Full Moon 3rd June 2023 – Great Attraction

Full Moon June 2023 Astrology

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 3, 2023, is trine Mars. So the Full Moon June 2023 meaning is following your intuition to fulfill your passionate desires.

The June 2023 Full Moon also aligns with a central gravitation point in space, creating a powerful, attractive, seductive energy. Combined with Mars, it gives the strong desire to find the truth.

June Full Moon Horoscope

The Full Moon on Saturday, June 3, 2023, is at 13°18′ Sagittarius. The horoscope below shows the only aspect to the Full Moon is a wide trine to Mars. There are no major fixed stars aligned with the Full Moon but is a powerful galactic force called the Great Attractor at 14°17′ Sagittarius.

Full Moon June 2023 Horoscope

Full Moon June 2023 [Solar Fire]

Full Moon June 2023 Astrology

Sun opposite Moon brings your home, family, and intimate relationships into sharper focus for the following two weeks of this moon phase. Opposing forces, such as work versus home or what you need versus what you want, create inner tension and external pressures, leading to conflict and crises that drain your energy.

The lunar qualities of emotions and instincts peak at a Full Moon. So use your increased emotional strength and intuition to overcome any relationship challenges. Subconscious awareness allows for an honest and balanced look at your relationships, and you will see any relationship dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony.

Full Moon trine Mars brings stronger feelings and subconscious attraction. You will be more in touch with your passionate desires and can trust your intuition and act on your instincts. Extra courage and initiative help you succeed in fulfilling your sensual desires for pleasure and enjoyment, especially in relationships.

You can be more direct and assertive when following your emotional impulses and obsession. This June’s Full Moon energy is strongly attractive but also harmonious and relaxed. So you will not appear arrogant or rude but be admired for your honesty and sincerity. You can fight for your rights, stand up for yourself and defend your family.

The Constellations

The Full Moon of June 2023 is in the Sign of Sagittarius. But as the star map below shows, it is located in the Constellation Scorpius. This discrepancy is due to the precession of the equinoxes.

Over the last 2000 years, the Constellations have moved nearly 30° out of alignment with the Signs. The Zodiac was invented only as a measuring device (see the ecliptic line below). Astrologers always used the visible constellations and their stars for interpretation.

Full Moon June 2023 Meaning

Full Moon June 3, 2023 [Stellarium]

Looking up at night, you will see the bright red star Antares next to the Full Moon. But astrologically, the distance in longitude of 3°13′ is wide for a conjunction (the maximum orb for Antares is 2°30′.)

The list below shows the closest stars to the June 3 Full Moon belonging to the Norma constellation, including a cluster of galaxies called the Norma Cluster and the Great Attractor. The fixed star Alwaid in the northern constellation Draco is also conjunct the Full Moon.

  • 10♐05 – Alpha Scorpii, Antares
  • 12♐18 – Beta Draconis, Alwaid
  • 12♐20 – Kappa Normae
  • 12♐23 – Gamma2 Normae
  • 12♐24 – Pi Herculis
  • 13♐11 – Epsilon Normae
  • 13♐18 – Full Moon June 2023
  • 13♐51 – Mu Normae
  • 14♐13 – Epsilon Apodis
  • 14♐17 – The Norma Cluster

The Great Attractor

Constellation Norma, the Level and Square, gives honesty, truthfulness, justice and upright life, with interest in Freemasonry, geometry, surveying, mathematics and architecture. [1]

The Norma Cluster (Abell 3627) is a large supercluster of galaxies located near the center of the Great Attractor, a gravitational attraction in intergalactic space. The Great Attractor is a supercluster that contains our galaxy, the Milky Way, and about 100,000 other galaxies.

The Great Attractor exerts a tremendous gravitational pull. It is the biggest thing known to science, but we cannot see it because it is on the other side of the Milky Way. Yet we can see the Norma Cluster, so astrologically, it is the same as the Great Attractor.

I have only started to research the Great Attractor, but people with it rising in their charts are very attractive and captivating; we want to know about them and hear what they say. For example, Kim Kardashian (0°01′) and Neymar (0°03′) have massive following on social media.

The Great Attractor is a mysterious all-knowing, all-seeing entity somewhat like God. According to Philip Sedgwick, once you focus on it, an inescapable force that pulls you in. [2] The June 2023 Full Moon will focus your attention on it.

Once drawn in, you must know more about it, the meaning of life and issues of rightness and wrongness. Its broad emission lines indicate complex answers where multiple points must be understood. It does not fit with narrow or opinionated views. [2] So like the constellation Norma, it represents the truth.

