Pluto Conjunct Saturn Transit

Pluto Conjunct Saturn Transit

Pluto conjunct Saturn transit indicates a stressful year or more of difficult change. Some area of your life that needs to change will face powerful forces of transformation. It is usually the case that you will initially resist this change and feel threatened by it.

You may become highly determined and ruthless in trying to hold on or keep going at whatever needs change, but deep down in your soul, you know you must give it up. The sooner you surrender what you are already losing, the sooner you can rebuild that area of your life.

It is usually the structures, patterns, and responsibilities in your life that are destined to transform. You may feel scared because it can feel like you are losing your security and stability. When you lose something you are clinging to, it is normal to feel stressed and disoriented.

The loss of something tangible in your life signifies inner psychological change. Letting go of your resistance or dependence will be liberating, but you may feel exposed, vulnerable and sad in the short term.

The transformations you experience during your Pluto conjunct Saturn transit are often painful but necessary to make you more resilient and economical. You will become less dependent on others and the structures and resources you have built around you. They gave a sense of security, worth, and stability but were retarding your spiritual development and the evolution of your soul.

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  1. Will be an exact hit on my 2nd Saturn return in my 4th. Soon after I will have my Jupiter return which is in wide orb to a conjunction with Saturn but in my 5th. Should I be worried? Wonder if I will loose where I live? Never owned my own home. Could that be possible now? Thank u. Very curious how this transition will manifest personally and in the collective.

    • @Laura
      It’s been five years, so it’s unlikely you will even see this – but if you do, would you mind telling us how it all played out?

  2. How do i know if i will have this transit ? I am not sure what to look for in my chart – can anyone explain ?

    • if you have a copy of your natal chart, look to see if transiting pluto or saturn is making an ‘aspect’ to your natal pluto or saturn. The 5 strong aspects are ‘Conjunction’ (either transiting pluto or saturn is within 8-10 degrees of your natal pluto or saturn), ‘Square’ (either transiting pluto or saturn is within 90 degrees of your natal pluto or saturn), ‘Opposition’ (either transiting pluto or saturn are within 180 degrees of your natal pluto or saturn), ‘Sextile’ (either transiting pluto or saturn are witin 60 degrees of your natal pluto or saturn) or ‘Trine’ (if transiting pluto or saturn are within 120 degrees of your natal pluto or saturn)

  3. I have got a friend whose natal Jupiter in 12th that will conjunct this transit at 22° ♑.

    The only positive aspect to Jupiter is an exact trine to her moon in 22° Virgo in 9th.

    Jamie, what’s your take on how this transit may impact her?

  4. what about the Saturn conjunct Pluto transit coming up in the next few years…?

    • On my Ascendant! I will be writing about it soon. I am also getting as many Saturn and Pluto transits done as I can because it is going to be felt so strongly.

      • The conjunction will also be square your Venus. What Venusian pleasure is more fundamental than enjoying the pleasure of eating food? It is important to have a deep understanding that physical food is NOT necessary for human survival. It is a deeply engrained addiction of the collective human species. This addiction needs to be healed, like it or not.

        • The dwarf planet Ceres will be at 22 degrees Capricorn conjunct Saturn and Pluto in January of 2020. What does Ceres symbolize? Also, at this moment, transiting Orcus is at 9 degrees 58 minutes Virgo conjunct your natal Moon at 10 degrees 54 minutes Virgo. This might be a good time to study Jeremy Neal’s book on Orcus. You can not afford to ignore the energy of Orcus.

  5. The Saturn/Pluto malifics will cause problems, no doubt, but with Uranus entering Taurus in May of 2018. We should get some real positive changes from the Trine relationship between the three planets in earth signs. Especially, if there are other planet(s) in Virgo in your chart, things can really go well. We need to see the bright side of this transit and make it work for us, no matter the severity, and with Pluto and Saturn involved that severity could be considerable, but not without relief from Uranus. God bless us all.

    • Uranus can rock you to the core, even when it’s a trine. Be prepared. Humanity is complacent enough as it is!

  6. The Pluto-Saturn conjunction of January 2020 will also be conjunct the dwarf planet Ceres. Doesn’t Ceres have a lot to do with food and nourishment? I am transitioning to becoming a breatharian, minimizing my dependence on food and water to an absolute minimum. Most people feel that this is completely foolish. When 2020 rolls around, people will no doubt begin to take a different view of this.

