New Moon March 2014

New Moon March 2014 Astrology

Vatican New Moon March 2014 Astrology

The new moon on the 30th of March 2014 sets the stage for an incredibly intense and volatile month ahead. This new moon at 10 degree Aries, lines up with revolutionary Uranus. During this new moon period, we have the most sinister looking of the seven exact squares between Uranus and Pluto. For the entire new moon phase, there is a tense T-square aspect pattern, which then turns into the explosive Grand Cross April 2014.

This new moon is going to strongly affect the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, but also decans 1 and 2 of the other signs. You can read more about this in the monthly horoscopes. From the moment this new moon phase kicks in, the stress and tension will continue to build until the climax of the grand cross in late April 2014. This new moon phase is the most challenging one I have ever come across, and I am not the only astrologer who thinks so:

“April’s so scary that I’m giving classes on it…we’ve not had this since the American Revolution.” Susan Miller, astrologer to the stars: ‘April’s so scary I’m giving classes on it’.

The March 30 2014 new moon is the final moon phase of an eclipse cycle which began late last year. Those areas of your life which have been in focus since the November 2013 solar eclipse, will become more prominent during April 2014. Unresolved issues will cause more tension, and will force you address these issues with more urgency.

The theme of the previous solar eclipse was one of conservatism, sacrifice, hardship and fear. We have since then, seen a rise in religious fundamentalism, nationalism and all kinds of extremism, resulting in words we have not heard since WWII, like “annexation”. So in the coming weeks we will seek to resolve the personal hardships, restrictions, and fears we have been experiencing, whether in personal relationships, at work, or with our finances.

New Moon March 2014 Astrology Chart

New Moon March 2014 Astrology

New Moon March 2014 Astrology

In the horoscope for the new moon, you can see that the stand-out feature of the New Moon March 2014 astrology chart is the Moon conjunct Uranus. On the positive side, this gives us an open mind and the flexibility to take advantage of unexpected opportunities. Unfortunately, the opportunities may stem from chaotic changes taking place which cause much anxiety.

There will be a strong need to break free from routine and tradition, even to rebel against authority. Linking back to the eclipse cycle, Uranus will allow us to find original solutions to ongoing problems, and provide the freedom from restrictions so needed.

The new moon is on the fixed star Algenib, which reinforces the rebellious nature of Uranus. It also adds to the dangerous and explosive feel to the entire month ahead.

The big concern with the unexpected change of direction this new moon brings, is the T-square aspect pattern it makes to Jupiter and Pluto. I recently posted about the April 2014 T-Square, stating:

Any restlessness and anxiety cause by Uranus is going to be exacerbated and exaggerated by Jupiter. It is going to be dramatically intensified out of all proportion by Pluto, leading to some sort of crisis.

Jupiter opposite Pluto suggest that our religious or spiritual belief system will play an important role in helping cope with the fear and stress involved with the new moon. There may be some changes or unexpected news from the Vatican, as this new moon is conjunct the asteroid Vaticana. Extreme weather condition due to climate change may also make the news, as these things are ruled by constellation Pegasus, of which the fixed star Algenib belongs.

The two most malevolent planets in our solar system are both in retrograde motion, together adding to the buildup of frustration and anger, resentment, and generally nasty attitude. Mars retrograde started it backward journey square Venus, so relationship dramas are a current theme. In this March 2014 new moon astrology chart however, you can see that Venus is trine Mars, suggesting more favorable conditions in love relationships. Just to spoil the party, Venus square Saturn retrograde is going to frustrate matters and slow progress in the settling of lovers quarrels.

New Moon March 2014 Times


Los Angeles, USA
New York, USA
London, UK
Bangkok, Thailand
Sydney, Australia


30 Mar 2014
30 Mar 2014
30 Mar 2014
31 Mar 2014
31 Mar 2014


11.45 am
02:45 pm
07:45 pm
01:45 am
05:45 am

The most critical time for everyone to show restraint and take extra care during this new moon phase, is for the week from 18 to 25 April 2015. This is not only the climax of challenging aspects between Jupiter, Pluto and the Uranus New Moon, but Mars retrograde completes the dangerous looking cardinal grand square.

This explosive new moon March 2013 astrology is going to have an intensely strong impact on our personal lives. It will also aggravate current crises in the world like shown in the Ukraine horoscope, but also in other areas we don’t yet expect.

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    • Not really because the Grand cross is a few degrees ahead of your MC, you would have already had transits from Pluto and Uranus affecting your MC. You should be in a good position to take advantage of any opportunities for advancement in your career.

      • Thanx- JAMIE- you are the best,…EVERYONE is talking about your site…We want more, more, more

      • I have the New Moon on my MC too but it’s a few degrees after, not before, like the poster above. Would I also have similar situation unfolding in terms of career – more advancement?

  1. The month ahead sounds like waiting for your favorite suspense thriller movie! not feeling it yet though!

  2. I’m a little curious about this mainly because Uranus will be trine my ascendant in early April, and then trines my sun later in the month. I have no idea what to expect, if anything at all but it’s awfully strange timing. lol.

    • That’s the whole thing about Uranus transits, you just don’t know what to expect. So long as you don’t mind a bit of excitement in your life you should do alright out of it.

