Venus Sextile Jupiter July 21, 2024

Venus Sextile Jupiter Transit

Venus sextile Jupiter maximum orb 4º00′.

Venus sextile Jupiter natal makes you friendly, generous, loving, creative, and personable. This is one of the best aspects because it brings popularity, good fortune, and true love. Good looks are one of your many blessings, but you are also lovely on the inside. Despite what you may read elsewhere, you are passionate about being the best you can be, making the most of your gifts, and certainly not lazy.

Relationships are most important to you because you need companionship and romance. You may enjoy flirting but can also be secretive about your love life. Marriage may be essential, and you would expect the same loyalty and devotion you give. While this aspect suggests tenderness, affection, and caring, you are also highly passionate and sexual, even lewd sometimes.

Your cheerful and charming nature makes you socially popular. Your positive, broad, and optimistic outlook on life is uplifting for other people. You are fun to be around and should enjoy popularity. Even fame is possible with Venus sextile Jupiter, and you would undoubtedly enjoy the associated wealth and luxury. Even if you live a humble existence, your fashion sense and love of beauty will manifest in your appearance and home.

You can also be forgiving and generous so that charity work would appeal to you. You love immersing yourself in culture and would love traveling to exotic places. There is a deeper side to your seemingly fun-loving nature, with an interest in education, philosophy, psychology (especially related to relationships), literature or law. You should have a good sense of rhythm and a talent for music and acting. All the arts and creative fields would offer a promising career, and many singers have this aspect.

The only downside to this aspect would be related to overindulgence. This may affect the diet, especially with sugar, but problems may also arise with addictions that could get out of control and be self-destructive. You love to party but may need restraint or moderation during unpleasant times. Generally, however, your life should be balanced and happy, just like your personality.

Venus Sextile Jupiter Transit

Venus sextile Jupiter transit brings growth and good fortune. It is a pleasant, loving and creative influence that encourages cooperation, peace and harmony. It is ideal for relaxing, partying, making money and making love. You should feel warm and happy inside and will want to share the good feelings. This transit indicates good luck, and you may receive gifts, money or compliments.

Socializing is favored because of your increased popularity, charisma, and charm. You will most likely be looking and feeling your best. Sex is a great way to share your affections now, and you will be more attractive than usual. This is an excellent time for dating if you are single. Making friends comes easily; new friendships will be genuine and mutually beneficial.

Setting off on a journey is favored, especially long-distance travel, and you would learn a lot about other cultures and broaden your outlook on life. Financial investments and business deals are also preferred, but good luck applies to higher education and the law. All of your interactions and dealings should be cooperative and satisfying.

The only thing to watch under this influence would be a tendency toward excess, especially with sweet foods and addictive substances.

Venus Sextile Jupiter Celebrities

Jacques Leroy de Saint-Arnaud 0°01′, Marty Robbins 0°01′, Johannes Kepler 0°02′, Jada Pinkett Smith 0°04′, Édith Piaf 0°04′, Antonin Scalia 0°05′, Beck 0°08′, Diane Luciferia 0°13′, Queen Anne of Great Britain 0°16′, Petrarch 0°20′, Christine Jorgensen 0°26′, Humza Yousaf 0°29′, Eusapia Palladino 0°37′, Van Morrison 0°37′, Ian McShane 0°42′, Larry Christiansen 0°42′, Dane Rudyar 1°01′, George Eliot 1°01′, Dianne Feinstein 1°01′, Angela Rippon 1°03′, Natassja Kinski 1°11′, Stu Sutcliffe 1°12′, Kiefer Sutherland 1°12′, The Astro Twins 1°13′, George Michael 1°15′, Phil Spector 1°18′, Michael Milken 1°19′, Sônia Braga 1°26′, Winston Churchill 1°32′, Alexander the Great 1°43′.

Venus Sextile Jupiter Dates

May 5, 2023
March 24, 2024
July 21, 2024
June 4, 2025
October 8, 2025
April 13, 2026
August 17, 2026
November 28, 2026

29 thoughts on “Venus Sextile Jupiter July 21, 2024

  1. I do have this aspect natally and the description relates to me quite well.
    as for the transit:
    If Venus is transiting my 4th house and Jupiter is entering my 3rd house… would this help with financial deals related to home matters?
    If my natal uranus is at 21.51 could this bring good unexpected surprises related to home matters?


  2. Time to go and hit the casinos! Woooo! Just kidding, hehe. It would be good if we won money every time we got fruitful transits like this! But the universe doesn’t always work like that!

