neighboring Constellation Auriga, where it is γ, third brightest, under the name Al Ka’b or Al Aqib, The Heel of the Rein-holder. Either way, it has been in the Sign Gemini since 362 AD.

El Nath gives a combative nature with the tongue, and sometimes manually too, which can indeed lead to misfortune, although the victim may well be convinced that it is ‘all for the cause and that the ‘reward in Heaven’ will compensate for the suffering here below. [5]

Fixed star El Nath rules the right side of the 8th Vertebra (First Dorsal). [6]

Constellation Taurus

Ptolemy makes the following observations: “Those stars in Taurus which are in the abscission of the sign resemble in their temperament the influence of Venus, and in some degree that of Saturn . . . the stars in the head (except Aldebaran) resemble Saturn, and, partly, Mercury; and those at the top of the horns are like Mars.” By the Kabalists Taurus is associated with the Hebrew letter Aleph and the 1st Tarot Trump “The Juggler.” In all the ancient Zodiacs, Taurus is the beginning sign and marked the Vernal Equinox from about 4,000 to 1,700 B.C. [2]

The constellation was an object of worship in primitive cultures throughout the ages. To the ancient Egyptians, it was the bull-god Orissi, but according to R. A. Allen in Star Names and Their Meanings, the star was also worshiped by the Babylonians, Chinese, Druids, and some tribes of Amazon Indians. Its stars, according to Tetrabiblos are: “…like Venus along the line where the constellation is cut off [Taurus is represented as the head and fore-part only of a charging bull. These are the stars 5-Tau, 4-Tau, 3-Tau, 0-Tau, and 30-Tau.]: those in the Pleiades have the nature of the Moon and Jupiter; the one in the Hyades that is bright and somewhat reddish called Troch (Aldebaran) has a  ‘temperament’ like that of Mars; the others (in the Hyades) like that of Saturn and moderately like that of Mercury; and those (stars) in the tips of the horns, like that of Mars.” With the exception of El Nath (constellation of the Charioteer), all the named stars in Ptolemy’s catalog of this constellation are in the Hyades and Pleiades. The Bull is now called Taurus (Tau) and traditionally presages the results of the beginnings of large political undertakings. The constellation also portends that which affects wild animals, especially those dangerous to man. [4]

Beta Tauri, El Nath

Beta Tauri, El Nath []

Fixed Star El Nath Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct El Nath: Volodymyr Zelenskyy 0°28′, Ed Gein 0°33′, April Ashley 1°06′, John Wayne Bobbitt 1°23′, Jamison Twins 1°54′, Kamala Harris 2°20′.

Midheaven conjunct El Nath: Francisco Franco 0°08′, Roy Orbison 0°53′, Franklin D. Roosevelt 1°11′, Tiger Woods 1°40′, Josemaría Escrivá 1°40′, Paul McCartney 1°58′

Descendant conjunct El Nath: Richard Ramirez 0°40′, Bernadette Brady 1°13′, Bob Dylan 1°25′ (and Mercury), Bernardo Provenzano 1°51′.

Imun Coeli conjunct El Nath: Tycho Brahe 1°01′, Nicole Brown Simpson 1°32′.

Part of Fortune conjunct El Nath: William S. Burroughs 0°09′, Vladimir Putin 0°13′, Allison DuBois 0°26′, Donald Rumsfeld 1°23′, David Berkowitz 1°29′ (and Mercury, Mars), Nancy Spungen 2°14′.

Sun conjunct El Nath: Ecclesiastical preferment, honor through science, religion or philosophy. [2]

Preferment in legal, church and government matters. Honors are possible and will be through outstanding achievements by the native. [3]

George H. W. Bush 0°11′, Boy George 0°44′, Anne Frank 0°47′, Jordan Peterson 1°05′, Donald Trump 1°07′, William Butler Yeats 2°09′, Vera Atkins 2°12′, Xi Jinping 2°18′.

Moon conjunct El Nath: Quarrels with questionable associates, business success, environment detrimental owing to wife, partner or relative. [2]

High preferment in matters dealing with public affairs, but these natives leave themselves open to arguments and disagreements. Problems could be created by others and affect the native. Family conditions, if adverse could create many problems. [3]

Bruce McLaren 0°15′.

Mercury conjunct El Nath: Favor of superiors, but the enmity of colleagues, rise to high position or changes vocation, favorable for gain, but many small losses, domestic expenses, often obliged to support an invalid. [2]

The natives success creates problems, probably due to jealousy. The native will be ambitious but stubborn. Native can rise high in their career. [3]

Angelina Jolie 0°05′, Cecilia Bartoli 0°43′, David Berkowitz 0°54′ (and Mars, POF), Pierre Cardin 0°54′, Bob Dylan 1°17′ (and DC), Mel B 1°22′

Venus conjunct El Nath: Favorable for gain, enemies who are powerless to injure. [2]

The native with this conjunction creates both admirers and enemies, not purposely but due to their popularity, however, the native appears to be in the envious position that no harm can befall them, they seem to be protected from slanderous talk or writings. [3]

