Venus Opposite Pluto July 12, 2024

Venus Opposite Pluto Transit

Venus opposite Pluto maximum orb 6°00′.

Venus opposite Pluto natal makes for instant attractions and intense relationships. You are very drawn to particular people; others may experience this same compelling attraction to you. There is something mysterious about this karmic attraction that you cannot explain, and sometimes this involves dark or even dangerous desires.

Sometimes, you and your friends and partners will most likely experience overwhelming feelings of jealousy or possessiveness. This is to be expected because of your intense feelings of love. Suspicions can get out of control, making you feel threatened. It is essential not to react to such out-of-control emotions by manipulating others or using dirty tricks; such behavior will backfire or eventually catch up with you.

You have enough attractive power not to need to coerce someone into loving you. Someone will come along who matches your high level of infatuation. The ideal relationship will be one in which power is shared, and neither of you feels intimidated.

Through your close one-to-one relationships, you will learn not to hold on so tight. It may take several dramatic and painful experiences before you understand that trying to control others ends in the destruction of the relationship.

It is just as vital that you don’t let yourself be manipulated. If you are more of the submissive type, then you are at greater risk of being taken advantage of in love and used and abused. In extreme cases, this can result in domestic violence and rape.

You may be attracted to dangerous people as Pluto rules the underworld, crime, hard drugs, and dark magic. Such relationships may teach you much about the darker side of humanity, but you do not have to travel into the underworld to unlock wisdom. You can access such knowledge through meditation, astrology, or honing your psychic ability.

If you find yourself in desperate situations, you can draw on your powerful recuperative properties and ability to positively transform your life.

Venus Opposite Pluto Transit

Venus opposite Pluto transit adds intense pressure to your closest relationships. You or your partner may feel suspicious, jealous, possessive, or threatened. Then suddenly, you may be dealing with relationship drama due to manipulation or power plays.

Obsessions and compulsive attractions are other possibilities that could lead to dangerous affairs. Even if single, care should be taken when dating because of dark forces acting at the subconscious level.

It is common under this influence to fall instantly in love with someone who would mistreat you and use and abuse you. They may be violent, have criminal tendencies, or be addicted to hard drugs. It is also possible that your increased powers of attraction may go to your head. Exerting your forces over a weaker person to fulfill your intense desires would not help the evolution of your soul.

Any power imbalances in your love relationships will be highlighted. Whoever feels victimized will most likely lash out with guilt trips or cruelty. Sometimes this can play out in the bedroom as masochistic behavior or experimenting with pain and domination.

The best way to handle overpowering feelings is to determine their origins. Be open and honest with your partner, and you should be able to address any power and control issues without one of you resorting to subversive tactics.

Venus Opposite Pluto Celebrities

Gilles Villeneuve 0°00′, Chelsea Clinton 0°03′, René Magritte 0°09′, H. G. Wells 0°12′, Edward VII 0°12′, Kevin Federline 0°16′, Steve Irwin 0°24′, Phil Spector 0°28′, Erwin Rommel 0°30′, Piero di Cosimo 0°30′, Robert F. Kennedy 0°33′, Nick Nolte 0°36′, Noor Inayat Khan 0°50′, Julian Lennon 1°00′, Bernardo Provenzano 1°06′, Mohandas Gandhi 1°13′, Novak Djokovic 1°24′, Christine Keeler 1°30′, Hubert Wilkins 1°41′, David Carradine 1°46′.

Venus Opposite Pluto Dates

August 9, 2022
June 5, 2023
July 12, 2024
August 27, 2025
June 17, 2026
August 1, 2027
September 11, 2028
July 4, 2029
August 19, 2030

29 thoughts on “Venus Opposite Pluto July 12, 2024

  1. Hi Jamie..
    Plz write something about me regarding this dangerous transit.I m born on 3rd November at 9:4 pm..

      • Thanx Jamie,
        U r really gr8 n helping person…..
        Allah bless u…..

    • I have this aspect natally at less than 0 degrees. I haven’t found it to be dangerous. I have dated manipulative and controlling people, but I have not been physically abused or threatened by my partners. I tend to have a good “people radar” for basic goodness, so while I’ve dated people with issues (probably drawn to me to work them out) it’s never yet manifested as a straight up physically dangerous situation. My Venus is also conjunct Hamal, so for me it’s manifested as very intense 1 on 1 romantic relationships and true platonic friendships. I definitely go for strong personalities and struggle with the balance of power in relationships. I come off a bit “airy fairy” at first, so I think my partners have been surprised by my emotional intensity.

  2. Hello again Jamie! How long would we feel the effects of this transit?
    Thanks again,

  3. Oh dear another ‘fiesty’ moment in the making coming up… Will this affect my relationship/me directly?
    I am 10 november 1982, 3.15pm South Africa
    And my husband is 20 may 1989, south Africa
    It has been intense these past few months.. Waiting for a silver lining..

    thanks in advance

    • This is really good for your relationship among many other things because of Pluto trine Sun transit. You also have other good transit at this time for loving I noticed in your monthly horoscope, especially with Jupiter trine Pluto.

