Kite Aspect Pattern

Kite Aspect Pattern

The Kite aspect pattern comprises a Minor Grand Trine on top of a Grand Trine, forming a sizeable quadrilateral figure. Both of these Talent Triangles are joined in a fixed structure that makes security the intrinsic motivation of Kite astrology.

The Kite figure has five blue aspects surrounding one red aspect. So, with a ratio of five to one, there is an excess of blue substance aspects. The pleasure and harmony principles influence these. [1]

Kite Astrology

Kite Aspect Pattern

Danielle Egnew


The Kite aspect pattern gives an ambivalent thriving for further development. The right angles created in the center say that only that which is long-standing and brings proven knowledge is acceptable. This must be tested constantly and be able to be verified by personal experience. You want to know the meaning of everything, and if something has become meaningless, it is rejected. You often go from one extreme to another (red-blue) to learn the best or worst alternative and find your middle way.

The Planet at the Kite’s Tail

The planet at the Kite’s tail works like a tension ruler opposite the small triangle in the other half of the horoscope. This is where its needs and latent abilities make their presence felt. This planet usually indicates the task to be accomplished by the opposition. It is also called the peak planet, where everything in the Kite astrology aspects points or is oriented. The other three planets must work towards the development of the peak planet.

Both uniquely blue-influenced planets have a lot of available substance. They can make the correct choices without much effort and channel misdirected energies into a positive development.

Either-or Attitude

As two ambivalent triangles face each other, the two different sides of the horoscope produce an either-or behavior. This means you are either totally preoccupied with an issue or avoid it. You either use your Grand Trine for your development or adapt yourself with your Minor Grand Trine to someone else.

In the small triangle, there is more capacity for devotion and also often an artistic gift. Together with the large triangle, this makes you a hedonist who finds many things easy with your needs met by what is around you. But only with humility can you also use these advantages for others and do good with them.

To the right and left of the opposition, two equidistant blue lines are connected by a line that gives meaning (trine = Jupiter = clear personal standards), where conflicts, tensions, or crises are settled almost scientifically by accurate reasoning based on observation and experience and the cross-comparison of all available knowledge. Every question has an answer, and for every problem, there is a solution; you must know the direction in which to develop.

Kite Aspect Astrology

Matt Damon

Kite Aspect Qualities

The qualities of the blue aspects (2 Venus-like sextiles, 2 Jupiter-like trines) and the Saturn-like opposition show that the vigor, the sensory awareness, and the optimistic enjoyment of life of Jupiter are represented just as strongly as the passive, conservative Saturn and that of the perfectionist Venus.

The ability to concentrate and to identify the sense and use of things (Saturn, Jupiter) is stronger than the sense of little things, beauty, and enjoyment. So you get the greatest pleasure from meaningful activity or by making others happy and content through sense recognition, aesthetics and harmony.

External Peace

External peace and harmonious charisma make you a good partner. You enjoy contact with others and are sensual and well-balanced. You require a lot of peace and quiet to develop your talents; you, therefore, go your own way. The abundance of blue provides a relaxed and enjoyable life; however, the opposition works like a thorn in your side. Things could be ideal and harmonious if the red line were not there.

The desire to help comes from the deep inner pain you must constantly balance or repress since no one else can assist you. Your soul can only support you. Outsiders do not see it, but they think your inner stability is loyalty to yourself. This makes it hard to help you, with the role of example you increasingly play due to your talents leaving you feeling more isolated.

The familiar Kite figure resembles a toy blown around by the wind, emphasizing the ability to remain calm in stormy times and use available energy correctly. However, in this image, stability is provided by an outside person who holds the string. This figure gives you the strong inner stability that others like to lean on.

Striving for Perfection

With a Kite aspect pattern, you strive for perfection, not because you want to reach a fixed state, but to be true to yourself. i.e., in all situations, to act in line with your innermost convictions and heart of hearts. This is the only way for you to develop.

You feel the urge to provide growing life with the best opportunities for development possibilities. You constantly check what people need and whether a specific need is valid. You quickly recognize possible obstacles and suitable opportunities or necessary steps for further development.

With Kite astrology, you need the inner tension the opposition aspect provides to work on self-improvement. The planets that form the opposition indicate the topic. Initially, with the blue aspects, you build the image of an ideal world and see it as you want it to be. You see it in your way from the central core outwards, through which the opposition passes.

