Sun Square Saturn June 9, 2024

Sun square Saturn Transit

Sun square Saturn maximum orb 5°00′.

Sun square Saturn natal represents tests and challenges that have to be overcome to get ahead in life. This aspect may cause difficulties early in life with self-esteem due to criticism from people, especially authority figures like your father. You may be too hard on yourself. As a result, you may be overly self-critical and suffer from poor self-esteem. If you judge yourself too harshly, other people will do the same, reinforcing this negativity.

Early hard lessons made you grow up quickly and get better at the things you struggled with. Like most Saturn aspects, this one gets better with age. You may have been a late bloomer, but you strive with determination and perseverance to overcome any setbacks and become a master of self-discipline, achievement, and responsibility.

Oprah Winfrey (0°03′) indeed started life with many complex challenges. She was an illegitimate child and practically abandoned, raped, and abused, which has led to lifelong insecurities.

Astrologer Zane Stein (0°16′) faced some personal trials which led him to raise his children as a single parent. With all this extra responsibility, he has still become a highly respected astrologer with many lasting achievements as a pioneer in Chiron and asteroid studies.

Salvador Dali (0°26′) had terrible Saturn responsibilities placed on him by his parents. He was named after his older brother, who died as a baby, and his parents forced him to wear his clothes as a reminder that he would never replace his dead brother.

Jason Alexander (0°38′) had many hardships as a youngster; he said he “was always scared as a kid of getting picked on or humiliated or beaten up by bigger kids.” He turned this around using comedy as a defense mechanism, leading to his great recognition.

Sun Square Saturn Transit

Sun square Saturn transit presents tests and challenges that can lead to pessimism and depression. Your ego may suffer because getting your way and reaching your goals is challenged. You may feel restricted or weighed down by specific duties and responsibilities. This is a test of your character. It would be best if you strived to meet your obligations now, or they will catch up with you further down the track.

You should not expect to feel light-hearted or happy because of coming under pressure through time limits or other essential duties at home, school or work. Your needs must be placed in the background to complete the given task.

You will likely come under pressure from whoever needs the job done, such as the boss, your father, or some other authority figure. Along the way, they will not make it easy for you with criticism, rejection or abuse.

You must show patience, determination, and a strong work ethic. The problem is that you will want to buck the system and avoid your responsibilities with a heavy feeling of guilt and restriction. As mentioned above, avoiding responsibility could lead to severe complications later. Even though you may try to ignore the consequences, your subconscious or inner voice will remember and give you a very unsettled and worried feeling. The longer you procrastinate, the worse the problem will become.

You may justifiably feel that you are being hard done by now and may experience rejection, isolation, sadness, discouragement and bad luck. The sooner you get to the hard work and get it done, the sooner your self-confidence will return. Though you probably won’t receive much praise or recognition, you will have overcome a major stumbling block and gained satisfaction. You will be better placed the next time you face such an obstacle.

This Sun square Saturn transit interpretation can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon square Saturn.

Sun Square Saturn Celebrities

Peggy Lee 0°01′, Oprah Winfrey 0°03′, Antonio Salieri 0°04′, Robert Graves 0°07′, Starhawk 0°07′, Prince Albert Victor 0°09′, Azaria Chamberlain 0°11′, Evan Rachel Wood 0°16′, Zane Stein 0°16′, Brenda Frazier 0°19′ John Derek 0°21′, Virginia Woolf 0°22′, Emma Watson 0°23′, George Harrison 0°26′, Salvador Dalí 0°26′, David Carradine 0°27′, Jane Fonda 0°27′, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 0°33′, Joseph Stalin 0°34′, Josephine Ford 0°35′, Jason Alexander 0°38′, John Howard 0°51′, Lilly Wachowski 0°56′, Gloria Estefan 0°59′, Robert Orville Anderson 1°01′, Leon Blum 1°02′, Kenneth Copeland 1°05′, Helmut Kohl 1°09′, Carole King 1°09, Divine 1°10′, James Earl Ray 1°11′, Ivan The Terrible 1°16′, Evelyn Waugh 1°17′, Chiang Kai-shek 1°30′.

