New Moon Solar Eclipse October 14, 2023 – Imagine

New Moon October 2023 Astrology

The New Moon in Libra on October 14, 2023, is an annular solar eclipse. It makes a quincunx aspect to Uranus. So, the meaning of the New Moon October 2023 astrology is to solve problems by using imagination and open-mindedness to overcome polarized thinking.

The October 14 solar eclipse aligns with stars that support the quest for solutions through leadership, diplomacy and the ability to see things from both sides.

New Moon October 2023 Horoscope

The New Moon on Saturday, October 14, 2023, is at 21°07′ Libra. The horoscope below shows the green quincunx aspect (150°) between the solar eclipse and Uranus.

New Moon October 2023 Astrology

New Moon October 2023 Horoscope

Solar Eclipse October 2023 Astrology

A solar eclipse is like a regular new moon where the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun. However, a solar eclipse is more powerful because the Moon darkens the Sun. The most influential and important aspect in astrology is the Sun conjunct Moon, which represents cyclic renewal and gives a refreshing burst of energy and initiative.

But it also brings emotional balance, not irrationally emotional, and not too cold and calculating. It means all possibilities are on the table, and you can rightly put yourself at the forefront of new plans for the future.

While a New Moon lasts for four weeks, the effects of a Solar Eclipse last nearly six months. So, Solar Eclipse October 2023 is excellent for making a fresh start, turning over a new leaf, or starting a new project. You can also question old habits, behaviors, and beliefs while searching for new and inventive ways to progress.

New Moon Aspect

New Moon quincunx Uranus can make you yearn for something new or exciting. Positive change and exciting opportunities are possible. But you may come under pressure to make changes, perhaps from a government agency, a superior or an unexpected event.

This mind-expanding aspect gives the imaginative ability, insight and higher awareness to make things happen. But imagining a better future and anticipating change can bring insecurity, uncertainty and fear. You may experience instability, irritability, and a crisis of indecision. Restricting yourself to a single goal will make decision-making easier.

Enhanced creativity, originality, ingenuity, flexibility and open-mindedness are ideal for experimenting, adapting, altering and adjusting. Doing something slightly different could get better results than attempting radical changes.

At a global level, protests or rebellions against the curtailment of freedom, revolution, riots, anarchy and explosions are possible. There might be discoveries, breakthroughs, or accidents associated with science, technology, aviation, new energy sources, the Internet, or artificial intelligence.

Quincunx aspects bring a new point of view, overcoming polarized or black-or-white thinking to find a new way forward. With Uranus, solutions could involve humanitarian, democratic and progressive ideas.

The Constellations

The October 2023 New Moon is in the Sign of Libra. But as the image below shows, it is in the Constellation of Virgo. The Signs and the Constellations do not match up. Over the last 2000 years, the Constellations have moved nearly 30° out of alignment with the Signs because of the precession of the equinoxes.

The Zodiac was invented only as a measuring device. The ecliptic line in the image below matches the degrees in the horoscope above. Like the original astrologers, I use the Constellations and fixed stars for interpretation, not the Signs.

Solar Eclipse October 2023 Astrology

Solar Eclipse October 2023 Astrology [Stellarium]

The image above shows Mercury and Mars within the Girdle of the Virgin. This is the luckiest part of the sky and contains the most fortunate star used in astrology, Spica.

Constellation Volans The Flying Fish is said to give a quick mind, activity, emotion, imagination, and poetic or artistic ability. [1]

Fixed star Heze gives benevolence, gain, voyages, harvests and freedom of captives. Constellation Virgo gives purity, prudence, diplomacy, discerning mental vision, secretarial skills, analytical tendencies and a retiring disposition. It relates to civil and ecclesiastical law, ingenuity, intellectual capacity, discerning judgment and discretion. [2]

Fixed star Foramen imparts leadership ability, piousness, a strong spirit, prosperity, an intuitive mentality and a fluent nature. [3] It also causes peril, dignity, usefulness and acquisitiveness. Constellation Argo gives prosperity in trade and voyages and strength of mind and spirit but has been associated with drowning. [1]

With Sun: Diplomatic, socially conscious and views all sides of a question. But negatively, can lack direction, be indecisive and easily conned. [3] Danger of shipwreck. [1]

New Moon October 2023 Meaning

The New Moon October 2023 Solar Eclipse’s aspect to Uranus can bring progressive change and freedom or forced change and chaos. But there is reason for hope.

With enough people imagining a better future, the fortunate stars of the fixed stars around 21° Libra will manifest the more positive side of Uranus.

The influence of the October 14 Solar Eclipse may last for over five months, up to the Solar Eclipse on April 08, 2024. The best time for starting new projects is during the two-week waxing moon phase, from October 14 to 28.

If the New Moon October 2023 astrology directly affects your Sign, you can read about it in your free Monthly Horoscope. Finally, see Sun Transits for more details about how it affects your natal chart.

New Moon October 2023 Times and Dates

  • Los Angeles – October 14, 10:55 am
  • New York – October 14, 1:55 pm
  • London – October 14, 6:55 pm
  • Delhi – October 14, 11:25 pm
  • Sydney – October 15, 4:55 am
October 2023 Solar Eclipse Map

The Solar Eclipse of October 2023 will be visible in the United States, Mexico, Central America, and South America.

