Mars Quincunx Pluto Natal and Transit

Mars Quincunx Pluto

Mars Quincunx Pluto maximum orb 2°30′.

Mars quincunx Pluto natal gives a compulsive desire and intense longing to achieve your ambitious goals. Whether you aspire to gain wealth, power or fame, you strive to be the best you can be and leave your mark on the world.

Your strong, courageous, confident and controlled appearance may hide an inner conflict that causes uncertainty and insecurities. Especially when young, you may struggle with poor self-image and lack of self-assurance. You may have craved love and reassurance from your parents. Without that, you may become attracted to strong partners and seek validation or self-assurance of your worth as a person through sex, power and control.

You are bold, adventurous, pioneering, driven and ambitious. An abundance of impulsive, goal-directed energy gives you the potential to reach the top in any field. But first, you must learn to harness and direct your intense energy toward a single goal. And that may not be an easy task. Learning from mistakes, listening to advice and developing an informed opinion will improve your decision-making skills.

This aspect makes you competitive and often gives a desire or need to gain power and influence, perhaps to prove your worth to a parent or yourself. This aspect can also make you an activist or a rebel. Whatever the case, taking on influential people or governments can cause controversy and make enemies.

You are more robust, sexier and faster than most people, and you want to succeed quickly. It may seem easier to win by using your magnetic powers or persuasion. You may be willing to do whatever is necessary and profess to believe whatever is required to succeed. But if you try to control, cheat or deceive others, it is likely you will make enemies and face intense resistance.

This aspect has been associated with cruelty, zealousness, manipulation, exploitation, peer pressure, vanity, glitz, excess, lack of a long-term strategy, stubbornness, carelessness, lapses of judgment, mistakes, accidents, promiscuity, lust, pornography, sexual abuse, rape, blackmail, propaganda, spying, dishonesty, betrayal and torture.

However, you can transform, modernize and reform any system, business, behavior or belief. Using your incredible power for good, you can be fearless, exciting, charming, enchanting, daring, deliberate, persistent, responsive, economical, persuasive, encouraging, motivating, accomplished, successful and wealth.

Mars Quincunx Pluto Transit

Mars quincunx Pluto transit gives an intense longing to achieve your most potent and passionate desires. You may become more assertive and competitive as you strive to get what you want, which can cause strong resistance from others, reducing your chance of victory.

Rushing ahead in too many directions makes it harder to succeed at any one thing. The key to success is deciding on a single goal. Listening to advice and developing an informed opinion will improve your decision-making skills. You can then draw on extra courage and willpower to succeed. Resorting to manipulative, controlling or deceptive tactics will only harm you in the long run.

Impulsiveness and lapses in judgment can lead to mistakes and accidents. With an intensified sex drive, there is the risk of sexual abuse if dating. There is the possibility of threats, intimidation, violence, exploitation, peer pressure, dishonesty and betrayal.

You might become interested in political, social or environmental activism. But a tendency to rebel against power and authority brings the risk of controversy that could damage your reputation and prospects. Working to transform, modernize, and reform within the system may prove more productive.

Mars Quincunx Pluto Celebrities

North West 0°01′, Hubert Wilkins 0°10′, Hugh Hefner 0°11′, Louis Braille 0°13′, Catherine the Great 0°15′, Jane Fonda 0°16′, Milton Brown 0°20′, Kurt Tucholsky 0°20′, Gates McFadden 0°28′, Beatrice, Princess of York 0°32′, Prince 0°32′, Jared Lee Loughner 0°35′, Robert Woodrow Wilson 0°35′, Glenn Close 0°38′, Paul Joseph Goebbels 0°49′, Ricardo Ramirez 0°50′, Alina Kabaeva 0°51′, Henry VI of England 0°53′, Oscar Wilde 0°54′, Enrico Fermi 0°54′, Sigmund Freud 1°04′, Nadya Suleman 1°07′, James Garfield 1°09′, Antero Ali 1°11′, Philippe Petain 1°12′, Ronald Isley 1°15′, Francois Mitterrand 1°25′, Lilly Wachowski 1°28′, Doris Duke 1°29′, Dave Chappelle 1°33′, William McKinley 1°41′, Marie Antoinette 1°43′, Jimmy Hoffa 1°47′, Louis Huber 1°49′, Yannick Noah 1°52′, Jamison Twins 1°58′, Tina Turner 1°59′.

