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Comet ISON AstrologyComet ISON (C/2012 S1) was discovered at 5:15 am on September 21 2012 by Artem Novichonok and Vitaly Nevsky at the ISON-Kislovodsk observatory in Russia. The astronomers on their blogs and forums are saying there is a good chance that this will be a big one, very bright around the end of 2013.

That is so long as it doesn’t break up like comet Elenin, and even though the discoverer titled his blog post, Great Comet From Russia, he does say “any optimistic forecasts should be treated with caution…its core can be very fragile and may not survive the comet perihelion.”

I hope that comet ISON holds together and gives us a good show following the disappointment of Elenin. I’m sure that either way we will soon be hearing about ascension, doomsday or some aliens riding the tail in. I’ll start that ball rolling by looking into some old and new astrological methods for interpreting the meaning of comets.

Comet ISON Astrology Chart

Robson says the effects of comets are influenced “through the constellation in which they appear, and also through the zodiacal sign and degree to which their position corresponds. They are said to cause inordinate heat, pestilence. sterility of the earth, wars and changes in kingdoms, winds, earthquakes and floods, and are assigned to the planets according to their colors.” We will have to wait to see what color this comet is. Comet ISON first appeared through a telescope at 00°59′ Leo between constellations Gemini and Cancer. The comet aligned with alpha Monoceros, the brightest star in the Unicorn constellation.

The two longest solar eclipses in the last two millennia fell on this star. The eclipse of 26 June 363 AD heralded the end of Paganism and the rise of Christianity through the Church of Rome. The last pagan ruler or Rome, Emperor Julian the Apostate died the day after the eclipse. He was succeeded by the Christian emperor Jovian. The solar eclipse of July 22 2009 coincided at the height of the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal. Monoceros rules the Catholic Church, Germany, Ireland, Israel, equality, communications and aviation.

Throughout the history of astrology, the appearance of comets was a sign of upheaval for humanity, affecting agriculture and the weather. Comets were also seen as heralding the rise to power of an “agent“, a military or religious leader, or a reformer.” Jonathan Flanery.

Today we can use a more modern method because we have an exact time and place for the first sighting of this comet. That means we can look at the discovery chart for clues. The star culminating on the Midheaven is Menkib in constellation Perseus “indicative of events affecting large numbers of people, especially those events caused by major meteorological phenomena“.

Comet ISON Astrology ChartMercury stands out in the discovery chart being square Uranus and opposite Pluto. Perhaps the message from this comet has to do with the big evolutionary changes that Uranus square Pluto is bringing.

The discovery came just 2 days after the second exact square, and the closest approach to the Sun comes at the peak of these squares in November 2013. The rising star in the discovery chart is Thuban, the brightest star in constellation Draco the Dragon. “It was said by the Ancients that when a comet was here poison was scattered over the world.” Comet ISON should be visible to the naked eye from early November 2013 to mid-January 2014. It makes its closest approach to Earth on December 26. Comet ISON passes through constellation Draco from December 26 2013 to January 3 2014.

For several days around January 12, 2014, Earth will pass through a stream of fine-grained debris from Comet ISON…The shower is going to hit our planet from two directions at once…In my experience, this kind of double whammy is unprecedented.” Comet ISON Meteor Shower.

comets are an ideal vehicle for sustaining and transporting a variety of microbes, including viruses, from planet to planet and even from solar system to solar system. In consequence, when these organisms are deposited on a world already thriving with life, genes may be exchanged, the evolution of new species may ensue, or conversely contagion may be unleashed, and disease, death, and plague may spread throughout the land.” Comets and Contagion: Evolution and Diseases From Space.

Update 28 November 2013

Comet ISON’s closest approach to the Sun today (perihelion) – see chart.

Update 29 November 2013

NASA says ISON’s reemergence continues “a history of surprising behavior” that has seen the comet brighten and dim “in unexpected ways.” Comet ISON reappears in new NASA images, scientists say nucleus ‘may still be intact’.

That is Mercury opposite Uranus in the comet ISON discovery chart.

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  1. This comet was discovered on my birthday last week! We all have it about 19 degrees Cancer in our birth charts, on my DC!

    • Jamie,

      The numerology for this comet, thus you birthday, is amazing: 3 (Providence) and 8 (richness, though danger of being too much in the skies, and loosing Earth). Five, is rather stabilizing and keeping the inner core, the center. After all, you do need all that protection of the Divine Providence and Nature, in order to stablish, settle and follow the tracks of responsabilities (9), keeping centered (5); and act as an 8 -in it´s bright side- to acheive your dreams (have a house for your Partridge bunch).

      I don ´t know how does it sound to you? Regarding the comet, all humanity should take care of our only house (Earth, naturally). And we should all surrender to the Will of Nature (God), in order to stabilize our connection (inner and outer), so we might find -through the comming years- new ways to interpret richness, in some more responsible ways, giving service (9).

      When I feel in the skies, I try to carry rocks (not crystalls) but solid rocks (of the three kind). They remind me -and with their energy they help me… God Bless those Sisters- to connect better with Earth. I feel much more centered.

      I was going to ask how much “Earth” do you have in your chart, regarding the quadrants?

      But I should not be asking the one who knows, already. I´m an amateur and my service should go to the groups of communities in remote regions (as far as I can see). For me, mastery comes from moon: I should be very close to my feelings (head and instincts seem to be on the track somehow and with issues to clear out… but I abandon my self very often!)

      If you read this of Marina and feel you should delete it, please do!


    • The Comet was discovered at 19 Cancer (Moon/Women and children) during the Sun’s transit of
      Libra (Venus/Balance/Equality / Women)
      The One Billion Rising global protest seems to be resonating with the zodiac and planetary yin/cardinal
      energy, so based on the very interesting information shared here, Thank You! Fascinating!
      things might be just getting underway…
      zeitgeist shift in values?

