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Delphinus Constellation Astrology

Delphinus Constellation [Stellarium]

Constellation Delphinus Astrology

Constellation Delphinus the Dolphin, is a northern constellation sitting above Sagittarius constellation, between Aquila and Pegasus. Delphinius spans 6 degrees of the Zodiac in the Sign of Aquarius, and and contains 3 named fixed stars.

Delphinus Constellation Stars
14 ♒ 04
16 ♒ 20
17 ♒ 23
ε Delphinus
β Delphinus
α Delphinus
Deneb Dulfim

(Star positions for year 2000)

When Amphitrite, who was sought as a wife by Neptune, hid herself, the God sent messengers to find her. The dolphin was the first to succeed and persuaded her to consent to the marriage, for which service Neptune placed him in the heavens. According to other accounts it is one of the pirates who were changed into dolphins by Bacchus on his voyage to Ariadne.

According to Ptolemy, Delphinus is like Saturn and Mars. It gives a simple appearance, cheerfulness, dissembling and duplicity, love of hunting, and sport in general but little happiness. There is a fondness for pleasure, ecclesiastical matters and travel, but danger of suffering from ingratitude. [1]

Delphinus, the Dolphin… It now is one of the smallest constellations, but originally may have included the stars that Hipparchos set off to form the new Equuleus; and in all astronomical literature has borne its present title and shape, with many and varied stories attached, for its namesake was always regarded as the most remarkable of marine creatures. In Greece it also was Ieros Ikhthus, the Sacred Fish, the creature being of as much religious significance there as a fish afterwards became among the early Christians; and it was the sky emblem of philanthropy, not only from the classical stories connected with its prototype, but also from the latter’s devotion to its young. It should be remembered that our stellar Dolphin is figured as the common cetacean, Delphinus delphis, of Atlantic and Mediterranean waters, not the tropical Coryphaena that Dorado represents.

Delphinus lies east of Aquila, on the edge of the Milky Way, occupying, with the adjoining aqueous figures, the portion of the sky that Aratos called the Water. It culminates about the 15th of September. [2]

Constellation Delphinus Astrology

Delphinus Constellation [Urania’s Mirror]

The sea-dark Dolphin ascends from the Ocean to the heavens and emerges with its scales figured by stars, birth is given to children who will be equally at home on land and in the sea. For just as the dolphin is propelled by its swift fins through the waters, now cleaving the surface, now the depths below, and derives momentum from its undulating course, wherein it reproduces the curl of waves, so whoever is born of it will speed through the sea. Now lifting one arm after the other to make slow sweeps he will catch the eye as he drives a furrow of foam through the sea and will sound afar as he thrashes the waters; now like a hidden two-oared vessel he will draw apart his arms beneath the water; now he will enter the waves upright and swim by walking and, pretending to touch the shallows with his feet, will seem to make a field of the surface of the sea; else, keeping his limbs motionless and lying on his back or side, he will be no burden to the waters but will recline upon them and float, the whole of him forming a sail-boat not needing oarage.

Other men take pleasure in looking for the sea in the sea itself: they dive beneath the waves and try to visit Nereus and the sea nymphs in their caves; they bring forth the spoils of the sea and the booty that wrecks have lost to it, and eagerly search the sandy bottom. From their different sides swimmers and divers share an equal enthusiasm for both pursuits, for their enthusiasm, though displayed in different ways, springs from a single source.

With them you may also reckon men of cognate skill who leap in the air, thrown up from the powerful spring-board, and execute a see-saw movement, the first’s descent throwing up the second and the plunge of the second lifting the first on high; or hurl their limbs through the fire of flaming hoops, imitating the dolphin’s movement in their flight through space, and land as gently on the ground as they would in the watery waves: they fly though they have no wings and sport amid the air. Even if the Dolphin’s sons lack these skills, they will yet possess a physique suited to them; nature will endow them with strength of body, briskness of movement, and limbs which fly over the plain. [3]

This is a bright cluster of 18 stars, five of which are of the 3rd magnitude. It is easily distinguished by the four brightest, which are in the head. It is always figured as a fish full of life, and always with the head upwards, just as the eagle is always with the head downwards. The great peculiar characteristic of the dolphin is its rising up, leaping, and springing out of the sea. When we compare this with the dying goat and falling eagle, what conclusion can we come to but that we have here the filling in of the picture, and the completion of the whole truth set forth in CAPRICORNUS?

This is the picture here. In the Persian planisphere there seems to be a fish and a stream of water. The Egyptian has a vessel pouring out water. The ancient names connected with this constellation are Dalaph (Hebrew), pouring out of water; Dalaph (Arabic), coming quickly; Scalooin (Arabic), swift (as the flow of water); Rotaneb or Rotaneu (Syriac and Chaldee), swiftly running. [4]


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  1. The star names Rotanev and Sualocin are not ancient. Italian astronomer Niccolò Cacciatore named them. He spelled his name’s Latinized form, Nicolaus Venator, backwards and put the two new star names to Palermo star catalogue in the 19th century.

    • Thanks Corvus, I will add that when I come to write up these stars on new posts. I have been working at getting all the constellations written up first.

  2. Dear Jamie, Delphinus just came to me from Spirit……I don’t ever recall hearing this name before……but as I was communicating with the Spirit Realm I realized I was traveling……..and upon re-entry I heard “Delphinus” thank you very much for being so gracious and precious with your Spiritual Gifts. Warm Love & Bright Light!

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