You are so used to the constant pressure or pain of the opposition that you even believe everyone else thinks similarly. You can repress or deny the inner tension relatively easily, and the tension pressure is toned down and harmonized by the blue aspects. You live mostly successfully with the environment above both sextiles and in a conflict-free, harmonious, aesthetically pleasing way.

But even the Kite aspect pattern is not immune to crisis. One day, you must open up to new people and develop yourself. The opposition as an inner red aspect indicates the axis topic, where the crisis must occur.

Kite Aspect Pattern Astrology

Kurt Cobain


Due to your harmonious perception and make-up, you radiate a certain superiority and self-awareness that often astounds those around you. From the outside, nothing can be seen of the inner conflict taking place, in secret as it were, on the opposition axis.

The blue aspects of the Kite astrology figure have a magnetic attraction for what is good for you. You avoid unpleasant things, people,e and conflicts and withdraw from potentially dangerous situations. People who have contact with you often borrow your positive quality of life, even your ideal image of a perfect world.

You can pass on your philosophy to others and lead by your own example. This attitude can lead to pronounced self-satisfaction. Many people with a Kite aspect pattern develop a narcissistic feeling of personality, which suffers greatly when hurt.

Initiation Figure

From an esoteric point of view, an “initiation figure” is the final stage of a particular stage of development that has been reached. At each end of an evolutionary step, an initiation reaches closure after a development. This stabilizes a state of awareness, as symbolized by the Kite. But not everyone with a Kite aspect pattern has already reached this stage.

The development task consists of looking at the theme of the planets that lie at the peak of the tail and form the opposition. Here, the polarity of inside and outside, the inner tension of conflict, and the outwardly displayed harmonious attitude find direct expression. This is why the planets in the opposition aspect must be accurately defined and understood.

If you live with and learn to deal with this topic, you will not see the world as naively as with less-developed awareness. You can experience your conflict on the two apexes with more awareness than on the two blue corners.

However, the energy pole of the red opposition meets the substance pole (blue aspects) on both ends of the opposition. This orientation enables better control of life and allows the discovery of the richness of substance contained in this aspect pattern.

Now, the other special name for the Kite, the Initiation Figure, comes into its own. This means initiating your own abilities in the meaningful substance of the trine aspect. So you become more and more able to radiate a transcendent peace and harmony and to meet and transform karmic duties.

Kite Astrology Celebrities

James K. Baxter, Matt Damon, Beau Bridges, Kurt Cobain, Danielle Egnew, Bobby Fischer, Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Jackie Stallone, Christopher Wren.

If you know of any other famous people with a Kite, please let me know via the comments, and I will add them here.

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  1. Aspect Pattern Astrology, Bruno and Louise Huber, 2005, p.166-170.

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  1. Ciao Jamie🤗ma secondo te io 30/01/73
    Ore 10.30 ploiesti România cé un acquilone il mio?grazie🙇🏻‍♀️

  2. I wish I could attach my chart: two kites along the major axes, and 2 mystic rectangles. Confusing, and thrilling at the same time. But … since I’m not famous (although my cat wouldn’t agree) it is not a useful example for teaching purposes. I could not deeply connect to all you described to be honest; there is so much going on at any one time in my perceptive field that I prefer to retreat in meditative states, artistic activities, and solitude at the centre of the wheel, rather than wrestle with the meaning of the kaleidoscope of activity on the perimeter of the circle. I have a strong sense of the importance of this incarnation but the details have always eluded me. I have a deep trust in life, and in letting its cycles reveal meaning in their own good time.

    • there is being public famous and then being privately reknown, there is much more to life than fame and fortune and really, if you were to become well known or a person of authority, it is because you have earned it and actually have the professorial wisdom & know how to support that. We leave school with a head full of book knowledge and sometimes a qualification to prove we remember all that book knowledge and told to live life by the book. Knowledge is where the life learning begins, not ends?

    • Hi Brazzart.

      Thank you for your feedback. I have tried allowing for picture uploads but had no luck. I will try to find out how again tomorrow.

