Norma Constellation Meaning

Norma Constellation Meaning

Norma Constellation [Stellarium]

Constellation Norma, the Level and Square, is one of the 88 modern constellations, and spans 6 degrees of the zodiac within constellation Scorpius, from 8° to 14° Sagittarius Sign. It is bordered by Scorpius to the north, Lupus to the northwest, Circinus to the west, Triangulum Australe to the south and Ara to the east.

The constellation was introduced in 1751 by Nicolas-Louis de Lacaille with the French name l’Équerre et la Ordre , “the Square and Rule”. Norma is Latin for normal, referring to a right angle. Constellation Norma represents a rule, a carpenter’s square, a set square or a level.

Fixed Stars in Norma

08♐3009♐12δDelta NorA
08♐5109♐33ηEta NorG84.71°00′
11♐1311♐56ι1Iota1 NorA74.61°00′
11♐3212♐14γ1Gamma1 NorF95.01°00′
12♐0012♐42κKappa NorG45.01°00′
12♐0312♐45γ2Gamma2 NorG84.01°00′
12♐5113♐33εEpsilon NorB44.51°00′
13♐3114♐13μMu NorB04.91°00′
14♐0114♐43Abell 3627Norma Cluster??1°00′

Norma Constellation Meaning in Astrology

Constellation Norma et Regula, the Level and Square, is said to give honesty, truthfulness, justice and an upright life, with interest in Freemasonry, geometry, surveying, mathematics and architecture. [1]

Norma Constellation Astrology

Norma Constellation [Nicolas Louis de La Caille]

The Norma Cluster

The Norma Cluster (Abell 3627) is a large supercluster of galaxies located near the center of the Great Attractor, a gravitational attraction in intergalactic space. The Great Attractor is a supercluster that contains our galaxy, the Milky Way, and about 100,000 other galaxies.

The Great Attractor exerts a tremendous gravitational pull. It is the biggest thing known to science, but we cannot see it because it is on the other side of the Milky Way. Yet we can see the Norma Cluster, so astrologically, it is the same as the Great Attractor.

I have only started to research the Great Attractor, but people with it rising in their charts are very attractive and captivating; we want to know about them and hear what they say. For example, Kim Kardashian (0°01′) and Neymar (0°03′) have massive following on social media.

The Great Attractor is a mysterious all-knowing, all-seeing entity somewhat like God. According to Philip Sedgwick, once you focus on it, an inescapable force that pulls you in. [2] 

Once drawn in, you must know more about it, the meaning of life and issues of rightness and wrongness. Its broad emission lines indicate complex answers where multiple points must be understood. It does not fit with narrow or opinionated views. [2] So like the constellation Norma, it represents the truth.

The Norma Cluster is one of the three key celestial areas that have special functions in transcendental karmic astrology. The other two are Virgo A (M87) at 02°03′ Libra and Sagittarius A* (the Galactic Center) at 25°50′ Sagittarius.


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  1. Hello – Any thoughts for one with a challenging chart whose MC 12°♐️59” has no aspects (except a semi-sextile from the chart ruler Neptune 14°♑️00” & NN 15°♑️09”)? His PoF, ironically, is 16°♐️13”. TIA

  2. thanks for this Jamie, Norma

    Great Attractor 13Sag25
    7401 Toynbee 13Gem13

    Toynbee 12 Chapters, first 6 abridged best seller “Study of History”

    The axis is the activation of a double Yod, with Sirius, Ceres, Neptune, Mars mystic rectangle.

  3. Hi, there is also an asteroid called Norma (555). Would you interprete the meaning of this asteroid likewise? I always thought it had something to do with the story of Norma the opera.

    • i think you are right, there is a case of overlap

      discovery date January 14, 1905, Max Wolf at Heidelberg.


      it’s a tricky night for viewing. Max has to wait for the Moon and Jupiter to set, and before Mars to rise… before he sees it at 1:30 am.

      He has his Astronomers square ‘Norma’ and the star chart shows a Grand Cardinal Square, but he is sworn to silence on his technical discovery and instead names the asteroid after a Druid Priestess in a Bellini opera.

      also, Age of Aquarius, Norma 555, conjunct North Node, Square Sun.

  4. 13° Sag 51’ tropical (2000) for Abell 3627 / Great Attractor.

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