Sun Opposite Moon Natal and Transit

Sun Opposite Moon Transit

Sun opposite Moon maximum orb 9°00′.

Sun opposite Moon natal is the second most important aspect in astrology, behind Sun conjunct Moon. The reason is that the Sun and Moon are the equal most important bodies in the heavens, and the opposition comes just behind the conjunction in strength. Life on earth depends on the relationships between Sun and Moon, as seen and felt from Earth. When Theia collided with Earth, it tilted our planet to allow the seasons.

The formation of the Moon from the debris of the giant impact was, and remains, essential to keeping our planet from hurtling into space. The earliest records in stone point to the obsession with understanding this cosmic relationship, with the prediction of full and new moons and lunar and solar eclipses becoming an exact science.

Sun opposite Moon in the natal chart creates a competitive, sometimes confrontational nature. The major themes in life are polarities, extremes, and understanding. Through pitting oneself against the other, greater self-understanding is attained. This process involves much stress and tension, a constant battle against the adversary.

As if looking in a mirror, the understanding of the subconscious self comes through conscious questioning of the other. You investigate your inner nature and behavior through the reactions they provoke in other people and events around you. This gives you a different perspective, evolving your sometimes blinkered nature over time.

Gaining knowledge of the facts, or conscious reality, is the path to trusting your subconscious, your intuition and instincts. When young, you may be more of a scientist and skeptic, but with age, you learn to balance the conscious and the facts of the Sun with the subconscious and the mysteries of the Moon. Compromise and negotiation will be mastered.

Sun Opposite Moon Transit

Sun opposite Moon transit creates a tense and confrontational environment. Personal conflict and crises may drain your energy. To overcome any opposition or tests of character, you must draw on your emotional strength and instincts to overcome these challenges to your ego. Others may try to bring you down by attacking your personal life, or you may have to juggle the polarity of home and work or your needs and responsibilities. It will feel like it is you against the world.

In your personal life, there may be increased tension between you and your family members, with extra emotional burdens being placed on you. The external pressures can leave you feeling out of sorts or with butterflies in your stomach. The key is to balance emotions and conscious intention. Despite these challenges, or because of them, you can achieve much progress in your personal and professional life now.

This interpretation for Sun opposite Moon transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon opposite Moon.

Sun Opposite Moon Celebrities

Margot Adler 0°02′, Paul I of Russia 0°04′, William Henry Drummond 0°08′, Kamala Harris 0°09′, Kevin Jonas 0°12′, Mary I of England 0°12′, Alicia Witt 0°22′, Michael Crichton 0°24′, Alexis Arquette 0°26′, J.J. Watt 0°27′, Demi Moore 0°27′, Evan Rachel Wood 0°28′, Joan Rivers 0°33′, Henry Ford 0°35′, Gloria Vanderbilt 0°37′, Ebenezer Sibly 0°40′, Francisco Franco 0°43′, Lady Louise Windsor 0°45′, Stephanie Cole 1°08′, Kirk Douglas 1°11′, Susan Boyle 1°29′, Chelsea Handler 1°35′, Donald Trump 1°43.

11 thoughts on “Sun Opposite Moon Natal and Transit

  1. Thanks, Jamie. This could have been written about my friend, born at Full Moon, especially how she questions everything. We’re both lunar Librans though, so we keep it friendly. 😉

  2. What can be said if one is born on a full moon opposite their sun ? Was born on a full Aries moon and sun is in the last degrees of virgo . 3rd decan virgo sun in the first house with lilith in the first house and mercury. 1 Decan Ariel moon in the 8th house .

  3. Creation of the Moon here, the story, reminds me of the story of Eve’s creation from Adam.

  4. This transit occurs at close of polls for the UK 2019 election (10.00 pm), with moon void of course.

  5. I am Gemini born on a full moon. You have perfectly described my situation and the constant conflict that I experience with others. I’ve resigned myself to staying single so that I won’t ever again go through the struggle and heartache of marriage. Thank you for sharing this information. Thank you for explaining the problems that I have with people.

  6. My daughter has this aspect born on a full moon but at a wider orb of over 5 degrees. Does this mean that it will not be as noticed by her or others like less of an effect? I have sun quintile the moon. Thank you

  7. I know Jamie hardly responds so i hope other astrologers might..
    Bf has moon in 12th house aries, each time the sun is on today (his sixth) opposite his moon he has a tendency to lie, years ago he cheated.. whats up with this behaviour? A moon in 12th house thing? His moon trines his asteroïd lie 26955 conjunct jupiter leo in 5th house. Today the moon and asteroïd karma 3811 in Sagittarius in his 8th house makes it a grand trine.

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