    • Thank you Genie. I will add Ceres to my Saturn conjunct Pluto post. Jupiter as well it is conjunct Saturn and Pluto the same year from memory.

      • And Nessus too, please. This centaur travels in its elliptic between Saturn and Pluto.

        • Hi again Gerald. Do you mean in association with the legalization of pot, or a post on its own? I should research Nessus on its own anyway. Added to the list!

  7. Saturn when it transits a sign wants to bring order. Unquote As it transits my ninth spirit house I was reading Breakthrough Astrology by Levine and it said saturn in pisces was resp. for spirituality like Dali Lama has saturn in pisces.
    I have been heavily concentrated for years and one of my kids has saturn in pisces. I ve been finding it very difficult to concentrate on it anymore and here its not even my path. So saturn brought order about spiritual responsibilities.
    Supportive parent perhaps but its not my form area. Anyways chiron and saturn in pisces took my kids pisces father away forever as chiron return exacted in his chart. Once mercury clears pisces direct motion it seems to me we re done. I ve no doubt changes will result from the loss in a large family.

      • Gemini both my son and i have gemini rising. pisces is my 11th and sons.24 degree cusp 11th but then chiron 25 and saturn 27. progressed saturn has gone to the border 29 and back, flirting with ending but like i said it represented his pisces father. His father was chiron Lame. He had a aneurism in mid 40 s affecting his arm, leg and head. When my son s chiron return at 50 and hit chiron exact, his father died of some sort of mishap regarding food. or drink. We think. unexpectedly. Then i saw saturn in pisces resp. for spirituality. book. My son had Uranus and Pluto conj. at birth 1966 the revolutionary times so he has a successful website building business. Moon in pisces i read considers giving as god. But chiron has moved on to Aries so you should be alright.It was a transit hitting my son s natal chiron. conj. saturn, his father. It was just amazing how it happened at that exact return. tc

  8. If i may say so i feel this saturn pluto has happened before and I started going every day to weight loss sign in. Passing the homeless by the buses by the by “pluto” but i m thinking that the determination and genuine desire to help another is a nice receipe for keeping it happy being of course responsible about it all. Maybe with good intentions too.

  9. This month’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction is exactly on my natal NorthNode and Chiron (8th house) and forms one corner of a cardinal grand cross, with Uranus, Neptune and Sedna. I’ve just made a huge transition in my life–returning to my birthplace and shifting my writing skills toward climate work in rural Puerto Rico, so maybe I’ve already done what is being asked of me. Any thoughts? (Sun/Venus/Mercury in Pisces 10th house, Moon in Scorpio 6th, and Gemini rising.)

    • It sounds like you may be looking for Saturn conj Pluto?

      The transit of Pluto conj Saturn, not everyone will experience this as Plutos orbit is considerably longer than a human life..For a 30 or 60 year old, more or less, with Saturn in Capricorn, they bear the brunt of the recent Changing of the Ages. Aquarius Saturn, soon it will be your turn, the Test of Non Attachment.

    • Would you be inclined to tell more about your life during this period (as opposed to your life before it), Teresa? I know I wowould be grateful; I am sure many others would be, too.

  10. One thing to keep in mind (which puzzlingly few astrologers, speaking in general, seem to): you can check what happened to celebrities who went through that transit. Sure, nobody ever can know what’s really happening inside someone’s mind and heart… but with celebrities you actually can discern quite a lot of the goings-on in their lives (ESPECIALLY if they are dire). There are some whose cases would seem to confirm the heaviness and supposed enormity of this transit – but there are also many whose lives during that period were perfectly uneventful (in terms of difficult things) or even a time of major (and painless) advancement.

  11. My natal Saturn @2 AQ will be conjunct Pluto soon. Not sure what will come up but I can tell you when transiting Saturn was in AQ, I learned to be resilient and economical. Also, with Saturn in Pisces transiting my second house, I’m learning (the hard way) about frugality with less money.

  12. Transits will invariably close, to exact conjunctions, trines, squares etc. This thread is about Pluto aspects transiting natal Saturn. This transit contact is rare during one’s lifetime, due to Plutos extreme orbit. Death and transformation of personal/generational structures are the theme. Be prepared for a relatively long bumpy ride, Charon will ferry the subject, Hades will examine spiritual death and rebirth functions. Have no fear

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