2026 Moon Phases

MOON PHASES: 2024 | 2025 | 2026

Times and Dates for the 2026 Moon Phases Astrology Calendar are set for New York.

Jan 0305:02Full Moon January 202613♋02
Jan 1010:483rd Quarter Moon Jan 202620♎25
Jan 1814:52New Moon January 202628♑44
Jan 2523:471st Quarter Moon Jan 202606♉14
Feb 0117:09Full Moon February 202613♌04
Feb 0907:433rd Quarter Moon Feb 202620♏46
Feb 1707:01Solar Eclipse February 202628♒50
Feb 2407:271st Quarter Moon Feb 2026
Mar 0306:37Lunar Eclipse March 202612♍54
Mar 1105:383rd Quarter Moon Mar 202620♐49
Mar 1821:23New Moon March 202628♓27
Mar 2515:171st Quarter Moon Mar 202605♋09
Apr 0122:11Full Moon April 202612♎21
Apr 1000:513rd Quarter Moon Apr 202620♑20
Apr 1707:51New Moon April 202627♈29
Apr 2322:311st Quarter Moon Apr 202603♌56
May 0113:23Full Moon May 202611♏21
May 0917:103rd Quarter Moon May 202619♒15
May 1616:01New Moon May 202625♉58
May 2307:101st Quarter Moon May 202602♍21
May 3104:45Blue Moon May 202609♐56
June 0806:003rd Qaurter Moon June 202617♓38
June 1422:54New Moon June 202624♊03
June 2117:221st Quarter Moon June 202600♎32
June 2919:56Full Moon June 202608♑15
July 0715:293rd Quarter Moon July 202615♈42
July 1405:43New Moon July 202621♋59
July 2107:051st Quarter Moon July 202628♎43
July 2910:35Full Moon July 202606♒30
Aug 0522:213rd Quarter Moon Aug 202613♉40
Aug 1213:36Solar Eclipse August 202620♌02
Aug 1922:461st Quarter Moon Aug 202627♏08
Aug 2800:18Lunar Eclipse August 202604♓54
Sept 0403:513rd Quarter Moon Sept 202611♊49
Sept 1023:27New Moon September 202618♍26
Sept 1816:431st Quarter Moon Sept 202625♐57
Sept 2612:49Full Moon September 202603♈37
Oct 0309:253rd Quarter Moon Oct 202610♋21
Oct 1011:50New Moon October 202617♎22
Oct 1812:121st Quarter Moon Oct 202625♑18
Oct 2600:11Full Moon October 202602♉46
Nov 0115:283rd Quarter Moon Nov 202609♌26
Nov 0902:02New Moon November 202616♏53
Nov 1706:471st Quarter Moon Nov 202625♒08
Nov 2409:53Full Moon November 202602♊20
Dec 0101:083rd Quarter Moon Dec 2026 #109♍03
Dec 0819:51New Moon December 202616♐57
Dec 1700:421st Quarter Moon Dec 202625♓17
Dec 2320:28Full Moon December 202602♋14
Dec 3013:593rd Quarter Moon Dec 2026 #209♎05

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