Mercury Trine Neptune Natal and Transit

Mercury Trine Neptune Transit

Mercury trine Neptune maximum orb 5°00′.

Mercury trine Neptune natal gives a mesmerizing allure that can make you the center of attention. No matter what your vivid imagination dreams up, you can easily convince others of its merits simply because of your smooth and non-threatening style of communication.

Such magical appeal and popularity can make you look more attractive on the stage and screen. With your genuine artistic and creative talents, you have the complete package for entertaining others through your captivating music, poetry, art, dance or acting skills.

While technical subjects and facts may not be your strong point, the arts, creativity, and spirituality are. You would make a good negotiator or diplomat but can also attain a higher role in politics, religion or spirituality. You can see the larger picture and not get distracted by the minor points. You can then spread your ideas or theories to many people in an easily understandable and appealing way.

Vivid dreaming and daydreaming come with this aspect. You may have psychic abilities or at least a solid and accurate intuition. Your senses are finely tuned to pick up the vibration energy from other people and your environment.

Mercury Trine Neptune Transit

Mercury trine Neptune transit stimulates creativity, imagination, sensitivity, and spirituality. While not such a good time for reading the fine print or studying factoids, your mind is ready to dream up fantasies or obscure theories. Your increased sensitivity to vibrational energy makes this an excellent time for working on anything involving harmonies, like poetry, music, and dance. Dramatic acting would also benefit from your closer interrelatedness with others or increased empathy.

Your communication skills benefit from a non-threatening, caring, and soft influence. Because of your sensual attractiveness, people will want to listen to you, especially in person. Your senses are finely tuned so you can communicate effectively at the nonverbal level, through gestures, your eyes, and telepathically. Any psychic abilities will be enhanced, and your intuition will be strong and accurate.

This is a good time for reading about subjects where you don’t have to remember endless facts and tiny details. This transit helps you see and feel the bigger picture, then convey it to others in attractive and straightforward terms. You can spread the word about abstract theories, politics or religion.

Mercury Trine Neptune Celebrities

Nancy Spungen 0°01′, Emma Watson 0°03′, Helen Gwynne-Vaughan 0°04′, Paul Foster Case 0°06′, Carl Coerper 0°06′, Chris Stapleton 0°13′, Cilla Black 0°13′, John Hurt 0°13′, Oscar Wilde 0°15′, Prince Edward, Earl of Essex 0°16′, Anton LaVey 0°18′, Zane Stein 0°19′, David Berkowitz 0°20′, Eric Burdon 0°22′, Michael J. Fox 0°22′, Fisher Ames 0°30′, Starhawk 0°30′, Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor 0°31′, Jim Jones 0°35′, Vanessa Williams 0°37′, James Earl Jones 0°41′, Carmen Electra 0°42′, Mia Farrow 0°42′, Brian Eno 0°45′, Dora Maar 0°47′, Germaine Greer 0°50′, Pamela Anderson 0°52′, Kevin Federline 1°02′, Robert Berdella 1°02′, Andy Kaufman 1°05′, Nicole Kidman 1°06′, Heinrich Himmler 1°07′, Ram Das 1°07′, Indira Gandhi 1°08′, Marshall Applewhite 1°08′, Harriette Wilson 1°12′, Alexis Ford 1°14′.

Mercury Trine Neptune Dates

November 12, 2022
July 9, 2023
November 6, 2023
July 2, 2024
October 31, 2024
June 28, 2025
October 29, 2025
November 19, 2025
December 11, 2025

9 thoughts on “Mercury Trine Neptune Natal and Transit

  1. I have Mercury trine Neptune in my natal chart, except my Neptune is in 1st house, so it often acts like an invisibility cloak for which there are pros and cons (they actually form a grand trine with chiron) anyway. transit Neptune is currently completing an exact grand trine with them and its quite strange, still invisible except others seem to have that dazed look of a deer in the headlights, its a bit unnerving really.

  2. Fantastic Article on this Aspect! I actually was researching the aspect due to my fascination with Osho, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. And it appears to be one of his more prominent aspects (orb 1, 37′). And your interpretation is VERY befitting of Osho’s (to quote you) “mesmerizing allure.” He Definitely belongs on this list! Just being a fastidious Virgo! 😉

  3. I can see in 3d. my mind i have this. dreams. I do charts. move them around in my head. Other creative things. too. dance. this is odd aspect in that you just get so caught up in it.. the world recedes into music, colors. threads of love. gazing into their eyes.

    does not help, a pisces

  4. Thank you maryb: LOL in recognition. Doesn’t help an ADHD/ bipolar person either

  5. Im neither. I have a highly spatial memory. Visualization skills. When i worked. My boss said only 5 per cent of the population does this. I had all these years thought everyone did this.

  6. I suffer a little at work, will it affect the full moon in Leo? I was born in 1967, in the month of June, on the 22nd and at 12:2 minutes

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