Saturn Conjunct Saturn Transit

Saturn Return – Saturn Conjunct Saturn TransitSaturn return is another name for the Saturn conjunct Saturn transit. It is one of the most critical transits in astrology and an important milestone in life. Your first Saturn return at age 29.5 is a coming of maturity but sometimes felt like a mid-life crisis. Your second Saturn return at age 59 is often a culmination of life experience or a peak in your career.

Saturn Return Celebrities

Whether your Saturn conjunct Saturn transit brings achievement and recognition or loss and disappointment depends largely on aspects to your own Saturn and any fixed star conjunctions. For example, Heath Ledger died of a drug overdose during his first Saturn return. He had Venus opposite Saturn in his birth chart, considered one of the most challenging aspects to be born with.

However, Bill Gates launched Microsoft Windows 1.0 shortly after his first Saturn return. His natal chart has Venus conjunct Saturn, which is also challenging. However, his Venus Saturn conjunction is trine Midheaven and trine Ascendant, forming a magical money-making grand trine aspect pattern. During Bill’s second Saturn return in 2014, it was revealed that his wealth doubled in 5 years from US$40 billion to more than US$82 billion. [The World’s Billionaires – Forbes] It is also worth noting that Heath had natal Saturn retrograde while Bill’s Saturn is direct.

Your Saturn Conjunct Saturn Transit

Your Saturn return will last about one month unless Saturn retrogrades over its natal position. In this case, the transit can last about ten months with three exact hits. The impact is much more substantial with just the single pass of Saturn conjunct Saturn transit. The intensity is spread over time with Saturn retrograde, but the actual retrograde motion pass is usually the most significant or dramatic.

As your Saturn return approaches, you may feel an urge to do things you have always wanted to do but never got around to. This can give a sense of urgency that you better get on with things as time passes. Any area of life that is no longer rewarding could be in for a change, but most often, relationships and careers are most affected.

This period of a culmination of your efforts will be rewarding if you have been responsible and respectful over recent years. Saturn builds structures and systems that are the foundations of your life and give a sense of safety and security. If you have already made solid foundations, then your Saturn conjunct Saturn transit will be a cyclic renewal. You may receive recognition for past efforts, take on more career responsibilities, or receive a promotion. You could move to a nicer home or turn over an investment property or other financial investment.

If you have taken shortcuts and your foundations are more illusion than reality, you will likely experience loss and disappointment during your Saturn return. If you have been aware of such a problem area, it will be easy to see it go. But if you have been unconscious that something is not working correctly, it can be unpleasant, even if you will be better off without it.

If you are on the wrong karmic path, Saturn will kick your ass and take away the things or people in your life associated with your immaturity and lack of discipline or respect. Such a mid-life crisis will turn into a rebuilding phase with new beginnings and opportunities now the negative karma has been repaid.

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  1. I am so fortunate! Pluto has already “kicked my ass” and crushed my immature fantasies during his lengthy sojourn through my 7th house. What have I to fear from my approaching Saturn return?

    • haha, same here. i am a cancer and pluto has kicked me quite enough and now saturn…i also have venus opposition saturn retrograde in my natal like heather did…scary. sometime ignorance is better

      • So how did it go? What happened this year during the return?
        Just curious.
        Mahalo nui

  2. I am very, very soon up for my second saturn return in my 5th house … my natal saturn is 2 degrees. Capricorn rules my 6th house of work, health & I am hoping my re-entry into the work world will be easy even if the job may be challenging requiring very hard work. I have Jupiter coming round soon in a Jupiter return @ 10 degrees to go, in the 4th house. I am hopeful that the levity of Jupiter (the expansion) somehow off-sets the possible stresses of Saturn in my 5th house. Thanks for this timely article!

