Jupiter Square Midheaven Natal and Transit

Jupiter Square MidheavenJupiter square Midheaven natal gives an appreciative, congenial and very friendly nature. You have a wide variety of interests you enjoy reading and talking about. This may include philosophy, social and cultural issues, religion and spirituality, morality, and ethics. Although there is no field that is off-limits for you.

You are also likely to be quite enthusiastic in general and especially about your pet topic. This is a great asset to help you succeed in your chosen career but it could make you difficult to work with. You may enjoy telling stories about your adventures but can exaggerate at times.

There is also a risk of becoming obsessive or too extreme. This can lead to arrogance, excessive pride, unpredictable and erratic behavior, addictions, and a dramatic life. It is important to maintain ethical and moral standards to avoid controversy and legal problems, especially in business dealings but also in personal relationships.

Jupiter square Midheaven can lead to a changeable personality and inconsistency. You can go through periods of great success and then suffer big setbacks. But you have a highly competitive streak and can make extraordinary comebacks. However, this competitive spirit and a tendency toward taking things too far can lead to extreme rivalries and yet more controversy.

You use your abundance of energy to pursue your ambitious goals but you may need to moderate your level of exuberance. Otherwise, you can suffer from exhaustion or become too overbearing for your family and work colleagues. One of your parents may have had a strong influence on your career. They may also have acted as a mentor to help you pace yourself or hold you back from peaking too early.

Although you have many talents, you may also have a tendency to overestimate your abilities and resources. Try not to get wrapped up in so many projects that you become master of none and lose faith in yourself. If so, you must learn to narrow your areas of interest and focus on one or two, rather than too many projects.

Jupiter Square Midheaven Transit

Jupiter square Midheaven transit gives the enthusiasm, ambition, and self-belief to achieve success. It could be related to your career, your home, or some other personal goal. A competitive spirit combined with optimism and confidence gives a willingness to take risks that can lead to great success through promotion, more money, recognition, or even fame.

However, this can also be a time of loss, embarrassment, and disappointment if you are not careful. Moderation is the most important thing to remember. The Jupiter tendency to exaggerate and amplify can lead to arrogance, greed, selfishness, excess and immorality.

Avoid overestimating your resources and abilities. Aiming too high or taking on too much can result in failure. It is better to focus on one main goal so you don’t scatter your energies or neglect your everyday responsibilities. Arrogance, excessive pride, and unethical behavior can turn colleagues against you and lead to controversy and a bad name. Success is more likely if you use moderation, discretion, and some humility.

Jupiter Square Midheaven Celebrities

Robert Englund 0°00′, Jim Morrison 0°02′, Serena Williams 0°16′, Cheiro 0°16′, Bobby Fischer 0°16′, Prince Michael of Kent 0°17′, Kenny Chesney 0°22′, F. Scott Fitzgerald 0°23′, Vince Vaughn 0°24′, Mary of Teck 0°25′, Dione Warwick 0°29′, Alyssa Milano 0°31′, Billy Mitchell 0°33′, Malcolm Young 0°34′, Marlon Brando 0°38′, Jimi Hendrix 0°39′, Robert Watson-Watt 0°44′, Prince Edward, Earl of Essex 0°47′, Jules Verne 1°21′, George Peppard 1°22′, Vladimir Putin 1°27′, Ferruccio Lamborghini 1°31′, Tatum O’Neal 1°37′, Viktor Orban 1°37′, Lyndie England 1°40′.

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  1. Wow, this was such an in-depth and accurate analysis.
    I already have Uranus conjuct my leo ascendant.
    So this just amplifies everything in the report.
    Thank you so much.

    • Maybe a care taker or mentor? If not maybe a preoccupation with that situation that delayed action.

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