Vladimir Putin Horoscope – Ruthless Power

Vladimir Putin HoroscopeVladimir Putin has been the leader of Russia since 1999. So he is one of the longest-serving current world leaders. He has had a long time to consolidate his power by enriching allies and silencing enemies. As seen by the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, he wields this power ruthlessly. This interpretation of the Vladimir Putin horoscope shows why he is so powerful and ruthless.

Vladimir Putin Horoscope

Vladimir Putin was born on October 7, 1952, in Saint Petersburg, Russia. His time of birth was given by the webmaster of the President Vladimir V. Putin website:

Mr. Putin was born early in the morning, at 9:30 a.m. Moscow Time, in downtown St Petersburg.

Astro Databank lists this time of birth as DD (not reliable) due to other conflicting sources. But I like this time because of the Midheaven degree (very time-dependent). As you will see below, it perfectly explains his incredible power and ruthlessness.

Vladimir Putin Horoscope

Vladimir Putin Horoscope


Vladimir Putin’s Sun is conjunct fixed star Algorab (1°08′). It gives destructiveness, malevolence, fiendishness, repulsiveness and lying, and is connected with scavenging. Delays and restraint are indicated to come about by fiascoes, losses, wrong handling of matters, and enmity in general.

Algorab is in Constellation Corvus the Crow. It gives craftiness, greediness, ingenuity, patience, vengefulness, passion, selfishness, lying, aggressiveness, and material instincts, and sometimes causes its natives to become agitators.

Midheaven and Pluto

Midheaven conjunct fixed star Ras Elased Australis (1°09′): Bad name, rise by trade followed by disgrace and ruin.

Ras Elased Australis has been called “He who rends.” It gives a bold, bombastic, cruel, heartless, brutish, and destructive nature, but artistic appreciation and power of expression. This star gives the quality of looking carefully at a situation before forging ahead into it.

Pluto conjunct Midheaven (1°31′) often leads to a position of influence and renown. There is no better aspect to explain Putin’s ruthless quest for power and ruthless use of power. It explains why he has gone to extreme lengths to reach the top and leave his mark on the world.

Pluto culminating in the Vladimir Putin horoscope makes him overbearing, bossy, and obsessive. He may have used threats, intimidation, bribery, or guilt-tripping to gain fame and riches. Putin has a strong sense of purpose in life and pursues his goals with ceaseless determination. He is extremely resourceful with a great ability to adapt or evolve in response to changing circumstances.

Mercury and Neptune

Fixed star Spica conjunct Mercury (0°00′) and Neptune (2°00′): Spica is the most fortunate star used in astrology. It gives success, renown, riches, honors, fame, a sweet disposition, love of art and science, unscrupulousness, unfruitfulness, and injustice to innocence. It also gives androgynous, spiritual, and religious qualities, with above-average psychic awareness.

Mercury conjunct Spica: Neat, tidy, clever, ingenious, favor of clergy and people in authority, gain through investment, responsible position.

Neptune conjunct Spica: Well-born, comfortable surroundings, always sufficiently well off, associated with companies, gain through legacies, favorable for domestic matters, somewhat fast and extravagant, does not live to old age.

Fixed star Arcturus conjunct Mercury (0°23′) and Neptune (2°23′): Arcturus gives riches, honors, high renown, self-determination, and prosperity by navigation and voyages.

This star has a reputation for achieving justice through power. It, therefore, makes the native belligerent and quarrelsome. An enterprising spirit is the rule here. Lasting success is promised if further good aspects are present (yes, trine Midheaven and Pluto)

With Mercury: Sober, industrious, popular, inclined to be religious, somewhat extravagant but well-off, help through friends, holds a position of trust in large company or corporation, or receives promotion under direction, favorable for health and domestic affairs.

With Neptune: Ingenious, business instincts, changeable, and loss through this means, mediumistic and rather negative, associated with societies as an official, loss, and misfortune in middle age which hastens death, favorable for friendship, partnership, marriage and success, greatly dependent upon the advice of marriage partner.

Mercury conjunct Neptune (2°00′) makes Putin extremely sensitive and probably psychic, especially as the fixed stars mentioned above give psychic ability. He probably sees, hears, or notices with other senses, things which most others do not.

The sextile to Pluto culminating has turned his intuitive abilities into valuable talents to increase his power and influence. This would have been especially useful in his work in the secret service but also in politics. It has given him the ability to stay one step ahead of the competition. He not only perceives a great amount, but can also project much verbal and nonverbal information, plus psychic energy.

Mercury sextile Pluto (0°27′) makes Putin a deep thinker on serious subjects. His mind has a probing nature that allows his powerful intuition to uncover the truth about a matter. This psychic ability combines with excellent planning and organizational abilities to make him the perfect spy, politician, and leader.

His style of communication is persuasive and intense, but with a mysterious type of attractiveness. This aspect gives strong opinions that can be extreme or controversial. It is excellent for a propagandist and a liar.

Neptune sextile Pluto (1°33′) makes Putin unafraid to challenge the accepted way of thinking and doing things. He can tap into the collective subconscious and can gauge the prevailing thoughts of those around him and society in general. This is greatly enhanced by the psychic abilities from the fixed stars and Mercury conjunct Neptune, sextile Pluto.

Mercury sextile Midheaven (1°57′) gives intelligence and curiosity as well as mental, musical, or sporting ability. This aspect brings assistance and guidance from important and influential people. It also gives excellent communication and improvisational skills, and good coordination and dexterity with his mind and his hands.

This aspect in the Vladimir Putin horoscope helps explain his talent for languages, negotiation, propaganda, and politics. It helps him present well in public, use the media to his advantage, and generate respect and a good reputation. It means he has a message to share and it helps him share it effectively and convincingly.

Neptune sextile Midheaven (0°02′) usually gives a gentle and uncombative disposition and an unambitious appearance. But not when Pluto is conjunct Midheaven. In Putin’s case, it has given him aspirations to make a difference in his career. It is helping him achieve his dreams and ideals through his career. But this aspect does subject Putin to more than the average amount of satire and scandal.

A strong intuition gives Putin an inner feeling of confidence that things will work out well. Just as he shares a special spiritual bond with his family members, he feels a spiritual connection to work colleagues, the Russian public, and perhaps even all of humanity. He also has the ability to connect to the ordinary person on the street.


Mars trine Pluto (3°48′) gives a strong will and determination to succeed. It makes Putin courageous and confident, with a powerful charisma and sexual appeal. He can be a very intense person who will fight for social causes and may have prophetic or occult talents.

Vladimir Putin has a strong ego and want’s to be noticed by leaving a mark on the world. He can easily gain the cooperation and help of others because of his leadership qualities. Sex appeal is part of his general attractiveness which makes him a good leader. Importantly, Mars trine Pluto means Vladimir Putin can sustain a prolonged attack until the enemy is totally defeated.

Mars trine Midheaven (5°18′) adds yet more enthusiasm, bravery and self-confidence. He knows who he is and where he is going, and works incredibly hard to succeed. Putin passionately defends his family and Russia with militant inspiration. This aspect focuses his aggression on his leadership of Russia. So starting wars is an ultimate manifestation of this aspect.

Mars trine Midheaven also helps explain his sense of adventure and sex symbols status among Russians. It means he promotes himself with contagious energy and expressive flair. This aspect suits a career in the military, sport, business, and politics. When Putin takes the lead, others will follow.


Jupiter square Pluto (2°58′) gives a tremendous drive to succeed through any obstacle. Putin’s determination to succeed is backed by a strong self-belief and a belief that he is destined to do something special.

Single-mindedness does lead to success, power, and influence but often at a cost. Success often comes with a troubled personal life and a string of broken relationships. Other challenges may involve extreme beliefs, overconfidence, overestimation of resources, criminality, violence, and legal troubles. The economic sanction on Russia and Putin personally is an example of this.

Jupiter square Midheaven (1°27′) gives a wide variety of interests like philosophy, social and cultural issues, religion and spirituality, morality, and ethics. It also gives great enthusiasm which has helped him succeed but it makes him hard to work with.

He can also exaggerate and become obsessive or too extreme. This can lead to arrogance, excessive pride, unpredictable and erratic behavior, addictions, and dramatic life. A lack of moral standards results in controversy and legal problems, especially in business dealings but also in personal relationships.

Putin can go through periods of great success and then suffer big setbacks. He has a highly competitive streak and can make extraordinary comebacks. However, this competitive spirit and a tendency toward taking things too far can lead to extreme rivalries, yet more controversy, and a tendency to overestimate his abilities and resources.

