Ukraine Horoscope

Ukraine HoroscopeThe February 2014 Ukrainian revolution which led to the change of government, really deserves some investigation from the astrological perspective. First I will work out which Ukraine horoscope to use from a number of options.

Once a working horoscope is found, I will interpret it using moon phases, aspects and the fixed stars. Then I will show how current transits clearly explain this most recent turmoil in the country. Finally, I will try my hand at a mundane astrology prediction to see what the future may hold for the Ukraine.

Which Ukraine Horoscope?

There are three possible dates for the Ukraine horoscope listed in the Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion. The first date is for independence, set for 22 January 1918, but that independence was short-lived.

The second date is for the Proclamation of Independence from Russia, on 24 August 1991. Astro Databank uses this date: Astrology: Nation: Ukraine. The final chart that Campion gives is for a referendum confirming independence on 1 December 1991. There is another chart for Kiev, of 8 May 882, which astrotheme uses: Astrology: Kiev (Ukraine).

I checked all of these options against two important events in the recent history of Ukraine: the 1986 Chernobyl Disaster, and the 2004 Orange Revolution. The only date for the Ukraine Horoscope which stood out was 1 December 1991, the legalization of Ukrainian independence. I have listed only the conjunctions from these events against the Ukraine horoscope I have chosen to work with.

Chernobyl Disaster

Uranus conjunct Vertex
Uranus conjunct Mercury
Mars conjunct Uranus
Mercury conjunct MC
AC conjunct Mercury
MC conjunct Venus

Orange Revolution

New Moon conjunct Pluto
Pluto conjunct Vertex
Jupiter conjunct IC
Mercury conjunct Pluto
Sun conjunct Mars

The Ukraine Horoscope

Ukraine Horoscope

Ukraine Horoscope

The people of Ukraine as shown by the Moon, are attractive and popular with Moon conjunct Venus. Venus on the fixed star Arcturus also points to popularity, so it is no wonder that this nation has been fought over throughout their history.

The leader of a nation is shown by both the Midheaven (MC) and the Sun. Strong and powerful leaders are indicated by the Sun trine MC. The Sun on the fixed star Antares means “honor and riches ending in disgrace and ruin, military preferment, danger of treachery, violence committed or suffered“. That has certainly been the case with recent presidents. The MC on the fixed star Alderamin in constellation Cepheus, The King, also points to strong rulers, but who undergo severe tests and challenges.

The Ascendant (AC) in mundane astrology represents the character of the nation. Mars trine AC indicates a strong and militant nation, shown by the long history of rebellion and war.

Opposite the AC, on the right hand of the chart, is the Descendant (DC). This is the stand-out point in the chart because the prior lunar eclipse and Saturn are there too. In a natal chart, the DC represents partners. In a mundane chart, the DC represents treaties, allies and enemies. Saturn here suggests authoritative partners who instill control and disciple. The lunar eclipse highlights the influential role that these partners play, and makes the relationships emotionally sensitive. The public is greatly affected by these bilateral relations.

The other point of interest in the Ukraine horoscope is Uranus conjunct the North Node. Uranus represents revolution and change. The North Node is the path of this nation. You could say that the destiny of Ukraine is one of uncertainty, unexpected events, rioting and revolution. Uranus on the fixed star Nunki again stresses the focus on partners, as it relates to “state or foreign affairs“. Nunki with Uranus, in particular, gives pride and aggression. Neptune is not far from Uranus, adding treachery, suspicion, and scandal to the revolutions and dramatic changes in the country.

February 2014 Transits

2014 Revolution

Lunar Eclipse conjunct Venus
Pluto conjunct Uranus
Uranus conjunct MC
Saturn conjunct Pluto
Jupiter conjunct South Node
Mars conjunct Venus
Venus conjunct Neptune
AC conjunct MC
Part of Fortune conjunct Pluto

The protest march which led to rioting and the 2014 Ukrainian revolution, began at 8:30 am on 18 February 2014 in Kiev. The transits I have listed here pretty much speak for themselves. Pluto and Uranus are highlighted both in transit and in the Ukraine horoscope. Uranus square Pluto radical change and upheaval has impacted heavily on the Ukraine Uranus North Node conjunction. That is the path of revolution mentioned earlier.

