Mars Trine Pluto July 21, 2024

Mars Trine Pluto Transit

Mars trine Pluto maximum orb 4°30′.

Mars trine Pluto natal gives a strong will and determination to succeed. It makes you courageous and confident, with a powerful charisma and sexual appeal. You can be a very intense person who will fight for social causes and can have prophetic or occult talents.

You have a seemingly endless supply of energy and apply it constructively. Your strong ego wants to be noticed by leaving a mark on the world. This is a healthy thing; you can quickly gain the cooperation and help of others because of your leadership qualities.

Partnerships are also important to you, but you will do better mixing with people who are also strong, confident and sexy. Your desires can take a lot to fulfill. Sex appeal is part of your general attractiveness that makes you a good leader, whether in business, sports, or community groups.

Your assertiveness and directness are powerful yet non-threatening. However, if provoked, you can sustain a prolonged attack until the enemy is defeated. Sex and magic can overlap. You may gain a similar adrenal rush from sexual experiences as you do from the occult, but all are well-meaning and healing for others. You can also use your energy to make significant and positive transformations in your life and the world around you.

Mars Trine Pluto Transit

Mars trine Pluto transit gives a tremendous surge of goal-directed energy, making you very ambitious. You can be assertive and direct in achieving your desires while maintaining harmony. This non-threatening approach encourages cooperation and impresses people in power. You may even be asked to take on a position of power or initiate a major transition or project at work. This transit will highlight any leadership potential you have.

Conflict is unlikely under this influence, but you can confidently advance through challenging situations. This is a great time to stand up and be counted or eliminate any obstacles hindering success. This also applies to your inner psychology, where you can transform any area of your life that has not worked.

Sexual relations will significantly benefit from your increased passions. You will be wielding power and influence, so it is essential to use your power wisely. Others will be magnetically drawn to you, so be mindful of your effect on others weaker than yourself. With this in mind, a new romance is possible and will significantly transform your life.

Your increased passion may extend to probing the mysteries of life. Deep research and the occult can lead to spiritual and physical healing. This transit favors investigations of all kinds, and you may become single-minded in uncovering deep and dark secrets.

Mars Trine Pluto Celebrities

Mark Twain 0°00′, Ted Bundy 0°01′, Carl Friedrich Goerdeler 0°02′, LeBron James 0°03′, Michael Hutchence 0°04′, Jeane Dixon 0°06′, Boris Becker 0°08′, Edwin Hubble 0°08′, Tom Brady 0°09′, Peter the Great 0°12′, Henry III of France 0°12′, William Blake 0°12′, Joan Baez 0°15′, Mark Ruffalo 0°19′, Jack Parsons 0°19′, Germaine Greer 0°22′, Upton Sinclair 0°23′, Elpidio Quirino 0°23′, Robert Creeley 0°24′, Ava Gardner 0°25′, Xul Solar 0°35′, Robert Carradine 0°36′, Princess Alice of the UK 0°37′, Edward Furlong 0°51′, Josef Dietrich 0°53′, Dora Maar 0°55′, Leonard Bernstein 0°56′, Justin Timberlake 0°58′, Halsey 0°59′, Timothy McVeigh 1°12′, Rick Castro 1°13′, George Oppenheimer 1°14′, Dustin Hoffman 1°15′, Shirley Temple 1°24′.

Mars Trine Pluto Dates

August 14, 2022
August 24, 2023
July 21, 2024
August 19, 2025
July 5, 2026
July 25, 2027
June 19, 2028
January 11, 2029
March 12, 2029
June 30, 2029
June 4, 2030
December 8, 2030

12 thoughts on “Mars Trine Pluto July 21, 2024

  1. Hello, I love your article. I am having this aspect in my natal chart (pluton in 11, mars in 4 h – as a child I was surrounded by very charismatic male person, dad, grandfather etc).
    Yes I agree, that this aspect brings some kind of intension, preparedness to jump, to not just move, but to handle the most diffucult aspect of life – resillience …I am looking forward to see what will T mars trine pluton bring . Also jupiter trine pluton – I will have it in my next SR. 😉

  2. I have Mars conjunct pluto in scorpio whats the difference between trine and conjunction

    • I will be writing about the conjunction before too long David. The conjunction will be more intense and more challenging to manage I expect.

  3. I have this aspect but my Mars is RX in the 6th house and opposite Neptune… so I’m always exhausted and unmotivated! I have poor circulation and have been encouraged to do vigorous exercise daily by alternative doctors. This seems to help. But oh how I wish I had the energy you describe in this article! Feels like a cruel joke to have life but no energy…it’s like being the living-dead. Sorry for the morbidity (Capricorn Stellium)… nice write up.

    • Transiting Neptune opposite my natal Mars nearly killed me in 2012 with colon cancer. Lost my sex drive and only now regaining energy levels. Check out any fixed star conjunctions because they often relate to specific health issues.

  4. I’m sorry to hear that Jamie… but glad you made it through the other side. So you’ve experienced this energy drain?! That is interesting about the fixed stars. My Mars RX is on Rigel “Rigel rules the center of the breastbone in the human body.” and Neptune is on Alwaid “Alwaid rules the left side of the spine at the second vertebra from the bottom (Sixth Lumbar) in the human body” …I think of Mars in Gemini as inflammation of the lungs… I did have some breathing problem and scoliosis as a child. But I’m not sure if what to make of it now? Transit Neptune will be squaring my Mars soon enough… that can’t be good.

    • I’ve learnt that being proactive can make a big difference to challenging transits. Like getting any fears or phobias, health concerns out in the open well before the exact transit. Getting health checkups would be good even at the slightest sign of any symptoms.

  5. Hello Jamie,

    I am a Scorpio Ascendant with Natal Pluto at 20″ Virgo. Mars will Trine Transiting Pluto and my Natal Pluto simultaneously. What affect do you think this will have on me? It’s interesting when I see one aspect, but rare when my natal planet is in the aspect, as well! I am excited because I imagine this will be good for a prospective new relationship (which I haven’t had in forever), since Mars in my 7th house!

  6. This uber Pisces (Sun, Jupiter conj. venus in Pi.), Capricorn Asc. is very interested in the upcoming Saturn Pluto conjunct. Pluto is currently conjunct my natal Mars. I’ve avoided 3 threats on my life and safety in the last 30-40 days. I’ve been spending time with a new love interest within that same time frame. He’s 15 years my junior &; after being to busy to spend time together he’s just sent me a text, telling me I’m “magnetic”.

  7. Jamie,

    I am quite exhausted with all the events that I am having in my live since the summer…Would this Mars trine Pluto be stronger than the opposition that Mars Transit makes with Natal Uranus (21.51) even if Pluto transit is still currently making a square to my midheaven (22.12) Aries? And on top the full moon is falling very close to my natal Saturn (27 virgo) and natal moon (2.32) ….my IC is at 22.12 libra so I suspect is something related to home and family but Mars is the ruler of my midheaven! and natal Pluto is conjunct IC …Would the trine be stronger that all this oppositions and squares?

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