    • I have enjoyed some of the luckiest transit of my life this year. I love not having to live pay check to pay check but I now have to learn that eating anything I want has fattening side effects. September 2015 solar eclipse conjunct my Jupiter, March 2016 solar eclipse opposite my Jupiter, and now my Jupiter return. Very straight forward astrology! I also quit smoking and am substituting them with custard danish, expensive chocolates and caramel ice-cream. Yummy!

      • Lucky you! You hit the jack pot! Bonus! That could be the problem with Jupiter conjunctions – food! I love caramel ice cream – especially haagen daz praline and cream! I’ll have to start looking at how Jupiter is going to be effecting my chart for the rest of the year. Next year Jupiter will be conjunct my sun! Hopefully I’ll start making good money with my business!

        • Thinking about it… Jupiter will be trine my MC in September. Do you think that’ll have an effect on my career? My MC is 1 degree Aquarius.

            • Wooooo! And Jupiter should make a grand trine to my AC and MC, shouldn’t it. Gives me some hope! I really think it’s luck that we need on our side in life, especially when we’ve had so many setbacks and that of a Saturian nature – like Saturn return and chaotic transits in general that seem to place havoc in our lives! I think I deserve a bit of good luck to be honest! ????

            • Around 2 degrees Libra is a sensitive point in your chart because it is midway between your Ascendant trine Midheaven. Even a transiting planet at 2 degrees Aries will be fortunate by making a transiting minor grand trine.

            • Would be interesting to look back at partners to see if they had anything there in synastry.

  3. I’ve just briefly looked at your chart – Jupiters going to be conjunct your MC in a couple of months! The Jupiter good fortune keeps coming for you! Could you tell me a software that I could use that will tell me how long a transit will last? So I can find out how long Jupiter will be trine my ascendent and the exact date it will start.

    • Yes, Virgo stellium is good when Jupiter is around. The software I use is solar fire which is expensive but I think every astrologer needs to have an emphemeris next to them. Even when I went though stages of being homeless I always had an emphemeris on me. Best one because it includes moon phases is: The American Ephemeris for the 21st Century, 2000-2050 at Midnight.

      • Thanks, I might purchase it at some point in the future, just to use on my chart like a diary. I’ve still got a lot of business expenses at the moment, so can’t make any big purchases. I used to have a telescope that I think cost me about £350, but there’s too much light pollution in the city, so at some point in the future I’ll buy another high-techy telescope (when I have the free cash) and take it to the countryside.

  4. 08 July 2016 when crabs career . to higher institutions. thank you . if you do not mind.

  5. Ran out of replies, so had to start a new comment. Thanks for pointing that out to me Jamie! I’m going to make a note of that. I made a note about the minor grand trine involving AC, DC and Mars that you told me about. I thought that was amazing – wonderful good news. What would I be looking at with an ex partner? To see if they had 2 degrees Aries or Libra? Sorry, I’ve still got a lot to learn about astrology, so some pieces are still missing for me.

    • If had a brief look (I’ve only checked my last ex boyfriends chart so far). His north node is at 0.19 Aries, but I don’t know the exact time he was born. I also think that I was the one helping him in the relationship, boosting his confidence and pushing him forward in life, but I felt that he was doing the opposite with me – knocking my confidence and holding me back. His Uranus (retrograde) is also 1.23 degrees Libra. A psychic also told me that I put a lot more into the relationship and he took a lot out. I left him in December, but I still resent him a bit for how he treated me to be honest. He wouldn’t let me be myself, he was very very controlling. He still contacts me. I ignore him. I won’t ever take him back. I have Venus square Saturn, so I think that I do have a problem with meeting controlling/restricting men. I was happy at all in that relationship with him. He was a lot older than me too – 47.

      • nevus square Saturn also means that when you break up that is it and you prefer no more contact, to work through your sadness and then move on.

        • Sorry, I was going on a bit in my last message! Yes, to be honest, I do tend to cut ex’s off. I feel better, like I need to move on and forward. I don’t stay in contact with any of my ex’s. I feel like it/they would be holding me back and I don’t want them holding onto me.

    • Yes, and try to work out what influence that had on the relationship. Otherwise you could go back and check for major transits to those degrees.

  6. anything to/from venus activates my abandonment/abuse trauma.
    i keep reading happy/party/love , NO! through 5th house, 7th, no. alone, pain.

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