Vladimir Putin Horoscope 2022

The following transits to the Vladimir Putin horoscope are corrected for precession (0°59′ added to natal positions).

Jan 27, 2022 – Saturn trine Sun (1 of 1) from Jan 17 to Feb 03 brought steady progress and big achievements due to extra patience, determination, and a strong sense of duty. It made Putin balanced and focused, and not distracted from his goals and plans.

Feb 25, 2022 – Saturn trine Saturn (1 of 1) from Feb 16 to Mar 06 coincided with Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. He was focused on increasing stability and security. He had greater control over his destiny and he understand what he was doing in the big picture. He was putting to use the knowledge he had gained through years of experience. For Putin, this was a time of achievement, recognition, respect, and more responsibility.

Mar 08, 2022 – Saturn conjunct North Node (1 of 3) from Feb 26 to Mar 17 has made Putin believe he is on the right path. He believes he is taking responsibility for his country in terms of its history and its future. He probably believes he is doing the right thing to honor the memory of his ancestors, especially his relatives who died in WWII.

Mar 18, 2022 – Saturn square Jupiter (1 of 3) from Mar 08 to 28 brings adversity, criticism, restriction, and limiting circumstances. The options for getting out of trouble are diminishing. Structures or long-held beliefs may break down leaving Putin feeling uncertain and unsure about the future. Previous overestimations and overconfidence will prove costly now. Financial hardship and lack of resources are possible. Events may force him to reassess previously held strong beliefs.

Mar 27, 2022 – Uranus opposite Venus (3 of 3) from Mar 04 to Apr 15 usually signals a change or unexpected events in love relationships. But unexpected change and tension can also apply to his finances and values. This could relate to the financial sanctions being imposed. It also makes Putin more likely to take risks that he normally would be too wary of.

Apr 02, 2022 – Saturn trine Neptune (1 of 3) from Mar 22 to Apr 13 brings more optimism, self-confidence, and determination to turn his dreams into reality. But this transit coincides with Saturn opposite Midheaven. So it also gives Putin a realistic understanding of the implications of any recent setbacks.

Apr 02, 2022 – Saturn opposite Midheaven (1 of 3) from Mar 22 to Apr 14 represents changing conditions and the beginning of a significant new phase of life. This transit may hold Putin back from his ambitions. Saturn may be delaying his progress. He probably needs more preparation work and needs to make sure he has the necessary resources and skills to advance and succeed. He needs to focus more energy and take more responsibility closer to home

Apr 21, 2022 – Saturn opposite Pluto (1 of 3) from Apr 08 to May 09 is a serious and demanding time of life. Financial pressure may force Putin to economize or downsize. His ability to make his own choices may be restricted by heavy responsibilities, rules, laws, or institutions and authorities.

Years of hard work may be at stake as powerful outside forces limit his options. This is a test of personal self-mastery. Time is running out to make up for past mistakes. His karmic credit is being tallied and fate will determine the outcome. Abuse of power, controlling or manipulative behavior, violence, or cruelty over recent years would be a reason to feel guilty and also fearful. This transit may manifest enemies, defeats, and losses.

Update April 19: Vladimir Putin’s dream of an easy victory has turned into an unending nightmare. Amid reports of a purge and a potential Kremlin coup, the Russian leader desperately needs a win in the battle for Ukraine’s east. April 19, ABC Australia.

Apr 28, 2022 – Saturn trine Mercury (1 of 3) and:

July 12, 2022 – Saturn Rx trine Mercury (2 of 3) from Apr 13 to July 28 gives a serious frame of mind with good concentration and attention to detail. It is time for making important decisions, and for serious discussions, negotiations, and business dealings. Increased patience and concentration will help Putin devise the best way forward. With common sense and an eye toward practical results, he should listen to his advisors to plan and strategize.

July 20, 2022 – Saturn Rx opposite Pluto (2 of 3) from July 01 to Aug 03

Aug 11, 2022 – Saturn Rx opposite Midheaven (2 of 3) from July 27 to Aug 24

Aug 11, 2022 – Saturn Rx trine Neptune (2 of 3) from July 28 to Aug 24

Aug 30, 2022 – Saturn Rx square Jupiter (2 of 3) from Aug 16 to Sept 15

Sept 17, 2022 – Saturn Rx conjunct North Node (2 of 3) and:

Nov 26, 2022 – Saturn conjunct North Node (3 of 3) from Sep 01 to Dec 11

Dec 13, 2022 – Saturn square Jupiter (3 of 3) from Nov 28 to Dec 24

Dec 29, 2022 – Saturn trine Neptune (3 of 3) from Dec 17 t0 Jan 07

Dec 29, 2022 – Saturn opposite Midheaven (3 of 3) from Dec 18 to Jan 08

Jan 13, 2023 – Saturn opposite Pluto (3 of 3) from Jan 03 to 21

Jan 17, 2023 – Saturn trine Mercury (1 of 3) from Jan 07 to 25

Vladimir Putin Horoscope Summary

Vladimir Putin has Sun conjunct fixed star Algorab which makes him aggressive, greedy, destructive, malevolent, fiendish, repulsive, and an agitator and liar. Pluto conjunct Midheaven gives him immense power and influence. But on a cruel and destructive fixed star, it also makes him a ruthless dictator.

His Mercury Neptune conjunction makes him very intuitive and other areas of his chart point to psychic ability. But Mercury and Neptune on fixed star Arcturus also give a reputation for achieving justice through power, and it makes him belligerent and quarrelsome.

2022 started with encouraging transits to the Vladimir Putin horoscope. These climaxed with transiting Saturn trine Saturn on February 25, 2022, only one day after he invaded Ukraine. But that is now in the past.

Thankfully for the rest of us, he is in for a world of misery for the rest of the year. Starting in mid-March 2022, he has transiting Saturn square Jupiter, opposite Midheaven, and opposite Pluto. Payback time for his ruthless power play.

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  1. Lovely interpretation! Thank you very much for that! I also see a transit Mars conjunct Descendant, and conjunct fixed star Sharatan on July 10-11. Combined with rx Saturn trine Mercury the following day, this could be an important time in the development in the war. Any insight on this?

  2. Wonderful Site. What I would really like to see is as well is a Progressed Relocation Chart.
    Alexander Putin’s chart was frightening. I would like to see the progression and might use my own software.

    PS: you might want a look at Satan’s Astrology Android , and say , it’s billions of zeros, not 9, times a few

    BUT : progressed relocation chart would make a great addition to your site. Best regards

  3. What do you think of Putin’s transit on 2nd of August, 2022?
    Transiting Uranus/Mars on his Jupiter and transiting Venus on his Uranus, and transiting Saturn is eact opp to his Pluto…
    Since the radix Pluto squares radix Jupiter and radix Uranus also has many squares, this should be of some conflicting issues for him…

    • Aug 2/3, ssteroid Jaspers 48435 conjunct the Sun.

      Karl Jaspers basically coined the term Existentialism, from the German ‘Existenzphilosophie’.

      This asteroid is important to the Axial Age chart, which still requires a rectification of Regulus precession to Ascendant, either a transit to the Magi chart or Nine months later, or perhaps some other time only the Pope would know, like Time Zero?

      He (Putin) could try integrating his energies with those around him, Sun sextile Sun. Good time to take stock of accomplishments before the next Sun cycle begins Oct 7. A visit from high religious authorities not just the Church. People love this kind of stuff. Especially these days as Red Queen hypothesis dances more starkly with Court Jester.

    • 3-Aug-2022 022°,43’20 Aquarius Sat 180 Plu
      3-Aug-2022 019°,44’50 Taurus Mars 0 Jup

      There are no transits of Uranus in August 2020 for Putin.

      September will be very difficult for Ukraine.

      Progressieve aspects.

      31-Aug-2022 002°,23’35 Virgo Jup 90 AR11 = arabic part illness

      1-Sep-2022 026°,51’47 Pisces Moon 90 AR10
      5-Sep-2022 010°,06’14 Taurus C–2 120 Ura
      10-Sep-2022 010°,07’20 Taurus C–2 135 Mars
      17-Sep-2022 -04°,17’33 Asc # Ven
      18-Sep-2022 021°,51’50 Virgo Merc 135 mutual C-12
      19-Sep-2022 025°,38’20 Sagittarius MC * ACULEUS (MARS – MOON )
      30-Sep-2022 027°,52’16 Pisces Moon 120 MC

      Vladimir Putin.

      Progressieve aspects.