More Stars

Constellation Hercules, the Kneeling Man, gives strength of character, tenacity and fixity of purpose, an ardent nature and dangerous passions. [1]

Constellation Draco, the Dragon, gives an artistic and emotional but somber nature, a penetrating and analytical mind, much travel and many friends but danger of robbery and accidental poisoning. [1]

Fixed star Alwaid gives loss of property, violence, criminal inclinations and accidents. [1]

With Moon: Blindness, wounds, quarrels, bruises, stabs, blows and kicks from horses. [1]

Full Moon June 2023 Meaning

The June 3 Full Moon in Sagittarius sextile Mars is only a moderate influence because of its wide orb. But its magnetic attraction is supported by the most powerful attractive force in the universe, the Great Attractor. So the June 2023 Full Moon astrology is strongly attractive and seductive.

The central theme of this Full Moon is acting on your instincts to fulfill your passionate desires. There is also a theme of being attracted to truth and honesty, and this applies to finding the truth in any matter and about your feelings and desires.

Astrologically, a full moon is influenced by the preceding new moon. The May 19 New Moon was sextile Mars, giving you the strength and courage to fulfill your most passionate desires.

The influence of the June 3 Full Moon lasts for two weeks up to the June 18 New Moon. This waning moon phase is good for releasing, letting go, resting, healing, regenerating, contemplating, meditating, decluttering, harvesting, pruning, and hair-cutting.

If the Full Moon in June 2023 directly impacts your horoscope decan, you can read about it in your monthly horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart, see full moon transits.

Full Moon Times and Dates

  • Los Angeles – June 3, 8:41 pm
  • New York – June 3, 11:41 pm
  • London – June 4, 4:41 am
  • Delhi – June 4, 9:11 am
  • Sydney – June 4, 1:41 pm


  1. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.43, 46, 53, 194.
  2. The Great Attractor, philipsedgwick.com.

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  1. My sun which is in the 8th house is in konjunction with the great attractor. I actually wanted to read philip sedgwicks books about this subject, it just fascinates me.

  2. Hi Jamie – thanks for this post I have always been fascinated by the Galactic Center. I have my Ascendent at 11’14” Sagitarius and I am sun Aquarius at 4 degrees. This full moon would also trine my natal Mars at 9’32”. I would love to hear what your opinion is on what is important about the GC conjunct my ascendent? I will also check out the Philip Sedgewick website!

    • Hi Elle. I have only collecting chart with Ascendant conjunct the Greta Attractor so far. Not to be confused with the Galactic Center, also called Sagittarius A* at at 26° Sagittarius.

      • I am Sag rising at GC Jaime… Do you need another chart? Do you have any synthesis on your chart interpretations on this?

  3. Hi Jamie good post as always. I’ve got mercury on the GA but in 12 🙄 as GC is my asc. Sun on antares also in 12. I read you are interested in exploring the GA a bit more. I think generally people are initially interested in what I have to say but when I say it, it is too strong, too real/plain/truth. It is bare. Not so popular. 😝 does this align with your explorations?

    • Hi Julia. Thank you for your experience with Mercury on GA. I have not got that far yet but that is a great start!

  4. Great comment Julia. I am getting a feeling of undeniability with this one. Deeply personal. But I have alot of fluff going on. What is to become of all that. Let it slough off? Or just a passing feeling? So I do what’s really necessary at this time I think. Don’t seem to have a choice on that one. Oh dear, and now I am thinking, is it really necessary. Doi yoi yoi! Okay, go with where the flow takes me.

  5. Okay then, I got to the Mars thing, what I am driven to do. Whew! I can function on that!

  6. Hi Jamie – thanks for a great post. I noticed a typo – I believe the time of the full moon in Los Angeles is 8:41pm PDT.

  7. June 3, American destroyer USS Chung-Hoon and Canadian frigate HMCS Montréal were conducting a “freedom of navigation” transit of the strait between Taiwan and mainland China, when a Chinese Navy ship cut off the American ship.

    Recall last summer early August, a similar instance with Speaker of the House visiting East Asia, the tension built that there may be a flight intercept. Astrology then as it is now, but instead of my daughter’s Progressed Chart, use her Solar Arc.

    Ref Hainan Island incident, April 1, 2001


    What does this tell you? That the Artwork cuts through some pretty heavy diplomatic and military fog? Two of the three top tier military countries have had their communication problems lately, but the Artwork allows them a good size space to cut it close. The Canadian navy frigate is the clincher, like an observer-relayer, are they saying: put up The Solar Arc chart, ‘raise the jib sail’, catch some wind for the long suffering home team?

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