Lunar Eclipse May 5, 2023 – Nasty Surprise

Full Moon May 2023 Astrology

The Full Moon in Scorpio on May 5, 2023, is a Lunar Eclipse. It is opposite Uranus, so the meaning of the Full Moon May 2023 astrology is to be patient, flexible and adaptable in response to unexpected events and sudden changes.

The Lunar Eclipse in May 2023 also aligns with an unfortunate star that causes obstacles, meanness, violence and tragedy. Uranus opposite this star may bring some nasty surprises.

Full Moon May 2023 Horoscope

The Full Moon on Friday, May 5, 2023, is at 14°58′ Scorpio. The Full Moon horoscope below shows the most potent aspect is the disruptive opposition to Uranus. However, this is only a moderately tricky influence because the orb is over three degrees. A more formidable force comes from fixed star Zubenenubi at 15°24′ Scorpio.

Lunar Eclipse May 2023 Astrology

Lunar Eclipse May 2023 Astrology [Solar Fire]

Full Moon May 2023 Astrology

Sun opposite Moon brings your home, family, and intimate relationships into sharper focus for the following two weeks of this moon phase. Opposing forces, such as work versus home or what you need versus what you want, create inner tension and external pressures, leading to conflict and crises that drain your energy.

The lunar qualities of emotions and instincts peak at a Full Moon. So use your increased emotional strength and intuition to overcome any relationship challenges. Subconscious awareness allows for an honest and balanced look at your relationships, and you will see any relationship dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony.

Full Moon May 2023 is a lunar eclipse, which usually means a more powerful astrological influence. But this is a penumbral lunar eclipse where only a faint shadow occurs on one edge of the Moon, and it is more subtle than other lunar eclipses and is often mistaken for a regular Full Moon.

A Full Moon opposite Uranus creates a strong need for independence which contradicts your need for emotional support. This can lead to uncertainty, stress, mood swings or emotional detachment. You may become nervous, anxious and easily distracted.

A subconscious need for change and stimulation may cause you to act spontaneously or unusually. But this is not the right time for significant changes in direction or lifestyle. Don’t overreact or rebel if your desire for something new or exciting is blocked. This is a time for waiting and preparing for a new cycle, so patience is essential.

Flexibility and adaptability are also needed because unexpected events, sudden changes and chance encounters are possible. Your instincts and intuition may be unreliable. So impulsive reactions and emotionally based decisions could lead to more disruption and chaos. Your home life and intimate relationships, especially with women, will be most affected.

The Constellations

Full Moon May 2023 is in the Sign of Scorpio. But as the star map below shows, it is located in Constellation Libra. The Signs and the Constellations do not match up. Over the last 2000 years, the Constellations have moved nearly 30° out of alignment with the Signs because of the precession of the equinoxes.

The Zodiac was invented only as a measuring device. The ecliptic line in the image below matches the degrees in the horoscope above. Like the original astrologers, I use the fixed stars for interpretation, not the Signs.

Full Moon May 2023 Astrology

Full Moon May 2023 Astrology [Stellarium]

Fixed star Zubenelgenubi at 15°24′ Scorpio marks the Southern Scale of the Balance. Symbolically called the Insufficient Price, this star represents negative karma, as opposed to the positive karma of the North Scale Zubeneschamali, the Full Price.

Zubenelgenubi causes malevolence, obstruction, an unforgiving character, violence, disease, lying, crime, disgrace, and danger of poison. [1]

The unhelpful star causes confiscation of possessions during times of war. It bestows an immortal name, though more by tragic circumstances than well-noted success. [2]

People engaged in a relationship with others, marital, judicious or whatever, must keep a very clear head and heart if Zubenelgenubi is strong with them. It frequently shows up ill-aspected in many unfortunate situations, from domestic strife and miscarriages of justice to psychopathic killings that started in the guise of love. [3]

With Moon: Trouble through opposite sex, wrongful accusations, disgrace, ruin, mental anxiety, loss of relatives, many disappointments, and much sickness. [1]

Full Moon May 2023 Meaning

The May 2023 Lunar Eclipse will only be slightly more potent than a regular Full Moon because it is a subtle penumbral lunar eclipse. That is something to be thankful for because the most potent influence on the Full Moon in May 2023 astrology comes from the star Zubenelgenubi.