      7-Sep-2022 023°,10’02 Sagittarius Sun 120 mutual Plu
      13-Sep-2022 028°,53’08 Scorpio Moon * BUNGULA (VENUS – JUP )
      15-Sep-2022 023°,11’15 Sagittarius Sun 60 Merc
      15-Sep-2022 028°,56’04 Scorpio Moon 45 Sun

  4. What a shame… Absolutely disappointed with your narrow-minded interpretation. All this narrative represents nothing else but your personal attitude to the person, influenced by mass media spread in the western world.
    I will reveal you one secret: no one knows even his exact date of birth. But even if you will get the actual date, it woudnt change anything, isnt it? The person will still stay the embodiment of evil on earth.
    I am tired of incompetent astrologers and reviews like this, using blurry definitions full of hate and disgrace, who predicts whos ever leaders death, illnesses and distruction just for their own convenience and pleasure.
    If you are such a good professional, go and look up for the united states and some european countries destiny in the end of 2023 and 2024.

    • It is true Tatiana that with astrology you cannot predict whether someone is going to be evil. Some others born with the same time/influences could not all be evil. To be evil is perhaps a personal choice. In Putin’s case you could say that he has been incredibly stupid, as well as evil. He could have achieved so much more for hinself and for Russia had he not been stupid and evil.

    • Totally agree with your comment. Astrologers weaponize a natal chart to fit with their bias. Putin is despised by the west as he speaks up against the NWO. He went into Ukraine to destroy the deadly biolabs & to de-nazify. The fake news supports nazis & the corrupt Zelensky regime which is a totalitarian gov’t. Putin is a Godly Patriot but they won’t tell you anything good about him in the west. They are brainwashed zombies bowing to Klaus Schwab. Now, he’s truly evil.

  5. Tatiana, since you claim that Putins birthday is incorrect, do you know his correct birthday?….can you share his correct birthday?

  6. Complete rubbish. Another brainwashed astrologer bowing to the NWO narrative of ‘bad Putin’.
    Putin is a brilliant strategist, a great Patriot & that’s why he has such high approval ratings in his country.
    He protects Mother Russian from NATO who want to destroy the country as it doesn’t bow or kneel to them.
    Putin calls the globalists ‘satanists’ & he’s right. We are in a fight of good v evil & Putin is winning as God on his side.

    • Well, interpret his chart, and let’s read your interpretation, that’s all…

    • Oh yes, such a godly patriot, this KGB agent who merrily kills his political opponents or imprisons them on spurious charges and directs his military to commit the vilest atrocities against innocent civilians, the better to cow them into submission. You’re correct that it’s not just Putin, though he’s certainly prominent among the evil. But it’s all those with too much money and too much power, all whose power has corrupted them into desiring only more power, more money, more control—and all those who bow at their feet and grovel to do their bidding. The oligarchs of the world are laying waste to it. Sociopathic narcissists one and all, no matter where on the planet they call home.

    • Oh, and this “God” of whom you speak is the biggest sociopathic narcissist of all, which I suppose was inevitable given that he was invented for the purpose of controlling the populace—the most successful con job ever pulled.

      Seriously, read the creation story; dude makes a pair of mini-me’s (“in his own image”) and wants them dumb and “innocent” but intentionally also creates a sneaky serpent and a “tree of the knowledge of good and evil,” thereby putting temptation right in his beloved creatures’ path, the Bluebeard of gods: Oh, here’s everything you could possibly want, just don’t eat this one fruit (or open this one door). Right. And when they of COURSE fail his nasty little test, they suffer the same fate as all of Bluebeard’s wives: death. Permanent banishment. How very kind. How very loving. Just like the very best father would do…not. Dude needed a host of heavenly angels, for what? To hang around adoring him apparently. Humans also of course are supposed to pray and obey, make any sacrifices he demands (even up to and including one’s own child, unless god decides to relent at the last minute: see Abraham and Isaac). One angel gets a little uppity, so god casts him out and makes him Enemy Number One forever and ever amen, which conveniently gives god a fun way to get his sadistic jollies out of wrecking the life of even his most devoted followers: see Job—because God made everything so he doesn’t owe anyone anything.

      Bottom line: This “God” of whom you speak is a deplorable cult leader with an addiction to power and a twisted moral code so yeah, I can see him being on Putin’s side.

      • Wow, so you see that God and the Devil are the same thing. I saw that too at 7 years old. Religion has a being that is very vindictive and nasty as some benevolent loving being is very twisted. I too am not impressed with God either. American Presidents are every bit as deadly, selfish and manipulating. Most leaders of the world are. Not one world leader doesn’t have blood on their hands ..that power is paid for by others dying and killing for money, oil, resources. It’s a very sick game played in this world, with a God leading the way.

  7. 24 August 2022: Ukraine independents day.

    Vladimir Putin.


    24-Aug-2022 002°,09’09 Gemini Mars 135 C-12
    24-Aug-2022 021°,10’12 Aquarius Sat 120 Nep
    24-Aug-2022 002°,27’51 Gemini Mars 135 Sat

  8. No-one is denying that Putin is extremely popular within Russia, or at least certain circles of Russian society. After all, he has improved many Russians’ living standards immensely. He has made Russia a country that cannot be ignored. I suspect he has given many Russians a sense of self-respect after the embarrassment of the Yeltsin years. But, he has does have a problem with democracy. He really does not think it a good idea, and he does have a problem with allowing people freely to express their own opinions. If you want to live in a country where it is unsafe to express your own opinions, that’s fine. It is not how I would wish to live, and most of us in the West like the fact that we can disagree with our governments without being locked up or tortured.
    Putin is a very smart guy, but he is not a person whom one would ever trust. His word is not his bond. You can admire his political skills, but you would not hold him a role-model of decency, integrity and fair dealing. Even to suggest such a thing to him would excite his contempt. He respects power and force, and winning. This is fine while he is winning. But there is more to life than winning. It is winning well, and leaving a lasting and honourable legacy that really makes the difference. Honourable? Little evidence of this so far.
    A common problem for dictators or autocrats (and this can be seen in history over and over again) is that they can usually get their own way for a long while, and even in their way do some good, but over time, their judgement fails, particularly when it becomes dangerous for anyone to disagree with them. Invading Ukraine may or may not have been a failure of judgement – it is perhaps too early to say – but even the most ardent of Russian patriots could not say it has been a total success. A lot of young men have died, and a lot of destruction has taken place, to achieve not very much. Nor do young Russian men appear to be very keen to go to fight for their country – given that the army appears to be reduced to recruiting convicts in the absence of volunteers.
    Some politicians aspire to make their countrymen happier and more prosperous. I think Putin used to do that. Now he aspires to be another Peter the Great or Ivan the Terrible. Perhaps this is Pluto on the midheaven. But when Pluto on the midheaven is hit by severe enough transits, down everything will fall.

    • This is a very accurate statement so far. Putin is a mixed bag and not entirely the demonized presence that is hammered into the media in the West every chance they get. American Presidents haven’t done a great job either, and really need to quit butting into everyone’s business in the rest of the world. Ukraine has been in a civil war for over 9 years now, and we only heard about it when Putin jumped in. No one cared before that. Your points are right on, and the interpretation thus far. Thank you for this!

    • Well I agree with nearly everything you say except the comment that it is too early to say whether Putin has made an error of judgement. It was clear in the first week of the invasion that he had made an error of judgement. both of his own Russian army capabilities and of the people of Ukraine. The errors of judgement come from a mercury neptune conjunction in his chart (delusional and deceitful) and a sun saturn cojunction where calculation can obscure the spirit. Like you say, the saturn influence can bring order and stability for a while but it inevitably starts to get too restrictive and controlling. And then can become cruel and murderous. Putin’s errors of judgement date back to when he started having his opponents murdered, for that would mean he would never be trusted. A country like Ukraine (maybe the original heart of Russia) would never accede to a murderous despot. Whereas if Putin had been a nice trustworthy guy a peaceful (re)union of sorts may have been possible!

  9. You write so much rubbish, typical, Russian Nationalist….you are just like the Cubans….they hate America and yet, don’t want to go back to Cuba……why is it there so many Russians living in the USA….I wonder why?

  10. I was hoping that Mikael would respond to Gerzan’s challenge and let us see his own interpretation of Putin’s chart, and let us see what in particular Mikael thinks in astrological terms justifies his assertion that God is on Putin’s side. It is true that there are doubts about the date for Putin’s birth , but on the assumption that the chart with Venus in Scorpio rising and Pluto on the Midheaven is correct, I think we can all agree that over the next two years there will be some encouraging transits to Putin’s charts, but also some that are less so. I should be very interested to see what Mikael makes of them. If Mikael is so sure about Putin’s abilities, divine or otherwise, surely he should want to share the evidence for these abilities, and the astrological indicators for Putin’s ultimate success, with us?

