New Moon January 21, 2023 – Synchronicity

New Moon January 2023 AstrologyThe New Moon in Aquarius on January 21, 2023, coincides with Mercury quincunx Mars. So the meaning of the New Moon January 2023 astrology is using patience and forethought to implement brilliant ideas.

The January 2023 New Moon aligns with stars that act like Mercury quincunx Mars. And so do the stars that align with Mercury and Mars. This is amazing synchronicity, but it also increases the risk of rushed thinking leading to impulsive actions.

New Moon January 2023 Astrology

The New Moon on January 21, 2023, is located at 01°32′ Aquarius. It is directly aspected to Jupiter (sextile) and Pluto (conjunct). But these have only a moderate influence because the aspect orbs are relatively wide.

Mercury quincunx Mars has a far more significant effect on the January 2023 New Moon astrology. This is reinforced by fixed stars in the first degree of Aquarius that are strikingly similar to Mercury quincunx Mars.

New Moon January 2023 Horoscope

New Moon January 2023 Astrology [Solar Fire]

New Moon Meaning

Sun conjunct Moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another new 28-day cycle. It gives an invigorating burst of energy and initiative. But it also brings emotional balance, not irrationally emotional, and not too cold and calculating.

So the New Moon in Aquarius 2023 is excellent for making a fresh start, turning over a new leaf, or starting a new project. You can also question old habits, behaviors, and beliefs as you search for new and inventive ways to progress.

The Constellations

The January 2023 New Moon is in the Sign of Aquarius. But as the image below shows, it sits between Constellations Sagittarius and Capricornus. The Signs and the Constellations do not match up. Over the last 2000 years, the Constellations have moved nearly 30° out of alignment with the Signs because of the precession of the equinoxes.

The Zodiac was invented only as a measuring device. The ecliptic line in the image below matches the degrees in the horoscope above. Like the original astrologers, I use the Constellations and fixed stars for interpretation, not the Signs.


All the stars listed below align with the January 21 New Moon. The closest by longitudinal degree belong to Constellations Sagittae the Arrow and Cygnus the Swan.

  • 01♒15 – Gamma Aquilae, Tarazed
  • 01♒22 – Alpha Sagittae, Sham
  • 01♒31 – Beta Sagittae
  • 01♒32 – New Moon January 2023
  • 01♒33 – Beta Cygni, Albireo
  • 02♒05 – Alpha Aquilae, Altair

Beta Sagittae has a stronger influence on the New Moon January 2023 astrology than Beta Cygni. This is because the Sun and Moon have already passed Beta Sagittae.

The Arrow

Constellation Sagitta the Arrow is said to give a keen mind with the ability for abstract thought and teaching or writing, irritability, jealousy and danger of hostility and bodily harm. [1]

Alpha and Beta Saggitae give a keen mind and a great deal of intellectual energy, with the tendency to be combative and opinionated. Rather violent weather if occurring in significant places in a chart of the new or full Moon. [2]

New Moon January 2023 Aspect

Mercury quincunx Mars quickens your thinking and your speech. Many bright ideas may come out of nowhere, and you will be eager to implement them. You may also be keen to share your ideas with anyone who will listen. This can be a very productive New Moon, especially for work requiring brainpower, creativity, manual dexterity and persuasion. You can fight for a worthy cause, gain publicity and convince others.

However, impatience, competitiveness and outspokenness bring the potential for arguments, conflict, and crises. Your sharp tongue and quick temper could also bring fierce rivalries, public scandal, and notoriety. A tendency toward rushed thinking, anger and speaking impulsively also increases the risk of arguments. Nasty words and mental cruelty now would have karmic repercussions.

It is important to decide on one thing and stick to it. You may worry about getting things done on time, do too many things, or work too much. Rushing about and acting impulsively bring the risk of accidents, cuts and burns. So it is essential to take regular breaks and try to relax. Slow down, listen to advice, and think twice before making important decisions. Patience, forethought, and the development of informed opinions are your keys to success.