Sun Square Saturn Dates

May 15, 2022
November 11, 2022
May 28, 2023
November 23, 2023
June 9, 2024
December 4, 2024
June 22, 2025
December 17, 2025
July 6, 2026
December 29, 2026
July 20, 2027
January 12, 2028

77 thoughts on “Sun Square Saturn June 9, 2024

  1. With Sun square Saturn at 0 degrees Gemini in the 12th, I can identify with the challenges. Early life, I was a gawky nerd wallflower with identity issues. After losing both my parents by the age of 31, both by sudden deaths, I learned that it was only me responsible for this path I choose to take in this life, with no safety net. The self-confidence issue has been a life-long challenge and when it gets rough and I begin to doubt myself, I focus on the skills I have that are unmatched in what I do for a living and I immerse myself in the fruits of my labor. If it weren’t for gardening, I’d be a mess. Peace to all.

  2. I have 6 planets in a Leo 12th House with Saturn square the whole lot as Jupiter starts the stellium at 13 degrees, then Moon at 16, Venus at 20, Sun 24, Mars 24, PLuto 26. Saturn is in Scorpio at 16 degrees. I had extremely unsupportive – actually obstructive – parents, a severely mentally handicapped child at 18, was a single parent then but worked, took on a mortgage and property at the age of 19, have had two short, dire marriages, another child who I am still paying for even though she is nearly 30! I have worked in libraries, have a passion for books and love solitude! Especially in vast open spaces! I write, paint and practice/teach yoga, study relentlessly – I am possibly the most disciplined person I know and certainly have the best recouperative powers!
    Hard Saturn aspects I see as the King Makers – I think they force issues which one has to make hard choices over but eventually result in self mastery. Perhaps Saturn Sun aspects point that to fight is often futile and that outward self limitation is actually real inner bliss.

  3. Thankyou both so much for these comments. Sharing personal experiences like this is so valuable for others reading about these aspects. You are expressing Saturn so well here, teaching others and especially showing how to make the most of a difficult aspect.

  4. I have Saturn conjunct the Sun in Capricorn in the 4th house. I lost my father at an early age 9 years old and didn’t meet him until my adulthood. Childhood can be best described as painful and lonely. My father is a Saturn conjunct the Sun person but in Aries. He was beaten by his father as a child. Much more to say on the subject but just wanted to confirm the Saturn – Sun father issues

  5. Yep, yep. This aspect can be a difficult burden to bear for sure. I’ve got it going from my first house Saturn at 8 degrees Sagittaruis to my 10th house Sun at 3 Virgo. It’s a biggish orb, but life has been a slog nonetheless. Unfullfilled dreams, stunted romantic possibilities, depression. The very first time I got an astrology reading, my astrologer said “boy, I wonder why a soul would pick such a difficult set of aspects to be born under”. But whatever, this is an aspect that makes you keep on trying even if it takes a lifetime to get what you want…and it probably will take a lifetime.

    • Hi, I know it’s been a long time since you posted this,but I have the exact same aspect 1 h. Saturn Sag square sun in Virgo. My life has been nothing but a block of lead thrown at any attempt at living.
      I also had a consultation with an astrologer who basically said the same.
      I have 13 other squares as well, so. A prisoner.

  6. Yes! I have sun square saturn natally and my relationships with the male figures in my life beginning with my biological “father” have been strained to say the least. A father who walked out on my mother in the 70’s with 4 young children, he later resurfaced angry and emotionally sometimes physically abusive. I have experienced abuse both sexual and physical on more than one occasion by males. But alas! I stayed focused and in my lone hours turned from medication to meditation. I began to see MySelf as a powerfully positive person regardless of others opinions. I am 39 (2nd node return;0) and working through my saturn issues (not avoiding but embracing “what is”). I have come across a wonderful man (who is a capr with natal moon squaring saturn) and we are engaged to be married. A good looking surgeon who adores my children and I. The pain has been so worth it. Once we embrace our saturnine issues, face them square on, we can harness a powerful energy for stability and genuine purpose to be handed down to future generations. There will be no escaping Saturn. The power lies in your ability to choose. I like what Jiddu Krishnamurti said: “There is no ‘I have learned’. There is only ‘I am learning.'” The lesson so often with Saturn is to look underfoot. You have everything you need to be happy. Only one time in your life to be happy. You choose. For those still feeling the heaviness of your Saturn, please read Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now… or get it on disc. Your thoughts are powerful. You are Powerful. Much Love!

