Medium Learning Triangle Aspect Pattern

Medium Learning TriangleA Medium Learning Triangle is an aspect pattern with a red square, blue trine, and green semisextile aspect. Three-colored aspect patterns are learning or development figures, in which the third color (green) plays an important role.

Green aspects bring a third point of view into the equation, which, for better or worse, supersedes the polarized thinking of the red and blue aspects with a third pole; green aspects allow an escape from black-or-white thinking and a search for causes, possible solutions and meaning.

The semisextile aspect represents a small thinking step that brings the information necessary to think objectively and neutrally. It helps you think in small steps, adding one piece of information to another until the collected perceptions make sense. It works by providing information, communicating, and reacting to external stimuli. It is easily influenced and often changes its opinion.

Crisis Mechanism

In the Medium Learning Triangle, there is a procedure that conditions growth by an ongoing crisis mechanism that opens up great opportunities for development. There are three phases to the crisis mechanism: red-green-blue.

The dynamic process starts with the red aspect (square). The point of conflict is where the red and blue aspects touch each other. The calm, balanced, pleasure-seeking state of the blue aspect (trine) is disturbed or irritated, causing tension or conflict, and some decision or effort must be made. The old state is no longer tenable; a problem has arisen that must be solved.

conflictstriving for solutionharmonization

The red square aspect shows a regular and drastic experience of conflict due to feelings of inadequacy because of a particular problem.

The green semisextile aspect is the next step where the problem is initially dealt with. Searching for a solution can lead to a change in self-image.

The blue trine aspect is the desired state of harmony that comes from creative problem-solving. Ego transformation results in a more dominant and influential personality.

Learning and Development

The crisis mechanism in the Medium Learning Triangle is a development spiral that aims to get another point of view with every complete transition. Every passage through the three phases and each crisis contains the possibility of finding solutions that previously did not exist, i.e., breaking new ground. Whether that is successful depends on your attitude toward the crisis process. If you inwardly recognize the opportunities, then development is likely. The development process will be blocked if you treat the crises as mere disruptions.

Communication and the provision of information usually lead to new experiences (green aspect). You are always ready to experiment, and the newly acquired discoveries lead you to try to establish a new, harmonious state in a still unsure and unstable position (green-blue contact point in the aspect figure), which meets the requirement of the initial problem. So this process would seem to be complete. But only until a new problem comes along and the crisis mechanism gets going again:

conflictstriving for solutionharmonization


The basic attitude and motivation towards the development process and its theme can be deduced from the aspect nearest to the central core. This is the trine, an internally latent state. The Jupiter nature of the trine confers, on the one hand, perfectionism and a particular ability to enjoy and, on the other, a tendency to complacency and carelessness. Conflicts and problems in the environment shake both states.

External circumstances, daily responsibilities, social rules, reminders, prohibitions, etc., disturb your peaceful existence. Suddenly, from rich inner reserves, there are decisions to be made and services to be performed. Experiences and the fruits of previous efforts, collected in the trine, are constantly called into question by different circumstances (square). New efforts must be made to cope with these demands.

Sometimes, your perspectives (trine) make you want to improve your environment, to be active in it, and to fight if it needs to be (square). This is achieved by entering into relationships, communicating, and sequencing pieces of information (semisextile) so that the activity moves in the right direction and the lost inner peace derived from accomplished actions is regained.

In a medium learning triangle, the red square aspect faces outward to the environment. This can make you appear outwardly somewhat nervous, irritable, and constantly in a rush.

Rotational Direction

The rotation direction is an important feature in evaluating the Medium Learning Triangle. It is given by the color order:

red green blue.

Clockwise: in the opposite direction to the zodiac. This is a Retrograde Experience Triangle. It means that many experiences are required to achieve the necessary learning and development. It makes adapting to a more deep-seated problem harder and longer than if the direction were anticlockwise.