        • Yes, a few days ago, cainer’s website, where he also mentioned ISON, and Google brought me here.

          Interesting what you said about the solar eclipses and alpha Monoceros, and with the ongoing uranus-pluto square….exciting, to say the least!

  2. Not sure Rocío, sounds like you know a lot more a bout numerology than me. My chart is here, I don’t use the elements so you might be able to tell me 🙂

    Found something interesting about the comets name, ISON is the name of the group who runs the observatory (International Scientific Optical Network) but also a musical term: “Ison is a drone note, or a slow-moving lower vocal part, used in Byzantine chant”

  3. Hi Jamie and all, does this mean (please forgive my ignorance) that ISON was in the sign of Cancer between 1950 and 1960 and we should look in our natal charts to see where it was located at that time (if we were born then)? Thx, HD And if we do, how tight does the orb have to be to have a conjunct? Thx again.

    • Yep, we all have comet ISON at about 19 degrees Cancer in our charts. This is all new to us but I would say about one degree orb at the moment, but if it turns into a great comet like some are predicting then we could use a much larger orb, especially if it becomes as bright as the Moon.

      • Jamie, thank you. I am just figuring about the differences in how orbs are used depending what body is orbing what body :-). My natal Cancer moon is 17Cancer 48 53″ and my Natal Isis is 18Cancer 59 13″, so I am interested if there would be some small connection with this.

        I looked at your chart. Holy cow, all that Virgo! What does it feel like to be so grounded, lol? I have no earth in my natal chart at all.

        • Jane, as I read it, if you are looking as to where it was in your natal chart, if your NN was Cancer 20, you were born later than I was, lol. I was born in the 50s, so it is at 18+ for me. This is how I understand it.

          I wonder is this can be looked up at Astrodienst?

    • Comet Ison is a long period comet that by definition has a 200 year or more orbit around the sun. The orbit is very close to the orbit that the great comet of 1680 had. If it is the same comet, that would make it 333 years since it came around the Sun. Hope this helps.

  4. Nov 2013… isn’t that the same timeframe as our 4th, and possibly most significant, Uranus/Pluto hit? The timing is downright scary.

  5. Not sure I quite have my head around the significance of this, but it is interesting! Don’t know if it’s of any particular significance or not, but at ISON’s discovery it was exactly conjunct my progressed MC at 29 degrees Cancer. I wonder Jamie, do you consider the fact that it was discovered at the 29th degree (the Anaretic or “Karmic” degree) in any way meaningful for us as a society? Or am I misunderstanding the whole thing??? 🙁

    Happy belated birthday.:)

  6. Say, Jamie! So, then you need to do rituals with water! So very interest what you showed about ISON and the tone.

    I was not so dry. I was much more like a sword and fire. Water and rocks. By not taking into consideration my feelings, I lost ground. Maybe, that was why mi cancer -thus, my seed- was only in my head (12th House, where Mars is; I invited others to be my enemies, by being brutally direct)and not on earth, where it was supossed to be…

    I will sure send a candle to Saint Michael to San Migue Tecuanipa, where my children will go to celebrate with remote communities. And will light another over here, at Home. Tomorrow, is day of that Archangel. For La Mexicanidad, it is very important. So useful to cut with our shadow!

    I went to Regina´s house this morning. Regina was the Mexican master who was prepared up at the Himalayas. She came back to sustain the Student Mexican Revolt back in 1968, and who created the Mexican Olympic Logo. Then, she fought silent and sustainingly with the students. She offered her life in Tlaltelolco.

    Some years ago, His Holyness Dalai Lama, came to Mexico to bring manuscripts and Spiritual Powers to Mexico, in order to sustain the energy shift from Himalayas, to both volcanoes: The Warrior (Popocatépetl) and the Princess, Dormant Woman (Iztazíhuatl), and the Whole volcanic axe, as well to the Sierra Madre Occidental (which has to do with California, somehow).

    And here we are! Me sending candles and making rites with water and rocks, visiting Regina and praying Archangel Saint Michael and Uriel, as well. You both, giving us information that is so valuable for us. Every body, doing what the inner Master so silently whispers to do…

    And knowing nothing, in fact!

    Kindest regards!


  7. Mh! Interesting. My Uranus is -God helps me- trining my Moon, ´till 2014. I should surrender and amend. It is right on 2°53´in Leo, jumping to my 2nd House.

    Ok. I thought different and was avan-gard, but I judged too much! I´m changing.

    The other night it was amazing. This joyful angels singing in my chest. My angel is Lelahel, who praises God and the magnificence. For me, manifesting in Nature. These experiences… Mh!


  8. When the comet is in its closest approach, Saturn will be on my Ascendant. I get a comet ushering in a new phase of my life! 😛

  9. Hi Jamie – here’s a very interesting comment on ISON –
    As you know I subscribe to the Electric Universe theory and thus the meaning of comets is far more complex than just a lump of dirty ice. I really think this one is a great harbinger of change indeed given its positioning –
    re Monocerous –

    When Australian amateur astronomer Nicholas Brown photographed a region in the constellation Monoceros in early January 2002, he noticed a 10th-magnitude star that wasn’t there when he had photographed the same area about two weeks earlier. Over the next month, amateur and professional astronomers worldwide watched as this “new” star brightened to magnitude 6.5 and then faded away again. Now a meager 16th-magnitude star, V838 Monocerotis (V838 Mon) was for a short time intrinsically brighter than any other star in our entire galaxy.
    …Observations indicate that the erupting star transformed itself over a period of months from a small under-luminous star a little hotter than the Sun, to a highly luminous, cool super giant star undergoing rapid and complex brightness changes. The transformation defies the conventional understanding of stellar life cycles…stars are powered by electrical current filaments strung through the galactic plasma in which the stars are immersed, power surges in those circuits can suddenly brighten and dim them.