    • Inspirational words, thanks Deb. How interesting about your partners Moon square Saturn, you are his Moon, and he is your Sun. Should be able to help each other out there with shared responsibilities, commitment, stability.

  7. Thanks Jamie. Great website… I read you often. Also worth noting when looking a little deeper at my personal sun squ saturn is that my father’s father died suddenly of colon cancer when my father was only 12 (first Jupiter return). My father was an only child and his Mother a fiesty redheaded school teacher with a temper. It is no wonder that later in life, after my Dad had 4 kids of his own, that he left us in search of the youth he never really got to have. Also worth noting on the spiritual genetics front is that mine own first born son has a capricorn moon conjunct neptune and squaring saturn. I tell my children to speak to saturn the way you tame a nearby buzzing bee and announce: “Saturn, you are my friend.” As far as my current sun relationship, I have found a new way to approach Saturn. We work out everyday, we eat really fresh well prepared food, we live disciplined lives, we work hard AND we play hard. My partner is also a Capricorn Dentist/Oral Surgeon! Saturn brings many great rewards including: slow and steady wins the race. It’s never too late to turn your saturn around. So Rev J above, your soul would have picked these “difficult set of aspects” because you are Just That Great and capable of so much. Own Your Saturn… it will always pay off.

  8. My sun in Pisces in the 8th squares Saturn in the 10th in Gemini (biggish 8 degree orb). Saturn opposition Neptune in the house of the father (4th). My father abruptly left my life when I was about 8 and my life was irrevocably changed and I’m still dealing with it. I work very very hard all the time, sometimes I wish life had more ease, but I feel like if I don’t take care of myself, who will? I feel responsible and reliable, but sometimes I just want to escape (Neptune).

    • Sounds like you’re using the square energy very well. All the best, hope you reap the Saturn rewards from you’re hard work and responsibility.

  9. Hi! I have sun square saturn also. My parents divorced when I was eight. Father married an alcoholic, he was also an alcoholic, I had two step brothers that hated me so much they used to yell at me and kick me out of the house in the middle of the night. I was on streets, hiding from them. My father was out drinking. I was 10. My mother was in a deep depression and kept telling me I was the reason she stayed married so may years. She had a new boyfriend every night. I’ve changed myschool when they divorced. My new teacher used to beat me up. So I was in the weekends living with alcoholics, the other days, my mother was sleeping with everyone and at sachool I was beaten.

    But i turned out ok! We need to work hard and accept and make peace. I think after that period life has given me wonderful opportunities. It’s not about bad parents. It’s about us. We have to learn to make peace and take responsibility of our own lives.I’m 32 and I just found that out. Still have more time to practice it and make it a way of living and percieving.

    Melissa Ceren

    • Melissa, I know this is an old comment, but if you are still around, I absolutely admire that after such an upbringing that you “turned out ok” as you put it. This gives me great hope. Oprah is similar and thats what I tell myself when my daughter goes through a self-doubting/depressed phase. This holiday her and her step-sister have been fighting like crazy. Jamie’s eldest daughter is a strong character, so although It was stressful, I took it as a good sign that my little girl was flexing her Saturn muscles and standing up for herself for a change. Thank god this aspect gets better with age!