  4. 11/301974 11:48 pm NY,NY
    I am in need of knowing if I’m in danger of any kind

  5. Please let me know if I should expect anything bad to happen..feeling the paranoia des moines, ia 4:35pm 9/21/92

  6. HI Jamie– I have venus, sun and mercury and Eres in 10th house opp pluto. Ive certainly had some very volatile relationships disempowering relationship and it really feels like independence has been a strong theme for me. Ive recently come out of a relationship which im desperately trying everything to release mentally and emotionally so as to focus on my life forward as the breakup was such a shattering experience and ended badly. Despite trying meditation, yoga and every holistic energy chord cutting trick in the book to let him go, he still stays strong in my dreams and thoughts daily. Might you have an explanation to share for this Please? And thank you for your time and all the enlightening articles. 29th march 1977 12:17pm Cape town South Africa

    • The culprit is Saturn opposite Ascendant transit. (Saturn conjunct Descendant which is your partners). Especially significant with Saturn retrograde 2016 focusing on love. Exact dates for Saturn on your DC:

      12 Feb 2016
      07 May 2016 retrograde
      06 Nov 2016

  7. Joe Scarborough has Venus opposite Pluto and he was a congressman when his young female aide was found dead in his office…

  8. Umm…..
    Got started with an out-of-the-box means of side-income tonight that will need to be worked on. It feels to me like some kind of build-up dating back to the Feb. 10/11th full moon, when such an idea was inconceivable to me.

    Am a Sag. decan 3, 19th Dec. ’72, 2.40am. Any pointers or comments, Jamie?

  9. Hi jamie. What do you think about a scorpio pluto in the ascendant opposite taurus venus in the 7th house ? The ruler of 7th is the same venus, and there’s a taurus moon in there in conjunction with venus but not in direct opposition to pluto . The ascendant is scorpio. All that in the natal chart . Thanks !

  10. Hi Jamie, I have Venus opposite Pluto (retrograde). Venus in 11th / Pisces and Pluto in 5th / Virgo/ conj NN. Experienced years of (mental and physical) abusive relationship. What does the conjunction with NN do to this Venus opp Pluto ?

  11. Thanks Jamie, I never miss a day reading your transit writings, which are amazingly accurate, for me its a guide to go by – I try and lay low and ignore all the drama, I try, off course at times my emotions do get the better of me :(. Just want to say thanks again for such an amazing site.

  12. I have Venus (28′ Pi; conj Jupiter@24’Pi.; 2nd H.) opposite Pluto (8′ Libra) in my natal chart. As a 3yr old, that opposition had me in a losing war of jealousy and rejection with a 30 yr-old stepmonster who’d recently married my father, never spoke to me -though we lived in the same house for one year, and was furious when my father gave me any attention …EVER. For the next 30+ years, things remained this way until my father died. I seem to draw these types of circumstances to me, still.

    The June 5th, 2018 Venus/Pluto opposition has and is still throwing me for a helluva ride, though. Transiting Venus was conjunction my natal Moon AND Saturn @13′ Cancer on Memorial Day weekend, as the Moon was exactly full and Venus approached her exact opposition with Pluto. I was betrayed by two good a very good friends who seem to have fallen in ;love, right in front of me. Though, the female friend (an 11 Sag. Sun) said she’d NEVER fool around with my roommate (13′ Scorpio Sun, male). I looked up their composite chart. It formed a beautiful Kite Pattern, with Jupiter opposite the Ascendant. Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus all trines, sextiles and smiles. Now, I am the one who’s enraged and jealous. Now, I also know that I’m the one fighting the tide(s).

    • Correction: The June 5th, 2018 Venus/Pluto opposition has and is still throwing me for a helluva ride… Transiting Venus was conjunction my natal Moon AND natal Saturn @12′ & 13′ Cancer on Memorial Day weekend, as the Moon was exactly full and Venus approaching her exact opposition with Pluto. I was betrayed by two very good friends who seem to have fallen in love right in front of me. …

  13. I would like some good info Aug 9,1974 and to be added to you email address for your article readings please! Thank you for the great info on your articles!!

  14. Hi Jamie! What if you have this aspect now along with Sun opposite Pluto transit, today March 14th, 2021 with the New Moon in Pisces ?

  15. If this aspect shows up in a solar return, would you read it as a transit or a natal? My solar return has this aspect this year with venus on the mc and pluto on the ic. Any thoughts?

  16. I heard someone say no one would ever find my body. That was in a dream but it reminded me of the native women .
    This venus pluto is drawing it in again on some level. It’s a bother for sure. I consider him dangerous now.

  17. Not all dangerous liaisons are bad though. And it doesnt surprise me to know that Julian Lennon has this in his chart, his depth of feelings and value in being charitable and serving his quest to aid both humanity and environment, is a classic representation through his constant love lost and cannot for the life of him understand why, goddess worshipping romantic history, or at least from what he himself has said on his internet spaces. Just another creative genius suffering for his art I assume.

  18. How someone needs to understand this transit of Venus opposition to Pluto if it is also conjunct to mercury opposition natal Pluto and both are reaching the degree of the solar eclipse on 8 April ? Is someone trying to manipulate through words to create power plays? Would this trigger again the message of the eclipse?

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