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Grand Trine Astrology

Grand Trine

The grand trine aspect pattern in July 2013 is the astrological highlight of the year. A grand trine is a neat looking equilateral triangle formed by three planets. The fortunate trine aspects create a balanced and harmonious blend of the planetary energies, making the grand trine the most desired of astrological configurations. This is a good news story and deserved the optimistic interpretations in the grand trine 2013 forecasts hitting the web from star-gazer around the globe.

Grand trines are considered to be very fortunate in a natal chart, showing great natural talent and creative potential, something to impress your friends with. Most astrologers keep it real by reminding the chuffed owner of a newly discovered grand trine, that its glamorous reputation is no guarantee of fame and fortune. Without some motivation from challenging aspects, the potentials may never be realized. The trio of planets can be so content with their comfortable arrangement, that helping you realize your potential sounds a bit too much like hard work.

Grand Trine 2013 Significance

There is no reason to think that grand trine 2013 will be too lazy to avoid mediocrity. The trio of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are significant players, and each has their potential pried open by other astrological pokes and prods. There is the agitating influence of Uranus square Pluto, and the rare perfection of this alignment alone is a significant reason for optimism.

Grand Trine Astrology

The total orb of this grand trine stays under one degree from July 13 to 24. There was a grand trine between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune back in February 1967, but it crept under three degrees of exactness for only two days. The last time these planets made such a symmetrical triangle as our one, was over 1700 years ago. That effort set an impressive record of 13 minutes total orb on the 9th of May in the year 279. That record gets blown out of the water on the 17th of July 2013, with a spine tingling orb tightness factor of 4 minutes.

Grand Trine 2013 Meaning

Fascinating as that beautiful geometry is for this astrologer, with more Virgo bits than not in this horoscope, you’re probably more interested in what this grand trine actually means for you. This July, you can turn your dreams into reality, this grand trine is a dreamcatcher. People from decan 1 of all signs have a head start, and you can read more about that in the July horoscopes. The rest of us might have to dream a little harder but we can also grow Jupiter happy from real Saturn manifestations of our ideal Neptune visions.

Even if you’re feeling discouraged by a challenging transit from one of these planets, at least one of the others will be on your side. They are having a positive influence on each other, loved up on disco biscuits, each aware of their own increased influence and significance. Even Saturn will be sequined up, moving like Travolta and believing all eyes on us was written all about him, just to be pounding out of the speakers out at this surreal moment in time.

If Lord Killjoy can loosen up and let himself go, why not leave your excuses in the bag of insecurities and take a risk? Mars is going to offer you dangerous looking hit of adrenaline to bring out your courage, when he ignites Jupiter from July 20 to 24. Don’t be asking if the ingredients in his performance enhancer are certified organic or tested on animals with big eyes and white fur. He’s not interested.

The July 8 new moon gave you a free ticket on the grand trine 2013 magical mystery tour. You have to redeem this ticket by the time the July 22 full moon lights up the triangle. You don’t even have to bring anything along really, so there’s nothing to lose. The full moon will make sure you intuitively go with your heart and catch the right dream. Sure you might come up empty-handed, but it could just be worth missing one episode of other dancing, singing, or cooking dreamchasers.

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  1. Looks like the future King or Queen of England will have a Grand Trine & a full moon in their birth chart

  2. I have grand water trines with neptune/sun/chiron and neptune/mercury/chiron, natally, mustnt be utilising them right, lol!

  3. I have been watching this, wondering “what the hey”.
    Vision into reality? Some philosophical maniffestation of a dream?
    It looks like it went Partile July 17, at 4 degrees, with Mars just 2 degrees off Jupiter.

  4. Does anyone know what the ‘Castle’ aspect means. I did an composite and one turned up. Kind of freaked me out.
    Can’t find much info anywhere. Any links or info appreciated 🙂

    • That’s probably the most complex pattern to work out. I have not had to do that fortunately. I suppose you would read up separately on a grand trine then mystic rectangle.

    • Will do. I have to tidy up the ones I already have and make a nice looking category of aspect patterns.

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