Pluto Square Sun Transit

Pluto Square Sun Transit

Pluto square Sun transit means you are in for a test of your strength and character for a year or more. The Sun represents your sense of self, authority, and power. The challenging square aspect from Pluto brings extreme forces in the form of other people and circumstances, which means you have to know who you are and stand up and be counted.

This can be a crisis or breakdown as Pluto transforms your ego, identity, and life direction. Pluto is throwing down a challenge so that you master your power. Pluto can be ruthless in its effect, making you ruthless in achieving your goals.

If you have been too submissive in the past, learning to be ruthless is a good thing. You will learn to stand up for yourself but must also find a balance. Being too ruthless when the opposition gets tough is not always the best option. Once you have gained more power, it might be best to leave it at that or compromise to wind a win-win outcome.

Power conflicts are standard with this transit and can occur not only with authority figures like the law and bosses but also in personal relationships. The tests presented by Pluto can come through difficulties with authorities, relationship breakdown, loss of employment, accusations, and attacks on your personal integrity and health problems. Facing challenges by not backing down can lead to outstanding achievements, whether simply staying alive or total power and world domination.

This is likely to be a busy phase of life, even if stressful, but looking back, you will see that it helped you understand yourself and what you want. The re-birthing process can give you a healthier ego, stronger willpower, and self-assertiveness, which enables you to attain your goals with a new sense of vitality and enthusiasm.

Pluto Square Sun Transit Dates

Sign and DecanFromTo
Aries & Libra Decan 2January 2013December 2018
Aries & Libra Decan 3February 2018November 2024
Taurus & Scorpio Decan 1March 2023November 2030
Taurus & Scorpio Decan 2March 2029September 2037
Taurus & Scorpio Decan 3February 2036January 2044
Gemini & Sagittarius Decan 1March 2043December 2051
Gemini & Sagittarius Decan 2April 2050January 2060
Gemini & Sagittarius Decan 3April 2058February 2068

289 thoughts on “Pluto Square Sun Transit

  1. Hi Jamie, Can you please shed some light for me on when this will let up? Since 2015 , I have had tougher time at work, had to move – locally , got bad knee injury and trying really hard to get a new job after being let go. Really appreciate your kindness and comments.
    For Bday, april 5th 1974, time 2:09 pm pacific.

      • Hi Jamie, I finally received a job offer after trying all year. But, I am asked to sign contract on Oct. 11-12 and my aries decan 2 horoscope says no signing per mercury opposite decan and mercury square mars. If I sign docs and strategies my new job, will things be okay? ? Really appreciate your advice now.

        • Sorry I am late answering comments for you. Based specifically on your chart, October 11 and 12 were both great. You have Mercury opposite your Sun on October 16.

          • Jamie,
            Thank you so very much! It has been a an absolutely nerve wracking year but, I am so grateful for the practical lessons I am learning about digging deep and truly finding the gold for myself in jobs, with friends and having faith that what I can bring to the table is enough. I appreciate your work very much esp. as a guide to light the way during dark phases and creating this wonderful site! ~ CB

  2. I found this website in early 2015, in a desperate search for advice on how to survive this transit and wondering how I could possibly survive 2 years of it. But while a good part of last year was truly awful, this year so far has just been moderately stressful – as you have pointed out in your monthly columns, Jamie, it really depends on what else is going on. I’m decan 2 Aries, so last year I also had Uranus conjunct my Sun, which in itself was pretty cool, if only Pluto had not been transiting square to both Uranus and my Sun – a nasty, difficult combo. This year, as Jamie has kindly reminded us decan 2 Aries every month, Uranus has moved on and we have Saturn trine Sun for most of the year, adding stability. Last year was so difficult that at first I was skeptical that this would help, but soon found that it really does make a difference – for me, the difference between truly awful and moderately stressful. So have courage, folks – Pluto square Sun doesn’t necessarily mean two full years of total misery – it really does depend on what else is going on. And I also found that when I can get past the rough stuff and catch my breath, Pluto does give the ability to see and experience greater depths of whatever is in my life or whatever I choose to focus on – a fine gift. Many thanks Jamie, I have found your insights really helpful.