  3. I have one also, my grand water trine between mercury neptune and chiron, has chiron opposite pluto. Interestingly enough, I abhore, the all or nothing (01) binary code extremes of the current human condition, and yet have to admit I do hold myself accountable for nothing less than a perfect aim, whether I accomplish that or not, I have certainly given it my best efforts, but I did realise very young that it was better to strive for the happy medium, which is a bit of a pun if you knew me well, but then I seem to find myself confronted by situations whereby I needed to choose to follow the calling of the Jedi Knight or become a slave to Darth Vader. I did choose the primary, being the apex of the grand trine yet in disagreement or faced with opposing forces, I choose to remain neutral rather than become anti. Its not been easy, but then we were not promised it would be, we were promised it was worth it, heart and soul, regardless of whether I died trying, I have done my best to use my power for good, but then, haven’t most good folk we know and those who go unseen of similar values?

    • Hi Debbie. That Mercury, Neptune Chiron trine sure explains your great ability to write about the esoteric.

  4. This is so accurate and perceptive Jamie – the best article I’ve read on the Kite pattern. I have a Grand Trine in Fire (Moon, Mercury & Saturn) with the Moon opposite Chiron so Chiron is the planet (or planetoid!) at the Kite’s tail. The Moon opposite Chiron (cjn I.C.) has been at the root of a lot of pain and difficulty especially around family but now in my sixties I can really identify with a lot of what you speak about. I am an astrologer, but also have done a lot of counselling/healing work around anxiety & depression so it’s almost like that opposite has been like a ‘spine’ in that Kite. Thank you for such excellent insights 🙂

    • Thank you Kathy. Counseling/healing work is just perfect for Moon opposite Chiron, so is astrology I would imagine.

  5. Absolutely brilliant, Jamie! I had never understood my kite (and aspects of myself) until now, so I thank you!
    GT Fire: Venus in 7th (also my chart ruler), Mars, Pluto, with Neptune in 1st in partile opposition to Venus. If Venus wasn’t in Aries, it would be a little easier…

      • B. Brady’s Paran Analysis states that El Nath is with my Mars. Other than Pluto conjunct Pallas Athena, I don’t know of any other bodies in conjunction with the 4 kite planets.

  6. Hi, Jamie! They own the Great Trinity and the Dragon. April 7, 1968, 6:45 p.m. Huedin. Romania. I have been going through a continuous unhappiness for 12 years! That’s when I started studying astrology and my life took a 180 degree turn!

  7. Hi Jamie, this is really interesting. I like how you deconstruct these transits and patterns. I believe I have a kite in my chart with these factors:

    Mercury in CAP 9 degrees
    Uranus in VIRGO 9 degrees
    Fortuna in TAURUS 9 degrees
    South Node in CAP 11 degrees
    North Node in CANCER 11 degrees

    I’d be interested to hear your take on this and what it means! Thank you!

  8. Thanks for writing this – always perceptive and interesting. I hope you will write on other patterns, including stelliums and grand squares, etc.

    • salutations to the Dalia Lama. Thank you for posting.

      North Node conjunct the mass formation, 12 Jan 2020.

      2 July 2022 transit: Venus conj Chiron, Mercury conj Mercury, Sun conj Ascendant,
      Moon conj Ceres. Natal kite pattern is in good company.

  9. Jamie, what about transite kites? The coming full moon provides two for me folloved by mystic rectangel and another kite. Or it is another kind of aspect pattern including a row of sextiles starting from Uranus to Pluto curent positions. Natal (28.05.68 BG) wide conj. Mc about16 – Pluto 20’10-Uranus 25’05 Virgo sextile wide conj Neptune 24’50 – Asc 29′ 38/48 Scorpio, (opposite) Venus 1’15 Gemini conj Dsc sextile Chiron 2′ ? Aries trine Asc. In any case it seems to be an important period for me.

  10. Hi I’m fairly new to astrology and having a difficult time understand the chart formations I have a grand trine in water, kite, and three cradles.

  11. The best explaination I ever read about kite. I have 2 fire grand trines and 2 kites and a t – square.
    In 1st kite Ascendant opposite Mercury and in 2nd kite Pluto opposite Venus/Mercury (they in conjunction).

  12. Hi! I believe I have one but I’m not sure if MC/IC are counted in this.
    Sun Pisces 27’27 11h
    Moon Scorpio 22’43 7h
    MC Capricorn 27’05 9h
    IC Cancer 27’05 3h
    The tail is at the IC. And my moon isn’t as close to 27 degree.

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