Transiting Pluto activated the Ukraine Uranus, and transiting Uranus was on the Ukraine MC, resulting in the removal of the president. In fact, Uranus has done such a good job here, that I believe Viktor Yanukovych is still unaccounted for. The shorter-term trigger seems to have been Jupiter square Uranus.

The Future of Ukraine

Ukraine Astrology, Ukraine Horoscope

Ukraine Transits April 2014

The 15 April 2014 lunar eclipse at 25 degrees Libra is on the Ukraine Venus, which will hopefully give peace a chance. However, the final exact conjunction of transiting Pluto to the Ukraine Uranus is not until December 2014. Also of concern is the final conjunction of transiting Uranus to the Ukraine MC occurring on the 22nd of March 2014. This is just one month before the exact square of Uranus and Pluto.

Even more alarming on the date of Uranus square Pluto, is the position of Mars, the planet of war. Mars retrograde will be on the Ukraine IC, square Jupiter on the South Node, square Pluto on Uranus, and opposite Uranus on the MC. This sacrificial grand square in the Uranus square Pluto chart triggers the buggery out this Ukraine horoscope. These Ukraine horoscope points are shown in the chart in red.

The new moon before this date, on 30 March 2014, is at 10 degrees Aries conjunct Uranus. The March 30 new moon with the planet Uranus is an omen of more instability in general. This is the new moon which comes before the Grand Cross April 2014. At 10 degrees Aries, this Uranus new moon is on the Ukraine MC, making it an omen of yet more upheaval for the county, and perhaps another change in leadership.

Update 19 March 2014

Crimea Annexation

Full Moon conjunct Fortunae
Pluto conjunct Uranus
Uranus conjunct MC
Saturn conjunct Pluto
Jupiter conjunct South Node
Mars conjunct Venus
Moon conjunct Moon
Vertex conjunct Neptune

Crimea was formally annexed at a signing ceremony in Moscow, at 3:02 pm on Tuesday the 18th of March 2014. Hours later the first death in the conflict occurred when a Ukrainian soldier was shot in the neck at his military base in Crimea.

This is the first real test of the Ukraine horoscope I chose to work with. It passed with flying colors. Hopefully, now astrologers will stop using the 24 August 1991 horoscope just because it is listed on Astro Databank. The table lists only the conjunctions to the Ukraine Horoscope from the Annexation chart. Thanks to Ed Kohout for posting the time of the annexation signing, on the Facebook Mundane Astrology Group.

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  1. very interesting! and what about Turkey’s horoscope? I’m not an astrologer but a devoted follower and reader of astrology. Lately, too much is going on in my own country too and I am desperately trying to figure out the parallels between astrology and the events taking place. Is there a way you could contribute with some professional data? Thank you 🙂

  2. Hi Jamie – thanks for the event chart and article. Far from over! I’ve been having a look at the natals for main players ( on my fb wall) finding several items worthy of note. First and perhaps most striking is
    Oleksander Turchynov, Interim president of Ukraine who has his natal Sun at 10 Aries on the degree of the New Moon eclipse of 30 March and the Ukraine MC.
    Viktor Yanukovych, ousted president has a natal Mars/Neptune conjunction @ 12/14 Libra square Sun/Mercury @16/14 Cancer.
    Yulia Tymoshenko, former PM has a natal Venus/Saturn conjunction @ 14/15 Capricorn opposite Mars @ 18 Cancer
    Vitali Klitschko, Leader Ukraine Democratic Alliance for Reform and MP has Natal Venus@15 Cancer and Uranus @ 9 Libra
    Finally Vladimir Putin, President of Russia has a Stellium in Libra with notably Sun/Saturn @14/17 square natal Uranus @18 Cancer.
    I was astonished to see these natal degrees coming up again and again to meet the April Grand Cross…predictions? Not on your life – except as you say, it’s not over yet.
    Hope things are good with you Lin

    • Wow Lin, these are amazing connections, especially the interim president. No doubt he will not last too long. The whole lot of this astrology, mundane is natal, really is astonishing.

