2024 Moon Phases

MOON PHASES: 2023 | 2024 | 2025

Times and Dates for the 2024 Moon Phases Astrology Calendar are set for New York.

Jan 0320:303rd Quarter Moon Jan 202413♎15
Jan 1106:57New Moon January 202420♑44
Jan 1722:521st Quarter Moon Jan 202427♈32
Jan 2512:54Full Moon January 202405♌15
Feb 0218:183rd Quarter Moon Feb 202413♏36
Feb 0917:59New Moon February 202420♒41
Feb 1610:001st Quarter Moon Feb 202427♉26
Feb 2407:30Full Moon February 202405♍23
Mar 0310:233rd Quarter Moon Mar 202413♐32
Mar 1005:00New Moon March 202420♓17
Mar 1700:101st Quarter Moon Mar 202427♊04
Mar 2503:00Lunar Eclipse March 202405♎07
Apr 0123:143rd Quarter Moon Apr 202412♑52
Apr 0814:20Solar Eclipse April 202419♈24
Apr 1515:131st Quarter Moon Apr 202426♋18
Apr 2319:48Full Moon April 202404♏18
May 0107:273rd Quarter Moon May 2024 #111♒35
May 0723:21New Moon May 202418♉02
May 1507:481st Quarter Moon May 202425♌08
May 2309:53Full Moon May 202402♐55
May 3013:123rd Quarter Moon May 2024 #209♓46
June 0608:37New Moon June 202416♊17
June 1401:181st Quarter Moon June 202423♍39
June 2121:07Full Moon June 202401♑07
June 2817:533rd Quarter Moon June 202407♈40
July 0518:57New Moon July 202414♋23
July 1318:481st Quarter Moon July 202422♎01
July 2106:17Full Moon July 202429♑09
July 2722:513rd Quarter Moon July 202405♉32
Aug 0407:13New Moon August 202412♌34
Aug 1211:181st Quarter Moon Aug 202420♏24
Aug 1914:25Full Moon August 202427♒15
Aug 2605:253rd Quarter Moon Aug 202403♊38
Sept 0221:55New Moon September 202411♍04
Sept 1102:051st Quarter Moon Sept 202419♐00
Sept 1722:34Lunar Eclipse September 202425♓41
Sept 2414:493rd Quarter Moon Sept 202402♋12
Oct 0214:49Solar Eclipse October 202410♎04
Oct 1014:551st Quarter Moon Oct 202417♑58
Oct 1707:26Full Moon October 202424♈35
Oct 2404:033rd Quarter Moon Oct 202401♌24
Nov 0108:47New Moon November 202409♏35
Nov 0900:551st Quarter Moon Nov 202417♒20
Nov 1516:28Full Moon November 202424♉01
Nov 2220:273rd Quarter Moon Nov 202401♍15
Dec 0108:47New Moon December 202409♐33
Dec 0810:261st Quarter Moon Dec 202417♓02
Dec 1504:01Full Moon December 202423♊53
Dec 2217:183rd Quarter Moon Dec 202401♎34
Dec 3017:26Black Moon December 202409♑44

4 thoughts on “2024 Moon Phases

  1. Thank you for your work. That’s greatly appreciated. To me this Calendar is a must have. A must look some would rather say. Your 2023 Moon Phases Calendar helped me a lot to figure out what’s happening above and around and inside (and outside). Actually, I closely looked at it to schedule my holiday time at work. It really helped me somehow. Yeah, it worked well. I still have some ups and downs sometimes but I keep it going. It helps me to be more passive since I deeply know what’s going on and I kinda like this posture. It helps me to chill since I know what’s going on. I don’t have to worry and to get myself upside down to figure it out. More generally speaking, even if I’m not at work that’s great info and food for thoughts. I feel like I’m finally catching up with Moon Phases when this was completly unknown to me few years ago. Thank you again. Best regards. Pedro

  2. Manner fact….Are you sure its 2 full moons in Cap Jamie ?

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