    So we should look at the brilliance of the relevant stars too to see how the comet gets brightened by interaction of EMFs. Perhpas this little bugger is actually Quaetzlcoatl on his way back to teach this tired race some new tricks!

    • Further to this – from Peter Stockinger’s site –

      Around the time of its perihelion, at the end of November 2013, comet ISON will be conjunct the fixed star Dschubba sitting at the head of the constellation Scorpio…We can therefore conclude that the conjunction between comet and fixed star will enhance the potential for negative occurrences.
      Due to the precession of the equinoxes the constellation of Scorpius overlaps with the tropical zodiac sign of Sagittarius. To be able to try and predict the events symbolized by comet ISON, we have to consider both, the sidereal Scorpius and the tropical Sagittarius to get a clearer picture.

      So this is the region and province of Ophiucus???

  10. Oh UQW!

    Perhpas this little bugger is actually Quaetzlcoatl on his way back to teach this tired race some new tricks!


    (Hahahahaha… you made me so much laugh, in the mid of being happy and crying now and then. I feel deeply that I am to recover the ever lost world!).

    May I wish you and yours very happy Holy Days!

    (NN and Gal Cent. are right there)


  11. Jamie – the link above to the chant is fantastic!
    I’m really interested in this idea of the drone note – and wonder if the OM chant is connected. I’ve got my own theories on it.
    The Hypogeum of Malta, a prehistoric underground temple, has unique qualities in that one of the chambers will resonate a deep hum at 110hz which alters brain waves into a deep state of relaxation. The pre frontal cortex suddenly shifts, deactivating the language centre, turning on the part of the brain which controls mood, empathy and social behaviour.

    • Thanks for that link. I’ve talked to Marina about the temples in Malta before. I read that Malta has the oldest religious temples in the world. Would so love to go there.

      • Me too – I was trying to plan a trip before I went back to SA in September. Maybe next year. YOu should check out the stories on the Hypogeum – children disappearing and mysterious white giants hiding down there!
        But seriously, the idea of the ISON drone and the OM sound – since I’m adhereing to the Venus as a comet theory, it makes sense there would have been a sound from her as the EMF interacted with ours. Many myths of the comet Venus say her arriveal was heralded by a sound. I’ve just been given a book on the Tuba Veneris – Trumpet of Venus as recreated by Dr John Dee and others!
        WOuldn’t it be amazing if ISON had a sound!

  12. Some excellent ideas right here and actually didn’t have a clue concerning almost any of this until now so many thanks for your knowledge

  13. Dear all,

    My knowledge in this field is rather humble and limited. I do appreciate all the information given here. Thanks to all of you, I have some new insight into what I read about the Mayan Quetzalcoatl and his sacrifice in the fire and thereby becoming Venus. Uberqueenofwands’ suggestion of Venus as a comet makes a lot of sense now. As comets come to its perehelion and graze the sun, probably, the Mayan myth of Quetzalcoatl leaping into the fire and becoming Venus could be the comet Venus grazing the sun (fire)? Another observation or a hope expressed by UQOW of ISON arriving with sound, makes a lot of sense too. Almost like announcing the arrival of someone with the blow of a conch or a trumpet or whatever is used to herald the arrival of an entity. Thanks once again.

    Love and light.

  14. ISON Comet of 2013 Astrology Viewer 1.0

    Keep track of this ‘once-in-a-civilisation’s-lifetime event’ – or leastwise ‘once-in-a-lifetime light show’. ISON Comet of 2013 Astrology Software displays the celestial path and the tropical positions of this unique comet, it presents simultaneously the estimated apparent magnitudes (below and above naked eye visibility) and the values of its distance from Earth.
    It is freeware, you can download it at

  15. Ison has just sprouted a tail – still in deep space near the orbit of Jupiter – but methinks perhaps it has picked up a charge from Jupiter’s magnetosphere? Anyway this is exciting news!

    • Thanks for this question Sam. I think I should take a closer look at how comet ISON will affect each sign. This is now on my to do list. I will update this post once I have finished the March horoscopes.

      • Hi Jamie! It’s good to see your site up and running and attracting such wonderfully interesting subjects and friends (Hi, Rocio! And UberQetc. always learn so much from you 🙂 )

        I think your idea of doing ISON in relationship to each sign is a smashing idea! It seems to be something that might be a major influence this year, just from what I have been reading here and over at Darkstar as well.

        Also, I do have a personal interest in this as well (grin): as I mentioned in an earlier post, the comet is in orb with my natal Cancer moon and natal Cancer Isis. So, I’d love to learn more.

        I am a natal Cancer decan three sun as well.

        Hope is well with you and your family. You’re heading into autumn now, yes?

        Hope to be able to contribute more soon. Thanks for all your hard work and sharing. Best, HD

        • Yes, autumn here but still warm. So much I want to write about as always, I think the comet is a way off yet so that gives me some time to do more research.