      • Sure Jamie am thankful too for your inputs . I am aries decan 2 myself and have fought a tough battle with the inner demons with that transit… I lost my highly paid job, suffered fear and anxiety and now things have simmered down a bit but not completely. Your articles and interpretations from time to time have pin pointed towards the specific course of action for us readers.
        Thanks Jamie once again… Keep up the good work..

    • hash on one’s job?

      Maybe I’m not up with the times? Anything sun-like will come under pressure so your job is included with that.

  3. Pluto square sun transit for aries decan 2 is from January 13 to dec. 2018… In your horoscope 2017 you have mentioned that those born from March 6 to 8 will feel this transit the most. Is it a typing mistake? Do u mean April 6 to 8?

  4. Hi Jamie !

    Iam a sun Libra in 21 degrees, born the 14th october 1988…When will I have my pluto square sun transit ? :/
    Am I libra decan 3 ?? what does the degrees tell about my libra sun ?

    Kind regards/ Nat

  5. Hi Jamie ! I’m 19 degrees Aries sun in 6th house square Saturn in cap in 3rd .Pluto conj my Saturn 17 degrees and sq Sun has taken my parents and a great career
    ????2 months ago I suffered a stroke and I was relatively healthy ! What’s the orb to allow after it passes for the last time ? I need good news ! Soon

  6. I’m going through this Transit right now. It’s not really that bad. I can see how at times, it has sank me to my deepest level of hopelessness but the thing is, I just keep getting back up and when I do get back up, I’m a new person again. As a matter of fact, I’m becoming by and by-the person I’ve always wanted to be. I keep getting humbled by one lesson after another. To be quite honest, I’ve never dealt with so much abuse from so many people. At times, it feels like the world has thrown me away. I’m an Aries, Scorpio Rising, and a person I’ve always considered of “strong resolve”. Pluto has broken me down to a place I never could believe I’d go, a place where I thought about giving up but when there’s no light at the end of the tunnel-and I choose to keep going, I find that I am actually rewarded by Pluto. As badly as this Transit has beaten me down, it’s also renewed me. It’s renewed parts of myself that were long abandoned and forgotten about. I have a newfound level of confidence in myself that I really never had before. It’s made me see the truth about a lot of situations. A lot of it had to do with taking responsibility over faults and previous mistakes-and choosing to change-to survive. I’ve had some major battles and continue to have major battles. The good thing about this Transit is that it is also Trining natal Mars in Taurus. I think it’s this placement, ruler of my Sun, which eases this Transit a lot or should I say “gives me the extra strength to see it through”. This Transit sort of reminds me of a Uranus transit where Pluto brings shocking events. A lot of things I never thought could happen. I often find myself saying during this transit “I can’t believe this is happening” or “unbelievable”. I’m not out of the woods yet, but I have a feeling when I am-I’ll have arrived at much greener pastures. People should walk into this Transit like it’s boot camp. Ready to work under pressure, and humbly ready to be broken down-to be rebuilt again.

    • i think that the fact that you can observe yourself and comprehend the greater meaning to events in your life is so refreshing and wonderful. These “hardships” in life can be transformed into greater things, if we allow them to. I feel like we choose these lessons too- because otherwise, why would be going thru them in the first place? Focusing on the now helps to change the past. Because everything is in constant change. Even though Pluto is intense and relentless, it is so because it needs to be. The more afraid or resistant we are, the “tougher” the lesson. In retrospect tho, after going thru the lessons, it becomes clear that a total wiping and destruction of old ways, patterns, and behaviors, necessary.

    • Maybe you can update this report. Quite an adventure you’ve been on. I’m in the middle of same transit. Boot camp is very good choice to describe this seemingly endless parade of challenges. These days I like to stay home alone and recharge my batteries as much as possible for the next training day! Wow!!!

  7. I can’t believe this is happening is the best way to describe this. It feels like the world has thrown me in a grave & is doing everything it can to keep me buried as i try to dig my way out.