Mercury conjunct fixed star Facies at 08°36′ Capricorn makes people extremely driven and focused but sometimes ruthless and selfish. This nebula is associated with accidents due to careless actions, illness and violence.

Mars conjunct fixed star Ain at 08°47′ Gemini makes people abrupt, aggressive and courageous with a lack of concentration. This star is associated with sudden events, violence, fierceness, wounds or injuries to the head and contradictions of fortune.


Commenting on this aspect, Greg said:

This time is especially interesting, when both Mars, then Mercury, go retrograde and stop on the 8th degree of Gemini and Capricorn. Exactly. At 150°. Synchronicity at work!

More synchronicity comes from the stars that align with Mercury and Mars. These stars bring rushed thinking, violence and accidents, just like Mercury quincunx Mars.

The Arrow Constellation brings irritability and danger of hostility and bodily harm, just like Mercury quincunx Mars. And finally, the stars in the shaft of the Arrow significantly increase intellectual energy and give a tendency to be combative and opinionated. Exactly like Mercury quincunx Mars!

New Moon January 2023 Meaning

The planets most affecting the January 2023 New Moon in Aquarius are Mercury and Mars. This mentally aggressive influence comes from a planetary aspect and fixed stars that align with Mercury, Mars and the New Moon.

Mercury quincunx Mars climaxes only 8 hours before the New Moon. Mercury direct on January 18 means this aspect stays within a one-degree orb from January 14 to 23. So the January 21 New Moon takes on the energy of this aspect, amplifies it, and extends its influence for another four weeks.

The uncanny similarity of the fixed stars to Mercury quincunx Mars is a fantastic example of synchronicity at work. But it also further amplifies the risks of intellectual debate rapidly spiraling into fierce disagreement, insults, threats, and impulsive acts of hostility. The January 2023 New Moon astrology also indicates violent weather, military attacks and ambushes, and missile strikes.

To summarize, remember to slow down, listen to advice, and think twice before making important decisions. Patience, forethought, and the development of informed opinions are your keys to success.

The influence of the January 21 New Moon lasts for four weeks up to the February 20 New Moon. The best time for starting new projects is during the two-week waxing moon phase, from January 21 to the February 5 Full Moon.

If the New Moon January 2023 astrology directly affects your Sign, you can read about it in your free Monthly Horoscope. Finally, see Sun Transits for more details about how it affects your natal chart.

New Moon January 2023 Times and Dates

  • Los Angeles – January 21, 12:53 pm
  • New York – January 21, 3:53 pm
  • London – January 21, 8:53 pm
  • Delhi – January 22, 2:23 0m
  • Sydney – January 22, 7:53 am


  1. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.42, 59, 118
  2. Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p.24.

14 thoughts on “New Moon January 21, 2023 – Synchronicity

  1. This new moon is applying conjunct my natal Venus and trine my natal Libra moon…Mars in a separating trine to both…should be interesting to see what comes along now that Mercury and Mars are moving forward again…and Uranus sextile my natal sun and mercury…been waiting on some money owed to me for over 9 months now…I have hope…

    • Your money is coming. Feel the emotions of having it already! 💸 😊 💰 Happy 2023!

      • Funny thing that less than 12 hours after posting I received a noticeable amount…still have hope the remainder owed is soon to arrive…still feel blessed tho…🙂

  2. I see the new moon sextile to Jupiter as more fortuitous than this article states. I don’t see the inconjunct with Mars and Mercury to be a problem as I see the energies of planning and preparing through writing, speaking and even thinking to take precedent. With Mercury in Capricorn I see the quincunx being used more as a push to plan or implement a plan versus strong arguments or war. I do also think the tension in the aspect will go on for the next six months culminating at the Aquarius full moon in late summer. With Saturn and Venus conjunct it indicates the beginning of a project.