  10. Wow. This description fits my life so far to a T!
    I felt like a reject for years, tried analysing it, looking at myself from a third party perspective, and saw nothing all that terrible or odd that could have possibly caused me to become the most shunned individual at school and at home. I mean I have every attribute that in theory should make me the life of the social scene; I’m sporty, an honor student, well read, a multi instrumentalist, even attractive albeit in a generic way…If this isn’t the formula for popularity(and I mean that in the broadest sense of the word, not just the high school way) I don’t know what is!
    It started to get better as I got older, but I was still the nominated scapegoat/pack mule/third sodding wheel in every group I was ever a part of. I think this aspect makes me come full circle when dealing with criticism; first I’ll be put down by someone for something or other, then I will put down myself, to spare them the trouble, and then they’ll tell me I’m no fun because I’m so introverted and restrained, so I’ll loosen up, show some character, maybie dare to live a little, and will be immidiatly put down all over again. I mean, when I am one on one with someone, I feel like I’m completely within my element, but if another person were to join us, I will always be the least desirable of us three.
    But then again, I also have Saturn in my seventh house, so it could be a combination of those two…

    • That’s interesting as my daughter (aged 8) has this aspect and what you have described sounds so much like her. When she makes a friends she sticks with her for dear life, she is not very good in gangs, and if she is in a three she will hold herself back. She can be easily dominated, but when she reaches a point that she feels like she is being abused only then will she explode and stand up for herself. If she “dares to live a little” as you say, then she may get put down and it takes her ages to gome back out of it. She is getting better and starting to stand up for herself now, but when she does she tends to go really over the top. My daughters Saturn is in the 5th house and her father has the same placement.

  11. I am using this aspect to my benefit by starting a business of my own and becoming involved with my soulmate. I am encouraged by what I have read. I am owning my greatness and I’m willing to lay down my pain, commit to healing and move on one day at a time. Thanks to everyone that has shared. I feel empowered and encouraged.

  12. I really have a whammy. I’m a full moon child, so we’ve got a 5 planet stellium, including the sun in Leo in the 11th house opposed by the moon in Aquarius in the 5th house in a T-square alignment with Saturn in Scorpio as the apex planet. Traditional astrologers that I’ve read have me doomed and hopeless, saying these are some of the worst natal aspects to have. You have to really dig deep and believe in your soul and self in extremely profound ways which is done over time. Saturn strips away all B.S. and keeps everything real. If you allow it to manifest positively, there is great power and knowledge. Trust me….

    • Full moon child = has nothing to do with astrology. Saturn in Scorpio, this is a very common aspect. Sun in Leo in 11th house is not even bad. I do not know what you are complaining about.

    • Also, the planet that strips away the baloney you speak of and keeps everything real is Pluto. It is not Saturn that does this. Saturn is more about restriction.

  13. I have Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus in Virgo and my 12th house square Saturn in Sagittarius 3rd house. My Moon is in my 6th house in Pisces, opposite my Virgo/12th stellium, square my Saturn.

    My Sun square Saturn is exact, with the others being slightly wider orbs. I was painfully shy, terrible self-image and self-esteem growing up, speech issues and stuttering. Not so great relationship with parents (who later divorced).. Love was sort of a conditional thing. Anywho– I overcame the shyness a bit. I am definitely more outgoing than one would expect with a 12th house stellium! I moved a thousand miles from home and realized I could start out as whoever I wanted and decided to be more outgoing and let go of some baggage. I still have trouble realizing that I don’t have to pass a test to be loved, that it can be unconditional. And I can get stuck in my head frequently, and definitely have a guilt/paranoia issue…but I can catch myself and reel it back 🙂

