Grand Cross Aspect Pattern

Grand Cross Aspect Pattern

A Grand Cross is one of two types of red aspect patterns, and the other is the T-Square. Red aspect patterns are called ‘achievement figures,’ as the aspects they form are charged with energy. The energy tension allows people to use it in life, be it in work, to act, or to achieve goals.

Blue and green are missing from the red figures. Without blue, there is no possibility for relaxation; without green, one acts without thinking. Red promotes action, achievement, the attaining of goals, and demonstration. These people are very active, and many work by the motto “act first, think later” and not the other way around, which means that mistakes can be made very easily.

A Grand Cross aspect pattern consists of two oppositions and four squares. The Hubers call this tense configuration an Achievement Square or an Efficiency Square.1 In Grand Cross astrology, energy is stored and collected by the oppositions like a battery. The high tension energy potential created is then discharged through the squares, the four sides of the Grand Cross.

The power and dynamism of the red aspects are molded into a fixed form, making their presence felt. This gives you great potential to achieve your goals. You can work very hard and constantly, with excellent reliability and rigor, giving you security.

Because there are only red aspects in a Grand Cross, it gives power, will, control and self-possession. It makes it hard for you to understand what relaxation and self-satisfaction mean. But you have a great deal of available energy from two almost inexhaustible batteries constantly recharging each other.

You love contradictions, know about the world’s polarities, and live accordingly. You measure your worth by your toughness, your stamina, and the responsibility you have.

Grand Cross Astrology Chart

Grand Cross Astrology

Geena Davis Horoscope

Grand Cross Symmetry

The perfect symmetry of the Grand Cross astrology makes you calm, balanced and unflappable. You are not vacant but very present, ready to act, and can define yourself clearly.

The effect of this figure is similar to a revolving door or a turntable, hence your ability to change the direction of a force and suddenly change from one world to another or to change your mind. As an active and very determined person, you could make a good manager, director, or a decisive decision-maker or adviser who operates behind the scenes, one who pulls the strings.

In both mutually dependant opposites lies the wisdom that it ultimately does not matter which opposite you deal with. You cannot cut yourself off from your inner truth, even if you do everything for others or identify yourself with others. With a Grand Cross, everything is possible. If something does not work, it will be attempted again differently.


Grand Cross astrology indicates an achievement-oriented and practical philosophy and a good memory for work processes, actions and conflicts. This down-to-earth sense of reality can be used constructively (manual ability), and no one should try to stop you from doing this. The energies can be blocked if you cannot live as you want and if conflicts are not settled immediately. It is hard to make a second attempt if things are put off. There is a tendency to repress and block, and decisions are left to be made by fate or other people.

You often trust your own willpower so much that you don’t see other possibilities and advantages and get stuck in habitual work processes. Women, particularly with a Grand Cross, seem to dislike taking up any position of power of their own but are happy to support the power of others with their diligence. They do not want to be leaders but will serve as role models for those around them. They possess the ability to keep others’ spirits up.


Your performance is unrivaled because you work with total calm and self-control but can still achieve a great deal. You control your energy so that you never get stressed because you take all the time you need to complete your work carefully and conscientiously. You do the work of four people! (four squares). As a stonemason chisels a statue out of stone by chipping away indeterminably, you can be so tenacious and persistent that once you have started a job, you can finish it in one go without a break.

You may hate the work that must be done, but you are magically attracted to it and forced to deal with it. Problems can arise with work that has to be done by other people. You must learn that not everyone is like you and that you must occupy a uniquely isolated position in society, preferably a position where you can serve as many people as possible. For with your will, you can accomplish almost impossible things.

Fixed Ideas

Sometimes fixed ideas are problematic, especially in human relationships, where you expect those around you to work and live as competently and efficiently as you do. This causes you, consciously or unconsciously, to put pressure on your work colleagues and partners. In the best case, you serve as an example of an increase in performance. Often, life demands that expectations are reduced, which can be very painful. The Grand Cross astrology has a karmic character and has also been called the “Karmic Cross.”