October 2023 Solar Eclipse Map

October 2023 Solar Eclipse Map []

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29 thoughts on “New Moon Solar Eclipse October 14, 2023 – Imagine

  1. At the eclipse, Mars Scorpio trine Saturn Pisces.

    A disciplined soldier in Scorpio. The appreciative General experienced with a sensitive Pisces Mars soldier that loves to fight and wares the scars.

  2. This new moon solar eclipse is conjunct my natal Venus in Aries birthday is March 12 1964 any insight?

    • Jeff Bezos natal progressions same day as your 12 Mar 64. Order a dream catcher, ie. Pisces theme, and make a wish?

  3. Secondary Progressed asteroid 10101 Fourier, 21°Ari16 opposite Solar Eclipse 21°Lib11

    “Joseph Fourier… French mathematician and physicist born in Auxerre and best known for initiating the investigation of Fourier series, which eventually developed into Fourier analysis and harmonic analysis, and their applications to problems of heat transfer and vibrations”

    The other Fourier, Charles Fourier, a utopian socialist and French philosopher, is credited with having coined the word “féminisme” in 1837.

    Secondary Progressed Moon 13Gem43 conjunct Venus 11Gem37, Sun 26°Ari01

  4. You are the only astrologer that mentioned Spica when talking about this eclipse. I was wondering why is nobody talking about the most positive star in a sky that is so closely conjunct to this eclipse, maybe because people like to predict and focus on the more negative side of eclipses when in reality, they can bring so much positive changes, not only negative. Thank you Jamie! 😊

  5. Squaring my security loving Venus in cancer. It is a bit painful, all things considered. Can’t seem to hold onto anything, count on anything. It’s probably a let go thing. It’s only life, it’s only physical structure. I like the glimmer of the flying fish. Feels freeing. But there’s physical stuff that needs resolving.

  6. New Horizons NASA looking for objects beyond Pluto, but space between 50 – 60 AU is sparse. Arrototh was its last rendezvous, currently 21Cap19, square the Eclipse.

    “Targets for New Horizons are hard to see because the spacecraft, as seen from Earth, appears to be flying straight toward the bright center of the Milky Way, dazzling instruments”

    In the Aqe of Aquarius chart, place New Horizon conjunct GalacticCentre, sextile Venus 26Aqr33, astrologer degree.

    An astrologer will undoubtably help New Horizons discovery efforts, if it hasn’t already.

    • An hour before 28 Oct 2023 Lunar eclipse, a noticeable oxygen emission from a local steel mill 3:20 pm, lasting about 15 minutes.

      3:20 pm est, Ascendant 20Aqr20
      3:35 pm est, Ascendant 26Aqr14

      During this 15 minute window Midheaven and Nadir transit between Aldebaran-Antares.

      You can imagine 20Aqr20 and 26Aqr14 as years, and fit that into the biblical chart structure, and projection, elucidated at Regulus thread.

  7. Normally, I don’t much like uranian surprises. Natal Uranus sextiles natal mercury, and I do appreciate the ideas and quick thinking. But that does not help me much with long drawn out complicated problems. But something just happened by accident, that has switched my attack on a complicated problem. I don’t know if the new info is correct, but it’s another road to try. So maybe I shouldn’t dis Uranus this time.

    • Everyday more surprises. So I guess being somewhat dragged down and slower with Saturn’s transits to natal planets maybe not all bad. Slow down and experience the magic around me. It’s feeding me. And I got the saturn crunch happening for sometime yet. Dare I experience this simple wonder when the external world is falling apart and so many suffer.

  8. ‘Imagine’ confused me. But yay, I finally got it. It’s broad and general, but good and solid. Thanks for the push. I can feel it now.

  9. Hi Jamie, can the good aspects of the eclipse mitigate the fact that the eclipse activates a natal square and a conjunction? I have Pluto at 19.56 conjunct Apollo and they both square Venus in Cancer at 19.56? Additionally this eclipse was making a conjunction with IC at 22:12. What I should experience in the next 6 months?

  10. Steel is fast ’round the track and scores.

    Oil steps into the circle, announces resumption of Keystone pipeline:

    Spica Arcturus, midpoint Midheavens. Moon opposite natal Venus-GC; at the Gate of Man, Part of Fortune.

    An oil pipeline, after all. A circuit like steel making. Friendly competition at Main Course Autumn.

  11. At 14 October 2023 Solar eclipse, Progressed Age of Aquarius Moon conjunct Porrima
    0° orb: This is not a difficult energy. There is enough soothing energy here to keep the kidneys functioning without permanent damage. These individuals should take olive oil with water in a ratio of one teaspoon of olive oil to a ¼ cup of water about once each month to keep the kidneys in balance.


    Shortage of olive oil you say?

  12. Age of Aqr, 14 Oct 2023 with 2 Dec 2023 transits, equal houses

    Prog. Moon/Porrima sextile Sun/Sunflower.

    In case you’re looking for olive oil substitutes during the shortage. I’ve been using butter and sunflower oil lately.

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