  14. I can definitely relate to everything that’s been said above. My parents divorced when I was 2 (Afflicted luminaries, only stressful aspects). My father left my mother alone and she had to move to her parents who lived in the country. Then she left me with them and had to leave for a town a few miles away to work as an accountant at a plant (Heavily afflicted Moon in Aquarius). She cares about me and loves me but we have extremely tense and difficult relationships (exact Moon square Pluto). When I went to school I didn’t make any friends if any. Constantly bullied, living in fear (Mars in 12th) and having to walk home alone because no one of my classmates lived that far (at the end of the village). My father visited me once a year or so but as time went by we were becoming more and more distant (Sun square Saturn and Uranus). I haven’t ever felt comfortable around people and I’ve always been an outcast in every group I’ve been a part of (Saturn in 11th). I am constantly torn apart by a strong ambition for achievement (the square to Saturn, Mars in Capricorn) and a tendency to escape into a dream world (Sun in Pisces, Neptune in 12th). I have a good Jupiter too (2nd house, no afflictions) but Saturn has definitely made itself felt, especially in early life. I’m still struggling with Saturn issues of loneliness and my love life is a complete disaster if there’s any at all but I slowly learn to trust my destiny and believe that in the end things will turn out OK. When dealing with Saturn the phrase “Never give up” is the best possible piece of advice. Never give up, guys. Trust your destiny and believe in yourself, you all have great strength.
    Best wishes

  15. I have Saturn in Cancer in my 10th squaring a 1st house stellium in Libra (ASC, Sun & Pluto.) It’s also the apex of a yod conjunct my MC and South node with Jup & Neptune being the legs. When I was younger there was a lot of insecurity and frustration particularly within family home and issues. I definitely feel I have been forced to be very self-reliant but…I know no other way.
    I did not have a bad time with my Father – I was actually known to be his favorite when young. We have a warm (if slightly nebulous) relationship although he was gone a ton – working constantly & not tuned in to day-to-day) but he himself had no father so I had no grandfather on either side of family. I’ve actually only had one grandmother – the other died when I was 3 so in a sense, don’t know if that also falls under Saturn but I’ve not had many living “ancestors.” Many folks on both sides of family were gone by the time I was born.

    Speaking of Deb’s reference to “Spiritual Genetics…” my chart resembles my fathers in many ways. We both are Virgo ASCs w/ Sun conj ASC (both have Sun & Mercury in our 1st houses, Mars in 8th with and Saturn conj MC and I am also in business in the same real estate industry (although I NEVER intended to end up there – I was very involved in the arts early on.) So, I have taken after my father and taken on those aspects within myself (sort of parenting myself – I moved out at 13.)

    One of the most helpful things for me has been to dive into Saturn and start my own business and take on responsibilities and ironically, life loosened up quite a bit once I did. I have just passed a fairly brutal stretch of it transiting my 1st house and all 4 planets there. It’s now applying towards my Moon (& soon Venus) in the 2nd and opposing my Mars. Oof. Not the most dynamic or exciting situation, I feel muted and dulled (and dead broke to boot!) but I do think this grounding and what I am building now will likely serve me well for the rest of my life.
    I’ve had tons of relationships but never married and am finally ready. Fingers crossed! Let’s hope life begins at 40! I agree that Saturn folks age well. I look better now than I did through a large part of my 20s. That would be one aspect I wouldn’t mind sticking around. lol.

  16. I’m a natal Sun square Saturn and it HAS been tough from the word go. Numerous set backs from early childhood and very low self esteem.
    I’ve suffered with extreme anxiety, depression and paranoia and have been close to being a complete shut in.
    That being said, my moon is in my 12th house.

    It’s nice to find out that George Harrison had the same aspect 🙂

  17. I was born on january 26th 1979.

    Yesterday a was diagnosed with bone tumor in my iliac bone, I need to hve biopsy, but I know that it will be cancer.

    As i can see, I am going to have personal hell in the next 4 months. I am so scared.
    Saturn is squreing my natal sun, mars, jupiter and asc.

    Will I going to survive this?

  18. I’m sending wishes for Lu to have a perfect and speedy recovery to her medical problem.

    I’ve got 9 house Saturn square my 12house Sun. I relate to what others ave written here. I am ambitious and self-questioning.
    Saturn maybe also influences the social appearance of competence. I look as though I know what I’m doing. Maybe bc Saturn is so demanding, I actually do know what I’m doing by the time I do something. All the self-doubt, checking my work, going slow, ensure this. I often am surprised to hear how much other people believe in my abilities. Most often other people have greater confidence in me than I do.