Anticlockwise: in the same direction as the zodiac. This is a Cognition Triangle. It means discoveries can be made rapidly because it provides the necessary insights when crises appear. The task to be learned is understood, and intelligence is used to find a solution. With time, you learn how to control and accelerate the process. An enthusiastic, positive attitude towards the theme makes it easier to resolve. The example at the top of this page is a Cognition Triangle.


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  1. Thank you so very much!. I very much enjoy reading your emails, I appreciate your time, energy and knowledge tremendously. Namaste. Elvi.

  2. THIS was fascinating!!!
    I pulled up my natal chart as I read and, everything you said in your article made sense.
    I do wonder if the Triangles are related to Soul Lessons & Soul progression–kind of a “why am I here?” thing.
    Also? I do not know if this is normal but all of my triangles begin in the 4th house where the 2nd point is either 2nd or 1st house and ALL of the triangles end in the 9th house. Also, the only (2) squares in my chart are between the 1st and the 4th and the only two blues (semi’s) I have are between the 2nd and the 9th.

    So there’s a very clear pattern that now makes complete sense to me.

    Before your article? No astrologer had ever pointed these out to me. And I wonder why that is, because the information you provided, IMHO, is essential to people seeking insight via Astrological Readings.

    • You’re welcome! Yes I do think learning triangles relate to soul lessons and progression. That would be the gift in the triine after the hard work and lessons of the square.

  3. I have this pattern between my Mars, Jupiter and Neptune

    Mars Trine Jupiter (0°36)
    Mars Semisextile Neptune (0°22)
    Jupiter Square Neptune (0°59)

    • Hi Ervin. Mars trine Jupiter is one of the best aspects of all. It should certainly give you the strength to ovecome any self doubt from Jupiter square Neptune.

  4. Thank you so much Jamie!! I truly value your inputs and pore over them quite a bit in detail. Over the years I have learnt so much simply by reading your work. You are a true gift to us and so very grateful. Thank you 🙏

  5. Hi Jamie – good post.
    I notice that this learning triangle is called the “Medium Learning Triangle”. Are there others?
    I ask because the only tri-coloured triangle I have consists of a square between Neptune/Chiron (in 10) and my South Node (in 2).
    Neptune/Chiron is trine to Mars (in 7), and Mars is quincunx the South Node.
    To me this looks like a pretty central life lesson! Would you agree?

  6. Oh, I’m lying! There is a perfectly good triangle at Neptune/Chiron square North Node/Vertex semi-sextile Mars trine Neptune/Chiron.
    Looks like a similar and reinforced lesson to me…

  7. Good day Jamie- Thank you for sharing this aspect pattern and the information you’ve collected about this. I have a question about this pattern that I’m hoping you (or someone reading this) can answer. Would a quincunx in the place of a square offer the same dynamic tension to the trine aspect and bring the ‘spiral’ back into play? Or is it only when there’s a square, trine and semi-sextile involved? Thanks in advance for any consideration/response! Happier New Year to you and yours

  8. Grateful for advice ~

    Planet A Leo ♌️13 trines Planet B Aries ♈️ 13
    Planet C Virgo ♍️13 semi sextiles Planet A Leo ♌️13
    Planet C Virgo ♍️ 13 Can only quincunx (not opposites) Planet B Aries ♈️ 13

    Planet A Leo ♌️13 trines Planet B Aries ♈️ 13
    Planet A Leo ♌️13 semi sextiles Planet C Virgo ♍️13
    Planet B Aries ♈️ 13 can only quincunx (not opposites) Planet C Virgo ♍️ 13

    How could a trine, semi sextile, opposition
    Medium learning triangle be formed taking into account sign and orb?

  9. X 1.2 Flare earlier this week, March 29

    Medium Learning Triangle, and Small Learning Triangle. It’s like the Sun is telling us that a senior sentient and a junior sentient are learning at the same time. The senior has issues of power and control, communication, Mercury conjunct Sedna. The junior sentient has issues perhaps of gender, Venus semi-sextile Mars, and life on Earth with my feelings.

    the chart looks a little like Roy Lichtenstein meets Pablo Picasso either side of the zodiac.

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