  3. Soooo fascinating Jamie, although it doesnt justify the horrors occurring there during this revolutionary period (bit like the french revolution of the past) , it certainly indicates the power behind the change being some what inevitable one way or another, the everyday people will not tolerate the “let them eat cake” attitude, heads rolled last time in France so would suggest Algol involved with that one, but it really does show how the “blueprint” for success whether mundane or personal will play out one way or another, hopefully for a successful good outcome eventually and that the fixed stars really do wield a lot of power in the universal sense eh?

  4. Great work Jamie; I will be watching the next couple of months to see what shakes out in the Ukraine. I heard today that their former ruler absconded to Moscow.

    • The more I hear about it, the more complex it becomes. Putin does actually have a point because it was an elected president that was ousted. The USA watched on, or helped, as the military in Egypt did the same to an elected president not long ago.

  5. Dear Jamie, fantastic analysis, though of much concern.As i am living in Bosnia and situation here is again very unpredictable is there any chance you put the horoscope on Bosnia and maybe s prediction for April>The last war here started on 6th of April 1991, the II WW in ex Yugoslavia started again on 6th of April 1941.Thank you very much in advacnce.One very concerned mother.Thank you.

  6. Update 19 March 2014

    Crimea was formally annexed at a signing ceremony in Moscow, 3:02 pm on Tuesday the 18th of March 2014 (see chart). Hours later the first death in the conflict occurred when a Ukrainian solider was shot in the neck at his military base in Crimea. This is the first real test of the Ukraine horoscope I chose to work with. It passed with flying colors. Hopefully now astrologers will stop using the 24 August 1991 horoscope just because it is listed on Astro Databank.

    Conjunctions to Ukraine Horoscope from Annexation

    Full Moon conjunct Part of Fortune
    Pluto conjunct Uranus
    Uranus conjunct MC
    Saturn conjunct Pluto
    Jupiter conjunct South Node
    Mars conjunct Venus
    Moon conjunct Moon
    Vertex conjunct Neptune

    Thanks to Ed Kohout for posting the time of the annexation signing, on the Facebook Mundane Astrology Group

  7. Hi Jamie. New here and already sharing your works with interested parties, fine stuff you are doing.
    Just a intuit, I have no astro knowledge of what shakes with nations formerly part of the USSR but I know PUTIN is a man of wisdom and is trying to avoid outright war

    However those little intuits say Belarus is about to ask for annexation and East Ukraine is already begging.
    If you have any thoughts on this I appreciate them as the excuse for attacking Russia is causing some oligarchs In Kiyev. Brussels and London to salivate.

    There is no explanation for why I get theses intuits when I look at a map or a person
    but it is a nasty thought that the both dreaded and wished for WW3 is here now.

    Am anxiously awaiting the daily updates and your thoughts on Ukraine and IRAN
    as that may be where the violence is ignited soon.
    As I am old and lived during WW2 this is distressing but I also know the outcome is in our hands if we unite in positive calling forth.

  8. As predicted, the grand cross most strongly affected the Ukraine horoscope:

    April 20 – 3 pro-Russians militant killed at checkpoint.
    April 22 – Two men found tortured to death in eastern Ukraine.
    April 23 – Grand Cross.
    April 24 – Ukraine military kills 5 pro-Russians militants.

  9. Just throwing something else into the melting pot: I did a little research on asteroid Coventry just a couple of days before the Crimean annexation. What i found fascinating about Coventry is that it was discovered in a Crimean observatory by an astronomer who named it Coventry because it is the twinned city of the Russian city Volgograd.
    Coventry has links to the Goddess Coventia and the Well of Coventia is located in the area of modern day Coventry. The mythology is tied with water / ponds / lakes / seas / oceans. Over time the name Coventia has been morphed into Coventry.
    I think it would be interesting to run a discovery chart and see how that ties in with the Crimea/Ukraine crisis and the Ukraine horoscope generally…. I would do it in a blink if I knew how…. no pressure though 😀
    3009 Coventry (1973 SM2) is a main-belt asteroid discovered on September 22, 1973 by Chernykh, Nauchnyj.
    A minor planet (or asteroid) was named 3009 Coventry after it was discovered in September 1973 by Soviet astronomer Nikolai Stepanovich Chernykh at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory (CrAO) in Nauchny, near Bakhchysarai, Ukraine. It lies in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.
    Chernykh knew of Coventry because it is twinned to Volgograd, formerly Stalingrad.

