Eye Aspect Pattern

Eye Aspect Pattern

The Eye aspect pattern is a blue-green triangle formed by two green aspects and one blue one. It is a perception figure that enables sensitive communication. But with no red aspect, there is no active, dynamic awareness. The need to achieve something, to have conflicts or to make decisions is clearly lacking.

The color green, as well as the triangular shape, emphasize the search for meaning, flexibility, and the need for knowledge. The motivations are love, contact and communication. The interpersonal qualities are refined, as is the ability to live in a fantasy world and to strive for abstract ideals.

Blue-green aspect patterns are often a source of inspiration, with which plans can be hatched, intellectual imagination can be trained, and projects can be prepared. But they provide little impetus to put them into practice. Without associated red aspects, nothing can actually be done with your inspiration and intellectual capacity, and you may float above the clouds building castles in the air and avoiding hard work.

Escapist Tendency

If you have predominantly blue-green aspect patterns, you tend to avoid conflicts, tension and stress; you look for the path of least resistance and often escape from reality. You are very inquisitive and interested and have a wonderful, often excessive, imagination.

But when it comes to making a special effort to attain a certain result or to make an important decision, you evade the issue, and your inability shows itself. You become evasive or escapist. The lack of a red aspect often creates a lack of motivation and efficiency. According to the situation, though, this can be offset by your remarkable ability to create relaxed, sensitive, aesthetically pleasing and subtle contact situations and to introduce imaginative points of view and reasoning.


The Eye aspect pattern also called the Information aspect pattern, is a tiny blue-green triangle. It consists of two green semisextile aspects (Mercury-like) and one blue sextile aspect (Venus-like). The Eye’s flexibility, inquisitiveness and alertness produce a state of concentrated attention. It is open to all sides and assimilates more than other aspect patterns.

In the area of the aspect pattern, information is sought and found, everything is observed in detail, and nothing escapes the “eagle eye.” The Eye can also be compared with a radar screen, which rotates to take in all sides, scans the surroundings and records everything it comes across.

Small Sphere of Interest

The Eye is the smallest of all aspect patterns, thus giving a small sphere of interest in which it is very active and expresses the mutable qualities (flexibility and adaptability) in concentrated form. Due to the prevailing Mercurial ability (two semi-sextiles), the Eye works in a very impersonal and unselective way. It often cannot separate the “wheat from the chaff.” Many things are lumped together. That is why it is often difficult to know which information is essential, what belongs together and what doesn’t. This inability to discriminate produces disappointments, misjudgments and naivety.

Both semi-sextiles have a Mercurial quality, so they continually uptake information. This occurs at the horoscope’s periphery and often unconsciously and automatically. Facts and data are gathered in the outside world, and the Eye absorbs everything that comes into reach. Absorbing too much leads to over-stimulation that can become intolerable. Many become so sensitized that they have a “sixth sense.” That is why dissociation from adjacent aspects is necessary.

Radar Screen

In some cases, the Eye can also pick up things that are not visible as if it were a rotating radar screen, producing psychic abilities like clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience, especially if the spiritual planets are involved. For some people, this gives them the ability to sense danger and protect others. A deeper insight into motivations and life patterns can also be gained, which is why they often have a particular aptitude for teaching and counseling.

Several sides of all issues are taken in mainly unconsciously so that they see more than normal perception allows. It is something like an “instinctive intuition.” Most people find it challenging to determine where the sudden knowledge comes from, which is why they often seem untrustworthy. People with a “Little Eye” should always aim to be mentally discriminating and look for provable facts.

Sextile Aspect

The blue aspect is helpful. The Venus sextile aspect can take in the information and process and assimilate it to be sorted for future use. That is why the Eye aspect pattern can accumulate much information. However, if the planets at either end of the sextile aspect are not up to assimilating and sorting everything, it can lead to a nervous breakdown.