      • Just as long as it’s positive excitement because things have been stagnant for awhile. Thanks, Jamie, for replying.

  3. Jamie, reading your assessment of the Mar 30 newmoon: my AS 10AR21, rJU 14AR04, rUR is 11CA09 cnj rMA 15CN26 all in Tsqu with NE16LI58 … perhaps I should stay home for a month … but then there can be unexpected events at home… So far the stress seems ‘family’-related but the 1971 tUR to rUR resulted in a fire at my home, I was out of town, but lost everything and this event led to a remarkable change of direction in life. Yikes. Then the opposition in 1989 I picked up stakes another huge change single mom and three kids moved 3000 miles. Maybe I should talk to you personally… a reading…

  4. Maybe I shouldn’t get out of bed for the whole cycle… Will have Pluto sitting right on top of my ascendant on the 30th. Oh joy…

  5. Hi Jamie – the new moon conjuncts my natal venus retorgrade at 12.36 aries… any suggestions? Good time to ask for a raise? Thanks! Since it was retrograde at my birth I’m always confused how to interpret transits….

  6. Jamie as all this is happening on my Aries sun .. I take great comfort from the suggestion that those with these transits have been “hardened up’ already by the previous Uranus-Pluto transit.(from monthly report).. .and I am old enough now to know myself capable of living and growing through this one, even if it is big ,scary and chaotic!
    My interest is turned to world affairs … I think that will be very interesting and the powerful energies around The Grand Cross are truly palpable, already… !
    All is not well with this world and urgent change is sorely needed lets hope this is a positive catalyst for that change even if events are initially “cataclysmic”!
    Thanks for great article/s your work is tremendous!

  7. Hi Jamie, my son 48 coming May and grand daughter 10 Capricorn have that degree aries so Uranus has been back and forth over it and the girl started swimming in junior olympics and has rapidly risen from regional to provincial with two medals, one silver. They go here and there to diff. pools. Now here again we have a new moon on their moon. It is a separating though so we’ll see how it goes. Its tremendously demanding early hrs and before school am hours and week ends but I’m grateful she has a direction. Her saturn in gemini shoulders are foot ball player build now and shes slimming and so tall and eloquent.
    The bad news is my hi school aries native girl friend scorpio brother died unexpectedly here in BC. He is known at Vancouver Stanley Park for his Native Village construction- Richard Krentz.68 But watching him on U Tube adds romance and reverence to life. It strongly makes me feel an end to an era of Canada built on the grasping claws of the strong but predatory eagle – saturn says to scorpio, Richard,, okay its time to stop now. Your time and work is done. I feel the future will be built upon the peaceful dove or eagle transformed to that cause that dove was revealed to me which brought into focus the neighbouring catholic church as its display window. That takes me back to when the english came over to the native lands. It feels so awesome.His sister very ill and I and a friend had strong spirit events. She has chiron conj. NNode. The alcoholic healing others and was catalyst blessing me several years ago. I really feel the end of an era. I’ll be 70 soon. With Richards contributions it feels so beautiful and romantic. A wonderful story that both ends and sets up a peace mission picture. Well, one would think mercury was still conj. Neptune! I am fairly well, but everyone else my age is very ill. tc

  8. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think pluto’s highest is the dove.. Or is it Minerva.
    So it’s not unreasonable to expect peace may come of this Uranus Pluto square.
    Squares are inner tensions/reactions hopefully creative ones to absorb the tensions into something other or bring to light the dark goings on or the radiant bird hanging out above.
    So while many may be cleansed – others may master using this planet. That s exciting

  9. Hi Jamie thanx for horoscopes. I found out that ur forecasts are accurate when I read them according to mine ASC which is libra decan 1 and also pluto square moon is also going on from 2008. because I am feeling it. and it was accurate word to word for me. As for current situation things dont look too bad right now. on 1st april I have interview with govt authority. uptil now everything was fine. I hope this eclipse doesnt make things worse as its last step of mine journey. since july 2012 our life has completely changed especially mindset and beliefs. so i think worst is over.

  10. Juno has kept “jumping out at me” from the new moon chart at 15Aries, not in range of moon, bur in range of Uranus/pluto/jupiter/chiron…

  11. Hi Jamie, just want to say that I appreciate your posts and read them each month. Decan analysis is particularly helpful as single sign predictions are too general.

  12. Hi jamie lasy para shold be 2014 not 2013. Second last para should be 2014 not 2015!

  13. Hi Jamie – You were very accurate about the difficult new moon at the end of March for Decan 1 Capricorns. I suffered an unexpected career setback. Over the last few years there seems to be a trend of two one step forward and two steps back in my career goals. Hoping his unsettling pattern ends soon.

    • Yeah , i know a few capricorns . They’re having a shit times .

      • As a cancerian sun/merc, I suggest it is Jupiter in cancer emphasising and expanding on what you have always felt deep down, especially as a mother so you are able to dive into it and clean out the fears, once and for all, or for good? Mood swings much, yep, Welcome to a taste of my world! (jupiter conjunct IC quincunx Merc in Cancer, which in turn is trine neptune in scorpio and chiron in pisces) If I have done it and I am just me, so can you! May you be blessed

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