Mercury Quincunx Mars Natal and Transit

Mercury Quincunx MarsMercury quincunx Mars natal makes you extremely smart and talented. It gives a colorful, feisty, and engaging personality that makes you entertaining and popular. You have many bright ideas and make bold plans to reach your goals. However, with such an active mind and eagerness to be heard, you can experience much anxiety, conflict, and crises.

You are very passionate about your ideas and impatient to share them or convince others of their merits. Your directness, outspokenness, and forthright activism can result in remarkable achievements and wide publicity. But with your sharp tongue and quick temper, it can also bring arguments, fierce rivalries, public scandal, and notoriety.

With your high IQ, imagination, and creativity, you would do well as a writer. This reduces the risk of misspeaking or offending because you tend to think out loud. But it is important to decide on an exact topic and stick to it. You may tend to do too many things too quickly. One of the biggest challenges with Mercury quincunx Mars is to restrict yourself to a single goal.

Your mind can switch very fast from wild enthusiasm to mental exhaustion. So there is a risk of mental illness. You could self-medicate to dial down your manic excitement or revive from lethargy. This would lead to problems with addiction. Your tendency to work too much and worry bring the risk of mental breakdowns. So it is essential to take regular breaks and learn to rest and relax.

You likely have a strong sex appeal and make friends easily. But your impulsive nature, impatience, and tendency to bore easily also bring the potential for affairs and acrimonious separations. You can be a skilled debater, but it is essential to remember there are karmic repercussions for nasty words and mental cruelty.

You are intelligent and quick-witted but should always be prepared to listen to advice. Patience, forethought, and the development of informed opinions are your keys to success.

Mercury Quincunx Mars Transit

Mercury quincunx Mars transit quickens your thinking and your speech. Many bright ideas may come out of nowhere, and you will be eager to implement them. You may also be keen to share your ideas with anyone who will listen.

This can be a very productive time, especially for work requiring brainpower, creativity, manual dexterity and persuasion. You can fight for a worthy cause, gain publicity and convince others.

However, impatience, competitiveness and outspokenness bring the potential for arguments, conflict, and crises. Your sharp tongue and quick temper could also bring fierce rivalries, public scandal, and notoriety. A tendency toward rushed thinking, anger and speaking impulsively also increases the risk of arguments. Nasty words and mental cruelty now would have karmic repercussions.

This may be a better time for writing than speaking. It reduces the risk of misspeaking or offending because of a tendency to think out loud. But whatever you do, it is important to decide on one thing and stick to it. You may worry about getting things done on time, do too many things, or work too much. Rushing about and acting impulsively bring the risk of accidents, cuts and burns.

So it is essential to take regular breaks and try to relax. Slow down, listen to advice, and think twice before making important decisions. Patience, forethought, and the development of informed opinions are your keys to success.

Mercury Quincunx Mars Celebrities

Alan Leo 0°00′, Jamie Lee Curtis 0°15′, Carrie Fisher 0°16′, Jayne Mansfield 0°33′, Milton Black 0°37′, Herb Alpert 0°46′, Billy Mitchel 0°47′, William Henry Drummond 0°50′, Louisa May Alcott 0°51′, Sam Cooke 0°51′, Maurice Utrillo 0°56′, Bobby McFerrin 0°58′, Robert Duvall 1°01′, John Hunter 1°02′, Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. 1°05′, Tyra Banks 1°11′, Al Gore 1°14′, Harvey Weinstein 1°19′, Micheal Caine 1°22′, Walter E. Alston 1°25′, Annie Besant 1°27′, Quincy Jones 1°30′, Tom Conti 1°44′, April Ashley 1°47′.

Mercury Quincunx Mars Dates

December 15, 2022
January 17, 2023
January 20, 2023
January 7, 2025
February 7, 2025
January 18, 2027
April 3, 2027
March 12, 2029
April 7, 2029
May 1, 2031
June 2, 2031

11 thoughts on “Mercury Quincunx Mars Natal and Transit

    • Good to hear from you again, Gaby. Al Gore and Carrie Fisher are already on the list. I did not include Tim Robbins because his aspect orb is over 2°00′, and Jean Renoir’s chart is rated C.

  1. I have this aspect but Mars conjunct Uranus and Pluto on top of it. .. I can very much agree with your words! Interestingly Mars (ruler of my Sun is Aries is in Virgo) and my Mercury ruler of Virgo (and communication ) is in Aries. So I have a triple or (quadruple?) wedgie effect. So, you can imagine….But as age goes I hope I am getting better to control my words and impulses….still not always easy because if I can’t say what I think and I hold it back too long…well, you know…people don’t understand what hit them…. so, I have to always let some steam out so it doesn’t cause an explosion….1 of the lessons of my life…Very good analysis though…Thanks Jamie,
    I was waiting for this for a while now…

    • Wow, Uranus and Pluto would make your brain so wired and intense. Your analogy sounds like a volcano. Thank you for the feedback!

      • Thanks for the report …..Yes, maybe a bit more under control as I am older (and I forgot to add that those 3 oppose Saturn (LOL) in a fairly tight opposition 1-3 degrees.) So, yes…you can imagine the duals in my head . It is in the 6-12 house opposition, I am not sure, if that is any help…but as I said , as I m getting close to my second Saturn return, it is a bit more controlled most of the time….unless something or someone irritates Mars or Uranus…..😉 Thanks again, and take care of yourself…

  2. Thanks Jamie: I’m glad you did this aspect by transit. It’s been such a crazy ride with Mercury Quincunx Mars, especially with these air transit issues. One more week to go with the retrogrades!

    • Your are most welcome. That is why is wrote this aspect now. I started writing this last month for a Mercury retrograde post but ran out of time.

  3. Thanks for the post, Jamie, and the feedback from the readers.

    This time is especially interesting, when both Mars, then Mercury, go retrograde and stop on the 8th degree of Gemini and Capricorn. Exactly. At 150°. Synchronicity at work!

    • natal 08Leo Ascendant, the “Finger of the Dog”

      govt Mars, 11 house
      furry animal worker Mercury, 6 house

      Owwwe Woooo, ruff ruff

  4. Thank you so much for your article. I have this aspect and my Pluto at the apex. I have not been able to find out very much information and this really helped me and I can relate 1000%.

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