    I would like to think that this is a fair-minded chat-room. If Mikael’s observations are well-made and evidenced, I think those of us in the West would accept them even if we did not like what they might mean.

    Over to you, Mikael!

    • Dweller, he is just sympathizer, if you don’t know the Art of Astrology, just read and try understand it, possibly learn from it and don’t start trashing the man.
      Mikael just a sympathizer…that’s all…a Putin wanna be….

  11. Putin Says Russia Has Not Lost Anything Over Actions in Ukraine.
    Sept. 7, 2022, at 3:01 a.m.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech at the plenary session of the 2022 Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in Vladivostok, Russia September 7, 2022.
    VLADIVOSTOK, Russia (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that Russia had not lost anything as a result of its military campaign in Ukraine.
    Speaking at an economic forum in Vladivostok, he said all Russia’s actions were designed to strengthen Russia’s sovereignty and were aimed at “helping people” living in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine.

    Vladimir Putin.

    7-Sep-2022 023°,10’02 Sagittarius Sun 120 mutual Plu


    7-Sep-2022 010°,09’57 Gemini Mars 45 AR12

    AR12 = arabic part acknowledgement.

  12. Putin and Xi meet according to the Russian news agency TASS at a summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SSO). It will be held on 15 and 16 September in Samarkand. The SSO consists of China, Russia, India, Pakistan and a number of Central Asian countries.

    Vladimir Putin.

    15-Sep-2022 023°,11’15 Sagittarius Sun 60 Merc
    15-Sep-2022 028°,56’04 Scorpio Moon 45 Sun

    Xi Jinping.


    15-Sep-2022 024°,04’24 Pisces Nep 90 Sun
    15-Sep-2022 +21°,26’04 Mars # C-12

    17-Sep-2022 019°,37’43 Aquarius Sat 30 Chiron
    17-Sep-2022 014°,44’56 Gemini Mars 90 C–3
    17-Sep-2022 +17°,01’27 Ura # Pars

  13. MOSCOW (ANP/AFP/BLOOMBERG) September 7, 2022 – The ruling United Russia party has proposed holding referendums on November 4 in Ukrainian territories occupied by the Russian army, with the aim of annexing them. “Donetsk, Luhansk and many other Russian cities will finally return to their home port,” said party chief Andrei Tursjak. “It would be right and symbolic” to hold the votes on November 4, Russia’s Day of National Unity,” says the secretary-general of the party that stands behind President Vladimir Putin. That day unites “us all in the space of the Russian “us all in the space of the Russian world,” he says on the party’s website.

    Vladimir Putin.

    7-Sep-2022 023°,10’02 Sagittarius Sun 120 mutual Plu


    7-Sep-2022 010°,09’57 Gemini Mars 45 AR12

    AR12 = arabic part acknowledgement.

    No significant aspects for 4 November next.

  14. Xi Jinping arrived in Samarkan.


    14-Sep-2022 005°,18’58 Aries Jup 60 Drac

    14-Sep-2022 026°,14’56 Capricorn Plu 45 AR08
    AR08 = arabic part of honour.

  15. Putin the Russian butcher, deceiver and mad man had Tuesday September 20: transit Uranus square his natal Draconis.

  16. Feb 19, 2022 Zelensky said he wanted Ukraine to become a nuclear nation.
    Feb 19, 2022 Kamala Harris representing the United State said at the Munich Security Conference “Ukraine should join NATO.”
    That is Putins redline.
    Ukraine is the flatlands and these lands historically is the road to Russian invasion.
    Putin Feb 22, 2022 (At USA Pluto Return exact) “I’m goin’ in”.
    The West lured Russia into Ukraine.
    Leftists project everything they are doing onto Putin.
    It is absolute mental illness from the “men can be pregnant” crowd.

    • My take too. West is always poking the bear with Russia. I am not a news media sucker. I look past it. Astrology wise, if looked at from a neutral point, Putin is coming in to a golden age. Bumps are always happening, and Putin is not a stupid man, or innocent, but nothing is what the Western public are spoonfed. I am not surprised at the maneuvers Europe is doing to avoid using the Russian resources. It will fail, and Putin will win. He plays the long game.

      • You are confusing Putin with Russia. In some ways Putin fits well as a representative of Russia, as they both have Sum conjunction Saturn in Libra. But Putin has his own power obsessed agenda and also the stupidity of being aggressive. It is not in Russia’s chart to be aggressive, which is exactly why Putin has lied about what he is doing, to make it sound like it is not a war but a special operation and also to sound like It is a defence rather than an invasion. So Putin is essentially an imposter rather than a true leader for Russia. Putin has ruled by means of corruption and that influence had been quite wide, which is why I am not surprised to see comments apparently praising him and saying he is smart etc.

        • If Putin was a true warmonger, WWIII would have already happened. Power does corrupt, absolutely….the greatest super power being America who used actual Nazis for our space program. I am sure you overlook American corruption as just an minor oversight. Putin and Russia are wanting to be left alone, which America and Western agendas just cannot allow. As an American, I am appalled at how we start wars, and cause problems for other countries resources because we covet everything. Greed needs to stop with us, and the need for defense against us won’t be so great and desperate. Putin does have his issues, no doubt. He hasn’t forgotten 1991, and the hell of a country starting over. I hope we remember that when the west fails too. Take lessons from Russia, and not be so arrogant and accusing when we are down and out.

          • “If Putin was a true warmonger”.. Well actually he would be doing exactly what he is doing now and has done so far. He is a creep so his way of doing things is to do it creepily. Firstly building up an army on the border of Ukraine and lying to the world and even his own army, saying there was no intention to invade. Then of course actually committing genocide against civilians, while using the threat of nuclear war if opposed. Now that he appears to be failing in his plans, perhaps purposefully, that will give him his self-deluding excuse to start that nuclear war, which he has been itching to do. He clearly enjoys killing, and so uses all kinds of excuses to make that sound justifiable. He has his bunker fully prepared and anticipates emerging victorious, though what he will have won is a world destroyed and full of enemies to him.
            The 1991 break up of Russia was a great time for freedom and a natural development for a country too large in land mass to be ruled over by one regime. It is possible that Ukraine and the others could have re-united with Russia, after all they share friends and families. But the easiest way to do that, and the only right/intelligent way would have been through friendly agreement. No reason why that could not have happened. Unfortunately Putin has the stupidity of schoolyard thug and can only think of using force, fear deception and corruption to achieve something, which means he will never actually achieve a peaceful prosperous union with Ukraine now. That possibility is history. Astrologically Ukraine is Sun Saturn in Taurus and Mars in Capricorn. That would be a practical business-like nature, somewhat placid. However there is probably no more strongly resistant nature and the mars in capricorn is exalted, meaning they will not be defeated.
            I can see that from the American perspective, where the genocide is not on your doorstep, and where you have had a time under the presidency of one of the biggest crooks in American history, that your vision might be a bit skewed. Nor am I saying that every other leader in the world is not a selfish megalomaniac, but this tactic of ‘whataboutery’ does not justify Putin and the immense suffering he is causing.
            I think those who support him are guilty of hero worshipping without regard for the millions he is hurting, the tragedies he is creating, the women and children who have been murdered on account of him.

          • Consider Putin’s plan now – to hold referenda in Ukraine – to try to create a legal basis for using nuclear weapons in defense of Russia’s ‘new territories’. Of course Putin has no legal right to hold a referendum in Ukraine. But what will the outcome be? Civilians against the invasion will have been caused to flee their homes or otherwise murdered, and those remaining terrorised into voting for Putin. That gives him some chance of winning these referenda. But even if he loses he will say that the few that voted for him are a persecuted minority that he must defend. So the idea of these illegal referenda is just to set up a false justification for the continuation of the murderous invasion.

  17. From what you’re saying and the aspects it looks like Putin’s motivation was jealousy (Venus in Scorpio). Of course he is also a small (minded) man in charge of a huge country so he is likely intoxicated with power and paranoid about his position. This makes him act in devious ways (mercury Neptune conjunction) to maintain his power. Narcissus conjunct the Venus means he cannot admit to the stupidity of his action in Ukraine. But the national/ revolutionary character of Russia will turn against him at some point. He knows that, which is why he has to lie to them about what is going on.

  18. Ecclesiastes 3:1-22

    A Time for Everything

    3 For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:

    2 a time to be born, and a time to die;
    a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted;

    3 a time to kill, and a time to heal;
    a time to break down, and a time to build up;

    4 a time to weep, and a time to laugh;
    a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

    5 a time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together;
    a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;

    6 a time to seek, and a time to lose;
    a time to keep, and a time to cast away;

    7 a time to tear, and a time to sew;
    a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;

    8 a time to love, and a time to hate;
    a time for war, and a time for peace.


