Lunar Eclipse October 2013

Lunar EclipseThe lunar eclipse on the 18th of October, 2013, heralds the beginning of a new eclipse cycle which will see us through until April 2014. As with other full moons, the earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, creating a polarity between subconscious feeling and conscious intent. This disconnect can cause disorientation, or feelings of vulnerability and heightened sensitivity. This is felt stronger with lunar eclipses because the earth blocks the Suns life force from illuminating the Moon.

There is a decidedly poisonous and dangerous feel about this lunar eclipse. This is because of some fixed stars and challenging aspects which I will mention below. Dramatic events are in store for us, especially with Uranus square Pluto hitting on November 1. Someone will enter the world stage to liven things up. This person will be seen as a Savior by some, and the Antichrist by others. At both the individual and the global level, we will have to show courage and faith, to deal with threats to our physical and spiritual health. There is a looming battle on both fronts.

Lunar Eclipse in Cepheus The King

The October 2013 lunar eclipse is at 25 degrees Aries, lining up with the fixed star Kurda in constellation Cepheus. The Greeks called this constellation the King, but it really symbolizes the King Maker, the power behind the throne, or the Druid. Along with such heavy responsibility comes a stern face, aged by severe trials and burdens, worried by the repercussions of the judgments that duty demands.

Kurda is exactly opposite the futuristic path leader star, Arcturus. This extremely fortunate star does come into play because it lines up with the Sun for this lunar eclipse. However Kurda is the main focus of the subconscious, mass-conscious Moon.

Kurda is the opposite of Arcturus. Kurda is grey, ancient wisdom, standing stones, archeo astronomy, the past-life soul memory etched in the DNA of each cell in our body. Kurda is the spiritual leader, the adviser, calling on ancient knowledge which has been lost or discarded. “The ancient astronomers were Cepheans who made Cepheus the father of their royal family of stars.” [1].

Lunar Eclipse Square Varuna

The dwarf planet Varuna is square the lunar eclipse as shown in the horoscope below. This presents us with a big challenge to remain “strong and competent without force or violence.” [2]. Eric Francis calls Varuna “the great equalizer… often depicted carrying a noose. One of Varuna’s themes, both astrological and mythological, is the punishment of liars and those who do not honor contracts.”” [3].

The coming of a spiritual, religious or political leader shown by the lunar eclipse in constellation Kurda, is supported by the mundane astrological interpretation of Varuna by Philip Sedgwick: “appointments or elected positions, delegation of authority, promotions, demotions, court martial, public humiliation.” [4].

Mars and Comet ISON Opposite Neptune

Full Moon October 2013 Lunar Eclipse AstrologyThe previous solar eclipse focused on our physical health. The previous lunar eclipse focused on our mental and spiritual health. Now we are ready for the physical, mental and spiritual pressure applied by Mars opposite Neptune: spiritual warfare.

Mars is on the fixed star Phecda, “In conjunction with planetary malefics, it is said that this star is a possible cause of ‘a great blood bath’… an indication of a pathological sex nature.”

The chart for the October 2013 lunar eclipse shows Mars conjunct Comet ISON, also on the fixed star Phecda. The horoscope for comet ISON suggests contamination by poison. This is supported by the experts: “The shower is going to hit our planet from two directions at once… In my experience, this kind of double whammy is unprecedented.” [5]. Latest reports say comet ISON will be visible by the end of October.

The idea of Cephean leader coming to power during this eclipse cycle is also supported by the arrival of comet ISON, “Comets were also seen as heralding the rise to power of an ‘agent’, a military or religious leader, or a reformer.” [6].

Lunar Eclipse October 2013 Archangel Stars

The four royal stars of ancient Persian are also called the Archangel stars, known to Christians as the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Three of these bright and intense fixed stars are activated in the lunar eclipse horoscope above.

Venus is on the fixed star Antares (Archangel Uriel). Neptune is on the fixed star Fomalhaut (Archangel Gabriel). Mars and comet ISON are on the fixed star Regulus (Archangel Raphael).Regulus is a big star, but right next to it in longitude is the hellish little star Phecda, mentioned earlier. Perhaps the companion of the fourth horseman:

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.” Revelation 6:8, King James Bible.

