Solar Eclipse November 2013

Solar Eclipse November 2013

Solar Eclipse November 2013

The Solar Eclipse on November 3, 2013, is at 11 degrees Scorpio. Just like a new moon, a solar eclipse represents a time of new beginnings, a new cycle. The Moon passing in front of the Sun resets our focus, like rebooting a computer. There is an influx of new energy to help us re-orientate and move ahead on the new cycle which began with the October 18 lunar eclipse.

That previous lunar eclipse had an ominous feel about it. Just like this November 3 solar eclipse, the major astrological influence comes from Uranus square Pluto. This is the radical social, economic and political upheaval we are witnessing. Everything from debt crises, to out of control weather patterns and increasing tension between nations and races.

The lunar eclipse two weeks ago portended poison, mistrust and spiritual warfare because of Mars opposite Neptune. World leaders are preparing for some one off events in the coming year. It’s so damn obvious we are on the precipice. Now we see it and feel it coming, this November 2013 solar eclipse will breed fear of the looming chaos. The solar eclipse falls between Mercury and Saturn, a very sobering mix to challenge the optimists. Reality is about to hit home. Debts have to be paid, wrongdoers punished.

Sun conjunct Saturn is strictly ultra conservative, brought up on fear and beatings. Saint Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer, founder of the all powerful Roman Catholic cult Opus Dei, had Sun conjunct Saturn by less than one minute orb. These fascist technocrats have not produced a world political leader since Augusto Pinochet.

“Its attempts to place members in positions of influence in Australia (and in fact throughout the world) are extremely successful.” Recently elected on the back of a massive campaign warchest, Australian prime minister Tony Abbott, trained as a Catholic priest. He has close links to Opus Dei. His “close friend, mentor and counsellor” is Cardinal George Pell.

This is one example of how the spiritual war is playing out in my own backyard. Economic rationalism, xenophobia, fear mongering. As the global economy hurtles into the abyss, religious fundamentalism, nationalism and all kinds of extremism take hold. Zealots who believe they are doing gods work, will impose their morals and beliefs on those less powerful than themselves, through political laws and monetary policy.

Solar Eclipse in The Southern Cross

For this solar eclipse, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn and North Node are all in constellation Crux. The Southern Cross “A deeply religious nature”symbolizes sacrifice, hardship and suffering, just like the restrictive influence of Saturn on this eclipse. The November 3 solar eclipse itself, is on the main star in Crux, the fixed star Acrux, “A deeply religious nature connected with mystical and theosophical interests.” Tony Abbott his Sun and North Node on the fixed star Acrux.

Early advantage to the fascists, who thrive on the uncertainty and fear created by Uranus square Pluto, just as Adolf Hitler did last time around. Strict discipline and tough decisions are fueled by the sextile to Mars. There is great urgency to take control, set boundaries, slash budgets and maintain social order.

Trying to control people by phone taps is not the only poisonous manifestation of Mars opposite Neptune from the lunar eclipse two weeks ago. Mars is now on the unhappy and toxic fixed star Zosma. Fear and paranoia fuel zealous ambition to take control. Lies and deception to cover up the real motivations. This malicious fear manifests internally too. Spiritual warfare takes it toll on physical and mental health. No doubt at all, that health budgets are in the firing line with asteroid Hygeia on the South Node opposite Mercury, not good news I’m afraid.

Printing money is a desperate measure that will fail. When the fats cats that caused the problem run out of money, they instinctively blame someone else. It was the Jews fault last time. Before that it was wise women who didn’t submit to the Church. Some say we turn on ourselves when the shit hits the fan, but really, it is institutionalized and highly organised persecution. Once it was witch burning as shown in the graph, more recently it was gas chambers, who is going to get the blame this time around?


Comet ISON will appear in the night sky shortly, heralding the rise of an agent of change, a cultural or spiritual leader with some unorthodox ideas. They will be a manifestation of the mass consciousness, the free thinking people not yet brainwashed by the evolution denying, climate change denying fundamentalists. The neo fascists will thrive for a while on this dour solar eclipse doom and gloom.

Solar Eclipse November 2013They will not win. We don’t believe their bullshit anymore. We have the Internet to wire us into the global brain, increasing our awareness of what is going on, what is broken, and how to free ourselves of economic slavery. The upside of passionate Mars on Zosma is the ability to prophesy. The vision is fearful and apocalyptic, but this fuels the Mercury Saturn learning curve. Occult questioning, probing of the mysteries. The solar eclipse and Saturn on Acrux also favors the less regimented and controlled spiritual types. Acrux “gives religions beneficence, ceremonial, justice, magic and mystery, and is frequently prominent in the horoscopes of astrologers and occultists.”