  16. Comets causing CMEs? Sounds very Uranus/Pluto to me.
    CME, Comet and Planet Earth / NASA APOD, 15th March 2013
    Large image here:
    Explanation: After appearing in a popular photo opportunity with a young crescent Moon near sunset, naked-eye Comet PanSTARRScontinues to rise in northern hemisphere skies. But this remarkable interplanetary perspective from March 13, finds the comet posing with our fair planet itself – as seen from the STEREO Behind spacecraft. Following in Earth’s orbit, the spacecraft is nearly opposite the Sun and looks back toward the comet and Earth, with the Sun just off the left side of the frame. At the left an enormous coronal mass ejection (CME) is erupting from a solar active region. Of course, CME, comet, and planet Earth are all at different distances from the spacecraft. (The comet is closest.) The processed digital image is the difference between two consecutive frames from the spacecraft’s SECCHI Heliospheric Imager, causing the strong shadowing effect for objects that move between frames. Objects that are too bright create the sharp vertical lines. The processing reveals complicated feather-like structures in Comet PanSTARRS’s extensive dust tail.

    Rennison’s comment: This image is almost unbelievable… look at the ‘feathers’ on the comet tail… I think we have some evidence that a huge solar eruption was prompted by the close encounter of Comet Panstarrs…. Which does not bode well for the arrival of Comet ISON which is a much bigger comet and the likelihood of a massive solar eruption that could be similarly directed at Earth. Quote: “Recent findings about comets call for a new perspective on these bodies. The more we have learned about comets, the more the discoveries support an electrical interpretation. Highly energetic and focused jets explode from comets’ nuclei. “, The Electric Comet This is a short article that serves as a tutorial by Wallace Thornhill and David Talbott, on the electrical nature of comets. See the archives for more links and online books on this same subject, Best of the Blog – Space & Cosmology.
    • Comet C/2011 L4 (PanSTARRS) as seen by NASA STEREO
    YouTube, 14th March 2013
    This NASA video showing a double coronal mass ejection as comet PanStarrs passes overhead is solid evidence for a link between sungrazing comets and CME’s.

  17. Sun Fires CME Past Comet Pan-STARRS From Spacecraft’s Viewpoint /Published on Mar 18, 2013
    The Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO) witnessed super-heated particles emitted from a coronal mass ejection appear to fly-by the comet. But the comet and the CME did not actually cross paths. The time-lapse is from March 10-15, 2013.

  18. Hi Jamie – what, if any, do you think the effect of a comet might be on a natal chart? A friend’s baby is due first week of September 2013 and Ison will be Leo?? then.

    RE the electric comet theory – well its definitely born out in recent attempts to take pieces out of asteroids. The electric charge of the comet – polarized pos or neg will dictate the outcome of its influence when it interacts with other bodies – e.g the Sun but maybe also earth? – depending on how close it gets. The streaming tail – as in that of Venus a long time ago – can play havoc with Earth.

    • I haven’t thought too much about the effects of comet ISON in the natal chart. At the moment I am still researching comets, sidetracked again with a comet from 5 BC.

      • I’ll have a look for a Hale-Bopp ephemeris and see if there are any specific traits which could be attributed to kids born then. It cold be revealing. Perhaps a comet in the natal chart amplifies some qualities??

  19. G’day Jamie,
    I hope you can access this page – – not sure if its subscriber only – but N.A Fiorenza has made some neat maps of ISON’s path, transits etc
    I’m excited about it! The Mars conjunction conjuncts my natal Venus then it must conj my Mercury, asc and then it goes on to Spica and Arcturus which I have natally conjunct Neptune.
    Will I have a personal flood??? !!!
    Anyway, from N.A’s page –

    ISON completes its final retrograde loop on April 7 (curiously during the Venus-Mars-Eris synodic synchronization). Ceres arrives on the scene to conjoin ISON on May 3. They are within a degree in ecliptical latitude. ISON then moves through Gemini and Cancer. Mars catches up to ISON in late sidereal Cancer on September 22, under the auspices of the Head of the Lion. The two remain in a tight conjunction until their mutual conjunction with Regulus of Leo in mid-October. Needless to say, this long standing conjunction creates a primary and stimulating energetic, and provides another significant astrological consideration. ISON then starts to accelerate, leaving Mars behind.
    ISON crosses from north to south of the ecliptic plane on November 9 on the anti-vernal point of Earth’s Precessional Cross (~5° sidereal Virgo)—another key indicator. Accelerating more, it moves through sidereal Virgo in just a couple of weeks and conjoins Spica and Archturus on November 17.

    Will we see a challenge to individual autonomy (Regulus)?

  20. Thanks so much for this link Geralidine. I’ve been adding comet ISON to all my charts lately. Glad to see Nick believes it is important too.

      • I’m actually a bit overwhelmed by it all. I think researching comet Elenin was like a learning exercise for the real thing with this one. I’m already going through some weird and intense transformation, way out of my comfort zone. Once I take it all in I will have to update this post.

  21. Yes it is Susan, I added this to the post, quotes from the NASA website:

    For several days around January 12, 2014, Earth will pass through a stream of fine-grained debris from Comet ISON…The shower is going to hit our planet from two directions at once…In my experience, this kind of double whammy is unprecedented. Comet ISON Meteor Shower

  22. I’m staggered NASA are still going with the “dirty ice” model! Its not warming (ice would melt!) its picking up charge – so the tail is a highly charged plasma trail (hence the gas). The already learned when they tried to take a lump out of Tempel that it has an elecric charge. If only we knew how it is policed – this will dictate how it interacts with Earth/Sun etc

  23. do you reckon that the comet can correlate with man’s behavior as astrology does? for example, the idea of a comet spreading physical poison. there’s many theories that govt are spreading disease/flus etc.. this would be flue season. there’s talk of armageddon, and in the bible there’s the prophecy about something alien crashing into earth and spreading disease to all 4 corners. might this be symbolic of what man does, as oppose to the comet itself putting out the debris that can cause illness? as a fellow virgo i’d think you’d understand my interest in this.. lol.