  3. Hi Christina, maybe we can commiserate. I have four planets in Capricorn, including Sun. I had Pluto station on my sun several years ago and since then everything has fallen apart. Now I have a triple conjunction this week of Pluto, Sun and Venus on my Saturn, followed by Saturn on my Mercury, then Sun later this month. At least my Saturn return won’t be occur for more than a year. I am hoping something good will come of it all. I can say that my first Saturn return was generally positive: I was working hard but making slow progress.

    After all these years, I found that astrology only makes sense in hindsight, and that forewarned is not usually an advantage, especially when faced with major events.

    • Red, you are so right when you say that “forewarned is not really an advantage” although it is something we all wish for — to be prepared for what life brings our way. But life refuses to be “predicted”. She will have her way with us, no matter what!

  4. Jamie, it appears Saturn/Jupiter on December 25, 2020 lands on my Natal Saturn(0Aqu57′). Earlier in 2020, Pluto and Saturn conjoins and lands on my Natal Sun(21Cap17′). Should i just leave the Earth that year, and come back in 2021? Or do i dust off the old resume and apply for Prime Minister? maybe something else?

  5. (my) Saturn return conjuncts natal & transit Jupiter in 2020. Hope to be in a position to let you know how it went if i’m till on earth….

  6. For example, Heath Ledger died of a drug overdose during his first Saturn return. He had Venus opposite Saturn in his birth chart, considered one of the most challenging of all aspects to be born with.

    I have Venus opp Saturn…. Well that’s re-assuring. Will let you know what happens. That is if I am still alive.

    • Yes that is a difficult aspect. I have Mercury and venus opposite Saturn. My first Saturn return was painful but I came through it. It does improve with age.

  7. I have a stellium with moon,mars,uranus and pluto conjunct in my twelfth house. I had extremely difficult periods in my life when saturn passed over the stellium and when it was squared by saturn. Saturn passing over saturn was relatively easy in comparison.

    • Saturn always letting know to other planets who’s the Lord of the skys and Saturn makes sure that it will be felt. Saturn/Saturn contacts is more like couple of good mates with a bit disagreements,a bit of arguments and with a bit of respect and love.

  8. An addition to this article is .. steve jobs was forced to leave apple during that time his saturn was conjunct his natal saturn .. and he started next computers ..

  9. is it entropically sound to, as yet, eulogize this 2020 aspect?

    Did anyone above gain the function of this conjunction? 29.5 or 59 year old.

    Patriots: Categorically and repeatedly confirm your leaving and returning to Earth successful? researched and funded?

  10. point of clarification: Did anyone above gain the function of this conjunction?

    Besides the Psyop Spooks, Demongraphers, Crypto coinmaskers, and the Algorithm Adpoopers? I’m taking real people, not Technocrats, Covidcrats and Artificial Intelligentsia…

    Anyone? Get Out There and come back?? Y know, like Scale the no thing? did you blast off in that SpaceX rocket, February 2018? And jockey about beside Elons mannequin? And did you wave to the people in the bleachers on your Saturn Return?

  11. Canadian retail brand Zellers making a re-appearance. This birds numbers dwindled the last 30 years, and vanished, except for tiny enclaves here and there. But the wind changed a few years ago, and now a larger migration this week noticeable. Signals analysis says there is room for Zellers among a similar species, Wal-Mart

    Zellers, total count 34, reduce to 7
    Walmart, total count 25, reduce to 7

    7 is the number of Saturday, two Saturn Return species.

    Ref. A Premier’s 26$ Wal-Mart haircut regret, image make over Virgo Full Moon.

  12. It’s true and very intense. I almost lost my life and lost superficial friends, family, and partners. Depression, self reflection, and rebirth followed. Saturn conjunct Saturn is serious. I’ve been searching for answers and cleaning up my life. It forces you to do that or gives more pain. Find its timing and plan well. Save money, cut loose ends, and be good.I wish I’d known about it.

  13. Jamie my saturn return is almost there its 2 orb away from natal saturn but i have natal saturn trine sun exact degree and saturn square ascendant how do u think this will effect me

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