You take life very seriously, sometimes too seriously. You may become disappointed and embittered if those around you do not recognize your potential or if you do not achieve your goals. This is often the case if one corner is open or one square has a relatively wide orb. In this case, letting go means losing security, making you feel anxious about losing control of your energies. Losing strength is avoided at all costs; you entrench yourself behind what you already have. Learning new things is often considered unnecessary; you are convinced you are right and refuse to change anything.

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  1. Aspect Pattern Astrology, Bruno and Louise Huber, 2005, p.401.

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  1. Wow Jamie, reading this is so spot on. I have a mutable grand cross: 20 Pisces ASC, Saturn/Chiron conjunct it, 20 Pluto/23 Uranus conjuncts at 20 Virgo, 22 Gemini Moon conjunct IC, 21 Sagittarius conjunct MC. Serving others, identifying with Oz and serving others <3

  2. Many thanks, Jamie, i have this aspect, in my birthchart!

  3. Hmm ive got south node 16° cap in 3rd house- opp 16° cancer north node, square saturn rx 17° libra in 11th house… my partner has 18° aries as ascendant..

    I have a so-called mystical triangle in my natal, only i dont know much of it.

    Mars rx 0° libra 11th opp venus 0° aries 5th house.
    Uranus rx 4° sagg 1st house opp mercury 4° gemini 7th house.

    Plus my neptune rx 26° sagg in 2nd house makes a square with my mars and venus.. missing leg is 26° gemini. My progression sun is 20°+ in gemini 7th house.

  4. An article at Forbes by Ethan Siegal
    “What Would We Experience If Earth Spontaneously Turned Into A Black Hole?”
    70,580 views, Oct 15, 2020,02:00am EDT

    It surprises me, seeing an astrophysicist weigh in with a word or two with a theory on the Jupiter-Saturn alugnment Grand Cross. You know he is talking about it because of the language used to describe the primary axis. Gravity, black hole and collapse; ie. the heavy planets at the MC, like the Sun and Jupiter. And the term Electromagnetic would not be used if the Vertex and DSC didn’t align, as they do, Electro (Asc-Dsc) and Magnetic (Vertex)

  5. The Jupiter-Saturn artist proof Grand Cross dropping us into a black hole sounds scary. But Alexander Hamilton Grand Cross shows up right away with the same Planets, and Calculated points, so how can we be scared, right? He’s just trying to make you laugh. There is a mouse in the bushes, not a sabertooth tiger.

  6. Paul Saunders, dob January 12, 1918
    Jupiter conjunct Nadir, “Thunder Below”

    Grand Cross

    wiki ref
    On October 13 2020, Secretary of the Navy Kenneth Braithwaite announced that a future Virginia class submarine (SSN-804) will be named for USS Barb

  7. Apple Tree/Elm Tree Synastry,
    A Comparison of the 500 year Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn

    Activate Spica-Arcturus, which is easy since New Moon conjunct these stars.

    Review historical pandemic environments, and Potus Fauci quote:
    “He’s been here for 500 years,” Trump said. “He’s like this wonderful sage, telling us how — Fauci, if we listened to him, we’d have 700,000, 800,000 deaths. Every time he goes on television, there’s always a bomb, but there’s a bigger bomb if you fire him.”

    Ok, pretty heady stuff. Remember Dancing plague 1518? Civic officials tried different things to allow that pandemic to tire itself out, with mixed results. They let em dance, then they stop’em. Move’em. With our times, this is a hot comparison… Look at Venus and Uranus alignment!

  8. I’ve had my share of Coffee over the years, especially the last couple. I get two at the drive thru, I love it so much. Rich dark brew, every 8 of 10 are Tim Hortons. Remember him? First coffee shop just up the street. So I’m visiting and reading the plaque and I done near have a heart attack. Old Tim is born January 12, 1930!

    Tim Horton birthday synastry with my 2021 Solar Return. Grand Cross! Pallas in Aries. Recognize any patterns in your life? When Pluto finally reaches 27Cap helio coffee addiction, not so much.