  10. Very interesting post sir, I have two requests for you.
    Could you please post the astrological interpretation of Singapore and Indonesia? Thank you

  11. Ukraine.
    1-Feb-2022 017°,46’04 Pisces Asc 120 Plu
    2-Feb-2022 007°,40’30 Pisces Jup 135 AR05
    2-Feb-2022 007°,40’49 Pisces Jup 135 AR03
    Russia 1991.
    31-Jan-2022 027°,39’00 Virgo Moon 135 AR05
    1-Feb-2022 015°,32’26 Aquarius Sat 45 AR04
    1-Feb-2022 006°,07’41 Capricorn Mars 135 Asc
    1-Feb-2022 006°,09’11 Capricorn Mars 0 Black Moon
    Vladimir Putin.
    29-Jan-2022 017°,27’51 Cancer Ura 90 Sat
    31-Jan-2022 007°,03’02 Pisces Jup 60 C–3
    31-Jan-2022 007°,05’36 Pisces Jup 60 Chiron
    2-Feb-2022 006°,16’42 Capricorn Mars 135 MC
    2-Feb-2022 -22°,29’49 Plu # Plu
    Joe Biden.
    31-Jan-2022 011°,05’39 Pisces Moon 30 mutual C–2
    31-Jan-2022 015°,23’00 Aquarius Sat 135 AR11
    31-Jan-2022 015°,25’07 Aquarius Sat 120 AR01
    31-Jan-2022 005°,09’13 Capricorn Mars 0 C—2
    1-Feb-2022 007°,13’30 Pisces Jup 150 Plu
    1-Feb-2022 021°,26’53 Pisces Nep 45 Pars
    1-Feb-2022 012°,27’52 Aquarius Sun 90 AR05
    1-Feb-2022 015°,34’02 Aquarius Sat 180 AR10
    2-Feb-2022 -16°,57’23 Sat // C–3
    2-Feb-2022 007°,30’29 Pisces Jup 135 Black Moon
    2-Feb-2022 006°,26’53 Capricorn Mars 120 Pars
    2-Feb-2022 006°,27’59 Capricorn Mars 90 AR12
    4-Feb-2022 021°,32’54 Pisces Nep 120 Merc
    9-Feb-2022 016°,31’09 Aquarius Sat 135 Nep
    9-Feb-2022 011°,51’20 Capricorn Mars 135 Chiron

  12. Russian attack Ukraine on February 1, 2022?


    19-Jan-2022 017°,41’19 Pisces Asc 120 Pars

    1-Feb-2022 017°,46’04 Pisces Asc 120 Plu

    Pluto is ruler MC.

    Progressive Ascendant in 18 degrees Pisces.

    Sabian symbol 18 degrees Pisces: A huge tent.

    Triangle: progressive Ascendant, Pars Frt, Pluto ruler MC.

    What is a grand trine?
    A grand trine forms in a birth chart when three or more planets assemble in a perfect equilateral triangle on the zodiac wheel, mbg’s resident astrologers.

  13. Vladimir Putin has progressive Uranus 18 degrees Cancer (conjunct Ukraine Pars 18 degrees Cancer) square natal Saturn 18 degrees Libra conjunct natal Twelve house cusp 18 degrees Libra on Saturday 29 January 2022.
    Will Putin on this day take decission to attack Ukraine on 1 or 2 February 2022?
    There are interesting transits on 1 and 2 February.
    For example Joe Biden: transit Neptune 45 degrees his natal Pars on 1 February 2022.
    Nato transit Saturn conjunct natal arabic part of illness.

  14. I rectified the horoscope of president Zelenski.
    He has progressive MC square natal Black Moon on February 1, 2022.
    As I said Ukraine has on this day progressive Ascendant trine Pluto ruler MC.

    Russia will invade Ukraine on February 1, 2022 is my opinion.

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