  24. * Physicist James McCanney on Comet Ison
    Published on Mar 14, 2013
    Maverick physicist James McCanney spoke about the coming of Comet ISON in 2013, which is predicted to be 15 times brighter than the full moon by November, and could be immense in size. Though there is no danger it will hit Earth, he noted, it may have some effect on weather.

  25. revelation everyone!
    I have been looking at the approach of ISON and notice there is a conjunction with Mars on Oct 2 2013. The comet will conj all the stars of Ursa Major on its approach. Those of you who are familiar with esoteric or soul evolutionary astrology will know Ursa Major is of great importance to humanity now. (as mentioned by Alice Bailey/Djwhal Khul)
    The chart shows a yod with SAturn and the Moon at the base pointing to Uranus. I can’t add it as a jpeg here but obviously just draw it up on the astrodentist (astrodienst) – with midday at Greenwich.
    ISON will cruise through all the stars of Ursa Major so its worth a look at the mundane meanings of them – e.g Phecda
    “The power of this fixed star is a distinct one in mundane astrology, Elsbeth Ebertin noted that when the assassination in Serajewo of the Austrian heir to the Crown took place, Mars had just transited this fixed star. When the Justizpalast in Vienna was overrun, 20-24 July 1927, Mars transited Phacd and in other places too, riots took place. [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.53, under the name Phacd.]

    Well ISON will be conj Mars and although Phecda is at 0 Virgo and thus conj Regulus. Phecda is wide of Mars on that day – however, since it conjuncts all the stars of Ursa Major in its passage I think its safe to say the influences will be picked up. (although Mars apparently has no magnetosphere!!??)
    I’m also intrigued by a little “linguistic” sign in the star Alkaid (Benetnasch)
    Arabic is not a language which translates exactly to English but English spellings are made phonetically – so Alkaid is a phonetic of Alqaed. The ‘d’ often gets an extra phonetic ‘a’ in English as the sound is exaggerating in Arabic pronunciation.
    Does anyone else see this – or was I the last to get it??? ANyway –
    The last star in the Great Bear. Benetnash (Alkaid) means ‘hired mourners’. If the influence of this star is exercised, an influence of a Mars-Uranus-Saturn nature is present. Experience has shown that many human lives are to be mourned. Reinhold Ebertin made a survey of this fixed star covering centuries when associated with transits of the major planets over this degree. The results have been recorded in the 40th yearbook for Cosmobiological Research 1969. In accordance with adopted belief of ancient times, this fixed star is supposed to be bound up with the realm of the dead and is therefore associated with death and mourning. In an important position in a mundane map, Benetnash will claim human lives in calamities such as mine accidents, collapse of houses and bridges, mountain slides, earth tremors and catastrophes caused by weather. Uranus was in exact conjunction with Benetnash at the end of July 1969. This time was marked with extreme tension between Prague and Moscow, followed later in August by the Russian takeover of the USSR. The Czech reformers in Schwarzau on the Theiss fought for the freedom of their nation on the 30th July with the Russian political bigwigs. The Soviets widened their ‘maneuvers’ in Poland. [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, no.46, p.57, under the name Benetnash]

    Alkaid was known as “the destroyer of nations” by Islamic astrologers. [Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p.5.]

    Is this a coincidence? And as Jamie says – is ISON going top be a real changer? I’m going to do more charts for its passage.

    • p.s conventional translators say alqaed mean the “base’ – well its the base or the end of the constellation being the last star in the tail of the bear.

      “Alcaid, Alkaid, and Benatnasch are our present titles, from Ka’id Banat al Na’ash, the Governor of the Daughters of the Bier, i.e. The Chief of the Mourners. Some of the Arabic poets wrote that these Daughters — the stars epsilon (ε Alioth), zeta (ζ Mizar), and this star eta (η Alkaid) — were “Good for nothing people whose rising and setting do not bring rain.”

      So whatever your persuasion is re 9/11 it might be that the actual essence is a revolutionary force sent from this constellation – whoever picks up the baton to channel the force is irrelevant really – its the effect which is important.

      Also maybe confused in translation is the word bier meaning the stand for a coffin before burial – the” Bear with her train” is the bier with her followers of mourners.

    • Another date to look for – the November 3 eclipse – ISON approaches Spica and Arcturus – a nasty yod on the eclipse date of Saturn and Mars to Uranus. ISON is conj Spica and Arcturus on the 17th Nov.

  26. From Nick Anthony Fiorenza – “ISON exactly conjoins Dschuba of Scorpio in both ecliptical longitude and latitude on November 27, a day before it whips around the Sun. Dschuba is the Head of the Scorpion. Dschuba impels us to become responsible cocreators and in how we use our creative power, and to take responsibility for our life experience rather than being a victim of it.

    ISON and the Sun conjoin at the foot of Ophiuchus, where ISON is pulled around the Sun. Here it also moves from south of the ecliptic plane back northward, a day later on November 29. ISON now heads in its new direction to Yed Ophiuchus, the Hand of Death, where it arrives on December 6.

    In our orbital view (shown in the movie above), ISON is now on its way out of the inner Solar System, heading toward Earth. ISON moves further northward through the heavens from our view, up along the Neck of the Serpent. It makes passage by the star Marsic of Hercules on December 16, where it then moves through and over Corona Borealis (The Northern Crown) and into Hercules. It makes its passage by Earth on December 26, 2013 at a distance of 0.43 AU from Earth—leaving us a tremendous message and stimulating energetic.

    here’s the link for the movie and the maps

    • Looking at a chart for the 28th Nov there is also a yukky fateful yod of N node with Alioth to Uranus. The Moon is opp Uranus too.
      I can’t see this being a day at the beach…!

  27. thanks for this. is there a website where I can find Ison’s position in 1975? I tried astrodienst but nothing. there are other comets but Ison is not listed there yet. any info is appreciated.

