Minor Grand Trine Aspect Pattern

Minor Grand Trine AstrologyA Minor Grand Trine is one of two blue aspect patterns; the other is the Grand Trine. Blue aspect patterns are called ‘talent triangles’ [1], and they give a lot of reserves. They indicate abundantly available abilities, competence, expressiveness, skillfulness, and striving for harmony.

It depends on the planet’s quality, whether it can be implemented or remains unused due to idleness, complacency, or indifference. And if a talent triangle stands on its own, with no red aspects, it is passive and must be activated by the environment from outside.

But talent triangles make the individual blue aspects more versatile and animated than their lethargic nature would indicate. Especially when the motivation is love, they react with much understanding and kindness.

Minor Grand Trine Astrology

A Minor Grand Trine is also called a Small Talent Triangle, and it is formed of a trine aspect facing the core of the horoscope and two sextile aspects. The Minor Grand Trine has a similar motivation and mode of action to the Grand Trine, but as an asymmetrical figure, it is more dynamic. It shows a still-developing talent as opposed to one already developed.

With their Venus quality, the sextiles assimilate the nature of the planets involved. Growth is achieved by adapting, as far as possible without stress, to enjoy the area of life indicated by the planets. The appropriate properties are developed gradually into a distinctive and specialized talent and formed during your life. Usually, knowledge and skills are constantly accumulated by calmly absorbing experiences into your consciousness, not through active exertion and hard work.

Minor Grand Trine Astrology

Venus Williams

Venus Quality

Both sextiles correspond to the Venus quality, symbolic of the blossoming stage of a plant. They are keen to keep growing and absorbing matter and enjoy what the triangle facilitates. The richness of your inner attitude (trine) is harmoniously implemented with available opportunities and, as far as possible, expressed without friction and conflict.

A Minor Grand Trine makes you a happy person who enjoys life without over-exerting yourself. You plan your energies and are careful and selective in your goal setting. Once you have decided on something that has captured all your interest, all goes smoothly. You deploy your energies relatively easily and can be active “around the clock” without tiring.

The apex of the Minor Grand Trine is the planet where the two sextiles meet. It represents your goal direction. Minor Grand Trine astrology allows you to put your abilities to optimal use, often for the benefit of others. For example, Mars, the ruler of sports, is at the apex of Venus William’s Minor Grand Trine. She was world No. 1 in singles and doubles tennis and is widely regarded as one of the sport’s all-time greats.

Minor Grand Trine Celebrities

David Berkowitz, Chuck Berry, Bono, Dick Cheney, Aleister Crowley, Althea Flynt, Brody Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner, Nicole Kidman, Jerry Lewis, Lorde, Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Justin Trudeau, Venus Williams.


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  1. Read twice – will have study again to hopefully get something to sink in, prior to this TRINE was always just an oft-beat answer in a crossword puzzle. Thank you for explaining – it’s sinking in slowly. Just hope the Happy, Plan and Goal all come together tomorrow. Have a great week Jamie – hope your horoscope agrees.

  2. I have Sun conjunct North node in the 4th house in Sagittarius as the appex and Jupiter in Libra in the 2nd house in a sextile to it and Saturn in Aquarius in the 6th house in sextile to it. So Sun as the appex could be what?

  3. Thanks for this Jamie. Good timing. Looking at the Proclamation of the Henge chart this week, 18 month anniversary, July 8/9..With one eye on Guidestones, and the other on Washington.


    Minor grand trine at 18 degree..Neptune-Sun-Moon. A Venus touch on an 18Cap Sun brings an artistic touch to that ‘Aquarian” 11th

    July 9, 2022 transits
    Venus transit North Node,
    Mars transit Mars
    Moon transit Moon

    Mutual reception, Mars and Moon.
    Good article that came out of this Henge, published 2021. A mythology that takes combatants on this axis beyond their initial fight.

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