  19. This aspect is one of the hardest in astrology because it is about appreciating yourself fully, and concentrating on your best strengths (Saturn) as your solar purpose (Sun).

  20. I have this aspect. Saturn afflicted, in Aries, in the 7th house and with nasty Lillith!. (Saturn also squares mars and mercury, midheaven I think). It has been like this. Childhood – School difficult due to poor health and crippling shyness. Father not interested, mum the boss and critical. Teens – Multiple rejections from relationships, poor self image and extreme social discomfort. Adulthood – more rejections from relationships due to limitations imposed by chronic health condition affecting intimacy, forever single. Work/education – 3 degree’s later and I’ve never really got there but I am respected in the job. How do I feel about life.. Ok actually, because you get stronger. Some say formidably so. It gets better when you become your own best friend. Play to your strengths! Hope this helps.

  21. wow, lots of negatives about saturn square the sun, good thing i never new growing up about my square, – I had tons of self esteem, was a great athlete, good friends, did well in school. of course my early teen years were sometimes difficult, and life had many ups and downs. ( i am 61 yrs now) Show me a person who doesnt have adversities and i will point out the billions past and present who did, do now.
    The best way out is a good job, and delay instant gratifications. Every time you can feel sorry for yourself, find someone who needs help and go for it. keep busy.

    • We are not all of the same blueprint. The level of childhood challenges will depend on where the Sun and Saturn are placed in the natal chart and where the ruling planets of the house placement of the Sun and Saturn are. (1) Check where the Sun and Saturn are in your natal chart. (2) locate the ruling planet of the sign of the house. Example Sun in 3rd house/Saturn in 1st house – 3rd house Aquarius with ruling planet Uranus in 8th house and 1st house Sagittarius with ruling planet Jupiter in 10th house.

  22. I think a lot has to do with the signs and houses that Saturn and the Sun occupy as to the severity or difficulties presented by that aspect. Although Oprah Winfrey has Saturn square Sun, her Saturn is in the 10th House, which is an excellent placement for high career achievement. Napoleon also had Saturn in the 10th. And her Sun is in the 2nd House, a good placement if some self-discipline is exercised regarding money. On the other hand, I have Saturn square Sun and my Sun is debilitated in the 6th House of work and health, and Saturn is not particularly well placed in the 3rd House of education, and I have had decades of chronic health problems, unfinished education, and near-constant setbacks, delays, insufficiencies, and obstacles regarding money, career, and life goals. It is said that this Saturn square blocks the Solar radiations requiring the native to work twice as hard as others in similar situations. I do not agree with the “New Age” or New Psychology” interpretation that most of the problems of Saturn square Sun come from lack of self-confidence or some problem of internal consciousness. Instead, I would say these obstacles arise from past life karma and have relatively little to do with my current state of mind. The obstacles are external situations that continually arise and present themselves to me, but it is up to me as to how to respond to them. And at age 60, I have responded to my life challenges by adopting a spartan, focused lifestyle which conserves energy for achieving the few things which are most important to me, and have sacrificed the rest until my next lifetime.

  23. This is a kinda karmical aspect, I had this transit 2 months ago( Sat Sag sq sun in Pis). Since my Sun conj Mars(1 deg), Saturn also squared Mars.
    I have Pluto squares both Sun and Mars. i had a history of misusing Pluto’s power ( manipulation, hatred etc.) to fullfill Mars and Sun. When Saturn conj my natal Pluto in Sag ( thus squaring Sun + Mars ), it felt like every single time i misused Pluto reflected back to me. When it ended, i finally learned the lesson and it’s nice since i gained insight into Pluto and how to handle it too. Saturn’s harsh, true, but worth the lesson.