  Lunar Eclipse October 2013 Times

Los Angeles CA 18 Oct, 2013 16:37
New York 18 Oct 2013, 19:37
London UK 19 Oct 2013, 00:37
New Delhi India 19 Oct 2013, 06:37
Bangkok Thailand 19 Oct 2013, 06:37
Sydney Australia 19 Oct 2013, 10:37

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36 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse October 2013

  1. This is such a brilliant explanation of whats about to start occurring and what to be mindful of and take into consideration. Thanks for taking the time to translate this to us!

    • Not sure about that Mary Ann because although the person is already here, I think they are not already in such a prominent position as leader of the world superpower.

    • That’s a strange accusation to make Julia. Although it does fit with Mars opposite Neptune in the lunar eclipse horoscope. I do have Mars on Regulus. Marina’s post is here: Lunar Eclipse October 2013 – Darkstar Astrology. I beleive she disagrees with some of my interpretations for this eclipse too. Might have to make my way over there and defend myself again 🙂

  2. This is Jamie’s work…… The eclipse is at10.50am in Sydney as we have started daylight saving now. Hope you are well.

  3. This sounds quite scary altogether. Can you calculate when the 4th archangel will be activated?

    • Thanks Wendy, forgot about daylight savings. I’ve been in London for a few weeks. Missed the time change and all the bush fires.

  4. So, this eclipse is exactly on my Aries Mars, 12 th house! Guess I’d better put on my mystical warrior costume for the weekend.

  5. very, very informative;
    however acc to eastern astrologers , there is no moon eclipse on that day.
    but it is significant with several fixed stars involved. i hv shared on my facebook.
    it is brilliant.thank you.

  6. I have sagi rising degree at 20. yay i should have positive effect from eclipse Trine.

  7. Well, This lunar eclipse hits right on my natal Sun, which is exactly 25º Aries, on the 10th. H.

    Even though I do understand the words of Jamie… I feel moved -by the times, I suppose- and having Neptune opposing my Sun, is hard for me to understand, to grasp.

    Nevertheless, I sure have this inner confidence that -when the times come- I do know what to do (so far…).

    Times, even when I do go further and feel the progress, are not easy…

    Does anyone feels the way I do?

    Thankyou very much, Jamie.


    • Perhaps it will become much clearer next April when Sun crosses your Sun. Neptune can really make one feel lost I think, but with your Aries Sun ( I too am an Aries) there is a lot of courage and confidence. Day by day is what I say. Pluto is doing a heavy thing right now too – and we are all feeling it. Here in the USA I wonder if the whole governing process will have to be overhauled. I see Obama suffering until Uranus comes out of square to Pluto – and that his legacy will be reform. Other parts of the world? November, as Jamie says – should be an interesting ride. I am thinking here that when there is a force, in this case Neptunian that overwhelms, trying to find the highest expression of that quality helps. Meditation? Lot of alone time to contemplate and ground? While remembering we are not alone – never.

    • The day was wonderful, and I now know that the day brings much information about what the whole thing is going to present it´s self.

      I´m not using my own will not so much. I´m using my oracles much more and I tend to be obedient.

      And I do have the confidence about the Guidance.

      We should do fine. It is better to live on the here and now. I´m happy with it. And I try not to react.

      Oracles have been saying again and again to be prudent, though assertive and to bring energy to what I´m trying to deliver, while flowing with what is… (complex, though understandable).

      Thanks for your comments!


  8. Jamie,
    Who took it upon themselves to assign the Archangels to fixed stars?
    Where did this information originate? I would really like to know the source of this. Really, I’m not being cynical, but, was it based on mythology? Also, Mars is a planet as we all know, how does it correlate with a moving comet? In addition, how does Regulus correlate? From earth’s vantage point… what astronomical calculation or point are they all related, and over what period of time do you factor a moving comet?

    • The archangel associations come from Eric Morse. But from the earliest times we have been seeing the fixed stars as angels, messengers.

      Mars has been conjunct comet ISON for a few weeks. They have both been moving in the same direction as similar speeds. Comet ISON is now speeding up though, ahead of Mars through Virgo.

      You can find the position of comet ISON here:

  9. The fixed stars and comets are beyond my self-education, still I always enjoy reading the Astrology King Jamie. Question regarding eclipses: My understanding is that this full moon eclipse (or any eclipse) will be activated once the next transiting planet crosses the same degree, in this case 25d Aries. That would be the Sun, April 2014. Full moon – I think of completion of the New Moon’s agenda and on a feeling level – this would be about relationships, no? So with Aries ruler Mars opposing Neptune, (“spiritual war “- brilliant!) it would be seem that whis might be the current expression and the complete outcome will be seen next April? Please feel free to take this as a “teaching moment” LOL! Also – as I have Venus (Taurus) exactly semi-sextile this degree I wonder if there will be much affect or as much as say the opposition it is making to natal Neptune? Cheers!

