Grand Trine Aspect Pattern

Grand Trine Astrology
A Grand Trine is one of two types of blue aspect patterns. The other is the Minor Grand Trine. Blue aspect patterns are called ‘talent triangles’ [1] and they give a lot of reserves. They indicate an abundance of available abilities, competence, expressiveness, skillfulness, and striving for harmony.

It depends on the quality of the planets involved, whether it can be implemented or whether it remains unused due to idleness, complacency, or indifference. And if a talent triangle stands on its own, with no red aspects, it is passive and must be activated by the environment, from outside.

But talent triangles make the individual blue aspects more versatile and animated than their lethargic nature would indicate. Especially when the motivation is love, they react with much understanding and kindness.

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI

Grand Trine Astrology

A grand trine aspect pattern is a neat-looking equilateral triangle formed by three trine aspects. This pattern often represents a special talent. It reveals an accomplished ability, indicating varied experiences that provide abundance and perfection. But the grand trine is like the tree that is bearing fully ripened fruit and waiting for them to be picked. If left unpicked, the fruits fall unused to the ground or rot on the tree.Grand Trine Aspect Pattern


The harmonious blue aspects contain latent energy that gives a tendency to complacency. You may let yourself go and think that you do not need to make an effort in life. A grand trine is firmly set in its ways and has great trouble changing, as it is already perfect. This gives a certain rigidity, an unteachability when learning is required. So you may use what you have to offer to adapt to the changing demands of life.

You usually get through easily and therefore do not need to develop new features and methods, but you do tend to rely too often on the talent that you already possess. Additional square or opposition aspects are desirable here, as latent strengths can develop through their demand for achievement.large talent triangle

Pride and Self-assurance

Grand trine astrology can make some people unpleasantly proud and cause them to look down on other people, without being able to say exactly what they are proud of. They may even get angry if you are told the effect they have on others.

However, that doesn’t mean that everyone with a grand trine must be so proud. Being able to do many things easily gives self-certainty and heightened self-confidence. With a grand trine, an accomplished manner is adopted and displayed with typical self-assurance.

The Jupiter nature of the trine aspect and the fact that the grand trine fits symmetrically around the center of the horoscope, indicate the need to address the question of purpose. This is to find out what should be done with the given talent and how a suitable challenge and form of expression could be found.

One of the challenges of grand trine astrology is to develop an appropriate creative will. With a suitable Jupiter orientation, the right balance can be struck between perfectionism, pleasure-seeking, and obsessive behavior.

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  1. Such good news, Jamie!

    Thanks! By the time, I hope we get to have our business plan ready at the co. I am assocated with, a Brand new one 🙂

    It´s sun is conj. Sirius, 1st dec. Cancer (though it has it´s Black Moonish thing, we feel confident).

    Personally, Jup. entering my 1st. H. or conj. Asc. Saturn goes direct today, so… I hope we are able to do much (for me, seeding year; exhausting!)

    Have a good week.


    • Seems like an excellent time to get a new business plan off the ground. I was going to discuss possible mundae effects of this grand trine but got sidetracked with smarty pants one-liners. I do think the stock exchange will enjoy a boost.

  2. “Night fever, night fevahhh…”

    I have a Grand Trine in Water between my Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, and Jupiter in Cancer Rising, and Sun at 4 Virgo, maybe it will light me up a bit. I’m excited about Jupiter in my first house for a good while.

  3. My turn….. i have a moon in pisces at 6 degrees in my 5th house and a sun in cancer 11 degrees in my 9th, i hope it is a good job offer!!

    Thank you Maryanne

  4. This double Virgo is really struggling. Uranus is basically opposing my natal Mars which is in the 1st H (in Libra). I am feeling NO energy. No sleep. Is this Uranus in Aries energy frying me? OK, I know the answer…but any further thoughts on how this Grand Trine may be contributing to a deletion in energy? Any positive thoughts? I appreciate your insights, thank you so very much. Blessings!

      • ahhh…we’re not all that bad us aries types….there’s a soft under belly beneath all that irritating-in-yer-face stuff! 😉’s to the trine magic for all of us….especially those folk who really need a break!

        • I’ll take a break, lol! Nothing against Aries per se, but it always has been a difficult energy for me.

      • Finstah ~ the watery trine is very laid back energy, so let your Libran Mars kick back and smell some roses. Use the Uranian energy to inspire you to do so. Aries energy is motivational. Mars in Libra can be most diplomatic and inspiring. See how these can work together ? Cancer at your MC ??? Stop struggling against the sound of water lapping. 🙂

        You’re not the only one surviving odd cycles of energy (hi-low gears at unusual times of day) and sleeplessness ~ this seems chronic lately, but probably aggravates the piss out of your Virgo nature. Flow with it, in this grand trine way, and make use of your energy when it wakes you.

