Emma Watson’s Saturn Return

Emma Watson Saturn Return

We all have our first Saturn return at about age twenty-nine and a half. The Saturn return is usually dreaded because it is associated with hardship and loss and often feels like a mid-life crisis.

But some people hardly notice theirs and wonder what all the fuss is about. Why is this so? It comes down to how well or otherwise your natal Saturn is placed. As an example, Emma Watson had a particularly tough time with hers, as she explained on her 33rd birthday after a three-year break from Instagram:

This is 33. Holy moly. Before 29 I hadn’t even heard of a Saturn Return as a concept. Let’s just say that now I am well acquainted. I stepped away from my life… I felt really sad and really pissed off about a lot of things… It took me three years but I have finally figured out a daily practice and can actually keep it for more than a few days in a row. [Emma Watson on Instagram]

Sun Square Saturn

Emma’s Saturn return hit her harder than most because her natal Saturn is harshly aspected. And to a very personal point, the Sun. She has Sun square Saturn with a tight orb of just 0°23′.

Sun square Saturn already brings tests and challenges that Emma has to overcome to get ahead in life. And it means having to cope with two of the most challenging transits simultaneously:

Then, before she had time to recover from that double whammy, an even more life-changing one came along.

Having those Saturn transits followed by Pluto would have been extremely difficult to endure. But Sun square Saturn does get better with age. Especially after such an intense mid-life crisis, it helped Emma strive with determination and perseverance to overcome setbacks and become a master of self-discipline, achievement, and responsibility.

Many people worldwide were born on the same day as Emma, and I am sure they also had an extremely challenging few years. But they don’t have over 70 million Instagram followers. So a big thank you to Emma Watson for sharing her Saturn return story and giving hope to all.

Emma Watson Horoscope

Emma Watson Horoscope

13 thoughts on “Emma Watson’s Saturn Return

  1. Interesting stuff….when I originally read about her Saturn comments, out of curiosity, I checked a few other things. Most compelling was that she had her first progressed new moon (progressed sun conjunct progressed moon, the beginning of a new 29 1/2 year cycle) in 1999, the year she won the role of Hermione in the Harry Potter series. I can’t wait to find out what the next cycle will bring for her!

    • Hi Maia. Thank you for that interesting info. It should be an easier future after all that. Saturn trine Jupiter transit now is a good start.

  2. Astrology doing a parody of itself today? Emma with a Trapeze cradle and Rosetta trapezoid.

    “Emma’s Saturn Return astro email”
    mundane, at 4:44 pm EST

    asteroid Potter conjunct 9th house cusp! Is that you Ms Rowling and company, playing a little mischief on astrologyking? Jamie, I tell you, the lengths people go to…

  3. I had a very unpleasant time with pluto square my sun, just after my saturn return. From my experience the Pluto square Sun was far worse than the Saturn return.

    • If often is, because the Sun is way more personal than Saturn. In Emma’s case, her Sun was affected in both cases because of natal Sun square Saturn.

  4. I like this. A better take on Saturn return as I sailed through mine reaching the pinnacle of my dreams at the time (uranus trining natal Pisces mars). Am looking closer at it, and getting Uranus transits to natal mars in Pisces vibes. My heart has to be in it (natal uranus in leo?) or I can’t do it. A couple years after Saturn return uranus squaring mars I woke up and my dream was gone, just like that. My heart wasn’t in it anymore. Wtf? And then a few years later during the uranus Neptune conjunction a new dream was born, just as instantaneously as the old one died. I just never know. Me heart’s a mystery to me.

    Really appreciate you opening up the Saturn return more broadly.

  5. @Jamie – Talking about Saturn Return …
    Is this influence/change so heavy that can cause/lead to Depression -> overdose) medication antidepressant/sleeping pills ( accidental or intentional ) ?
    These days , Something like this happen to a 32 year old Journalist . (born 30 april 1990 ,pitesti , romania – d. sometime Tuesday 18 , bucharest , romania) .
    I’ve tried doing an overlap comparison of natal+ that day , wouldn’t know if there’s an Answer there .
    You’re a Professional . What do You see at her chart ?

  6. I always do my own checking with my own software. I think the most interesting thing about her is she has a rectangle between Mercury, Chiron, a Lilith Pluto conjunction and Neptune. This would be a rather mystical occult type combination with Chiron being conjunct Jupiter in the 10th house. This would indicate a mystical type carrier, which we see with her playing Hermione in Harry Potter. She would likely do well playing such roles involving fantasy and such.

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