  24. Thanks all of you for sharing your stories. I have Saturn (in my fourth house of Scorpio) square my Sun in Aquarius. I now live with my grandmother, a Scorpio herself. With her, I’ve had much unspoken, underlying conflict with my grandmother (Saturn in Scorpio is also square the Moon in Leo) as I suspect she loves neither I nor my mother much, as opposed to my aunt, uncle, and their children (which are my younger cousins and my mother’s younger sister and brother) which lent an element of favoritism. She along with I and my siblings were all thrown out of her house at the age of 12. Since then, she and my mother went years without speaking. I don’t believe that incident has gone easily by in my psyche, even though I am living in her house currently and she has told me many times that she loves me. They are back in communication now (which I suspect has much to do with my current living situation there) and that she uses energetic manipulation to discover my intentions while I am in my room (I can feel this stuff). Interestingly enough, I’ve had many issues with my mother during the Scorpio Saturn return (many issues, lol *whew) internally and without, but I feel it with my grandmother since I moved in last year and this year. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Saturn in the 4th house (Capricorn), squaring my Sun and Moon in the first house (Libra). I have had self-esteem issues all of my life. My relationships w/males have been challenging, starting w/my father. He was sexually abusive to my sisters and myself. I have never been married. I have been with my current partner for about 15 years, and before that, I had a few relationships that lasted 18 months at most. In the work arena, I was bullied by bosses until I was in my 40s. I was also bullied by other kids in school.

    I did not know about the Saturn aspects until I was in my late 20’s (around the time of the first Saturn return!). It was an eye-opener for sure. After the age of 28, Saturn did not have such a tight hold on me (in my early life, EVERYTHING that I touched soured). However, I still struggle with self-esteem and I have to constantly remind myself that I am worthy and good. I no longer struggle with bosses at work (thank God). Since my late 20’s, I have also been on a constant spiritual journey. In my case at least, Saturn taught me to develop faith in Spirit to see me through. I have studied mediumship, Tarot, and astrology over the last 28 years (I will be 55 on 10/10). I found that I am a gifted clarvoyant. I have also made the decision to become an astrologer this past year, because no-where else could answers be found …

    I am also thrilled that George Harrison had this same aspect <3

  26. Sun in 0 Cancer quincunx Saturn 29 Cap…the supreme battle of the genders all in one bag…

    • Nth node 29 Leo also quincunx Saturn…the unwavering yod….or rod…both i reckon 😉

  27. Today is a real red-letter day – I have the Sun transiting square my natal Saturn and at the same time, Saturn transiting square my natal Sun. Lots of work to do, feeling extremely tired, but what can you do, just got to carry on.
    I forgot to mention that I also have Sun square Saturn in my natal chart!
    Triple whammy.

  28. I have Saturn inconjunct Sun at this moment, Why no one talks about this aspect? I’m sure that inconjunct is more dangerous than square because it’s blind spot quality. Sagg Saturn to my Taurus Sun

  29. It’s about other people’s privilege, about work dumping and not about taking responsibility. Saturn is a bureaucratic ass.

  30. Saturn aspects do not get better with age. That is nonsense. How problematic depends on Saturn’s afflictions (bad aspects).

  31. re: Oprah Winfrey…you forgot to mention through hard work she became the most successful television presenter in US history….:-)

  32. Well with my birthday being October 18th (25 degrees), I have this transit right now. It sucks. I am working really hard with not much to show for it. I feel all alone. I will have Saturn conjuncting my Capricorn ascendant at 27 degrees soon. I am just trying to hold on.

  33. Xi Jinping 18 minute speech at Boao Forum for Asia… english/2021-04/20/c_139893137.htm

    “Don’t boss”

    Sun 00Tau (April 20)
    Jupiter – Saturn 00Aqr (Dec 21)

    This must be International Railroad or Railway day…

    at Boao, Xi talks about the danger of decoupling.. Jamie’s Sun square Saturn mentions to “strive to meet your responsibilities now or they will catch up with you in a bigger way down the track”

    And two Canadian railroads are in competition for Kansas City Southern

  34. Confirming too the father issues by t. Saturn Aq. coming to square our taurus suns – father and I.
    Saturn conj transiting moon Aq.May 2021. Wants me to face patterns of weaknesses.
    Being as i think we re both weak I see we must get strong. Its his birthday May 5 (1911). Coincidentally on this tues. May 4. Died 64 .