  28. actually what I saw is an asteroid not a comet lol but I found Ison’s path. thanks for sharing so much info everyone 🙂

  29. Jamie – are you theeeeerrrre?
    I’m just looking at the entry path for ISON and see on July 24th it conjuncts Varuna (acts of God?) which will also be conj asteroid Atropos – endings? Varuna seems to be god of everything – and the law (probably divine law rahter than basic judiciary) – he presumes over the dark sky, catches liars, – too many other things to write but worth a look
    I think this is the beginning of the change you talk about – also it conjoins under the head of the Lion – Kappa Leonis – do you think this is significant? I can’t find much on the stars in the head of the Lion – its all about Regulus. Any thoughts?

    • k Leo is Minchir el-asad, the Muzzle of the Lion. It’s right on the nose. Saturn Mars flavoring. Yes, still here. Only just finished putting together all the previous monthly horoscopes. A couple more readings to finish off them hopefully I can get a post or two out before it’s time to write the July horoscopes.

  30. Hi Jamie, tonight around 10:15 I was outside and as I was ready to water my plant I saw this fire ball passing right abode my house, it come from the North going South, it was so close, I run across the street to see it but uf! it went so fast…just wondering if it was Ison…NASA is saying that it will visible for tomorrow July 4….scary but at the same time I felt like going after him…or with him…3 hours after it passed started to rain with big thunder and great lighting…

  31. very interesting,and scary when you think of the real possibilities what this thing could bring to earth.sounds a lot like mother shiptons predictions

  32. I’ve avoided following this Comet due to the doom party surrounding Elinin but now Comet ISON is getting very interesting.

    Recently, I’ve looked at Comet ISON’s chart and followed it’s path as it conjuncted, Ceres, Vesta and Venus. I have to say, I’m sticking around for this party. Comet ISON is going to drop ‘fairy dust’ as it travels back from the SUN (ENERGY – as in our LIFE FORCE.)

    We’ve spent the last 50 years under the FORCE of Pluto (conjunct Uranus) but now with the help of ISON, Uranus has the upper hand and will usher in a better way. Instead of mating with someone for money, lust and power, we will be focusing on true love in every aspect of our lives.

    Don’t miss this show! This one is very important!

  33. Venus will transit the Galactic Center over November 1st (Pluto square Uranus) and November 3rd (Solar Eclipse.) There is certainly a lot to take in during this comet’s big trek to the sun.

  34. Found this over at JPL’s website regarding ISON joining Saturn/Mercury on November 26:

    The most amazing conjunction of the year takes place on Nov. 26, when Saturn and Mercury appear only half a degree from one another. On the days leading up to the 26th, Comet ISON passes only five degrees from each planet, moving a dramatic four to five degrees per day. On the 24th, the comet is predicted to brighten to very bright magnitude 0.

    Someone is going to loose their appetite for Thanksgiving dinner…. looks to be very ominous with Karmic Saturn, messenger Mercury sitting near Zuben Elgenubi with Comet ISON pushing the right buttons.

    And this fits in with what you said, “Mercury stands out in the discovery chart being square Uranus and opposite Pluto. Perhaps the message from this comet has to do with the big evolutionary changes that Uranus square Pluto is bringing..”

    Look surprised when ‘it’ hits the fan this November and December.

  35. ~~~~It was said by the Ancients that when a comet was here poison was scattered over the world.~~~~~

    I heard on the telly last night that the local hospital is gearing up for a wide-spread airborne virus in December. I thought OMG, this comet ISON is really going cause havoc on this planet this winter.

    Now I’m out to buy some quality facemasks. Thanks for the heads up! Can’t trust the government to tell us the truth.

  36. Hi Everyone, Hope you are all well. Here is some ISON info for you…up to the minute:

    Nov. 21, 2013: Telescopes turn to ISON

    As ISON gets dangerously close to the sun, solar telescopes in space and on the ground will point their lenses toward the comet. NASA has a slew of STEREO observations planned starting on Nov. 21, including a series that will use tools called coronagraphs to block out the sun and focus on its atmosphere, or corona.
    Ground-based solar telescopes will also capture images of ISON in optical, infrared and radio wavelengths. Scientists will be watching to see how the comet evolves as it makes its big approach. Intense solar radiation will cause material to evaporate quickly off ISON, and the pressure of solar particles could cause the comet to break up. An ill-timed solar eruption called a coronal mass ejection could even rip the comet’s tail right off.

    Nov. 28, 2013: ISON’s perilous perihelion
    Thanksgiving Day in the United States is ISON’s big day. It will make its closest approach to the sun, or perihelion, skimming just 730,000 miles (1.2 million km) or so above the surface.
    December 2013: Weeks-long show

    If ISON survives its close solar pass, it could light up the sky in the Northern Hemisphere for weeks. The comet could be visible in the morning low on the horizon to the east-southeast in early December. Later in the month, and into early January, it could be visible all night, according to NASA.
    Dec. 26, 2013: Closest pass to Earth

    Before it heads back into the outer reaches of the solar system, the comet, or what’s left of it, will make its closest approach to Earth, at roughly within 39.9 million miles (64.2 million km).

  37. ISON has hugely increased in magnitude and is now within the “visible to the naked eye” range. Its visible just near Spica if you can locate her. I can’t even see the sky in Cape Town because we have apocalyptic rain.

  38. We should remember that there is still a brewing, and possibly more calamitous than 3/11, event unfolding in Fukushima. As is now widely acknowledged, if an earthquake of 7.5 or larger hits the area again, we will all be toast. Why? The building next to reactor 4, which holds nuclear fuel rods, will come down and unleash the equivalent of at least 80 Chernobyls. The possibility of this happening this or next year has been prognosticated to be 90%. Google it and tremble. It all sounds like pluto square uranus, combined with ISON, wrecking havoc on us. If this transpires, the whole earth and all living creatures will be irrevocably damaged. The water and food supply will be polluted, cancer rates will soar, and ISON will have unleashed its “pestilence.”