  19. Sweet little poem, but if there ever was a time for war and for killing, it is not today, as the Indian leader told Putin, this is not a time for wars. That belongs to the past, for men who had the minds of aggressive baboons. I’m not saying Putin looks a bit like an aggressive baboon when angry… but he has the mind of one.

  20. One can see why, for Americans more than others, it might be difficult to condemn Putin’s genocidal invasion of Ukraine, since America itself was founded on a relatively recent genocidal invasion. Russia, with its sun conjunction Saturn (exact) in Libra influence, is the nation that sees itself as the balance to America’s power. They may use the Libran argument “if they can do that then we should be allowed to do this”. Hence the cold war relationship (Saturn influence). But Putin, also sun conjunction Saturn in Libra, has Venus weak in Scorpio conjunct Narcissus and in the first house of ego/self. So the Libran balance is lost and the exalted Saturn crushes the spirit of the sun, that falls in Libra.

  21. Adolf Putin has on last referendum day Tuesday September 27 next:


    27-Sep-2022 003°,37’06 Aries Jup 45 Drac

    What do you think?

    Will the referendum be successful?

    On May 31 last the same transit.

  22. Ukraine.


    27-Sep-2022 003°,52’53 Libra Sun 60 Chiron
    27-Sep-2022 018°,52’53 Gemini Mars 45 Chiron

  23. Russia.

    Progressive aspects.

    27-Sep-2022 012°,16’22 Capricorn C–5 * PELAGUS (JUP – MERC )
    28-Sep-2022 006°,54’03 Libra Moon 45 Plu
    29-Sep-2022 015°,05’11 Leo C-12 60 C-11

    3-Oct-2022 007°,05’36 Libra Moon 0 AR11

    Anniversary Adolf Putin on October 7.

    7-Oct-2022 +16°,18’22 C-12 # Ven
    18-Oct-2022 007°,40’05 Libra Moon 45 mutual Plu


    28-Sep-2022 003°,25’07 Aries Jup 90 Sun
    28-Sep-2022 018°,25’07 Taurus Ura 135 Sun
    29-Sep-2022 023°,40’24 Pisces Nep 135 Chiron

    What do you think?

    Has Russia won a prize in the lottery?

  24. Horoscope Russia 25 December 1991, Moscow.

    Rectified birth time : 21h,19m37s0

    Russia has Pars Frt in 21 degrees Aries in Ninth House, which is conjunct USA Chiron in 21 degrees Aries.

    Adolf Hitler has Descendant in 21 degrees Aries.

    Sabian symbol:


    KEYNOTE: The release and glorification of social aggressiveness.

    Here we find potency glorified as muscular strength and will-to-power. Because it is potency operating at a harshly competitive level, it can and often does imply the possibility of defeat or disfiguration. In one sense the symbol translates into social terms the primordial struggle for survival of the fittest, adding to it an eagerness for social fame and social power (i.e. money). In another sense, the ring with two fighters in it can be referred to the Tai Chi symbol and the interplay between Yang and Yin. Each of the two types of energy wins in turn. Victory is always temporary in a dualistic world.

    This is the first stage of the fifth five-fold sequence of cyclic phases. Potency and the two-fold possibilities inherent in any release of power are seen operating at the socio-cultural and emotional level. The symbol reveals man’s deeply rooted feeling of admiration and envy for whoever can generate OVERWHELMING POWER.

  25. Reverse that as fighting against America to whom the rest of the world admires and fears. Russia repelled the hostile takeover by America. Right now America is in her Pluto Return… Truths of her past, good and especially bad will be revealed. America is to blame for the rise of Putin. Look at a Davison chart of America and Russia. .

    • You seem to be spouting Putin’s propaganda as many are paid to do. All the same the “it’s some other persons fault that the invasion/ murder /rape is happening” are the words of the stupid or weak minded and immoral. Putin’s Venus in Scorpio rising can have magnetic power over people combined with hatefulness and immorality.

      • I am not a paid troll. I just don’t automatically fall for American propaganda. I have a friend in Ukraine, for years, long before the war. He considered himself Russian, because Russia was better. Ukraine, unknown to those following Western media, is run by neo Nazi gangs and drug Lords. The weapons are given to the drug Lords. So the killings of citizens are not by Russians, but the Ukraine neo Nazi drug Lords…bet you have no idea. I ask people there, not the media. There was a civil war for 7 years before the war. I saw Putin begging for help on Russian news, and sites that more unbiased, years before the war. I saw it, on Al Jezeera. America news gets things wrong, alot. You are spewing American propaganda. I go by multiple sources, the best information is having friends in the places mentioned. Do you have any friends in Ukraine? If not, you don’t really know enough to make a judgement. Is Russia corrupt, yes. Is America corrupt, yes. In this case, America is funding the wrong side in war…Ukraine citizens are not getting help. We need real unbiased news. Russian or American lies are no good. Astrology wise, Putin has his Sun in Algarab the crow. Tricky and vindictive. I noticed fewer news on Ukraine because Putin is winning.

  26. You may not be paid by Putin but your Ukrainian friend clearly is and you are his gullible believer. I have a Ukrainian friend who does business with Russia so has the best perspective. If Putin ever wins this war what will he have won? A country that he has destroyed that he now has to rebuild. A people who will forever be the enemy of Russia and a Russia itself that will be hugely divided due to the impossibility of Putin maintaining his lie about what he has done. Russia will break up because of that. And that is the best possible scenario for Putin. The worse scenario is that this pathetic little man intoxicated with all that power will start world war due to his total stupidity and of course listening to the likes of you who effectively support him in being traitors to your own country.

  27. You are so right…..he gains nothing, and he will be remembered as a little pathetic piece of crap, just like his compadre Stalin, that killed millions of his Russian citizens.

  28. Russia’s exact sun Saturn conjunction in Libra should mean that it’s a nation strictly dedicated to peace, diplomacy, rationality, fairness, equality, democracy, patience, partnership and cooperation. So this war in Ukraine is an astrological aberration. We can see it comes from Putin’s influence, that has pulled things off balance. Namely his Venus rising in Scorpio conjunct Narcissus and nemesis in the first house of self/ego. That coupled with his own sun Saturn conjunction in Libra and a mercury conjunction Neptune on Spica (all in the 12th house) means he can be a talented and gifted (self-undoing) deceiver in his representation as a leader of Russia. But with his latest act of ‘partial mobilisation’ his mask is slipping and there is hope. Firstly the lie that this is not a war but a special military operation (that the citizens of Russia need not be concerned about) is broken. Secondly the enforced conscription (of many from remote or autonomous parts of Russia) is being met with resistance, increasing division within Russia and even cracks that could lead to the break up of Russia itself.Putin thinks that by bulking up the Russian army he should be able to bully his way to a victory in Ukraine (and from his words about the USSR he would then move on to the others). However that addition of enforced conscripts to a demoralised army (and the exchange of stories between them) may lead to a big unified force no longer willing to fight Putin’s murderous war. It could tip the scales towards them en masse surrendering or perhaps (with Ukraine’s approval) heading back to Russia to bring down Putin. This could happen peacefully when Putin is disobeyed/has no power left to command anyone, so it won’t need to be a coup. We can then hope that Russia will reform in its true nature, as a country strictly dedicated to peace (like Germany had to, following World War II). In accordance with that, Russia may also give up nuclear weapons, as under Putin they were not used as a war deterrent but as a war enabler, backed up by a terroristic threat. A peacefully determined reformed Russia, without nukes, would then encourage and oblige the rest of the world to nuclear disarm. And it will have been established, in today’s world, that the gaining of territory by force will not ultimately succeed or achieve anything. As an agent for peace, Russia could then lead the world as a diplomat, partner, peace and calm bringer for all. That would be in its true (sun saturn in Libra) nature.

  29. Putin is a very strange individual by most people’s standards. He is gifted, shrewd, loyal, resourceful, astute, and at least until recently, good at making himself popular. He is also acquisitive, vindictive, paranoid, deceitful, autocratic and willing to live a very odd life, locked up in his bunker with his security-guards, food-tasters, few friends, and no wives or children present (as far as we know). For a man who professed to enjoy outdoor sports such as fishing and riding, what sort of life is that? It sounds grim. Not only does his life contain few pleasures, he must know perfectly well that things are not going well for him in Ukraine, that persistent lying breeds distrust, and that conscription is proving very unpopular. It must be infuriating to have such unreliable troops. For a man used to getting his own way, it must be vexing to find that he doesn’t get what he wants. On top of that, he may not be feeling particularly well (pains in his abdomen, allegedly) though this has not been verified.