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 0°11′, Julius Evola 0°33′ (and Neptune), David Beckham 0°54′, Megan Fox 1°08′, Courtney Love 1°39′, Alexis Arquette 2°02′

Mars conjunct El Nath: Good lawyer, speaker, and debater, quick-witted. [2]

The native is mentally keen, good at creating situations or entering into discussions that create debates, and generally the native emerges successfully. [3]

David Berkowitz 0°11′ (and Mercury, POF), Martin Luther King 0°18′, Dwayne Johnson 1°42′, Arnold Schwarzenegger 1°43′

Jupiter conjunct El Nath: Success in legal or ecclesiastical affairs, favorable for gain and inheritance. [2]

High preferment in government, church and legal matters. The native can become successful in dealing with the public, if Jupiter is well aspected. Moderate wealth is a possibility. [3]

This brings on idealism in communications. These people like to exaggerate their ideals to others and they can be very inspirational when communicating with people. Depending on how biased these individuals are, their communications can be outright lies. However, these persons are unable to see them as untruths. These natives can be very inspiring and helpful to those who need guidance through one who is developed beyond the normal prejudices of an earthbound upbringing. This could be the clergy who feel they are bringing truths to others when in fact they are relaying their own prejudiced and judgmental ideas. They are eloquent in speech and can sway people to their idealism’s. Some handle it on a highly evolved level, but many handle this energy on a lower level and manipulate others to their ideas. If Saturn is poorly aspected to Jupiter in their natal chart, they would handle this energy in a negative way. There are some people who are helped by these individuals as they need something to lean on, but for the most part, it is because they have little understanding of what is really true. [6]

Theodore Roosevelt 0°28′, Marquis de Sade 1°41′, Michael Moore 1°57′

Saturn conjunct El Nath: Cautious, thoughtful, bad-tempered, accumulates money, favorable for domestic affairs, gain through relatives, may receive a start in life through a legacy. [2]

Mick Jagger 0°10′, Alexander the Great 0°23′, Olivia Rodrigo 0°28′, Jimmy Page 0°31′, Keith Richards 1°10′, Sirhan Sirhan 1°24′

Uranus conjunct El Nath: Great mental energy and force of character, weak body, original and practical ideas, occult interests, but material aims, late success, favorable for domestic affairs, death in middle age. [2]

Liz Greene 0°15′, Salman Rushdie 0°23′, Alice Cooper 0°32′, Robert the Bruce 0°35′, Bill Clinton 0°40′, Ted Bundy 1°20′, O. J. Simpson 1°35′, Gianni Versace 1°38′, Queen Camilla 2°00′, Steve Forbes 2°03′, Steven Spielberg 2°20′.

Neptune conjunct El Nath: Active in mind and body, vacillating, some physical defect, occult interests, may make discoveries in medicine, domestic disharmony owing to peculiar matrimonial ideas, may become famous, death in middle age. [2]

Julius Evola 0°10′ (and Venus), Amelia Earhart 0°24′, Lucky Luciano 0°29′, Vito Genovese 0°34′, Joseph Goebbels 1°04′, M. C. Escher 1°14′

Pluto conjunct El Nath: Pablo Neruda 0°20′, Arthur Koestler 1°25′, Salvador Dali 1°45′, Jeane Dixon 1°59′

North Node conjunct El Nath: Virginia Giuffre 0°09′, André the Giant 0°19′, Donald Trump 1°00′, George W. Bush 1°13′, Mary Shelley 1°19′, Amy Winehouse 1°46′, Vincent van Gogh 1°57′, Agatha Christie 2°08′, Sylvester Stallone 2°14′

South Node conjunct El Nath: Miley Cyrus 0°02′, Sidney Gottlieb 1°45′, William Lilly 1°57′, Billy Bob Thornton 2°03′


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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  1. According to Starlight software by Brady, I have Guru aka Jupiter in paran with El Nath. ”Success in legal or ecclesiastical affairs, favorable for gain and inheritance.”

  2. El Nath is considered an evil star. On the tip of the bull’s horn, this is one who butts This shows Donald is obstinate, headstrong, and changeable. His sun In opposition to his moon in Sagittarius, I can’t see a good character quality evident. The moon represent the people in general of the US. Who cuts meals on wheels for seniors, who cuts afternoon snacks for homeless school children, who cuts all regulations for the safety of the environment? Who damages health care for millions of citizens, who denies the average American civil rights but in turn supports and favors the wealthy? I see no saving grace for such character.

  3. al nath diath comes from a section of land with an eagle’s eerie in far north queensland. you must cross BEAU DESERT
    on the BRUCE HWY. many lightning strikes in the area forming gun metal.

  4. I found the Haitian Dictator born in 1907 to have his Pluto 22 Gemini in his 12th house. There is no denying this man was a cruel, insensitive and murderous dictator and its unknown how many people he had murdered in his regime. Its also possible he used a baby for his religious rites using Voodoo and other mysteries. There is a meanness and cruelty found often with Pluto in Gemini giving disdain and uncaring sensibility toward children and the poor.

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