    • Yes I have heard that idea of activation of an eclipse by a planet transiting the same degree. When the Sun transits 25 degrees Aries next April, it is for the next lunar eclipse at 25 Libra.

      So you are right to link these two eclipses, they are called eclipse pairs.

  10. Abso-frickin-LUTELY! I am seeing people “out for blood” today – the uncovering of lies and deceit seems to be the major trigger. More than a few are on the warpath today….

    Other interesting note with Mars in Virgo opposite Neptune: seems the (small) critters are particularly sensitive to the vibe of this eclipse. My own pet has been unusually irritable today for no good reason.

    The mention of comet ISON and contamination by poison reminded me about an article I read just the other day in Discover magazine (October 2013) about widespread arsenic contamination of rice worldwide. Apparently, rice is a sponge for soaking up the inorganic (man-made) form of arsenic, which we all know is quite toxic. Brown rice, especially, harbors particularly high amounts of the stuff due to the outer layers harboring more of the poison. Do you know how many processed foods are made with rice, rice starches, or brown rice syrup? Let alone that rice itself is a major staple in Asian and Spanish cuisines….! And don’t think eating organic is going to help you here, either – organic products, such as those sweetened with brown rice syrup, tested highest in arsenic content. :-/ This is a HUGE problem!

    • I’m in London at the moment and saw the same thing watching the news last night. Different stories but along the same themes. Two more pedophiles outed in court from the entertainment industry. More news about outing immigrants etc.

      Than ks for the info on the arsenic, didn’t know about that. I’m also concerned about the radioactivity from Fukushima entering the food chain in the ocean.

      • FYI, Jamie – There have been widespread reports here of ALL Bluefin Tuna being caught on the Pacific Coast of the USA testing positive for radiation from Fukushima! Don’t know if it’s being reported on “Down Under” at all, and they’re certainly trying to minimize this by insisting the radiation is still at “safe” levels, although they can’t physically test *every* fish sold at market. I certainly don’t think I would be eating seafood if I lived on the West Coast. :-/ And the plant is STILL leaking, years later! Our collective governments are not doing nearly enough to address this, IMO, and you are very right to be concerned about this variety of contamination!

        In case you want to meander through some articles in your spare time or use them as a resource, here are stories related to the subject of Fukushima-contaminated seafood here in the USA:

  11. The FDA has acknowledged this risk, BTW:

    *sigh* We fund NSA and determine the work it does is “of vital importance”, spending money spying on private citizens to “keep us safe”, while growing and importing foods en masse that give us cancer? Where is the budget for protecting & preserving our food supply, huh? Jupiter in Cancer + Ceres in Virgo want to know! Because if you ask me what I’d rather be spending money on, it’s definitely ensuring we don’t permanently contaminate our food supply – don’t even get me started on the GMO’s and the Monsanto Protection Act….!

    Ugh, end rant, LOL! Looks like the eclipse’s bloodthirsty vibe is gettin’ to me, too! LOL! Crazy from the heat….! XD

  12. What is the natal chart for NSW? I am interested in seeing what shows for the fires currently burning there.

  13. Although my Sun is at 25 Libra (Arcturus), your description of Kurda, 25 Aries, describes me in many ways as well. I’m into ancient philosophy, standing stones, etc.

    Thanks for a great article!

    • Thanks for the feedback Greg. Sometimes I have difficulty working out the difference. I have Mercury and Venus on Arcturus, Saturn on Kurda.

  14. Just re read this one again due to your Feb full moon report, interesting that our Jesuit Prime MInister Abbot entered the global stage with election almost bang on and yes he was elected by majority at the time as some sort of saviour, many who I know voted for him are however are rethinking their voting choice as he begins to look less like a saviour and more like the anti christ, doo doo doo doooooo lol!

    • oops, gee i keep having trouble with dates at the moment, it was Sept 7 not Nov 7, ah well, it still fits how he is evolving in some ways 🙂

  15. Hi,I’ve installed Doclipse, but how do I get javdoac running within eclipse to recognize the new tags that I add? I get code-completion and the lot on the new tags but when running javdoac I get warnings that they are not recognized?- Esben

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