  39. Hey! correction for the discovery chart. Mercury opposition Uranus, both square to Pluto, which makes a t-square. A very challenging configuation.

    Hypothetical energy position of Kronus completes a grand square in cardinal. Kronos is the Uranian of highest authority. That’s if one has it together with all the power. Trine from Chiron in Pisces in 6th and on desc, so way out is through the process of compassion, understanding and enlightened relationships. Wounds incurred through water deluges, and there are a few of those happening of late. The other way out is asteroid Astraea in Scorpio in the 3rd house, which can mean splitting off and destruction to do with neighborhood stuff, communications, getting the basic facts on things.

    For Australia with ISON’s Pluto over our Swearing In Chart’s Saturn, we are seeing some major changes on the political front, that may, or may not, feel too comfortable.

  40. “…and under the light of the great trails of the night HE shall emerge and they shall call him vicvixvi.”

      • I followed ISON’s arrival through Emory University’s Site That November 2013. Not shouting except for joy: IT WAS ASPECTED BY THE ASTEROID JUNO….THE ARRIVAL OF A UFO! The observations of ISON during its trajectory was that it changed course 3 times at 3000 MPS. They knew they were watching an “intelligently directed” object. BP Earth on YouTube also watched this and the commentary was amazing. The pie piece cut in the sun happened when they thought it hit the sun and dissipated…yet, Emory kept their arrival clock going. It went through the sun and was behind it. Several astronomers thought it took a stationary orbit. Then the amazing objects began to be seen in the middle of the sun soon that early spring: flowers, dragons, fish, butterflies. I caught them on my Samsung phone.

  41. unprecedented behaviour – ha ha – well they would say that! if they accept the model of comets as electrically charged bodies then it all makes sense. The comet’s charge/polarities changed as it adapted to that of the Sun. Definitely Mercury – the comet on its journey and Uranus the force of cosmic fire or solar electricity. Nice!

  42. This is amazing and humbling. Any astrology-related ideas as to what this could mean for the consciousness of humanity–don’t laugh, I’m serious.

      • Thanks for posting this cool video, Jamie. As a Libra, it appeals to me with its blend of art and science in its presentation. I’m thrilled too that Comet ISON made it around the Sun and still stayed together. Now for some clear December mornings to see it with my own eyes!

    • Well… something of interest – ISON will be aphelion, closest to Earth on Dec 26th which sort of makes it a Christmas thing – and reminds me of the star, followed by three wise men in the Christian Nativity. That apart, depending on the length of the tails – it now has TWO!!! we might get some dicey weather. Having said THAT – I don’t remember any dodgy weather when Hale-Bopp passed by and it was visible so clearly – so dramatic! I saw it every night for a couple of months over the streets of London – then got up close and personal in Mexico. It was spectacular! Hale-Bopp may have ramped up the general understanding of all manner of “Out there” stuff – comets are evolutionary in my understanding, Venus being the most so far.

      Here’s how electric comets work –

  43. Hi Jamie,
    very interesting informations – ty so much. What is intriguing: On the 1th of January we have a quite heavy newmoon – – and some russian scientists wrote today, that in the new years night we will see at the best a shower of shooting stars and at worst some meteors from the debris of Ison hitting the surface of the earth.What a strange coincidence…..

      • COMET ISON is NOT gone! Funny how NASA jumped on saying it was dead IMMEDIATELY, yet it looked HUGE and fine and then all of sudden, as it is cooling down NOT heating up, it begins to just totally disintegrate within a millisecond? Now does that even make ANY sense at all folks? No, it sure doesn’t!! ISON is cloaking itself. How do I know this? Who I am gives me major insight, but it really isn’t what is important here. One month to the day after ISON’s perihelion, a crop circle shows up in Salinas California, with code embedded in both braille and Morse code. Funny thing is, when that strange image of ISON was revealed, you know, the one HUBBLE overexposed so we couldn’t see what it really was, I began telling everyone that the Dash space dot space dash that made up ISON, was morse code for the Hebrew letter TET. Which is also the number which stands for completion, consummation of marriage etc. We could do a whole thing just on that. Anyways, everyone mocked and laughed at me for even HINTING at the notion that there was morse code right? Well, the Lord told me just “wait, be silent for now.” So I did. Which is really hard for me!!! LOL! So this crop circle in Salinas, December 28, 2014, has a code in Braille which reads, “THE BLIND WILL SEE, AND THOSE THAT SEEK SHALL FIND.” But also a morse code which mentions ISON, amongst other things such as the number 192 which many say represents manslaughter, iridium, and other things. Now, of course, the NWO trolls quickly came out from under their little rocks,(NVIDIA) to claim it was some sort of publicity campaign for a new chip or whatever. BULL! DON’T believe it. So I had seen the original newscast, I am somewhat local to Salinas, but they hadn’t yet broke down the codes in it. I just “thought, wow, cool, never heard of a crop circle being found in this area before.” Then totally forgot about it. WOW! I ask the Lord to give me something for the people so that they will know that you are who you say you are and will kind of blow their minds a little. I am searching the web other night, mind you this 4 months after the initial news cast, and I come across this article saying the code had been somewhat decipher on this crop circle in Salinas. WOW!!!!!! I was blown away! This was just days after I asked the Lord to show me something. I had TOTALLY forgotten about that crop circle. Then when I read it mentioned ISON!!! Say WHAT? God has not even begun to show HIs GLORY! Gematria points to ISON being a blessing and a curse, as does Bible code. If you are not saved, GET SAVED! REPENT NOW! ISON is sitting up in the Auriga (Charioteer) constellation for months, and then moves into Lynx, the LYNX ARC (ARK)! The Lynx ARC has a million NEW BLUE stars. Do some research folks. The JPL is still tracking ISON,. and there is very little time left. ISON is key to the coming of Yahushuwa, LION OF JUDAH! And they want to keep you all from TRUTH! TRUTH is worth fighting for and defending at all costs ALWAYS! Otherwise, all you are left with is DECEPTION! We live in a world of deception. A matrix of lies. Seek out the KING of KINGS while you still have a chance, do some research, and be a fisher of men. AND DO not sign up for the new health care. It is bad news people. And once done, it maybe too late for those people. Make way for the coming of the KING!