Mercury and the North Node are on the fixed star Khambalia, “a star of the penetration of secrets…alchemy and the esoteric in general.” At first glance, this solar eclipse appears to favor increasing control and domination by conservative technocrats. Delving deeper, we see the real advantage is with the true believers, not of state control, but of the ancient communal ways. You can see in the horoscope for the solar eclipse, that this powerful driving ambition of Mars sextile the Saturn solar eclipse forms a Yod aspect pattern to revolutionary Uranus.

The more the bullies in suits clamp down, the more the persecuted will revolt. A Yod represents a spiritual mission, it is an aspect pattern of the spiritual warrior. People will not stand by silently and watch their neighbors burn this time. Uranus is the action point, where the Mars passion and the resolute Saturn Mercury eclipse finds it’s true expression.

Uranus is exactly conjunct the fixed star Algenib. This star in constellation Pegasus gives a “penetrating mind and a strong will, as well as determination. An impressive way of speaking and a gift for oratory.” Advantage to the rebels, the odd bods and free thinkers. Algenib with Uranus: “Active and eccentric mind, reformer or agitator, great influence over the minds of others necessitating journeys, peculiar ideas in advance of the time, mystic and fond of mysteries though frank and open.”

18 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse November 2013

  1. Jamie!

    I will try to hold on the uranus energies (though, I feel affraid).

    They shall not pass!

    Good luck!

    And thanks.


  2. Hi i have a 11 degrees sun in my 9th house and the eclipse is happening in my first house that is Scorpio.

    i also have a trine from my 5th house where my 7 degrees moon is…..seems interesting!!

  3. Wow…that’s one helluva horoscope! While I know we can’t go on this way, I’m with the M. del Rin, I fear what’s coming. Being older, I may or may not live to see the outcome…but I guess I chose to be here for a reason.

  4. The eclipse will hit my Neptune in my 8th house at 11 degrees trine my Venus and trine Jupiter all 11 degree but squaring my Saturn conjunction south node also 11 degrees.

  5. I’m not being affected by Uranus too much at the moment. This fella is though. Russell Brand has Mars at 10 degrees Aries on the fixed star Algenib. I just watched his interview about revolution and you can see how transiting Uranus on his natal Mars is firing him up.

    I think he has found his true calling as a political agitator. He has Midheaven conjunct North Node on the fixed star Toliman, “Relationships to female persons often seem spoiled, or an existing relationship is stricken by exceptional circumstances. Disturbances, riots, periods of storm and stress and revolt against curtailment of freedom.”

    Russell Brand Horoscope

    • This was seriously entertaining and thought provoking. I had to re-post!

      I live in Toronto Canada and like him, I’m really am counting on a positive revolution in gov’t too.

  6. Thanks for the down-under perspective on world politics, Jamie.

    I’m with Rocio (M. del Rin.) and Gandalf: “You shall not pass!”
    Bloody balrogs!

  7. I just about cried when Abbott was elected. I am really worried how much more the people living below the poverty line can take. As far as who is to blame this time around it’s those very people living below the poverty line …. after all they “should be” trying harder the “lazy bums” ….. that’s pretty much what every conservative thinking person that I’ve ever met seems to think anyway.
    Yes the phone tapping thing happens to just about everyone now I think and it’s not just the major powers and governments doing it either …. businesses are doing it to employees to monitor for possible industrial espionage, health professionals to their patients because they’re frightened of being sued, parents to their children to monitor their movements and who what they’re talking to/about, spouses to their spouses out of jealousy and to check for possible cheating, ……. and that’s just the “good guys” and the technology is frighteningly inexpensive and readily available for anyone to use and laws both here in Aus and internationally are struggling to keep up with the techno-crime. Damned disturbing.
    Bring on the revolution! Let freedom be restored.
    Brightest blessings

  8. thank you for the Russell Brand interview and horoscope – I loved listening to him and when I saw his chart I was not surprised to see Mercury in Gemini. He was brilliant, what a way with words. Not surprised to see Cap rising too.

    I know a Boomer with Uranus activating his IC – he has had quite a journey of letting go of wealth for the sake of pursuing the rights of the disenfranchised. I am glad to see Uranus doing something positive, and hearing Russell Brand sure does inspire. He is dead on.

