Grand Cross Aspect Pattern

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Grand Cross AstrologyA Grand Cross aspect pattern consists of two oppositions and four squares. The Hubers call this tense configuration an Achievement Square or an Efficiency Square.In Grand Cross astrology, energy is stored and collected by the oppositions like a battery. The high tension energy potential created is then discharged through the squares, the four sides of the Grand Cross.

The power and dynamism of the red aspects are molded into a fixed form, making their presence felt. This gives great potential to achieve your goals. You are able to work very hard and very constantly, with great reliability and rigor, which gives you security.

Because there are only red aspects in a Grand Cross, it gives power, will, control and self-possession. It makes it hard for you to understand what relaxation and self-satisfaction mean. But you have a great deal of available energy from two almost inexhaustible batteries that are constantly recharging each other.

You love contradictions and know about the polarities of the world and live accordingly. You measure your worth by your toughness, your stamina, and the responsibility you have.

Grand Cross Astrology Chart

Grand Cross Astrology

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Grand Cross Symmetry

The perfect symmetry of the Grand Cross astrology makes you calm, balanced and unflappable. You are not at all vacant, but very present, ready to act, and can define yourself clearly.

The effect of this figure is similar to a revolving door or a turntable, hence your ability to change the direction of a force and suddenly to change from one world to another or to change your mind. As an active and very determined person, you could make a good manager, director, or a powerful decision-maker or adviser who operates behind the scenes, one who pulls the strings.

In both mutually dependant opposites lies the wisdom that it ultimately does not matter which opposite you deal with. You cannot cut yourself off at all from your inner truth, even if you do everything for other people or identify yourself with others. With a Grand Cross, everything is possible. If something does not work, it will be attempted again in a different way.


Grand Cross astrology indicates an achievement-oriented and practical philosophy and a good memory for work processes, actions and conflicts. This down to earth sense of reality can be used very constructively (manual ability), and no one should try to stop you from doing this. The energies can be blocked though, if you cannot live as you want and if conflicts are not settled immediately. If things are put off, then it is hard to make a second attempt. There is a tendency to repress and to block and decisions are left to be made by fate or other people.

You often trust your own willpower so much that you don’t see other possibilities and advantages and get stuck in habitual work processes. Women in particular with a Grand Cross seem to even dislike taking up any position of power of their own but are happy to support the power of others with their diligence. They do not want to be leaders but will serve as role models for those around them. They possess the ability to keep others’ spirits up.


Your performance is unrivaled because you work with total calm and self-control but can still achieve a great deal. You control your energy so that you never get stressed because you take all the time you need to complete your work carefully and conscientiously. You do the work of four people! (four-squares). As a stonemason chisels a statue out of stone by chipping away indeterminably, you can be so tenacious and persistent that once you have started a job you can finish it in one go without a break.

You may actually hate the work that has to be done, but you are magically attracted to it and forced to deal with it. Problems can arise with work that has to be done by other people. You must learn that not everyone is like you and that you must occupy a special, isolated position in society, and preferably a position where you can serve as many people as possible. For with your will, you can accomplish almost impossible things.

Fixed Ideas

Sometimes fixed ideas are problematic, especially in human relationships, where you expect those around you to work and live just as competently and efficiently as you do. This causes you, consciously or unconsciously, to put pressure on your work colleagues and partners. In the best case, you serve as an example for an increase in performance. Often, life demands that expectations are reduced, which can be very painful. The Grand Cross astrology has a karmic character and has also been called the “Karmic Cross”.


You take life very seriously, sometimes too seriously. You may become disappointed and embittered if your potential is not recognized by those around you, or if you do not achieve your goals. This is often the case if one corner is open or one square has a relatively wide orb. In this case, letting go means losing security, which makes you feel anxious about losing control of your own energies. Losing strength is avoided at all costs, you entrench yourself behind what you already have. Learning new things is often considered to be unnecessary, you are convinced that you are right and refuse to change anything.

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  1. Wow Jamie, reading this is so spot on. I have a mutable grand cross: 20 Pisces ASC, Saturn/Chiron conjunct it, 20 Pluto/23 Uranus conjuncts at 20 Virgo, 22 Gemini Moon conjunct IC, 21 Sagittarius conjunct MC. Serving others, identifying with Oz and serving others <3

  2. Many thanks, Jamie, i have this aspect, in my birthchart!

  3. Hmm ive got south node 16° cap in 3rd house- opp 16° cancer north node, square saturn rx 17° libra in 11th house… my partner has 18° aries as ascendant..

    I have a so-called mystical triangle in my natal, only i dont know much of it.

    Mars rx 0° libra 11th opp venus 0° aries 5th house.
    Uranus rx 4° sagg 1st house opp mercury 4° gemini 7th house.

    Plus my neptune rx 26° sagg in 2nd house makes a square with my mars and venus.. missing leg is 26° gemini. My progression sun is 20°+ in gemini 7th house.

  4. An article at Forbes by Ethan Siegal
    “What Would We Experience If Earth Spontaneously Turned Into A Black Hole?”
    70,580 views, Oct 15, 2020,02:00am EDT

    It surprises me, seeing an astrophysicist weigh in with a word or two with a theory on the Jupiter-Saturn alugnment Grand Cross. You know he is talking about it because of the language used to describe the primary axis. Gravity, black hole and collapse; ie. the heavy planets at the MC, like the Sun and Jupiter. And the term Electromagnetic would not be used if the Vertex and DSC didn’t align, as they do, Electro (Asc-Dsc) and Magnetic (Vertex)

  5. The Jupiter-Saturn artist proof Grand Cross dropping us into a black hole sounds scary. But Alexander Hamilton Grand Cross shows up right away with the same Planets, and Calculated points, so how can we be scared, right? He’s just trying to make you laugh. There is a mouse in the bushes, not a sabertooth tiger.

  6. Paul Saunders, dob January 12, 1918
    Jupiter conjunct Nadir, “Thunder Below”

    Grand Cross

    wiki ref
    On October 13 2020, Secretary of the Navy Kenneth Braithwaite announced that a future Virginia class submarine (SSN-804) will be named for USS Barb

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