Uranus Sextile Neptune Natal and Transit

Uranus Sextile Neptune Transit

Uranus sextile Neptune maximum orb 2°00′.

Uranus sextile Neptune is a significant planetary aspect shared by the generation born from 1965 to 1969. Uranus sextile Neptune next occurs from 2025 to 2027.

Natal Uranus Sextile Neptune

Uranus sextile Neptune natal makes you a free-thinking and open-minded person. You are not bound by tradition or dogma, which makes you highly creative and innovative. You are a creative genius and find new ways of doing things through flashes of insight, experimentation, and inspiration. You are probably psychic and have a vivid imagination and dream life.

This aspect gives an interest in spirituality more so than traditional religion. If you are religious, you are likely a reformer or prefer modern interpretations. Science, art, and psychology may also hold a particular attraction.

Denial of human rights and individual freedoms would be particularly upsetting for you. This humanist outlook on life could lead to social activism or involvement with groups of like-minded people. With optimism about the future, your generation can inspire many more people to bring about political, cultural, and environmental change.

Uranus Sextile Neptune Transit

Uranus sextile Neptune transit represents spiritual awakening. As this transit approaches, you may begin to seek answers to philosophical questions that traditional religion or even science cannot explain. You may become more concerned about the future and humanity in general. In particular, you may wish to understand better how you are connected to others at the mass-conscious level.

The answers to your questions are more likely to come through dreams, flashes of insight, and interaction with groups of like-minded people rather than through formal studies. It is common during this transit to become involved in occult, metaphysical, environmental, or humanitarian groups.

This is an excellent time to invent and create, especially if you have been blocked or experiencing a creative block or feel your life has stagnated. The changes in your life now lead to a greater sense of oneness with others and the universe.

Uranus Sextile Neptune Celebrities

Princess Renee of France 0°01′, Timothy McVeigh 0°01′, Gerardus Mercator 0°05′, Kellyanne Conway 0°12′, Kylie Minogue 0°14′, Napoleon IV of France 0°15′, Celine Dion 0°22′, Philippe Petain 0°22′, Kenny Chesney 0°28′, Sigmund Freud 0°43′, Joe Rogan 0°55′, David Cameron 1°01′, Kurt Cobain 1°05′, Pamela Anderson 1°05′, Franz Schubert 1°12′, Matt Biondi 1°23′, Nicole Kidman 1°32′, Gordon Ramsay 1°32′, Jean Driscoll 1°34′, Heidi Fleiss 1°46′, Oscar Wilde 1°57′.

Uranus Sextile Neptune Dates

10 September 1966
25 January 1967
23 July 1967
20 April 1968
12 May 1968

28 August 2025
20 November 2025
25 July 2026
15 January 2027
06 June 2027

5 thoughts on “Uranus Sextile Neptune Natal and Transit

  1. Jamie, the 25 January 2027, is off 10 days. Try 15 January.

    As a Uranus/Neptune Quintile person, my impression of the Five Sextiles is that it will be a time in life that will considerably pleases those born with the Conjunction.

  2. Interesting, found on an astro financial website.

    “Late in the week, Dec 15th, we have the following aspect. Uranus semi-squares Neptune. This long term aspect is still in orb. This can mean someone or something is checkmated. This could be a signature of a crisis or even a revolution. These are slow moving planets and need a broad orb. +- 2 weeks. Strong planets but a weak aspects”

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