    Your post is fascinating too, Jamie, showing how financial woes led to the persecution of groups, first the wise women, then the Jews. For now it seems the group being persecuted is the poor. The American House of Representatives showed that with the budget and government shut down stunt. Listening to people who support the House Republicans, what becomes clear is that the people who have depended on benefits programs funded by tax dollars are no longer people but burdens to be shaken off, regardless of consequences to the vulnerable, including children and the disabled.

  9. Great Horoscope Jamie.
    The Aquarian Age birthing pangs look to be closer together and much sharper.
    My hope is that this transition doesn’t drag out for decades, while these bastards cling to power.
    No Religion is greater than Truth…

  10. I’ve been a part of the doomer sect before it was cool so I can see that mind set. The guys in charge are ‘experts’ at keeping this boat afloat, no one is sinking yet. No change is coming immediately so it’s back to the 9 to 5 as usual. Chaos and gloom are always part of the darkness, winter months for us in the north or even in summer for that matter.

    For the most part no one is truly awake, it’s just called a different name. We watch tv, we follow the news – doesn’t matter which one, they’re all the same. We do as we’re told, we listen to authority, we tell the NSA our inner secrets on Facebook or Twitter or through our Google searches.

    It’s a weird time we’re in. Change is coming but slowly….. very, very slowly.


  11. Wow Jamie- that was an amazing and very insightful article on the Solar Eclipse. The crack down on the poor and sick, and disabled is happening here in Britain too.Even more worrying the national newspapers seems to delight in tarring all these people as being a drain on the system. Meanwhile the political state of Great Britain is very worrying in my opinion- laws are being passed that means democracy has gone out of the window. We have new planning laws for instance that when it came to the public objecting recently over anew housing development(and local planning departments as well),the relevant Minister in the House of Commons just turned round and said the development was going ahead anyway… and ignored completely public opinion and the local planning department.! In other words we seem to be seeing more and more a sort of dictatorship where we no longer have any say at all in the planning process. It is almost if we are heading into a type of Orwellian Society.The planning laws in Britain have had public opinion at their base for nearly 60 years-now thats gone…Ditto with a new nuclear power station being built- the public werent involved in the consulation process- it was a done deal….(and crazy I might add consdering the legacy of Fukishima..).I went to a conference about climate change and nuclear power staions several years ago, and with rising sea levels and extreme weather it is sheer madness considering new nuclear plants…At least Germany wont be building them…
    Mad world….. If only world leaders would stop for a day and governments realise that the real threat to us all is climate change; and instead of fighting each other and destroying huge swathes of forest etc- they need to pull together to keep temperatures within certain levels…

    • I’m hoping this Uranus square Pluto cycle makes government (Pluto) put people (Aquarius) first! Here in the US the Supreme Court recently declared “open season” on our election spending. It is disgraceful how much money is in politics.

      I’m hoping for some young leaders with new ideas to get involved. Or get funded! 🙂

    • For the most part, an intelligent comment, however, you need to study the geophysics and cycles of the planets regarding global warming. All the planets in this solar system are warming. The reason goes beyond just planet earth. Think about the nine point square which can be connected with four continuous straight lines for a moment: There is no “trick” to this other than to expand the boundaries of our perception, by simply expanding the boundaries.

    • For the most part, an intelligent comment, however, if you were to study the geophysics and cycles of the planets regarding global warming, you would realize that all the planets in this solar system are currently warming. The reason goes beyond just this planet earth. While pollution in its many forms is controllable by man and needs to be seriously addressed, when it comes to global warming, planetary cycles must be considered. Think about the nine point ‘square’ which can be connected with four continuous straight lines for a moment: There is no “trick” to this other than to expand the boundaries of our perception, by simply expanding the perceived physical boundaries of the “square” shape which is “suggested” by our consciousness.

    • Hi, Jamie again. So, I have done a little bit more research on my Aphrodite which is 13° Aries and it brought me back to this 2013 eclipse. My yods apex is also uranus but the other two are the sun and MC so I believe my own has to do with a bit more and a touch of Destiny. This is a very interstsing article. I like that you do famous people charts for free, but does me being pre famous also work with getting some help and much needed questions answered? Thank you so much. 🙂

  12. Spent last evening viewing Bill Maher’s documentary “Religion”, which is so pertinent to Jamie’s reading of this eclipse, and speaks directly to Brand’s opinions. Here’s a short clip of Maher in an interview on religion. It’s notable that CBS once invited Maher to their “Free Speech” segment, then told him he could not discuss “religion” on the program. Censor-quah ???

  13. There is a prophecy that shortly after the death of the 8 the King of Israel The Messiah will return..Ariel Sharon died in January he was the 8th leader of Israel .you wrote the comet significeses appearance of a spiritual leader

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