Venus Sextile Uranus Natal and Transit

Venus Sextile Uranus TransitVenus sextile Uranus natal has a positive influence on your social life, love life, and your artistic or creative style. You have an open-minded and progressive view of your own self-worth which should make you comfortable among others in a social situation. People notice that your lifestyle or appearance is somewhat unusual or unconventional and you are aware they do.

With few hang-ups or barriers, people are attracted to you and you should enjoy social popularity. Finding a lover should come as easy as making friends because there is always something interesting or exciting about you to spark their interest.

Your friends and partners are also likely to show that Uranus flair or eccentricity so a degree of independence will help to keep up healthy relationships. You will be happiest with a partner who is not demanding or smothering and may have a non-traditional family setup or have to juggle multiple commitments.

Your sexy aura will attract a lot of attention from potential lovers. They sense that with you, they will enjoy extra stimulation and erotic pleasure with a hint of danger that is irresistible. With such temptation, you may find it difficult to keep up long-term relationships. In this case, your own need for a thrill could be found through sexual experimentation in the bedroom, role play, dress-ups or toys.

You are a trendsetter and this will show from your sense of fashion to how you decorate your room or design your entire home and garden. You may have to deal with some odd looks when you start the new trend and are the only one standing out. You can turn this talent into a career later in life and I’m sure some extra attention won’t spoil your day.

At a deeper level, you appreciate form and beauty at a higher level than most. Your unique approach reveals thing which can stimulate, excite, and inspire others. Take the poet and writer Robert Graves with Venus sextile Uranus at the powerful orb of only 0º02′. In The White Goddess, he links Celtic mythology to poetry, the moon, and goddess worship. His unconventional interpretations of the Greek myths caused controversy among the establishment. Graves said those classical scholars were too technical or narrow-minded to understand the deeper meaning of the ancient poems, and that:

the few independent thinkers are the poets, who try to keep civilizations alive.

Venus Sextile Uranus Transit

Venus sextile Uranus transit stimulates your need for fun and excitement in your social and love life. This is also a good time for your finances with the possibility of an unexpected windfall. If all alone during this transit, entertainment or creativity will satisfy your increased desire for something new and shiny in your life. You can make original breakthroughs in artistic and creative work.

You will be expressing your love nature with a flair that can also manifest as extra bling or a unique fashion style. Your displays shall attract equally interesting and eager people, willing to take a risk and see where it goes. This lack of inhibition is especially helpful if you are naturally shy and reserved.

This is an excellent time to make new friends and lovers. While this transit favors instant attraction and a shortcut to the bedroom, the odds are more in favor of a quick fling and not marriage. The one exception to this is the case of two people are who naturally free spirits and dislike being owned or smothered with love and affection. True love is possible between these two. Even if one partner is more traditional but willing to give a lot of ground, there is the potential for a long-lasting relationship, whether sexual or platonic.

Venus Sextile Uranus Celebrities

Robert Graves 0º02′, Tim Robbins 0º09′, William Blake 0º17′, Tammy Wynette 0º20′, Barry Crump 0º27′, Robin Williams 0º37′, Benito Mussolini 0º41′, Jean Henri Fabre 045′, Pauline Collins 0º56′, Billie Eilish 1°19′, George Harrison 1º21′, Mia Farrow 1º46′, Shelley Ackerman 1º47′, George W. Bush 2º10′, Marlene Dietrich 1º14′, Leonardo da Vinci 2°16′.

Venus Sextile Uranus Dates

15 January 2020
18 August 2020
3 March 2021
13 June 2021
18 April 2022
2 August 2022
8 February 2023
26 May 2023

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  1. Acknowledging an inspirational artist tonight on a dating platform. Her art sustain me through a few tribulations. She was always polite, even when we had to part. I love her. She is beauty, even while her house flooded.

    The peculiar rotation of Venus and Uranus, against the standard planet rotations. Let it guide the wilful spirits, show your intuition now. May the Force be with you.

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