Mars Quincunx Pluto Dates

March 25, 2023
July 9, 2023
September 4, 2024
June 23, 2025
August 16, 2026
December 5, 2026
February 6, 2027
May 31, 2027
July 31, 2028
November 4, 2028
July 18, 2030
October 17, 2030

7 thoughts on “Mars Quincunx Pluto Natal and Transit

  1. Summit of the J, Joe and Justin, March 23,24

    chart set for March 24, 2023, midnight, Ottawa.

    Perhaps you are an insider and have already received the text message to visit Astrologyking, and brush up on this new offering. Mars quincunx Pluto, that is Pluto ingress Aquarius, cusp of Mystery and Imagination quincunx Mars cusp of Magic. Not just anywhere.

    Has the world gone nuts? Read what Jamie’s got here. Perhaps the quincunx by itself is the message the summit wishes to convey? There is a peculiar “trigger triangle” to work out. Do you see it? May the force be with Wu.

    wu, wu
    wu, wu

    goes the owl.

  2. Add asteroid Dodo 6336, centaur Asbolus 5408 (absolutely)

    Signal Corp quick to pick up on the Summit bird theme, absolutely!

    Snowbird Anne Murray, her signature song and Synastry with Canada natal, (see Venus sextile Saturn) practically writes the Canada Radio act, as it is very clear enormous wealth can be had by astrology leverage in a country. You want to protect your profits, or alternatively boot the Canadian out of the country if the synastry is crappy, no? To be clear this is not a poke at Anne.

    Asbolus birder, a study of flocking behaviour, conjunct Mars today, March 18. At the time of the Summit asteroid Dodo conjunct Saturn, a study of extinction. Joe and Justin, who is gonna live or die? Astrologyking artwork, Senators, thumbs up or down?

    • Using Tertiary II progressions, asteroid Dodo conjunct Sun, transit natal North Node, 1st house. Asbolus conjunct Mercury 12th.

      The Dodo extinction study would appear to support a substack. Whereas Asbolus, a secret communication device or software, flocking, like a webcrawler.

      MAGA, make astrology great again.

      • add to Stack

        Progressed Natal, Pi day, March 14
        Dodo 03Pis14 sextile Venus

        Age of Aquarius synastry 2023 Spring Ingress
        Dodo 29Aqr09 fulcrum Boomerang yod

        Dodo is a character in Lewis Carols’ Alice in Wonderland. He borrows a thimble from Alice and awards it to participants in a Caucus race. Symbolism to thread, I thought, but the story is a bit nuts here, unless the idea that nobody wins the race in Dodo land, but you are rewarded for participating.. (because you’re caught, become someones dinner, leading to extinction) .

        Food for thought.

  3. Charles Fourier’s astrology has a neat resonance to the Summit, as the two flocks meet in Ottawa

    Fourier is known for his 1st house Uranus,Venus,Moon stellium, which repeats in Midnight Summit theatre precision, symmetrical entrance to exit.

    Sun conjunct Chiron, with Jupiter along in the Summit chart. Your eye moving to Fourier’s Jupiter opposite Saturn, then back to Summit and Mars quincunx Pluto.

    Crafty call, this J Summit, calendar optimized. Thats why it took so long to happen. Heaven first, we get in line behind.

  4. Charles Fourier, if he is a topic at this Summit, and without going over old ground, the trail leads to the Magi chart rectification. Its comparison, a new excercise to consider, The Harmonic Convergence 18 August 1987.

    The two charts meet at 3rd Decan Leo. For dramatic effect; the Synastry splits the Earth wide open! Harmonic convergence, the entry of the Solar System, Galactic Centre alignment

  5. “Mars quincunx Pluto transit gives an intense longing to achieve your strongest and most passionate desires. You may become more assertive and competitive as you strive to get what you want. This can cause strong resistance from others that reduces your chance of victory.”

    the “Banana artwork” fits into this definition. After three years it morphed to bring attention to “Banana republic” when there was astrology describing the Florida Ian Hurricane and recent Switzerland astrology. The Swiss Banking crisis for instance, can be seen as attached to Image Change, Pi Matterhorn Sundial, and other commercial products and journalists.

    Whats going on? In geographic terms Banana republic is gaining altitude, and moving north, latitude.

    My guess is that the government(s) are putting out feelers, check if a more comprehensive astrology could encapsulate Banana artwork, actually backing a currency, bank or government idealogy. And we probably should entertain this idea, at least on an Introductory Scale. Aquarius is a little like living in a zoo, or Noah’s ark.

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