Although the opposition to Uranus is mild, it will exacerbate the obstruction, anxiety and relationship trouble caused by the fixed star. It makes any nasty behavior or tragic events more shocking and emotionally upsetting.

Combining the Uranus aspect and fixed star could bring unpleasant surprises. So patience and adaptability are essential. Reckless activity and impulsive reactions must be avoided. Don’t tease others or stir up trouble to get attention if you are bored or lonely.

The May 5 Lunar Eclipse is influenced by the April 20 Solar Eclipse, which brings power struggles and crises. Together, they form an eclipse phase that lasts until the Solar Eclipse on October 14, 2023.

However, with a penumbral Lunar Eclipse looking more like a regular Full Moon, there is a chance its influence may only last two weeks. This waning moon phase is good for releasing, letting go, resting, healing, regenerating, contemplating, meditating, decluttering, harvesting, pruning, and hair-cutting.

If the Full Moon May 2023 astrology directly impacts your horoscope decan, you can read about it in your monthly horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart, see full moon transits.

Full Moon May 2023 Times and Dates

  • Los Angeles – May 5, 10:33 am
  • New York – May 5, 1:33 pm
  • London – May 5, 6:33 pm
  • Delhi – May 5, 11:03 pm
  • Sydney – May 6, 3:33 am


The penumbral lunar eclipse happens overnight on May 5-6, 2023. It’s visible from Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica and Indonesia.

Lunar Eclipse May 2023 Visibility []

Lunar Eclipse May 2023 Visibility []


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  1. Yes, I know many Scorpio s around this.
    Does this affect early degree Scorpio suns? As I know a lot of those. First decan.

    Scorpio my MC.9 degrees
    Will this affect Taurus suns . Personal planets.

    Have a sister with Scorpio sun 23 degrees.Her progressed sun is 0 aqua conjoin transit Pluto.
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    So sort of three places. I’m sad. Her son died last year. As a Scorpio she reveals little.😊

  2. Zubenelgenubi, eh? My natal ascendent very near it’s degree. Explains allot as you explain it. Too much to say about that. Who could possibly understand it? It is as if I am spoken to and treated like I am someone else and it’s my fault for their woes. ???There have been a few astute people throughout my life who have seen it in action and recognized it to let me know the treatment I was receiving was not right per them. But you know, with people wanting to take me out forever and the lengths they would go to, while I did appreciate the acknowledgment as confirmation of my experiences, they really could have no idea of what it is like. I do suppose, though that everyone has to learn how to navigate through life with the challenges they have. And it has made me more compassionate toward others I think. Any many lessons on who actually deserves that.

  3. Very interesting to know about the fix star role on this eclipse. Out of curiosity what would be the meaning if

    someone has natal Venus at 14 degrees Taurus? Would it relate to love or money if Venus is in Taurus?
    Another person has natal Uranus at 15 degrees Scorpio? Would it increase the nasty surprise?
    Another person has no planets around the degree of the eclipse but Uranus transit is making a trine to natal Jupiter? Would it reduce the nasty surprise?

    • i have venus in taurus 12 in 12th and leo on 4th and i lived in forest and ocean as an adolescent, love earth. on the island top in winter was written in snow JOY. When saturn transmitted it i got a small inheritance.

  4. Just out of interest, the coronation tomorrow, it’s literally on an eclipse, blood moon, Mercury rx and Pluto rx. What does that say about King Charles reign? Can’t be sunshine and flowers that’s for sure.

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            • Also, in the news story on BBC the journalist reports it as 12h01 but for those of us who actually watched it live, it turned 12h02 as the bishop of Canterbury faffed with the crown a bit, I think he was nervous 🙂 the queen was crowned at exactly 12h15 (London time).

  5. That’s a nasty surprise I got right here! I’m in late years of age and I never heard of Zubenelgenubi before …and to discover it’s right by my Sun. ((shudder))

  6. There was a penis shape mowed into coronation site lawn. I found that a nasty. Or is it just AI created. Supposedly the Kremlin got drone bombed, nasty, but then someone suggested that was AI fake too.

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