Sidney Gottlieb

A strong active impulse is associated with the constant effort of gathering and assimilating information and broadening your point of view. What you do with the information depends on the planets involved and your level of awareness. You may merely be inquisitive or someone who also transfers information like a writer or journalist.


The apex of the Eye aspect pattern is where the two green semisextile aspects meet. The apex planet is where information is most easily absorbed and where it is most useful. It is also where you are most perceptive.

In the case of spiritually-oriented people, the perceptive abilities can be very pronounced. The Eye aspect pattern enables them to perceive things that others hide. Other people may gain inspiration by experiencing nature at a higher, more holistic level.

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  1. Wow! Thank you for this very informative and very interesting article! I have the eye in my natal chart. It involves Venus (in the middle), Saturn and Chiron. Would you consider it even though Chiron is not a planet?

      • Hello, Jamie. What about the other asteroids, like Ceres, Pallas, et al…and major points like MC, AC, North Node??? Sorry if this is a ‘stupid’ question but I am very new to astrology. Thank you so much!

  2. Hi Jamie,
    I have Uranus sextile Pluto with Saturn on the midpoint, is this the
    eye aspect pattern? Regards Kit.

    • Hi Kathleen. Yes, you have an Eye aspect pattern. The Noel Tyl astrologers would interpret it as a midpoint structure.

  3. This looks like what would typically be the top of a kite formation. Do you agree?

  4. Hi Jaime, I think I have this aspect – I have Mercury in Capricorn 9 degrees 49′, Mars in Aquarius at 9 degrees 32′ and Venus in Pisces at 10 degrees 06′.

    A little further out I have Psyche in Capricorn at 8 degrees 29′ and Chiron in Pisces at 12 degrees 06′.

    Would this be a double eye? What would you make of all this exactly? I find this very fascinating, thanks for the article!

    • Hi Linda. I would not call that a double Eye, that would more likely be two Eye’s next to each other. What you have is an Eye aspect pattern with conjunctions at some of the corners of the triangle.

  5. the 3rd Eye

    Proclamation of the Totem, with Teepee


    FullMoon, joy houses
    Golden Yod, Sun fulcrum
    Quincunx Teepee
    Part of Fortune, cusp of beauty

    An offering to the Artificial Intelligence community, and to the Aboriginal communities throughout the Americas.

  6. This will be fun to watch when sextiles midpoints are transited. Does midpoint placement need to be exact like 0 degree orb? Will be watching as I do occasionally suffer info overload or feel like too much is coming at me. Mercury Uranus sextile. Zzt Zzt!

  7. the Totem and Teepee chart is an interpretation of an Ultra Midpoint, the Libra – Aquarius arc, a foci with a rough and fine adjustment. Tracked by the AI beast, coming hard at us, like an expanding railway, steamrolling our way of life. That is why in the past, people would make sacrifices to placate the gods, or so it seems today with new tools. A high drama on a stage scaled across the Universe.

    • 2 Eyes compounded to a Square and Yod Apex


      the chart commemorates the regional holiday 20 Feb, the Midpoint Progressed Composite, Totem and Teepee. On this day Venus transits 00Aries on the Ascendant. In Manitoba, it’s Louis Riel Day, and on the Coasts the day is less a reminder of cultural rebellion.

  8. While reading your article, i realized that i too have the Eye aspect: moon 5’ cancer in the 9th, jupiter 7’ gemini in the 9th, and venus 7’ taurus in the 8th. Am trying to understand the meaning, particularly with jupiter at the apex…

    • Jupiter is at the apex of my Uranus mercury sextile by three degrees. Learned to curb my tongue that could cut people to the bone when they would get too much for me, or maybe that is Jupiter righteousness?

      Kremka53, with your moon Venus sextile, how are you with being uncomfortable or outside your comfort zone? Just curious. This is new for me too. I have cancer moon too. It was painful at times until I learned to detach emotionally and now my inner sensitivity is a great informer. I read the signs instead of reacting to them. Moon sextiles Jupiter.