    Unlike the rest of us when approaching the age of 70, he has a whole country and its resources to play with. There are few people willing to tell him what he should or should not do, though the fact that he has not so far flattened the beautiful city of Kyiv or launched a nuclear strike suggests that he knows that there may be consequences arising from his actions. Neighbouring Scandinavian countries described him, as they applied for NATO, as unpredictable and unreliable. He is an old man in a hurry. He is betting the ranch on conquering Ukraine. Unlike the rest of us, he may not get a second chance. It’s glory or bust, and at the moment, it doesn’t seem to be glory.

    Do you think he enjoys his current life? Does he spring out of bed in the morning with a bright smile on his face?

    Many people have suggested, and I think they are probably right, that he is a psychopath, and not the first one to be in charge of Russia. The word “psychopath” covers a wide range of anti-social and heartless behaviour, but I think few of his most ardent supporters would say that he was warm and cuddly, or that he had much time for others’ views. Not his style at all. He is a man who gets his retaliation in first. He is a man who enjoys intimidating others or keeping them waiting. It’s not the point to say that certain other rulers, or ex-Presidents, are no better: the point is that Putin is in charge of a huge country and in a position to cause a great deal of sorrow to many people. So far, causing this sorrow does not, apparently, seem to trouble him. He lacks empathy. I am sure he knows what empathy is. He just doesn’t have it himself, or if he did, he got rid of it; and frankly, if you want to be an authoritarian dictator, not having empathy is probably quite a good trait to have.

    The major outer planet transits to his chart over the next two years are going to prove frustrating for him. It will be fascinating to see what will happen. What is so sad is that in the process, to satisfy one man’s pipe-dream, there will be much destruction, loss of life, environmental degradation, economic impoverishment, pain, grief and butchery. Even if Russia wins, which does not look likely, ruling Ukraine may prove a lot harder than smashing it up. Whether it wins or not, Russia will for long be seen as a country of uncouth, drunk, mendacious barbarians, not fit to sit round the tables of civilised nations. Of course not all Russians are like that, but that is what their image will be. No wonder young Russians, appalled by the behaviour of the gerontocrats running their country, want to leave. It is all so sad, so pointless and so unnecessary.

      • Putin Religious?
        Well we know that Putin is a liar (and the capability of lying is in his chart (mercury conjunct neptune)).
        According to the Bible, and so many other religious texts, it is the ones who lie/pretend to be religious and deceive (themselves and others) that they are the servants of God… those are the ones not to choose. Putin himself ironically issued a decree 666 that effectively said Russia could ignore climate goals.
        Unscrupulous leaders often use (hijack) religion for the extra power it gives them over people and for feeling justified in whatever the hell they choose to do. Some psychopaths do the same.

        • Keep the blinkers on Starkers.

          Who are the false prophets who back ukraine.

          Zelensky is 666.

          and all the other puppeteers of the 666 capitalist/slavery system.

          Beware of wolves in sheep clothing.

          Read less,disconnect and read the bible.


          God Speed.

    • It is hypocritical to say on the one hand “disconnect from everything” but then go and spout fringe occult conspiracy theory on social media (“zelensky is 666” give me a break).

      I will say one thing, disconnecting at least partially is very wise. I saw a fake video of Zelensky bring peddled around, you could tell it was deepfake but that’s not going to be the case going forward. We won’t be able to rely on what we see with it own eyes for evidence of reality. The age of Neptune in Pisces brings us total confusion and we’re wise to turn within.

  30. Progressive aspects Vladimir Putin.

    7-Okt-2022 029°,43’05 Scorpio Maan 0 C–2
    14-Okt-2022 000°,00’00 Boogsch. Maan Nw

    12-Nov-2022 023°,21’04 Boogsch. Zon * LESATH (MERC – MARS )
    17-Nov-2022 005°,28’54 Waterman Ven 120 AR04
    26-Nov-2022 001°,38’30 Boogsch. Maan * YED PRIOR (SAT – VENUS )

    4-Dec-2022 001°,54’40 Boogsch. Maan * ISIDIS (MARS – SAT )
    10-Dec-2022 002°,09’09 Boogsch. Maan 45 C-12
    11-Dec-2022 023°,25’48 Boogsch. Zon 60 OND Nep
    17-Dec-2022 002°,25’50 Boogsch. Merc 135 OND Ura
    17-Dec-2022 002°,25’50 Boogsch. Maan 135 OND Ura
    17-Dec-2022 002°,25’55 Boogsch. Maan 0 OND Merc
    18-Dec-2022 002°,27’51 Boogsch. Maan 45 Sat
    20-Dec-2022 002°,31’46 Boogsch. Maan * GRAFFIAS (MARS – SAT )
    28-Dec-2022 023°,28’41 Boogsch. Zon 90 AR06
    29-Dec-2022 -25°,19’59 Maan // Mars
    30-Dec-2022 002°,54’29 Boogsch. Maan 180 Maan

    2-Jan-2023 002°,27’51 Boogsch. Merc 45 Sat
    7-Jan-2023 003°,11’55 Boogsch. Maan 30 Asc
    12-Jan-2023 003°,23’56 Boogsch. Maan 135 Ura
    14-Jan-2023 011°,42’52 Stier Jup 180 Ven
    26-Jan-2023 005°,42’36 Waterman Ven 60 OND C-12

    2-Feb-2023 002°,31’46 Boogsch. Merc * GRAFFIAS (MARS – SAT )
    3-Feb-2023 004°,15’16 Boogsch. Maan 30 OND MC
    6-Feb-2023 002°,54’29 Ram C–3 60 Maan
    16-Feb-2023 005°,28’54 Waterman C–2 120 AR04
    23-Feb-2023 -25°,37’45 Maan # Maan
    26-Feb-2023 022°,43’20 Scorpio C-11 90 Plu

    8-Mrt-2023 005°,28’54 Boogsch. Maan 180 AR04
    10-Mrt-2023 005°,34’37 Boogsch. Maan 60 OND C–2
    16-Mrt-2023 005°,48’25 Boogsch. Maan 0 OND C-12
    18-Mrt-2023 005°,52’31 Boogsch. Maan 60 OND Ven
    26-Mrt-2023 006°,10’12 Boogsch. Maan 45 Nep

    18-Apr-2023 007°,03’05 Boogsch. Maan 30 C–3
    19-Apr-2023 007°,05’36 Boogsch. Maan 30 Chei
    21-Apr-2023 003°,11’55 Ram C–3 150 Asc

    4-Mei-2023 018°,23’56 Waterman Mars 150 Ura
    18-Mei-2023 008°,11’15 Boogsch. Maan 45 Merc
    25-Mei-2023 008°,26’24 Boogsch. Maan 45 OND Nep
    28-Mei-2023 008°,34’07 Boogsch. Maan * HAN (SAT – VENUS )

    9-Jun-2023 009°,00’42 Boogsch. Maan 180 AR08
    11-Jun-2023 009°,06’05 Boogsch. Maan * ANTARES (MARS – JUP )
    13-Jun-2023 005°,58’57 Boogsch. C-12 60 OND C–2

    8-Jul-2023 010°,06’16 Boogsch. Maan 45 OND Sat
    9-Jul-2023 010°,09’57 Boogsch. Maan 135 AR12
    25-Jul-2023 018°,34’22 Waterman Mars 45 OND C–3

    3-Aug-2023 002°,54’29 Boogsch. Merc 180 Maan
    6-Aug-2023 003°,37’06 Ram C–3 45 Drac
    8-Aug-2023 011°,18’00 Boogsch. Maan * RASTABAN (SAT – VENUS )
    16-Aug-2023 018°,37’06 Waterman Mars 0 Drac
    18-Aug-2023 011°,40’24 Boogsch. Maan 150 OND Jup
    19-Aug-2023 011°,42’52 Boogsch. Maan 30 Ven
    22-Aug-2023 024°,08’16 Boogsch. Zon 120 AR11
    30-Aug-2023 012°,07’31 Boogsch. Maan 150 ZwZn
    31-Aug-2023 023°,08’06 Scorpio C-11 * AGENA (VENUS – JUP )

    11-Sep-2023 023°,09’26 Leeuw Plu 90 OND C-11
    17-Sep-2023 006°,10’12 Boogsch. C-12 45 Nep
    17-Sep-2023 -16°,24’20 Mars # Jup
    20-Sep-2023 012°,55’10 Boogsch. Maan 180 AR05
    24-Sep-2023 023°,11’15 Scorpio C-11 30 Merc