        • Correction to above comment. TET is also the number 9 in Hebrew. The Hebrew language assigns a number to each letter. GOD IS AMAZING!

        • Hi Jennifer! I just read your article about ISON from last year. I have a star chart that I did a lot of research before finalizing. Biblucal according to scripture. I too have studied from Hebrew aspect, am Charismatic and live in Modesto area. I hope we can keep in touch.
          There was a comment yesterday ( 7/18/15) in Facebook about a comet rising from the south. I knew to go to NASA, but getting the trajectory…the actual path through constellations and nearby planets is my focus because to me it speaks signs from God. I’m sure you’ll agree.
          I just wanted to compliment you and appreciate your input. Gid Bless you!

        • YES INDEEDY, BP EARTH on YouTube watched it right along with Emory University with an arrival time clock. The clock did not stop. IT WENT THROUGH THE SUN and stationed itself behind the sun. Its arrival was aspected by the asteroid JUNO…the arrival of a…UFO! REJOICE!

  44. V interesting re the full moon chart and meteorites etc The residual tail of ISON is fan shaped apparently. This shape is consistent with high gamma radiation in a plasma – which is what the tail is. So as it heads past us it still might have some parting influence. I’m no scientist but looking at the images, I’m perplexed as to why something which has disintegrated continues in the same trajectory. When things explode, they normally shatter and spread but the residue seems to be on the same path plus it has a defined shape.
    Curiouser and curiouser!

    • yeah I have heard conflicting reports and was hoping ISON was still together enough for us to have a show. what is the real story?

  45. What would it mean for a comet to fly into the center of the cup of the big dipper?

    Herewith the update on ISON – now this is really interesting! While conventional scientists watch for the “debris” and have it down as just a cloud of dust which is visible/not visible depending on sunlight – there is another story. That the cloud of debris is in actual fact a cloud of highly charged plasma and the sotry isn’t over yet. ONly when it gets i sight of the SOHO telescopes will we get the full picture and even then it might still be misinterpreted – but actions will speak louder than maths models! Stay tuned

    • See my above comment. Didn’t know this about ISON, thank you for the info. You are right, we have not seen the last of the amazing comet ison. It is however, a blessing for those saved, and a curse to those who are not. GET SAVED! NOW!

  47. I am having a lazy Sunday reading through all of the posts and commenting. I am going to comment on ISON. Has anyone compared it to the terrorist group ISIS or ISIL that heralded in April of 2013 and has continued to this day. I have not checked whether ISON was making any aspects to the Paris attack chart, but it truly would be interesting. I know that the star Alkwaid was involved with that attack if I am not mistaken and it has similarities to the word Alquaeda (sp). However, it is just a thought and after I am through reading all of the extremely intelligent posts, I will check it out.

  48. For several days around January 12, 2014, Earth will pass through a stream of fine-grained debris from Comet ISON,” Wiegert told Dr. Tony Phillips of NASA last year. “The resulting shower could have some interesting properties.”

    The debris stream will be hitting at a speed of 56 kilometers per second, or 125,000 miles per hour, but Wiegert projects that they’ll be so small that Earth’s upper atmosphere will slow them to a stop.

    “Instead of burning up in a flash of light, they will drift gently down to the Earth below,” he said.

    The dust could take years to settle out of the high atmosphere, and during that process produce noctilucent clouds, which are icy clouds that glow electric-blue as they float above Earth’s poles.

    epochtimes January 12, 2014
    Extreme outbreak of Noctolucent clouds

    Jamie, i havent come across anything on the web recently that suggests recent extreme NLC’s are derived from ISON (2014), or even McNaught (2007), but these two comets have the potential, as do other comets or meteors. Keep in mind the date, January 12 is the important grand stellium, Pluto, Saturn, Sun, Ceres and Mercury, next year, 2020.

    • background on Comet McNaught:

      Comet C/2006 P1 McNaught was discovered by Robert McNaught on 2006 August 7, and reached perihelion on 2007 January 12 at a distance of 0.17 AU from the Sun.

      astrophysicist Karl Battams:
      “McNaught was a huge deal when it came because it was so ridiculously bright and beautiful in the sky. It had these striae — dusty fingers that extended across a huge expanse of the sky. Structurally, it’s one of the most beautiful comets we’ve seen for decades.”

      Icarus Paper published November 2018 by Oliver Price

      This comet still very much on the ‘radar’ so-to-speak

      Something definitely very interesting happened in the time period immediately after perihelion:

      “….a period of morphological change on 2007 January 13–14 that we attribute to Lorentz forces caused by the comet’s dust tail crossing the heliospheric current sheet.”

      You’ll like this one Jamie. There it is: McNaught, front and centre… probably seen by more Aussies than anywhere else

  49. It was July 8, 2019 (192 days and 5 years from the Salinas crop circle) when Arcturus awoke

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