  8. I’ve been going through this for a year now. What a pain in the ass. I’m being gangstalked by members of my community and private security who have a surviellance, illegal harassment campaign against me? Why? Because I have a lawsuit against the evil shit going on here, now they got hundreds of people following me, harassing me day and night. They even got city workers, first responders, cops, it’s just out of control. They’re trying to destroy me, sleep deprive me, even condition my mind to triggered by normal everyday noises, like a car horn or someone driving down the road. I guess these are the people Pluto manifested into my life. The goon squads are government and large corporations send after people when they don’t wanna accept personal responsibility. I don’t respect any of these evil people. No one that doesn’t have my respect can do anything to hurt me. I wasted a great deal of time going tic for tat with these people and have now decided to go after the people that sent them. Pluto can really get you in ways you don’t see until it’s (maybe??) too late. You see, after being done so wrong by our government, I managed to make a lot of changes around here. My actions indirectly resulted in a corrupt Judge stepping down from her seat and many workers. They thought there was nothing I could do to stop them and they were gonna have their way with me. I began to study the law in secrecy and when it came time for court, I came in and put a monkey wrench in what they have planned for us. They didn’t know what to do and were so scared of being exposed for what they did to us. Now they’ve sent a team of people that work for private security, fbi, cops, informants to harass the living hell out of me day and night, so much I can’t even think straight to study the law. They’ve broken into my home and are now making it clear they are watching me inside my home. They’ll honk their horns at me whenever they see me to let me know their watching me. They also will honk as soon as I stand up, sit down, they’re doing little subtle things to let me know they’re watching me, even inside my own home. Everywhere I go, someone follows me, a team of people. They know where I’m going and are waiting there. I go into the woods to forage to get away, the follow me into the woods. It’s so obvious!!!!! I’m protesting this shit. I’m taking it to the news. I’m getting advocates involved. I’m standing up for all the other poor beaten down people they’ve done this too. These people have no heart and throw high five parties when one of their targets actually kills themselves because of this. These people get paid in drugs, are high on meth all day doing this, it’s just really sick… Evil masonic shit in this town stops with me. All the people acting in the dark run and flee when you shine a light on them.

  9. My boyfriend currently has an INTENSE Pluto transit this year… Currently Pluto squares natal sun and ascendant, Pluto opposite midhaven, Saturn is currently square his sun, moon while opposite Chiron. 🙁

    Hes collapsing under the pressure and has somewhat become a monster because of the resistance. Saturn and Pluto are retrograde and will once again touch his sun, moon, mars, ascendant and midhaven once again later this year once they go direct. Heavy energy all year literally.

    I wonder if he will undergo a major ego death moment because of the intensity. So much has happened already and all I can do is watch helplessly. I have recently come out of a Pluto conjunct sun and venus situation, however I did not resist the lesson and fared well. For him, the intensity builds! My warning for everyone is to just see the lesson in it all and lay low. Pluto is there to bring you to a better state of being. Don’t resist!

  10. Hi Jamie,
    I have had quite the challenging year with 2 transits in my birth chart (13.04.1978). Will the Pluto transit be over by the end of this year?

    • Hi Berliner. Yes, it should be finished by the end of 2020. So will Saturn opposite Mars transit. The new year should be great for you!

  11. This was the most horrific transit I’ve ever been through. I nearly ended my life it was that bad. My dad died, I lost my baby, my cat died, got cheated on, caught std’s, my relationship ended, fell into debt and a deep depression. All in one year! It happened at the same time of my Saturn return plus Pluto square Venus, Pluto square Mercury and Pluto opposite Midheaven. I have no idea how I survived it.

    • Hi prinny,
      It is a very complex situation. I wonder which transit did what?
      I want to ask a question, where was the transit pluto and natal sun? In which houses?
      See you 🙂

  12. Hello Prinny,
    You are very strong and wonderful and have survived so much this year. Hang in there. Please know that you are an important part of the universe and finding ways to let go and feel just a little bit better at time is something that be achieved through nature, art, exercise, music or other ways which do not depend on contact with people. These are ways that you can create for self care which is crucial during these transits. I have gone through them myself, lost so much and felt like giving up but life grows again and so will we. Find an anchor that can help you this week. People care about you. Best, Chrissy

  13. Hi Jamie,
    One of my friend will have this transit on 2023. Tr Pluto will be on his 7th house and natal sun is in the 4th house. I interperet like this way, something at his 7th house will happen (a lover, wife, bussiness partner) and stress something with her family, or father. What do you think?
    Thank you,

  14. Wow, you’re my hero. That’s so many heavy handed transits in such a short time.

  15. Hi Jaime! I’m Aries born April 17, 1978 and life has been extremely difficult since 2012. Do you see any transits in my chart that show positive changes soon?

