New Moon June 28, 2022 – Spiritual Growth

New Moon June 2022 Astrology

The New Moon in Cancer on June 28, 2022, is square Jupiter. So the spiritual meaning of the New Moon June 2022 astrology relates to personal and spiritual growth through self-discipline and moderation.

The June 2022 New Moon may bring tests of character associated with greed, excess, and immorality. But with the extremely fortunate Venus sextile Jupiter, it forms an aspect pattern that opens up great opportunities for learning development. Personal, material, and spiritual growth are made more likely with the June 28 New Moon next to a very lucky star.

New Moon June 2022 Astrology

The New Moon on Tuesday, June 28, 2022, is positioned at 07°22′ Cancer in the horoscope below. The New Moon square Jupiter is a challenging aspect and very strong at only 0°04′ orb. However, Jupiter is the most fortunate planet. Plus, Venus sextile Jupiter is one of the luckiest aspects, and the New Moon aligns with a very fortunate fixed star that brings honor, riches, luxury, and pleasure.

New Moon in Cancer 2022

New Moon in Cancer 2022 [Solar Fire]

New Moon Meaning

Sun conjunct Moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another new 28-day cycle. It gives an invigorating burst of energy and initiative. But it also brings emotional balance, not irrationally emotional, and not too cold and calculating.

So a New Moon is an excellent time for making a fresh start, turning over a new leaf, or starting a new project. You can also question old habits, behaviors, and beliefs as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress.

Cancer New Moon Aspect Pattern

A Small Learning Triangle is an aspect pattern made of a red square, a blue sextile, and a green semisextile. It is a learning or development figure in which the third color (green) plays an important role. It brings a third point of view into the equation, which, for better or worse supersedes the polarized thinking of the red and blue aspects with a third pole. Green aspects allow an escape from black-or-white thinking and a search for causes, possible solutions, and meaning.

In the small learning triangle, there is a procedure that conditions growth by an ongoing crisis mechanism and opens up great opportunities for development. It is a development spiral that aims to get another point of view with every complete transition.

There are three phases to the crisis mechanism. Every passage through the three phases and each one of the crises contains the possibility of finding solutions that previously did not exist, i.e. breaking new ground.

The rotation direction is an important feature in the evaluation of the small learning triangle. It is given by the color order red to green to blue. [1] In the New Moon June 2022 astrology chart, that is New Moon square Jupiter, New Moon semisextile Venus, and Venus sextile Jupiter.


conflictstriving for solutionharmonization

New Moon June 2022 Astrology

Medium Learning Triangle

The Aspects

New Moon square Jupiter is like a double-edged sword. It can make you feel extremely confident, proud, lucky, and optimistic. It can bring good luck and success but also loss and embarrassment. The manner in which you express your exuberance is critical in determining the result.

A conflict or crisis associated with the Small Learning Triangle may involve excess or immorality. It may include selfishness, greed, overcommitment, overindulgence, arrogance, addiction, gambling, and wastefulness. So moderation and self-discipline are needed. Don’t take on too many projects at once. Focus your energy on only one or two projects. Don’t overdo things and be conservative, especially with money.

New Moon semisextile Venus makes you more affectionate and loving. It has a calming and harmonious influence on relationships. It encourages unity and unconditional love and makes you more forgiving and understanding.

Negotiations and business dealings should be amicable. Conflicts will be easier to resolve due to a willingness to compromise and a desire for peace. This pleasant aspect favors friendship, romance, creativity, leisure, and entertainment.

Venus sextile Jupiter makes you more optimistic, generous, cheerful, relaxed, and playful. Increased tenderness, passion, and charisma make it especially good for love relationships. However, this aspect can also give a tendency toward overindulgence, excess, and the sugarcoating of unpleasant realities. So linked to New Moon square Jupiter, it becomes even more important to remember moderation and self-discipline.

With that in mind, the open-mindedness and good fortune of this aspect are ideal for taking advantage of the great opportunities for development associated with the Small Learning Triangle. These opportunities may come through new friendships, marriage, long-distance travel, business, finance, higher education, legal matters, creative projects, entertainment, amusements, beauty, and fashion.

The Fixed Stars

New Moon June 2022 is in the Sign of Cancer. But as the star map below shows, it is actually in the Constellation of Gemini. This discrepancy is due to the precession of the equinoxes. It has moved the Sun Signs almost a whole Sign out of alignment with the Constellations from which they were named over 2000 years ago. The Signs were originally invented as a measuring device. Astrologers had always used the visible constellation and their stars for astrological interpretation.

Cancer New Moon June 2022 Astrology

New Moon June 2022 Astrology [Stellarium]

Constellation Gemini the Twins

Those born within Gemini will be crafty in the good sense of the word, in all their works and in all their tasks. Among them will be writers, mathematicians, astronomers, and famous sages. They will be truthful individuals and moderate in their fear of God. In terms of children, the Gemini is specially charged with the production of twins. Gemini was given the name “many-faced” in ancient times because it denotes not only twins but three or more children at a single birth.

The Gemini produces a generous and chaste personality. Individuals excelling in games and fond of philosophy and astronomy are also indicative of Gemini, as are also those who are magnanimous, munificent, and (sometimes) violent.