    16-Okt-2023 013°,56’04 Boogsch. Maan 60 Zon
    19-Okt-2023 017°,09’09 Boogsch. Asc 60 C-12
    29-Okt-2023 006°,34’12 Leeuw C–8 * PRAESAEPE (MARS – MAAN )

    4-Nov-2023 014°,40’18 Boogsch. Maan 60 AR07
    10-Nov-2023 -16°,22’06 Mars // OND Drac
    10-Nov-2023 014°,54’25 Boogsch. Maan 60 OND Drac
    23-Nov-2023 -18°,36’27 C-11 // OND C–2
    28-Nov-2023 006°,42’09 Waterman Ven 0 OND C–2

    4-Dec-2023 006°,43’42 Waterman C–2 90 AR01
    6-Dec-2023 006°,43’42 Waterman Ven 90 AR01
    13-Dec-2023 003°,11’55 Boogsch. Merc 30 Asc
    21-Dec-2023 024°,28’33 Boogsch. Zon 90 C-11
    25-Dec-2023 004°,10’21 Weegsch. C–9 * ZANIAH (MERC – VENUS )

  31. Russia 1991 progressive aspects.

    3-Okt-2022 007°,05’36 Weegsch. Maan 0 AR11
    7-Okt-2022 +16°,18’22 C-12 # Ven
    18-Okt-2022 007°,40’05 Weegsch. Maan 45 OND Plu
    24-Okt-2022 007°,54’03 Weegsch. Maan 45 Ven
    29-Okt-2022 008°,04’57 Weegsch. Maan 30 C–2

    2-Nov-2022 -08°,04'09 Maan # Pars
    9-Nov-2022 000°,31'41 Weegsch. C--2 180 AR04
    10-Nov-2022 008°,33'26 Weegsch. Maan 90 OND Drac
    12-Nov-2022 008°,36'36 Weegsch. Maan 120 OND Sat
    13-Nov-2022 008°,40'24 Weegsch. Maan 60 Chei
    27-Nov-2022 +07°,36'33 Jup // OND Asc

    2-Dec-2022 -08°,32'21 Maan # C--2
    5-Dec-2022 009°,29'43 Weegsch. Maan 60 AR03
    8-Dec-2022 003°,56'02 Waterman Zon * DABIH (SAT - VENUS )
    13-Dec-2022 015°,05'11 Steenbok Ura 150 C-11
    13-Dec-2022 009°,49'45 Weegsch. Maan * VINDEMIATRIX (SAT - MERC )
    19-Dec-2022 010°,01'51 Weegsch. Maan * CAPHIR (MERC - VENUS )
    22-Dec-2022 010°,08'21 Weegsch. Maan 90 Drac
    25-Dec-2022 011°,26'40 Steenbok Mars 30 Merc

    4-Jan-2023 010°,37'27 Weegsch. Maan 30 OND Asc
    16-Jan-2023 021°,54'03 Steenbok Merc 60 Plu
    26-Jan-2023 011°,26'40 Weegsch. Maan 60 Merc
    27-Jan-2023 011°,30'49 Weegsch. Maan 90 OND Mars

    1-Feb-2023 002°,57'57 Tweeling MC 90 Maan
    2-Feb-2023 029°,25'48 Boogsch. Ven 60 AR12
    26-Feb-2023 -23°,03'12 Merc // Drac
    27-Feb-2023 012°,37'49 Weegsch. Maan 90 OND C-11

    1-Mrt-2023 012°,38'13 Kreeft C-11 60 AR05
    3-Mrt-2023 012°,47'58 Weegsch. Maan 90 ZwZn
    12-Mrt-2023 004°,11'48 Waterman Zon 45 Mars
    16-Mrt-2023 003°,04'32 Boogsch. IC * GRAFFIAS (MARS - SAT )
    17-Mrt-2023 013°,18'53 Weegsch. Maan 90 Ura
    18-Mrt-2023 013°,20'21 Weegsch. Maan * ALGORAB (MARS - SAT )
    25-Mrt-2023 013°,37'35 Weegsch. Maan 30 OND Jup

    5-Apr-2023 029°,38'24 Boogsch. Ven * SINISTRA (SAT - VENUS )
    20-Apr-2023 014°,35'11 Weegsch. Maan 30 Jup
    20-Apr-2023 014°,35'40 Weegsch. Maan 45 AR06

    3-Mei-2023 -10°,41'08 Maan // OND C--3
    4-Mei-2023 015°,05'11 Weegsch. Maan 120 C-11
    4-Mei-2023 015°,06'32 Weegsch. Maan 90 OND Ura
    6-Mei-2023 015°,31'41 Leeuw C-12 135 AR04
    10-Mei-2023 012°,47'58 Kreeft C-11 0 ZwZn
    16-Mei-2023 015°,32'51 Weegsch. Maan 60 OND C-12
    25-Mei-2023 008°,40'24 Waterman Sat 180 Chei
    28-Mei-2023 015°,59'15 Weegsch. Maan 90 Nep

    2-Jun-2023 016°,10'51 Weegsch. Maan 135 AR02
    28-Jun-2023 017°,08'00 Weegsch. Maan 90 OND Nep

    9-Jul-2023 017°,33'12 Weegsch. Maan * SEGINUS (MERC - SAT )
    17-Jul-2023 022°,40'54 Steenbok Merc 60 OND Plu
    20-Jul-2023 017°,57'57 Weegsch. Maan 45 Maan
    22-Jul-2023 000°,00'00 Steenbok Ven Nw
    28-Jul-2023 003°,25'07 Tweeling MC 150 Zon

    2-Aug-2023 018°,25'55 Weegsch. Maan 135 OND MC
    4-Aug-2023 004°,36'01 Waterman Zon * OCULUS (SAT - VENUS )
    19-Aug-2023 003°,28'30 Tweeling MC 30 MC
    22-Aug-2023 001°,07'08 Weegsch. C--2 0 C--3
    22-Aug-2023 -00°,26'42 C--2 // C--3
    22-Aug-2023 019°,11'48 Weegsch. Maan 60 Mars
    30-Aug-2023 022°,52'16 Steenbok Merc 120 AR01

    6-Sep-2023 022°,54'03 Steenbok Merc 60 Ven
    21-Sep-2023 022°,57'55 Steenbok Merc 180 C-12
    21-Sep-2023 001°,10'51 Weegsch. C--2 120 AR02
    21-Sep-2023 -22°,57'02 Merc // OND Ura
    23-Sep-2023 -12°,40'28 Maan # MC

    1-Okt-2023 020°,39'47 Weegsch. Maan 180 Pars
    13-Okt-2023 021°,06'57 Weegsch. Maan 60 Asc
    18-Okt-2023 023°,04'57 Steenbok Merc 135 C--2

    3-Nov-2023 021°,54'03 Weegsch. Maan 30 Plu
    15-Nov-2023 022°,19'58 Weegsch. Maan * FORAMEN (SAT - JUP )
    23-Nov-2023 011°,12'11 Maagd Asc * ZOSMA (SAT - VENUS )
    24-Nov-2023 022°,41'17 Weegsch. Maan 30 OND Plu
    30-Nov-2023 022°,54'03 Weegsch. Maan 30 Ven

    2-Dec-2023 022°,57'55 Weegsch. Maan 90 C-12
    5-Dec-2023 023°,04'57 Weegsch. Maan 45 C--2
    11-Dec-2023 023°,18'54 Weegsch. Maan 90 OND Merc
    11-Dec-2023 023°,19'27 Weegsch. Maan 90 AR09
    13-Dec-2023 023°,19'27 Steenbok Merc 0 AR09
    15-Dec-2023 013°,18'53 Kreeft C-11 180 Ura
    21-Dec-2023 015°,59'15 Leeuw C-12 150 Nep
    22-Dec-2023 023°,43'44 Weegsch. Maan * SPICA (VENUS - MARS )

  32. Halloween day 31 october 2022.

    Ukraine 1991.

    31-Oct-2022 000°,17’53 Libra Sun 120 mutual Sat

    Vladimir Putin.


    31-Oct-2022 029°,43’05 Pisces Jup 120 C—2

    Radix cusp 2 29°,43’05,1 Scorpio = Sabian halloween degree..

  33. December 16: Putin will visit Lukashenko Monday December 19, 2022.


    19-Dec-2022 022°,35’27 Cancer C-12 * POLLUX (MARS – )


    16-Dec-2022 -22°,54’32 Pluto // Draconis
    19-Dec-2022 015°,26’42 Taurus Uranus 120 Mercurius

    Vladimir Putin.

