Fixed Star Ensis

Ensis at 22°59′ Gemini has an orb of 1°20′
Fixed Star Ensis

Orion Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Ensis on June 13

Fixed star Ensis, Iota Orionis, is a 4.0 magnitude nebula in sword-sheath of the Hunter, Orion Constellation. The traditional name Ensis comes from the Latin word for Sword. The Orion Nebula (M42) is the astronomical term. It has a distinctive greenish tint in addition to regions of red and of blue-violet. Older names for the Orion Nebula include the Great Nebula in Orion and the Great Orion Nebula.


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Fixed Star Ensis Astrology

Fixed star Ensis is of the nature of Mars and the Moon (adventurous, perfidious, insolent, wanton, brutal, danger to eyes.) It causes blindness, defective sight, injuries to the eyes, sickness and a violent death. [1]

ι Orionis Ensis, Latin for Sword, the scabbard of which hands from the Belt. The Arabic alternative name Hatysa is obscure but may come from Hilya(t), Jewelry, or from Mahtassr, the Point of Death. In some drawings, Orion is holding his sword in his hand so that its point is just about on this star. Having a Mars-Moon rating, it is not generally accounted a ‘good star’ but, as always, that depends on the user of a gift for putting aggressive energies to practical effect. If the effect be a worthy one, then fine; but if not, then not fine.

Ensis gives a combative nature with the tongue, and sometimes manually too, which can indeed lead to misfortune, although the victim may well be convinced that it is ‘all for the cause and that the ‘reward in Heaven’ will compensate for the suffering here below. [3]

Fixed star Ensis rules two inches below the breastbone in the human body. [4]

Constellation Orion

Orion is the most important constellation in the heavens outside the zodiac. In judicial astrology this is the constellation of war. In the Middle Ages this constellation was said to be a direful influence to agriculture, being the “the veri cuttrhrote of cattle” and presaging violent storms and much rain. In genethiacal charts the indications are for arrogance, rebellion, strength, and courage. Tetrabiblos lists the stars in the shoulder of Orion to have a nature similar to that of Mars and Mercury, and the other bright stars in the constellation to be similar to the natures of Jupiter and Saturn. [2]

According to Ptolemy the bright stars with the exception of Betelgeuse and Bellatrix are like Jupiter and Saturn. It is said to give a strong and dignified nature, self-confidence, inconstancy, arrogance, violence, impiety, prosperity in trade and particularly by voyages or abroad, but danger of treachery and poison. It was thought by the Romans to be very harmful to cattle and productive of storms. [1]

4th Arabic Manzil – Al-Dabaran

Causes the destruction and hindrances of buildings, fountains, wells, gold mines, the flight of creeping things, and begets discord.

With Moon: Pursue business, travel, marry and take medicine.

19th Chinese Xiù – 畢 (Bì) Net

The Net includes Aldebaran and the Hyades cluster. Both the Hyades and the Pleiades were regarded as the mesh of a hunting net. Hunting forays in the old days of China were used as much for military exercises and training as they were to rid the land of vermin or to gather food. Hence, this mansion governs hunting, wealth (as a result of a good hunt), outlaws, deserters and traitors as well as trouble at the frontiers (border disputes and the like).

It is good for construction, funerals, and weddings. Burials on this day confer honor to the deceased. Building brings fortune. Children born of a marriage performed on this day will live to 100 years.

Orion Nebula M42 Ensis Star

Ensis Star, Orion Nebula M42 []

Fixed Star Ensis Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Ensis: Sore eyes, weak sight, trouble and loss through women. [1]

Volodymyr Zelenskyy 0°53′

Midheaven conjunct Ensis: Disgrace and imprisonment. [1]

Francisco Franco 0°04′, Franklin D. Roosevelt 0°46′, Tiger Woods 1°16′, Roy Orbison 1°17′.

Descendant conjunct Ensis: Richard Ramirez 0°16′

Part of Fortune conjunct Ensis: Vladimir Putin 0°10′, William S. Burroughs 0°15′, Allison DuBois 0°50′, Donald Rumsfeld 0°58′, David Berkowitz 1°05′ (and Mercury, Mars).

Sun conjunct Ensis: Boy George 0°20′, George H. W. Bush 0°36′, Donald Trump 0°42′, Anne Frank 1°11′

Moon conjunct Ensis: Bruce McLaren 0°39′

Mercury conjunct Ensis: Angelina Jolie 0°18′, Cecilia Bartoli 0°18′, Pierre Cardin 0°29′, Mel B 0°57′, David Berkowitz 1°18′ (and Mars, POF).

Mercury conjunct Ensis, square, quincunx or opposite, Mars conjunct Uranus (No orb): Mars and Uranus must be in exact conjunction. A quincunx aspect of Mercury to the conjunction of Mars and Uranus would be the harshest to deal with. This energy point is a tiny pinpoint and everything must be exact by degree. This causes collapsing of the nerves that affect the spine at the 10th, 11th and 12th vertebrae, counting down from the top (3rd, 4th & 5th Dorsals). This is very painful due to the nerves throughout that area of the spine. The pain is continuous with no relief for long periods. The pain can travel to the head, thereby causing pain in the head and to the eyes. These persons can live through this, but the body would be in disorder much of the time. [4]

Venus conjunct Ensis: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 0°13′, Megan Fox 0°44′, Bob Dylan 0°53′, David Beckham 1°19′

Mars conjunct Ensis: Martin Luther King 0°05′, David Berkowitz 0°35′ (and Mercury, POF), Dwayne Johnson 1°18′

Jupiter conjunct Ensis: Theodore Roosevelt 0°03′, Michael Moore 1°33′

Saturn conjunct Ensis: Mick Jagger 0°13′, Keith Richards 0°45′, Olivia Rodrigo 0°53′, Jimmy Page 0°56′.

Uranus conjunct Ensis: Salman Rushdie 0°00′, Alice Cooper 0°07′, Liz Greene 0°39′, Robert the Bruce 1°00′, Bill Clinton 1°05′, O. J. Simpson 1°11′

Neptune conjunct Ensis: Amelia Earhart 0°00′, Lucky Luciano 0°05′, Vito Genovese 0°10′, Joseph Goebbels 0°40′, M. C. Escher 0°49′

Pluto conjunct Ensis: Pablo Neruda 0°44′, Arthur Koestler 1°01′

North Node conjunct Ensis: André the Giant 0°05′, Virginia Giuffre 0°33′, Donald Trump 1°25′


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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