Modern astrologers attribute the following to the Gemini: clever, intuitive, restless, heartless, undependable, inquisitive, lacking perseverance, and sometimes too clever. Classicists say that Geminis follow the professions of kings, calculators, teachers, hunters, dancers, musicians, painters, and tailors. The Modernists add journalists, novelists, lecturers, linguists, commercial travelers, and pupils. [2]

Astrologers assigned to this constellation (Gemini) guardianship over human hands, arms, and shoulders; while Albumasar held that it portended intense devotion, genius, a largeness of mind, goodness, and liberality. Considered the House of Mercury and a fortunate sign. Chinese astrologers asserted that if this constellation were invaded by Mars, war and a poor harvest would ensue. [3]

The Feet of Gemini

The closest major fixed star to the June 28 new moon is Alhena at a distance of 2°02′. This is within the 2°20′ orb for this star but it means it is only a mild influence. However, Nucati is only 0°16′ away from the New Moon. It has a similar influence to Alhena because all three stars listed below are located on the feet of the Gemini Twins.

05♋36 – Mu Geminorum, Tejat Posterior
07♋06 – Nu Geminorum, Nucatai
07♋22 – New Moon June 2022
09♋24 – Gamma Geminorum, Alhena

According to Ptolemy, the stars in the feet of Gemini have an influence similar to that of Mercury, and moderately to that of Venus: courteous, affable, orderly, elegant, sweet-tempered, lovable, refined, artistic, honor and riches. If rising, love of poetry, painting and teaching, quick mind. If culminating, success in literary and legal professions. [4]

Alhena the Bright One

Fixed star Alhena bestows eminence in art but gives liability to accidents affecting the feet. It has been called “the wound in the tendon Achilles.” [4]

Alhena will confer a spiritual orientation on people and also give an artistic inclination, with an interest in the sciences. [5]

Alhena gives artistic skills, especially with the written or spoken word, and abilities to negotiate a peaceful solution to disputes among people. It helps you get to the roots of problems, move matters forward from there, and gain identity and distinction for your efforts. [6]

With Sun: Pride, love of ease, luxury, and pleasure. There may be martial honors but also the danger of losing them.

With Moon: Good health, honor, riches, pleasure and society, domestic benefits. [4]

New Moon June 2022 Summary

The June 28 New Moon in Cancer square Jupiter could bring tests and challenges related to excess or immorality. However, the Medium Learning Triangle opens up great opportunities for development. Venus sextile Jupiter makes those opportunities more fortunate, especially in love relationships, business, creativity, travel and education. Finally, fixed star Alhena makes success more likely with an emphasis on art, spirituality and science.

The influence of the June 28 New Moon lasts for four weeks up to the July 28 New Moon. The best time for starting new projects is during the two-week waxing moon phase, from June 28 to the July 13 Full Moon.

If the New Moon June 2022 astrology directly affects your Sign you can read about it in your free Monthly Horoscope. Finally, for more details about how it affects your natal chart see Sun Transits.

New Moon June 2022 Times and Dates

  • Los Angeles, June 28, 7:52 pm
  • New York, June 28, 10:52 pm
  • London, June 29, 3:52 am
  • Delhi, June 29, 8:22 am
  • Sydney, June 29, 12:52 pm
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  1. Thank you so much Jamie. I have been reading your posts for about 7 years. There was a time you used to post for a few moon phases at once. Maybe you are busy now so you can’t do so all the time anymore? Anyways, I’m always looking forward to your detailed interpretations. Hope everything is going well for you!!!

    • Yes YG, I used to post these moon phases much earlier. I get more readings now than 7 years ago, and have more kids too.

  2. Good morning Jamie, Thank you for another motivating post to muse as we await the new moon. Hope you have a brilliant week – I am assured one this week.

  3. Small Learning triangle on the 7’s, with Venus and Jupiter sextile. That’s gotta be lucky for someone.

    Chant New Moon with January 12, 1962 outer ring.

    In my natal Chart
    Asteroid Chant 3315 conjunct the New Moon.
    Varuna conjunct Uranus.

    At the New Moon, Chant is conjunct Varuna.

    Clarence Chant, (1865-1956), the Father of Canadian Astronomy. Chant is known for a few things: studying Solar eclipses, writing popular books, organizing the astronomy dept at the local University, building an observatory, and reporting on the Procession of Meteors that occurred Feruary 9/10, 2013 in Toronto and elsewhere. The meteor procession is still a riddle, but with Jamie’s New Moon triangle…a theory:

    Is the Procession of the Meteors a leading indicator to the Precession of the Equinoxes calendar calculation, 108 years later?

    Synastry, Procession of Meteors compare to Chant New Moon

    Here I honour C.A. Chant, his report on the Procession of Meteors on the night of first sighting: February 9, 1913, Moon, Node Venus stellium, 1st decan Aries..

    The great Chant speaks to us from the past!

    Venus square New Moon
    Venus conjunct Jupiter
    Venus sextile Venus,
    Mercury trine Mercury,

  4. The influence of the June 28 New Moon lasts for four weeks up to the August 27 New Moon.

    Ooops, it must be July New Moon, rather then August, I suppose…

  5. Jamie, I’m so glad you are spending time on your family. Family is important.

  6. 502 year anniversary of Noche Triste (Sad night), also more recently, Victorious Night, Mexico City. For those following along or not following, we are in sympathy today to yesteryears New World Ordering, whether we like it or not.

    Age Harmonic

    A very religious and spiritual formation:
    Grand Fire trine.

    Mars-Ceres conjunct
    Venus-Electromagnetic Axis conj

    In the house of Subjective Completion, Jupiter-Saturn conjunct.

    This chart is a miracle.

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