      • Vic, i really appreciate your insights- emotional reactions defined me for so many years, and i’ve worked on that aspect for a long time. Btw, also have Mars at 29’ gemini conjunct my cancer moon, and that’s also added fuel to my emotional fires…

  9. 1966, Liz Cheney, 28 July
    1977, Nancy Mace, 4 December
    1988, George Santos, 22 July

    Three American politicians putting on, and taking off, some of the best of the Artwork.

    Liz is enamoured with the Echidna sequence, Street roses, but her Moon sq Saturn holds her back.
    Nancy has a number of planets; Moon, Ceres, Sun and Mercury transiting her geocentric natal chart. News of her staff resigning, but what’s really going on?
    George is oscillating in a new way.

    Nancy has the eye pattern in a mystic rectangle, heliocentric chart.
    Five debilitated planets. Careful, keep your feet on the ground… that’s what your staff is saying.

  10. Liz Cheney natal chart


    Her Moon at the cusp of the ninth house, similar to mine, suggests she has sympathy to the Artworks religious underpinnings. But at 29Sag, J6 plays out. The Henge progressed Moon similar but moves into Capricorn by Dec 08.

    Her MercuryRx conjunct Sun 4°-5°Leo, is where Echidna sequence Moon and Street Roses converge. The Mercury-Sun conjunction trines her Saturn. A Saturn in 1966, recently maxed at 29Pis, moving retrograde. There’s a delay or suspension before crossing into Cardinal Aries that defines the era, mid 1960’s, Uranus conjunct Pluto.

  11. A Wide-Eye pattern, 72°

    Two semi-sextiles either side of a 12 degree conjunction

    An example, Henge proclamation 08 Jan 2021, to 1st attempt Standard, 11 Feb 2021


    I had my eye wide open during this time (11 Feb 2021), the local home environment, and thought this day the New Moon wasn’t a good selection given the discordant energy, but marked it anyway, and to try 13 Feb 2021. In progressions that’s like moving from 2055 to 2057.

    This information is only really relevant to children 2012-2026, who are way in the future considering a single child or perhaps twins; second attempts being more kind.

    As for adults and elders looking at this information: for entertainment purposes only.

  12. USA congressman Jamaal Bowman pulls fire alarm 30 Sept 2023, around noon. Politicians still going over the theatre of events on Neptune media, transit


    Eye aspect study, undoubtably, this performance doesn’t want to go away until we look at its chart. Markab conjunct Neptune, for Jamaal Krause.

    It’s really quite beautiful, coach tells a story without mixing models. Communicates the reminisce full Moon in pure form, no-one-even-suspect. Jamaal pulls the trigger a day later; couldn’t be more perfect.

    In addition to the eye pattern balanced at the apex of a kite, the golden yod.

  13. Magi chart, open the orbs to 150° maximum allowed at esteemed Astrodienst.

    Moon sextile Part of Fortune, with Ascendant-Sun eye.


    The Star of Bethlehem, article by Dieter Koch

    My charts a little different, showing Sun conjunct Ascendant, mainly because I’m using Regulus precession to ascendant to present Age time series work.

    Ref. threads, Betelgeuse, Regulus, Mercury retrograde.

  14. Eye pattern at Leona occultation Betelgeuse

    Location set for Miami, FL, 8:15pm 11 Dec
    Ceres/Moon trine Part of Fortune 9Leo

    for Toronto ON, same time,
    Ceres/Moon trine Part of Fortune 18Leo

    Christmas in South FL would be nice, alternatively meeting South Floridians visiting Ontario, a kind return

  15. The Toronto chart.

    Ceres/Moon trine Ascendant 6Leo.
    Sun trine Part of Fortune 18Leo

  16. My daughters name is Leona with a K.

    The Artwork will go under administration now.

    👋 goodbye

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