2022 Moon Phases

MOON PHASES: 2021 | 2022 | 2023

Times and Dates for the 2022 Moon Phases Astrology Calendar are set for New York.

Jan 0213:33New Moon January 202212♑20
Jan 0913:111st Quarter Moon Jan 202219♈27
Jan 1718:48Full Moon January 202227♋51
Jan 2508:403rd Quarter Moon Jan 202205♏33
Feb 0100:46New Moon February 202212♒20
Feb 0808:501st Quarter Moon Feb 202219♉46
Feb 1611:56Full Moon February 202227♌59
Feb 2317:323rd Quarter Moon Feb 202205♐17
Mar 0212:34New Moon March 202212♓07
Mar 1005:451st Quarter Moon Mar 202219♊50
Mar 1803:17Full Moon March 202227♍40
Mar 2501:373rd Quarter Moon Mar 202204♑33
Apr 0102:24New Moon April 202211♈31
Apr 0902:47
1st Quarter Moon Apr 202219♋24
Apr 1614:55Full Moon April 202226♎46
Apr 2307:563rd Quarter Moon Apr 202203♒19
Apr 3016:28Solar Eclipse April 202210♉28
May 0820:211st Quarter Moon May 202218♌23
May 1600:14Lunar Eclipse May 202225♏17
May 2214:433rd Quarter Moon May 202201♓39
May 3007:30New Moon May 202209♊03
June 0710:481st Quarter Moon June 202216♍51
June 1407:51Full Moon June 202223♐25
June 2023:103rd Quarter Moon June 202229♓46
June 2822:52New Moon June 202207♋23
July 0622:141st Quarter Moon July 202214♎59
July 1314:37Full Moon July 202221♑21
July 2010:183rd Quarter Moon July 202227♈52
July 2813:54New Moon July 202205♌39
Aug 0507:061st Quarter Moon Aug 202213♏02
Aug 1121:35Full Moon August 202219♒21
Aug 1900:363rd Quarter Moon Aug 202226♉12
Aug 2704:17New Moon August 202204♍04
Sept 0314:071st Quarter Moon Sept 202211♐14
Sept 1005:59Full Moon September 202217♓41
Sept 1717:523rd Quarter Moon Sept 202224♊59
Sept 2517:54New Moon September 202202♎49
Oct 0220:141st Quarter Moon Oct 202209♑47
Oct 0916:54Full Moon October 202216♈33
Oct 1713:153rd Quarter Moon Oct 202224♋19
Oct 2506:48Solar Eclipse October 202202♏00
Nov 0102:371st Quarter Moon #1 Nov 202208♒49
Nov 0806:02Lunar Eclipse November 202216♉01
Nov 1608:273rd Quarter Moon Nov 202224♌10
Nov 2317:57New Moon November 202201♐38
Nov 3009:361st Quarter Moon #2 Nov 202208♓22
Dec 0723:08Full Moon December 202216♊02
Dec 1603:563rd Quarter Moon Dec 202224♍22
Dec 2305:16New Moon December 202201♑33
Dec 2920:201st Quarter Moon Dec 202208♈18

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  1. 2022 Moon Phase Calendar, compadres

    There are three types of modulation.
    Frequency, amplitude and phase.

    Ref. 1.
    Lunar north node transit Way of Modulation, Mid October to Winter Solstice 2021.

    Ref. 2
    Cannibal CME storm Nov 3

      • Hi Jamie, Thank you. I just noticed there was a difference between the EU and the USA for a few weeks in March and I suppose there will be next year as well.

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