  9. Tim Horton natal heliocentric Synastry with my 2021 Solar Return.

    The Grand Cross bounds me to my love of Java. In Solar Return charts of the future, it will be Pluto transiting out of the Square to Tims Pallas Athena that breaks or weakens the birthday coffee tradition.

  10. Tim Horton natal heliocentric Synastry with 2022 Solar Return (Jan 11/12)

    Pluto now moves out of orb with Pallas, but Juno creeps in to take its place. The Grand Cross remains intact.

    Me and coffee get a whole lot more interesting in 2022. Venus is also part of the Grand Cross too, see it in Cancer?

    Two reciprocal Yod’s with Star apexes, and a Golden yod with Pluto apex.

    I would actually recommend the creation of a brand of coffee based on this overall intelligence.

  11. The last two posts show a reexamination in my thinking over Grand Cross Coffee, a surprise because of square Mercury Rx 6Sco55 transit to natal Mercury 6Aqr55.

    “You can correct your thinking on a number of issues without too much difficulty now. Even with the best intentions, however, you may run into quite a bit of disagreement today. This does not necessarily mean that you are wrong but that you should reexamine your position”

    GrandCrossCoffee™® is your brand name

  12. Thanks

    Grand Cross and Solomon Seal, perfectly symmetrical, Jupiter top of chart.

    Age of Aquarius (Jan12/96) progressed to Nov 3, 2020 election.

    A helio chart, Earth and Moon only a sextile to Mercury. The heavens perform for US on election day.. and NASA, out there with other life. Bennu and the Jets.

  13. On October 13 , the Synastry, Grand Cross, first edition Comedian sold / Jupiter-Saturn geocentric Artist Proof was posted.

    Now with Eunomia, Irene and Dike or Dice asteroid, and TNO Orcus and Centaur Nessus activated, a Grand Cross appears in the Synastry first edition Comedian sold / Jupiter-Saturn heliocentric Artist Proof.

    The Mercury quincunx(inconjunct) Pluto-Saturn suggests an enormously difficult adjustment required in thinking at this time. Note: orb is taken down to 78% to filter out other quincunxes.

  14. China in the news, wanting Rectification of something or other. Guess its a bit hairy over there dealing with a Religion Ghost year.

    Grand Cross, Yod, and synchronous Minor Trines, Synastry, Heliocentric Peoples Republic of China/ Jupiter-Saturn helio Artist Proof.

    If you like, activate Aldebaran and Antares to make the Gemini/Sagittarius axis stronger.

  15. Sabina Symbol 1°- 2° Virgo

    A large white cross dominates the landscape

    Age of Aqr ProgMoon 1°VIR – 2°VIR,
    23 August – 23 September, 2020

    Sun transit Virgo

    A few weeks later, Jamie posts Grand Square. White on blue.

  16. Governor General of Canada job vacancy. Many great prospects. Submit your resume… or your astrochart?
    I may be just the candidate, or the polar opposite, who knows what plans where, when, why or how?. although I understand the Royal Family has a sense of humour, to go with their sense of history, the Astrologyking anti-crypter has planned something.

    Progressed Chart February 5, 1986, 33 years before Trinity.

    Souper-Duper Fixed Grand Cross


    3rd qtr Moon, September 13, 2021, 4:39pm EST, forms A Grand Cross with Arctic Arc Solar Eclipse.

    What do you make of this?

    Mars sextile Mars, soldiers working with soldiers?
    Mercury trine Eclipse, signalling experiments?
    Venus trine Jupiter, a decent sized budget.

    Run a game here? Sagittarius Moon is the clock. Fast chess? Triathalon? Relay?

    • 2 hours after the SunMoon square to complete the eclipse Mutable Grand Cross, at 22:39:27 UT Sept 13,‘Something hits Jupiter’ as reported by two astronomers in Germany and Brazil, by way of

      If you look at the chart from Heliocentric view, note Jupiter, critical degree 29Aqr21, opposite Regulus in a T-Square with Sedna. Sun/Moon conjunct Neptune.