    My dream of us is like the pushing the stone up the hill only to have it roll down again. And again and again. Til we are stronger. But first I m recognizing that and arriving here at this old image of the rock that rolls down again. In the dream it was the hill in his/our home town. Arm in arm up the hill with resolve. Its cool its exciting i hope. Its change.

  35. Living in the forest those bees terrified me. I had to learn to stand absolutely still til it flew off. Maybe 11. It was a test of nerves.

  36. Uhm thats nice. Beautiful. Stelliums are where we ve had out fill I read. Like my brother has a third house one and rarely hear bout him.

  37. I would add that O. has pluto in the 12 th. Well at least that hidden connection was how I met her . Awareness. So thats the collective.

  38. Sun square Saturn, Pisces to Gemini; 8 degree orb. Despite the orb, I certaily had a father issue: envious, malevolent, slap-happy, loved to humiliate. I was a nervous adolescent with very low self esteem. That changed rapidly in my early twenties, when I left home. I wonder whether Mars conjuct Saturn (5 degree orb) helped me.

  39. Sun in Scorpio a T-square with transiting Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. When it was exact in 2020-22 I was suddenly struck with two unexpected illnesses that put me in isolation and unable to partake fully. Not used to being “hit by curve balls” twice, and actually a third time, I was involved in a car accident six months before in which I was a victim and not at fault. All of this coming under the T-square transit. I am looking forward to the modifying Jupiter in Pisces transit which I believe will bring some smiles after this trying time. Natally I am Sun trine Uranus sextile Mars and usually have confidence and optimism.

  40. wow, Yes, Saturns energy is so large in our lives.
    only just now seeing the workings within my life also.
    Tried to fight it the whole way, but you cannot fight Saturn.
    Bend with the winds of time.

  41. I have my natal sun square chiron, and my natal saturn square mars and mercury and oposite my moon, pluto and uranus and I have a lot os in common with the experiencies you tell… Now the 15,may eclipse the sun square my natal saturn

  42. Hi I have the same placement as you Saturn first house Sag squares Virgo sun, Venus and Mars in the 9th. I was told by an astologer that this is basically being like born into a dead life. I also have a grand mutable t-square and a Thor’s Hammer, which is a rare pattern, meaning constant quincuxes in transits. I have suffered all my life because I’ve been denied the opportunities, even small ones, that people experience in life. I guess I just wanted to tell you that you are not alone. Saturn hates Sag.

  43. I’m sorry, but these are not really bad placements! If it’s true that “astrologers” deemed you as “hopeless”, then they really should not be operating as astrologers at all

  44. Thanks Jamie. The late Prince Philip had this aspect (less than 1 degree) and experiienced early family tradgedy (abandoned age 10). A fine example of triumph over adversity.

  45. Today is one of my happiest day in this year. Why? Because I have reached the level of inner freedom, after years of hard inner struggles. No longer slave to the Matrix – ZODIAK! And it feels so good. JOY!

    • Hi Kelly. What do I replace illegitimate with, for Oprah Winfrey? I think that term was used in those days.

  46. I was born with Sun Square Saturn and had a very challenging childhood, both mentally and physically. Things were really challenging for me. I’m wondering though, could things get better as I get older? I just turned 28, I’m still incredibly hard on myself. Part of me hopes that maybe someday it’ll get easier.

    • I was born with this too, quite a few years earlier. From my experience you have to learn to father yourself. Can you be a less harsh father? Realize your OWN needs and find ways to meet them. Every year your sun will hard aspect this hard aspect in squares opposition and conjunction, you can be prepared for that, knowing there will be lessons. Each one can be utilized later on. Everyone has Saturn lessons, we just have more of them. Good luck!

    • Hi Denisa. There are lots of previous comments from people with this aspect like you and Nancy. They usually say it does improve with age, especially following your Saturn return age 29.5. I often say Saturn is a late bloomer.

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