        I am self-employed, so can work this nocturnalism (in my case) to my advantage. This may not be your case. If not, forgive yourself for sleeping every single moment you’re not committed. It’s a month’s transit at the lazy time of year (in either hemisphere), and therefore temporary. Try to enjoy its meandering gifts!

        • Well, thank you so much for the insights, sharings and caring. Yes, I have my own business and personally relish being up at night. You hit it though, my Virgo-ness is really irritated…not getting much done. Going through menopause has been scary to say the least. CHILL is the answer I guess. And personally, body surfing IS one of my most favorite things so I will “work” (so typical Virgo) at integrating your suggestions. I really do appreciate your kind suggestions.

        • Yes, I have sat with your insights and actually do feel much better. Sadly, Virgo needs permission to apparently even CHILL. Thanks again. (And yes, Cancer at the top of my chart. With T. Pluto at the bottom in my 4th, it is no wonder I have been spending my “chill” time doing genealogical research, lol!)

  5. My natal chart has a grand water trine involving Mars in Pisces 22, Saturn in Scorpio 26 and a wide trine with Venus in Cancer 17. As all the others I am hoping for good things!

  6. This is so exciting. Ive gotton over my depression in 3 days and when to see the grand canyon with 2 friends from a completely laidback lifestyle. i feel brand new and in love with everything. 04/17/92 @ 7:33pm

  7. Lately, I’ve just been really excited about life.
    So, so much to look forward to!

    thank you for this update!

  8. “The July 8 new moon gave you a free ticket on the grand trine 2013 magical mystery tour. You have to redeem this ticket by the time the July 22 full moon lights up the triangle.”
    Sounds hopeful 🙂 the new moon opportunity led me to the tour you described, but I think I’ll take it slow for the full moon since it’s still shadow Merc retro. Next month I will be more certain. Thanks so much for this article interesting you call it dream catcher, the tour was somewhat a dream came true, one that I had for a long time. I am Decan 2 so I guess it is better to be patient 🙂

  9. Dear Jamie,
    Please let me know when is this tight orb of 4 mins in the Grand Trine happening according to Indian Standard Time, which is 5 hours 30 minutes plus GMT. I want to know the exact date and time, am a first decan Aries and i don’t want to miss it. Thanking you in anticipation.

  10. even babies born on 23rd july in early morning around 9 am will also have this grand trine. mine is libra decan 3. will I b able to catch my dream of having healthy baby??

  11. I also have a grand trine in water, kind of curious as the days get closer how this will play out. I’m a Decan 1 Cappy with a Sag rising. Between sucking the sewage of the Pluto transit and the generally rotten time some Saggies are having, I am definitely throwing some wishes out there for this grand trine. My own trine is Neptune 23 Scorpio, Moon 29 Cancer and Jupiter 23 Pisces. I’m curious how having a grand trine has affected others with one in their natal chart? I don’t know anything different but I think it’s made me more intuitive, a better listener, more empathetic, able to “see” and “read” into people. These are very natural skills that require almost no effort. Anyway, like any good Cappy I have my goals for this dream catcher ready and my Sag rising is full of faith and hope that something good is going to happen! 🙂 Love and light all!

  12. I was born Feb 26, 1959 at 6:00pm EST in Syracuse, NY. When is all of this positive energy going to hit my chart? I have been really struggling this past week or so.
    – Thanks

  13. Looks like the future King or Queen of England will have a Grand Trine & a full moon in their birth chart

  14. I have grand water trines with neptune/sun/chiron and neptune/mercury/chiron, natally, mustnt be utilising them right, lol!

  15. I have been watching this, wondering “what the hey”.
    Vision into reality? Some philosophical maniffestation of a dream?
    It looks like it went Partile July 17, at 4 degrees, with Mars just 2 degrees off Jupiter.

  16. Does anyone know what the ‘Castle’ aspect means. I did an composite and one turned up. Kind of freaked me out.
    Can’t find much info anywhere. Any links or info appreciated 🙂

    • That’s probably the most complex pattern to work out. I have not had to do that fortunately. I suppose you would read up separately on a grand trine then mystic rectangle.

    • Will do. I have to tidy up the ones I already have and make a nice looking category of aspect patterns.

  17. I have a grand earth, Taurus Saturn, cap mc, Virgo north node and I have no idea what it means

  18. I just found out I have a water grade trine. I am an Aquarius and I have become extremely enlightened over the last few years and I am trying to discover who I am as a woman. So I started looking into my birth chart with . I really don’t understand a lot of it but I do know I also have a YOD.

  19. Interesting, a newbie at all this : ) I have a Fire Grand Trine in my 1st, 6th & 10th House, anyone know what this could represent? I’m directionless at present, haven’t ever quiet pinpointed my purpose am approaching 40 so this is becoming more important to me, Astrology gives some great insights : )

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