2023 Moon Phases

MOON PHASES: 2022 | 2023 | 2024

Times and Dates for the 2023 Moon Phases Astrology Calendar are set for New York.

Jan 0618:07Full Moon January 202316♋22
Jan 1421:103rd Quarter Moon Jan 202324♎38
Jan 2115:53New Moon January 202301♒33
Jan 2810:181st Quarter Moon Jan 202308♉26
Feb 0513:28Full Moon February 202316♌41
Feb 1311:003rd Quarter Moon Feb 202324♏40
Feb 2002:05New Moon February 202301♓22
Feb 2703:051st Quarter Moon Feb 202308♊27
Mar 0707:40Full Moon March 202316♍40
Mar 1422:083rd Quarter Moon Mar 202324♐13
Mar 2113:23New Moon March 202300♈50
Mar 2822:321st Quarter Moon Mar 202308♋09
Apr 0600:34Full Moon April 202316♎07
Apr 1305:11
3rd Quarter Moon Apr 202323♑11
Apr 2000:12Solar Eclipse April 202329♈50
Apr 2717:191st Quarter Moon Apr 202307♌21
May 0513:34Lunar Eclipse May 202314♏58
May 1210:283rd Quarter Moon 202321♒37
May 1911:53New Moon May 202328♉25
May 2711:221st Quarter Moon May 202306♍06
June 0323:41Full Moon June 202313♐18
June 1015:313rd Quarter Moon June 202319♓40
June 1800:37New Moon June 202326♊43
June 2603:491st Quarter Moon June 202304♎29
July 0307:38Full Moon July 202311♑19
July 0921:473rd Quarter Moon July 202317♈36
July 1714:31New Moon July 202324♋56
July 2518:081st Quarter Moon July 202302♏43
Aug 0114:31Full Moon August 202309♒16
Aug 0806:283rd Quarter Moon Aug 202315♉39
Aug 1605:38New Moon August 202323♌17
Aug 2405:571st Quarter Moon Aug 202301♐00
Aug 3021:35Blue Moon August 202307♓25
Sept 0618:213rd Quarter Moon Sept 202314♊04
Sept 1421:39New Moon September 202321♍59
Sept 2215311st Quarter Moon Sept 202329♐32
Sept 2905:57Full Moon September 202306♈00
Oct 0609:473rd Quarter Moon Oct 202313♋03
Oct 1413:51Solar Eclipse October 202321♎07
Oct 2123:291st Quarter Moon Oct 202328♑28
Oct 2816:24Lunar Eclipse October 202305♉09
Nov 0503:363rd Quarter Moon Nov 202312♌40
Nov 1304:27New Moon November 202320♏44
Nov 2005:491st Quarter Moon Nov 202327♒51
Nov 2704:16Full Moon November 202304♊51
Dec 0500:493rd Quarter Moon Dec 202312♍49
Dec 1218:32New Moon December 202320♐40
Dec 1913:391st Quarter Moon Dec 202327♓35
Dec 2619:33Full Moon December 202304♋58

3 thoughts on “2023 Moon Phases

  1. Binary 101.

    Let’s call it trinity.

    1 to the left masculine.0 center divine,and 1 to the right feminine.

    How about we switch both 1’s to the lowest denominater and be in line with 0.

    Example Chris left 1 wants curry,but we give him spaghetti.

    Chris right 1 wants wine,but gets beer or whiskey and or both instead.

    Ending up with 000.

    Please don’t dial 000 unless it’s an emergency.

  2. Moon at degree 0 = balsamic moon in Taurus, why is a balsamic moon considered a moon that is difficult for people to deal with in life?

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