2024 Moon Phases

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Times and Dates for the 2024 Moon Phases Astrology Calendar are set for New York.

Jan 0320:303rd Quarter Moon Jan 202413♎15
Jan 1106:57New Moon January 202420♑44
Jan 1722:521st Quarter Moon Jan 202427♈32
Jan 2512:54Full Moon January 202405♌15
Feb 0218:183rd Quarter Moon Feb 202413♏36
Feb 0917:59New Moon February 202420♒41
Feb 1610:001st Quarter Moon Feb 202427♉26
Feb 2407:30Full Moon February 202405♍23
Mar 0310:233rd Quarter Moon Mar 202413♐32
Mar 1005:00New Moon March 202420♓17
Mar 1700:101st Quarter Moon Mar 202427♊04
Mar 2503:00Lunar Eclipse March 202405♎07
Apr 0123:143rd Quarter Moon Apr 202412♑52
Apr 0814:20Solar Eclipse April 202419♈24
Apr 1515:131st Quarter Moon Apr 202426♋18
Apr 2319:48Full Moon April 202404♏18
May 0107:273rd Quarter Moon May 202411♒35
May 0723:21New Moon May 202418♉02
May 1507:481st Quarter Moon May 202425♌08
May 2309:53Full Moon May 202402♐55
May 3013:123rd Quarter Moon May 202409♓46
June 0608:37New Moon June 202416♊18
June 1401:181st Quarter Moon June 202423♍39
June 2121:07Full Moon June 202401♑07
June 2817:533rd Quarter Moon June 202407♈40
July 0518:57New Moon July 202414♋23
July 1318:481st Quarter Moon July 202422♎01
July 2106:17Full Moon July 202429♑09
July 2722:513rd Quarter Moon July 202405♉32
Aug 0407:13New Moon August 202412♌34
Aug 1211:181st Quarter Moon Aug 202420♏24
Aug 1914:25Full Moon August 202427♒15
Aug 2605:253rd Quarter Moon Aug 202403♊38
Sept 0221:55New Moon September 202411♍04
Sept 1102:051st Quarter Moon Sept 202419♐00
Sept 1722:34Lunar Eclipse September 202425♓41
Sept 2414:493rd Quarter Moon Sept 202402♋12
Oct 0214:49Solar Eclipse October 202410♎04
Oct 1014:551st Quarter Moon Oct 202417♑58
Oct 1707:26Full Moon October 202424♈35
Oct 2404:033rd Quarter Moon Oct 202401♌24
Nov 0108:47New Moon November 202409♏35
Nov 0900:551st Quarter Moon Nov 202417♒20
Nov 1516:28Full Moon November 202424♉01
Nov 2220:273rd Quarter Moon Nov 202401♍15
Dec 0108:47New Moon December 202409♐33
Dec 0810:261st Quarter Moon Dec 202417♓02
Dec 1504:01Full Moon December 202423♊53
Dec 2217:183rd Quarter Moon Dec 202401♎34
Dec 3017:26Black Moon December 202409♑44

3 thoughts on “2024 Moon Phases

  1. Thank you for your work. That’s greatly appreciated. To me this Calendar is a must have. A must look some would rather say. Your 2023 Moon Phases Calendar helped me a lot to figure out what’s happening above and around and inside (and outside). Actually, I closely looked at it to schedule my holiday time at work. It really helped me somehow. Yeah, it worked well. I still have some ups and downs sometimes but I keep it going. It helps me to be more passive since I deeply know what’s going on and I kinda like this posture. It helps me to chill since I know what’s going on. I don’t have to worry and to get myself upside down to figure it out. More generally speaking, even if I’m not at work that’s great info and food for thoughts. I feel like I’m finally catching up with Moon Phases when this was completly unknown to me few years ago. Thank you again. Best regards. Pedro

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