  3. Chinese Lunar New Year

    chart set for Beijing, 20Sag36 rising, Jupiter chart ruler. Looks like a War of Words in Lunar New Year lands. The social media censor, Libra; you’ve got a few chances to make the judge laugh… or its Lilith op New Moon. Just mention how Pluto trine Sedna on astrologyking., good for a chuckle, never gonna see that again.

  4. Natural Gas for many countries, a staple commodity, which produces a lot of hot Air and is readily converted to power systems.

    A hot air conversation: Mercury quincunx Mars.

    The New Moon Aquarius, find heated exchanges regarding essentials and luxuries. Who is traditionally good at producing and consuming. One might image Kushido in Canada, January 12, having this conversation over topic de jour, NatGas.

    With January 12, the message as well,, the Artwork,, entering Staple territory.

    Recently The USA has reversed its sentiment on the Keystone pipeline. Basic research will lead to transportation of a staple commodity, Bitumen, both producer and consumer. Seen under this light, the light of the Artwork, Staple Thesis has a place in our Lunar New year world, 2023.

  5. Hello, I would appreciate your thoughts on why the data on moon constellation ( from NASA as an axample ) do not match astrological data. Example:

    Year 2023
    Month January
    Day 21
    Altitude -28.5°
    Azimuth 262.5° (W)
    Right ascension 20h 9m 2s
    Declination -25° 38′ 30″
    Range 356,585 km
    Constellation Capricornus
    thank you

    • Hi Roodi.

      How is it different? You can see on the star map that the first degree of the Aquarius Sign (astrology) aligns with the Constellation Capricornus (astronomy)

      • sure, many thanks Jamie! I have now noticed that you have already clarified that. but sorry to bother you again with the one more question: shall I consider the astronomy or astrology data when readying about my weekly or monthly sign in your website?
        astrology date: I was born Capricorn (December 22 to about January 19)
        astronomy date: I was born Sagittarius (December 18 – January 19)
        I wish you are having a great 2023. once again thank you so much for the great work!

  6. Unusual news from UK regarding an industrial accident. A hydraulic elevator, a public urinal of all things. Trafalgar square, Friday January 27, 1:05 pm UT

    chart looks like a cross up. Both of January 29th’s featured trines synchronic. But was it actually a legitimate accident or did the Brits take a Shaftsbury theatre production outside?

    Ralph Goodale, Canada’s High Commisionar to UK, twittered the news as Medics were working on the scene. I just cant see him doing that unless he was instructed.

    So call me a sceptic. Accidents like this dont get hyped unless you want to send a message: Perhaps synchronous New Moon has lived up to its billing

  7. Solar Flare Farside Study, midpoint

    Something new this year with the Sun Scholarship, studying Farside activity before reveal. It’s almost as if the Sun wants to provide forward guidance.

    the 7 February 2023 solar activity suggests two cantilevers connected. The midpoint chart as Earth/Moon in opposition with Pluto.

    We could be faced with a Sun further weakened, it takes twice the effort to lift CME’s into heliocentric atmosphere?

    Heliocentric Midpoint similar to geocentric Synchronic New Moon.
    Earth 00°Leo34′
    Moon 00°Leo32′
    A year of Sun and Earth working closely together.

    • Solar Flare Farside Study, Midpoint Composite, Declination

      A further look, particularly to the two Oppositions, reveals a balance in North/South declination. The two oppositions are also part of a T-Square with Dwarf planets Haumea and Makemake respectfully.

      Declination study, degrees off the ecliptic

      1st T-Square

      Pluto 20°30’42” South opposite Earth/Moon 20°02′ North
      square Haumea 11°22’58” South

      2nd T-SquareS

      Quaoar 23°14’52” South opposite Mars 23°12’51” North
      square Makemake 03°25’25” South

      Brief interpretation: The Sun is conducting a rebalance maintenance process. It signals this with two Farside activity pre reveal, at Composite Midpoint, ref Lunar New Year synchronicity.

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