    18-Dec-2022 002°,25’37 Sagittarius Moon 0 mutual Mercurius
    18-Dec-2022 002°,25’50 Sagittarius Moon 135 mutual Uranus
    19-Dec-2022 002°,27’51 Sagittarius Moon 45 Saturn
    20-Dec-2022 002°,25’49 Sagittarius Mercurius 135 mutual Uranus
    20-Dec-2022 002°,31’46 Sagittarius Moon * GRAFFIAS (MARS – SAT )
    28-Dec-2022 023°,28’41 Sagittarius Sun 90 AR06


    18-Dec-2022 021°,10’12 Aquarius Saturn 120 Neptune
    19-Dec-2022 027°,30’37 Sagittarius. Sun 120 Black Moon
    19-Dec-2022 021°,16’45 Aquarius Saturn 180 MC
    20-Dec-2022 022°,43’20 Pisces Neptune 150 Pluto

    Russia 1991.

    19-Dec-2022 010°,01’51 Libra Moon * CAPHIR (MERCURIUS – VENUS )

    What can we expect?

  34. A view in the future.

    Vladimir Putin.

    26-Feb-2023 022°,43’20 Scorpio C-11 90 Plu

    11-Sep-2023 023°,09’26 Leo Plu 90 mutual C-11
    17-Sep-2023 006°,10’12 Sagittarius C-12 45 Nep
    17-Sep-2023 -16°,24’20 Mars # Jup


    26-Feb-2023 028°,56’04 Aquarius Sat 135 Sun
    26-Feb-2023 018°,11’55 Gemini Mars 135 Asc
    26-Feb-2023 024°,28’33 Pisces Nep 180 C-11

    10-Sep-2023 026°,31’30 Pisces Nep 90 Mars
    10-Sep-2023 -23°,12’51 Plu # Pars

    Ukraine 1991.

    10-Sep-2023 011°,32’03 Taurus C–2 45 AR01

    AR01 = arabic part fate.


    11-Sep-2023 018°,52’53 Virgo Sun 45 Chiron
    11-Sep-2023 002°,40’23 Pisces Sat 135 Pars

  35. What happened on February 26:

    Vladimir Putin has accused the west of seeking to “dismember” Russia and and to turn the vast country into a series of weak mini-states.

    In an interview with the state TV channel Rossiya on Sunday, Putin claimed the US and its Nato allies wanted to “inflict a strategic defeat on us”. The aim, he said, was to “make our people suffer”, adding: “How can we ignore their nuclear capabilities in these conditions?”

    Russia’s president said this alleged plot had been under way since the collapse of the USSR. “They tried to reshape the world exclusively on their terms. We had no choice but to react,” he said, adding that the west was complicit in Ukraine’s “crimes”.

    If Washington got its way, Russia would be divided into Moscow, the Urals, and other disparate regions, he said, claiming there was “written proof” for his assertion.

    • “this alleged plot had been under way since the collapse of the USSR”

      There’s nothing “alleged” about it. Bush 1 and then Clinton oversaw the pillaging of Russia right after the USSR collapsed. They purposefully destroyed a fantastic opportunity to make our biggest enemy an ally.

  36. MC !7 degrees Virgo or 17 degrees Pisces.

    Resp. sabian symbols a vulcano in eruption and an easter promenade.

    These are significant degrees for new beginnings.

    Joseph Stalin had MC in 17 degrees Pisces on 7 March 1923 when Lenin had his last stroke.

    The day before 6 March Lenin had written a letter for Stalin.

    6-March-1923 010°,29’02 Aquarius Sun 135 AR11 = arabic part of illness.

    Putin had MC in 17 degrees Virgo on 12 July 1977 when he became a KGB agent?

    12-Jul-1977 -05°,51’25 Sat // mutual C-11

  37. Horoscope Vladimir Putin.

    Progressive aspects 2023, except Moon.

    26-Feb-2023 022°,43’20 Scorpio C-11 90 Plu

    21-Apr-2023 003°,11’55 Aries C–3 150 Asc

    4-May-2023 018°,23’56 Aquarius Mars 150 Ura

    13-Jun-2023 005°,58’57 Sagittarius C-12 60 mutual C–2
    25-Jul-2023 018°,34’22 Aquarius Mars 45 mutual C–3

    3-Aug-2023 002°,54’29 Sagittarius Merc 180 Moon
    6-Aug-2023 003°,37’06 Aries C–3 45 North Node
    16-Aug-2023 018°,37’06 Aquarius Mars 0 North Node
    22-Aug-2023 024°,08’16 Sagittarius Sun 120 AR11 (arabic part illness)
    31-Aug-2023 023°,08’06 Scorpio C-11 * AGENA (VENUS – JUP )

    11-Sep-2023 023°,09’26 Leo Plu 90 OND C-11
    17-Sep-2023 006°,10’12 Sagittarius C-12 45 Nep
    17-Sep-2023 -16°,24’20 Mars # Jup


    10-Sep-2023 026°,31’30 Pisces Nep 90 Mars
    10-Sep-2023 -23°,12’51 Plu # Pars

  38. Assuming ‘The West’ and the US did want to weaken Russia and keep the old USSR from reuniting ( a reasonable thought considering Russia’s potential aggressive nature under certain leaders) then Putin showed incredible stupidity in starting the war in Ukraine. Firstly he showed that the West was right to seek to weaken Russia’s power, given it’s aggressive action under his command. Secondly the war in Ukraine has not strengthened Russia but will forever weaken it as a country, and will leave it with no possibility of re-uniting with the former USSR nations. He has proved that trying to achieve power through violence is the tactic of a stupid fool. Now if Putin had been a trustworthy and kind natured benevolent leader, not set of bullying terror and domination, he might well have achieved an amicable and prosperous reunion of all the former soviet states to make a great and powerful peaceful country trusted by all and enemy to no one. Too bad that is not the person he could ever be, as he made his way to power via murder and menace. He has done more to weaken Russia than anyone could have done, causing immense suffering not only in Ukraine but in many other countries where the impact of the war has increased starvation.

  39. “I will always be standing with Russia,” says Kim, as talks begin with Putin.

    Vladimir Putin gestures as he talks with Kim Jong Un at the Vostochny Cosmodrome, Amur region, Russia, on September 13. Kremlin.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un sat down for talks on Wednesday at Russia’s Vostochny Cosmodrome space center, where Putin told reporters the two “have a lot” to discuss.
    “I am very glad to see and welcome you again in Russia. This time, as we agreed, at the Vostochny Cosmodrome,” Putin said while seated alongside Kim. “Of course, we need to talk about issues of economic cooperation, humanitarian issues, and the situation in the region. We have a lot of questions [to discuss].”
    Kim thanked Putin for his invite to the country and said the two countries have “many issues” that they can cooperate on.
    “As you said, the agenda between our countries, including the political, economic, and cultural issues; and there are many issues that our two countries need to cooperate and for us to receive help on in our war of independence as the people of our countries anticipate.
    In this situation, I believe this moment will serve to raise our bilateral relations to the next step, to a new height,” Kim said.
    The North Korean leader went on tell Putin it was an honor the meeting was being held “at this special place, a space launch site which is like the heart of the space power, which your country has the status of, and giving this opportunity for us to have a deeper understanding of space power’s today and tomorrow.”
    Kim also praised Russia for having “stood up against the hegemonic forces” to defend its sovereignty and security, a veiled reference to the US and the West, and said he has expressed “the full and unconditional support to all that Russia does in response.”
    “And that in the frontline of anti-imperialism and independence, I will always be standing with Russia, I’m using this opportunity to make it clear,” the North Korean leader said.
    Ahead of the meeting, US officials warned that a potential arms deal could see Pyongyang provide weapons for Moscow to use in the war against Ukraine.

    Vladimir Putin.


    13-Sep-2023 026°,25’15 Pisces Nep 0 AR10
    14-Sep-2023 021°,43’42 Virgo Sun 45 AR01
    14-Sep-2023 002°,27’51 Pisces Sat 135 Sat

    Kim Jong Un.

    13-Sep-2023 009°,42’15 Aries Moon 60 C-12


    13-Sep-2023 002°,32’11 Pisces Sat 90 Jup
    14-Sep-2023 022°,57’51 Taurus Ura 0 Chiron
    14-Sep-2023 002°,29’15 Pisces Sat 30 Merc


    Progressive aspects.

    17-Sep-2023 006°,10’12 Sagittarius C-12 45 Nep
    17-Sep-2023 -16°,24’20 Mars # Jup

    It is Sunday.

    What will happen?

    Neptune is ruler Fifth House and in Twelve House 22 degrees Libra sextile MC 22 degrees Leo.

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