  16. This happened 14 years ago for me and looking back at the transits it all makes sense why it was so horrible. I was bullied very badly in high school during this time, with major attacks on my identity. Interestingly enough, I’ve always looked back on that time perplexed because it was a period where I was absolutely sure of myself…everyone would tell me what was wrong with me and how I had no self esteem and would try and sabotage my very few friendships with lies, and I just had this attitude of “I’m actually quite pleased with myself…not sure what your problem is”. I certainly had to defend myself with every single person and on a daily basis for a long time. Pluto was in my first house squaring my Sun on the IC. I also had Saturn in the 9th (it was boarding school) opposing natal mercury in 3rd, and I entered the school when Saturn was opposing my natal Saturn in 3rd. So there was a lot going on. But it’s just funny that I’ve always looked back and wondered how despite how alone and attacked I was, and how much I’d lost my faith in the goodness of people, I still had my own back more than any other time. For anyone going through this, hang in there! It is a relief to know this was a transit. I’ve carried the wounds with me for 14 years, constantly asking myself why everyone was so awful to me, feeling undeserving of it. Turns out that maybe now I can finally release that burden of thought that this was something about me, natally…it was just Pluto square sun. I can let it go now….as Pluto currently sextiles my sun.

  17. I am also an Aries with Scorpio rising. Going through Pluto square natal sun from December 2021. I could relate to much of what being said in this page. I have come to a point where I should start feeling empowered after all the negative things that happened up until now and not getting bogged down amidst the challenges I face with people and situations everyday. I want to know what is the final take away from this transit for majority of people when you are expected to start again from square one and have no clue how life is going to shape up in the coming years.

  18. Hi Jamie, I am born 04/22/1963. I have a Pluto square Sun transit starting this year. Above dates are from March 2023 to November 2030. Can you tell me how to get more precise dayes and also how bad it looks on my chart. Thanks So much!! Lisa

  19. Thanks for sharing! Im very nervous about a Pluto square Sun transit starting this March. You say this transit has beate you down and renewed you! Thats Wonderful to hear something positive. But did you feel the renewal at the same time or after the transit ended. Above it says this transit will start for me i March 2023 ad end in Nov 2030. Thast a long long time, lol.Thask!!

  20. It’s a tough one, Lisa but it can make you stronger. God sees all and if you’re doing the right thing, amending Karmic debt and being an honest, humble human being, He will help!

  21. Oh wow, Kat, I’m going through the same type of thing. Me and my children have been stalked and terrorized by corrupt law enforcement and their goons but ours began due to my brother and his criminal associates extorting and plotting to steal my dad’s assets and money that was being left to my mom, me and my children (us being his dependents). They set me up in sham relationships and even a fake marriage when I was young to attempt to destroy and traffick me. These gangstalkers are murderers, they abuse anyone who is in their way, including children, elderly people, single women, anyone! Gangstalkers eventually murdered my parents (2012 and 2017), which started a real terror campaign against us to where we can barely leave the house due to fear for our safety, basically becoming recluse for the last 9 years. These gangstalkers have technology for spying on us in our home, tracking our every movement, creating health problems including heart attacks and emotional outbursts and mind control. They killed many pets, mostly cats, and have made my dog sick. I honestly could go on and on about the torture and pain these gangstalkers have caused. Yes, they have power in numbers, for now, and the backing of corrupt law enforcement but we have God on our side. I can sense that the Pluto squaring Aries (God of War) and Libra (Justice) is coming to a culmination with these gangstalkers being held accountable for crimes of human trafficking, domestic terrorism, torture, extortion, etc. These crimes will fall under RICO asset confiscation, causing a full-on collapse of the world economy. I would go through this gangstalking program 100 times over if it means my children and all future generations will never have to worry about being gangstalked, targeted, extorted, terrorized by mobs of human traffickers, corrupt law enforcement and corrupt politicians/wealthy elites. It’s going to be big news soon, hang in there.

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