      Regulus has been reading astrologyking. And with a nod at Sedna, signalled to the Sun to wink two seconds at Jupiter

      • ‘Sun/Moon conjunct Neptune’ should read ‘Earth/Moon conjunct Neptune’. Intuition seems to be telling me the flash was a trick of mirrors? The illusionary quality of Neptune ripe for the picking?

  18. 536 AD climate event in the News again. Revelations about two huge volcanic eruptions in very different locations. The tribulations were so epic it Split the Roman Empire in Two.

    There is plenty of science out there, do a word search, but I haven’t read the connexion to 531 AD

    If you upload the chart … take the Progressed chart to January 2, plus or minus a day. Activate transits, and you’ll see a Lunar Node Grand Cross, with transiting North Node at Zero degree Aries.

  19. Hi Jamie,

    I thought I had a grand cross, then someone within a FB group told me that it must make up of planets only and not of fixed stars or moon nodes.. what is your thoughts on this.

    Do I or don’t I have a grand cross?

    Saturn in 27° Scorpio
    Ascendant in 24° Leo
    North Node in 22° Taurus
    Sun in 24° Aquarius

    Thank you in advance.

    • All the signs you listed are fixed, so yes you have a fixed grand cross. Scorpio is water, Leo is fire, NN Taurus is earth, Aquarius is air.

  20. What is a Recession?

    Procession of the Meteors, February 9, 1913, Age Harmonic, June 28, 2022

    Grand Cardinal Cross, link corrected

    the epynomous Moon, Venus, Uranus, joined with ‘planet de jour’ Mars; a tasty meal that may even appear on the menu Geranium @ Denmark, when assimilating astrologyking ideas, notions, future energy locomotion …

  21. My sun in 12th is square to Jupiter at my IC and therefore square to my MC (so a T square if you count the MC?). Pluto is transiting my MC anyways 😅 However, my sun is also opposition to my Vertex. Does the Vertex count for a grand cross? What about a transiting south node? And does the MC alone count for a t-square? Thanks!

  22. Grand cardinal cross, take your children to work, 4th Thor
    I ve not a clue of this event, instead studying the Node at Degree Four
    My curiousity seeks a couplet of quads, and lands in Lima, Peru
    where archeology mummy is a child forthwith, and Bidens a guru

  23. hi i have a grand cross with 4 planets if anyone would like to study my chart he is the information
    october 12, 1998 yamhill Oregon 17:34

  24. i would also like to show gratitude for this article for speaking life and giving me a more promising outlook of the tension i feel constantly. No where to go but up i suppose. Also when doing research on the feeling when it is activated it reminds me of a pryamid and if you look into the sacred geomery of the 3 pyramids in egypt there is a lot of similarities the the khufu or the 2nd one. weird revaltions but yeah… bye

  25. The first three days of Christmas (song); partridge, turtle doves and French hens, covered during June 2023, when it came to light Jamie Partridges’ pet dove, and my Fathers record breeding hens. We see photos and a latinized surname, and the French conduct their most künstlerisch street protests to date!

    today, the four calling birds, a grand cross, if you will. My kid is back in British Columbia, and I’m calling around, the bird that I am.

  26. 2024 New year’s chart, composite natal.

    Moon transit Ascendant.

    Chiron conjunct Jupiter, Neptune transit.
    Profound spiritual healing and growth.

    Lot of Fortune 00Ari16
    New people, places and things; transformation.

  27. The 5th day of Christmas, (5 golden rings)?

    Try 2024 Paris Olympics 5th Harmonic chart

    The conjunctions are the quintile talent aspect, primarily Haumea/Venus, and Saturn/Sedna.

    Favours artistic expression, talent, events with judges. Long disciplined commitment, overcoming setbacks.

    Same chart, natal

  28. How will this manifest when the grand cross is being formed and activated as 2 transit planets activating 2 natal planets forming the grand cross? Would you internet them the same way?

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